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  1. Agreed. Mixon, or any other running back is getting hit behind the line just about every run play. What’s the point if Barry Sanders couldn’t run behind this line?
  2. 1000% agree. No reason not to do this. The deck is stacked with all the injuries but Dalton is a shell of himself, which was barely above average to begin with. Any other position the guy would be benched, he shouldn’t be immune to it
  3. Lost season. Why not see what Finley can do, terrible line or not. Dalton has phoned it in
  4. Does BW Webb two critical drops count towards all the receiver drops? 1/2 ninja
  5. This offense is putrid. When they finally get some momentum Dalton screws it up as usual. I can’t believe Mixon hasn’t just quit and asked to be traded, he literally gets hit in the backfield 95% of his carries.
  6. Not quite....we lost RG Miller so now Redmond is playing again after coming off the street. We now have one OL left on the bench. The injuries have decimated what was already a subpar unit
  7. Ballgame. Who Dey, new Dey, it doesn’t matter. We get bent over by these pricks no matter who is wearing the piss and black
  8. Here we go, defense is gassed, and no one covers the RBs
  9. Steve Young said it best just now....where is the creativity on offense? We showed it at Seattle and even some at Buffalo. Tonight has just been so boring, and they can’t get the Stealers off balance because of it
  10. Well any goodwill the team manufactured last week was spent up this week and then some. This is the worst display I can recall from this team, and that is saying a lot. No idea what they do down another two or three OL after this game. Will be interesting to see if the coach can rally the players.
  11. What a terrible call. No way that gets called a fumble for the exalted franchises. Likely wouldn’t have mattered in the end.
  12. How do the announcers not see the obvious? He was all over his back and had his left arm pinned
  13. God we have had years and years of taking a knee and just going to half losers. It is a NEW DAY!
  14. Dre will be gone next year. He is old regime and not worth it
  15. Can the team reverse years and years of allowing points in last two minutes of half?
  16. Folks we gotta give mad props to the coaches for the performance so far. Yes only up by 3 but the team looks prepared, actually looks like they have a plan, and are executing well. Couple of bad bounces and a bad call on the fumble and we are up even more. This looks like the anti-Marvin team if I ever saw one
  17. https://sports.yahoo.com/this-is-why-everyone-hates-you-new-england-000844442.html
  18. I find it hard to believe this wasn’t the plan the whole time. Patriots did next to nothing to shore up a weak WR position, especially after Gronk retires, and Brown pulls this stunt to get released and less than 2 hours later signs with the Pats? Nothing to see here you conspiracy nuts, move along so Tom can get to 10 SB wins before retiring at the age of 55
  19. Surprising but I don’t mind. No sense getting hurt. Always interesting to see how vanilla the playcalling really is in preseason or not
  20. The endless bad luck with this team is almost unbelievable. The odds of this many picks getting hurt has got to be like winning the lottery. Except winning this lottery just keeps us bent over asking for another beat down.
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