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  1. You need RB help, I'd do it. Alfred Morris is junk.
  2. you should share the evidence you have with the NFL, cause they had none. Zero proof balls were deflated below limit. So much into who knew about it without actually showing a rule was broken intentionally or not.
  3. Nobody should be surprised, there was no merit to the case. NFL leaks that Patriots are cheaters and the masses believe it just cause it's the patriots.
  4. I read a bit but not the whole thing, too much legal jargon. Was anything I wrote incorrect? It sounds like not just anyone can get the $50 home grower access, you'd have to qualify in some way? does it specify? I doubt it would be easy to take away the restrictions with future legislation. The groups getting control won't give that up easy and have deep pockets. At the end of the day does this really change anything anyway? You still can't use it unless you want to risk getting fired. edit: I'll probably end up voting for it just cause I think my mother could really use medical for rheumatoid arthritis... not sure if she'd use it though.
  5. Sadly I'm leaning towards voting no on this. On top of the oligopoly issue, looks like you need to buy a license(what do you have to do to qualify?) to grow your own and can't be consumed "in public view". Just make it legal without the BS restrictions.
  6. I think Kasich would be Scott Walker if he could, just hasn't been able to get away with as much. Kasich is at least being smart in what battles he fights in Ohio, I don't trust him though. Forgot this was the Bernie thread.... he's absolutely got my vote. Not confident he'll get the nomination but his support is already higher than I thought it would be at this point.
  7. I play, our clan wins a whole lot of wars but really is carried by just a handful of good people. What's your clan name? how often do you war?
  8. I will say in potential defense of the second officer, without seeing the official report, it happened so fast the second cop may have honestly thought that he was being dragged before shooting since the shooter did end up on the ground. You would assume that's the logical series of events which can make you think you saw something you didn't see.
  9.   I don't necessarily disagree, but I'd argue more that the Bailey contract cost them Cueto. They had their choice between them and Latos, chose the wrong guy.  I think I'm in agreement about huge LTC in general... they so rarely work for anyone.   Sadly we haven't developed many young guys lately. Have any of the prospects we traded away really done anything either? Just poor drafting.
  10.   I know exactly what you're trying to say and certainly am not thinking negative about you, it's just kind of not the time/place to say it. My thought is you tell family and friends to just comply because you don't want anything bad happening to them. But when looking at the issue as a whole, that's just treating some symptoms instead of finding the cure. As a society, the answer can't be to just comply with anything even if that would be my recommendation to individuals in the short term.
  11.   It's like when people say "I'm not [blank], but....". You're saying he didn't deserve to die, but then shifting some of the blame to the victim. That may not be your intent, but listing out the things the victim did wrong does that. It's taking away from the main point. This is 100% on the cop, nothing Sam did called for a gun being pulled. Pull him out of the car and arrest him? I guess... but shooting him?   People have been filing complaints forever, does nothing. This cops partner backed up story like they always do. He probably deserves penalty as well.
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