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  1. Without a doubt…and the state of the franchise for the next few years is no contest in favor of Cincy.
  2. Yes, there were no game snaps together, only some in the joint practices with the Rams. Even then I don’t think the whole line was full go
  3. To add even more to this, the likelihood of the offense struggling that bad, or the long snapper getting hurt, much less BOTH in the same game, is so low that I’m not worried at all. It’s a disappointing loss especially to such a hated rival, but Burrow will be pissed. I will be at the Cowboys game next week, Joe might throw for 600 yards.
  4. It’s really unreal that the Bengals played, at least on offense and special teams, as bad as they did and still had two chances to win the game. That tells me that they will be fine, and that the Stealers are pretty terrible.
  5. This would be a solid pickup…wonder if this is if they don’t end up with Collins or in addition to that deal. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/report-bengals-interested-cornerback-stephon-gilmore
  6. Also, will be very interesting if the former Saints now in Cincy can recruit Armstead to come join them for another SB run. Maybe he won’t command top dollar knowing he is coming in to a winning program and the Joe factor. Move Jonah to RT or LG (Spain move to RG), and sign a quality replacement where Jonah doesn’t end up and we could be cooking.
  7. Good post, I agree completely. The front office tried and had a pretty good plan going into the season, it just was the one area we couldn’t afford a major injury. Reiff was the guy…if he plays in the playoffs and Super Bowl, I truly believe the Bengals win all of them and by bigger margins. If Burrow can do what he did behind this line, just imagine what he will do behind a better line.
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