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  1. 7 minutes ago, thezerawkid said:

    Couple thoughts here:


    Getting Finley real game reps, if he is even being considered a little bit to take over for Dalton moving forward, would be invaluable. Nothing more I’d love than to see Dalton as a piñata...except progress in the hands of another QB who might actually be a better playmaker than Dalton.


    I’m all for getting Mixon more touches, but, what’s he averaging, 2 ypc? That’s not been productive in the least.

    Agreed. Mixon, or any other running back is getting hit behind the line just about every run play. What’s the point if Barry Sanders couldn’t run behind this line?

  2. 1 minute ago, thezerawkid said:

    I think it’s time to throw a different QB in, not because I think it would magically shift their ability to win games, but because I think you need to see what you’ve got in Finley and co. Also, send a message to both Dalton and the fan base that there will be no more Dalton next year.

    1000% agree. No reason not to do this. The deck is stacked with all the injuries but Dalton is a shell of himself, which was barely above average to begin with. Any other position the guy would be benched, he shouldn’t be immune to it

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