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  1. 15 hours ago, GoBengals said:

    he had top tier weapons.


    he had top teir defense 80% of his career.


    how in the world was he not the reason we didnt win?


    look at his performance in every single playoff games and prime time game and game that mattered?


    what am i missing?


    he threw for 4k yards twice in 9 years........ twice...


    an average of 10 QBs throw for 4k yards per season.. thats a third of the entire league..... and he managed it twice..


    he is the king of doing the least with the most around him.


    give tom brady or aaron rogers: green, sanu, jones, eifert, hill and bernad,  and the following defensive ranks:


    2011: top 10 (9)

    2012: top 10 (8)

    2013: top 10 (6)

    2014: 12th

    2015: top 10 (2)

    2016: top 10 (8)

    2017: 16th

    2018: 30th

    so in the 8 pre-benched years.. he had a top 10 defense 5/8 seasons. 


    no qb in the world has been given more tools to work with in their first 6 seasons...


    and he couldnt even win a wild card game with that supporting cast...here is those stats:


    Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 10.30.27 PM.png


    not to mention all of the red zone picks, the sacks taking us out of FG range, the obvious telegraphed passes getting battted down, he is the screen pass champion. getting bernard murdered over and over..

    I wasn’t saying Dalton did what he did in spite of the greatness around him, like I said he is what he is. Decidedly average. Put an elite QB on some of those teams and I agree there would have likely been more success. But the overall record in prime time and playoff games seems more of a coaching and game plan issue than just saying Dalton sucked. The whole team sucked in most of those games, not just Dalton. 

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  2. I am also ready to move on from Dalton, he is what he is....BUT let’s not crap on the guy on the way out. He gave us a lot of great moments and I still believe the 2012 team would have won multiple playoff games had he not broken his thumb, if not the Super Bowl. Let’s hope Burrow comes in and becomes the next Brady but Dalton has never been the biggest reason the team didn’t win in my opinion. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, thezerawkid said:

    Couple thoughts here:


    Getting Finley real game reps, if he is even being considered a little bit to take over for Dalton moving forward, would be invaluable. Nothing more I’d love than to see Dalton as a piñata...except progress in the hands of another QB who might actually be a better playmaker than Dalton.


    I’m all for getting Mixon more touches, but, what’s he averaging, 2 ypc? That’s not been productive in the least.

    Agreed. Mixon, or any other running back is getting hit behind the line just about every run play. What’s the point if Barry Sanders couldn’t run behind this line?

  4. 1 minute ago, thezerawkid said:

    I think it’s time to throw a different QB in, not because I think it would magically shift their ability to win games, but because I think you need to see what you’ve got in Finley and co. Also, send a message to both Dalton and the fan base that there will be no more Dalton next year.

    1000% agree. No reason not to do this. The deck is stacked with all the injuries but Dalton is a shell of himself, which was barely above average to begin with. Any other position the guy would be benched, he shouldn’t be immune to it

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