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  1. Here is a decent take from Sports Illustrated.  Two guys arguing both sides of the Dalton/Bengals debate:   http://www.si.com/nfl/2015/01/05/2015-nfl-playoffs-cardinals-lions-bengals-steelers
  2. We seem to have a pretty good locker room and I don't think RG3 is well liked in the Redskins locker room.  Not sure I would want that trade.  Snyder would want a lot!
  3. My biggest concerns are Geno, Vontaze and Dalton.   Geno was average this year, but it seems like ACL's can take a full season to come back.  Let's see what he looks like next year   The Vontaze injury concerns me.  He was supposed to be out a few weeks, then went to IR.  I was listening to Lap on WLW last night and they had the linebackers coach on.  The coach did not want to speculate on Vontaze when asked.  He said Vontaze was doing everything they asked and they will see how his knee responds.  I don't remember the exact words, but I did not get a "warm fuzzy" feeling.   Dalton needs to improve, but has he hit his ceiling?  He lost a lot of weapons for part or all of thsi year and I think that contributed to his bad numbers.  But, the continued poor play in big games is concerning.  My biggest issue with Dalton is how would you replace him?  We finish well enough to pick mid-late first round and all the top QB prospects are gone by then.  There won't be any high end QB free agents.  Do you use a 2nd or 3rd rounder and "hope" you can develop them?  At the same time, that pick could be used to bolster our team in the trenches and keep Dalton.    Keeping with QB's.....how many years does Brady, Manning, Brees and Roethlisberger have?  When they are gone, how does Dalton compare to the rest of the NFL?  My neighbor is a big Green Bay fan and told me recently how Favre could never beat Aikman or Steve Young in the playoffs.  Those guys retired and all of the sudden Favre was the guy.  Could that happen to Dalton?  I am not sure, but crazier things have happened.  There aren't many "great" QB's among the young NFL guys....Luck....anyone else?
  4. I am going with 8-7-1   I have tickets to the Monday night game with Denver and not even sure if I want to drive from Columbus right now.  We'll see how the guys play the next couple weeks.     I made a joke with some coworkers that the Bengals should contact Depends to be a sponsor of the Broncos game.  I am pretty sure the team and half the stadium will need them before the game is over.
  5.   Hue knew him from his Oakland days----maybe he has some ideas
  6. stone hands little----hope this works out   The last couple weeks have been rough for this team.  Hopefully we can ride out these injuries and fix the D to make a playoff run in Nov/Dec.   Still love the Bengals, but I have to be honest, this has been a nice couple weeks to have the NHL as a backup in Columbus.  Blue Jackets look good.  If any of you need a temporary distraction from football, I highly recommend hockey----I just got in to it the last couple years.  Here is a link to some of the recent stuff from the Jackets:     http://video.bluejackets.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=704&id=640663&lang=en
  7. Not sure if we should cut Nuge or not---he is not having a good year.  Is Matt Prater (cut from Denver) still available.  Maybe we bring in some guys for tryouts.   Sucks we lost and I am disappointed to Nuge, but at least he took the blame in the end.  Adam Jones called him out and sounded like a real sh#tty teammate at the end of the game.  The A Jones interviewed is being played on the radio constantly in Columbus right now.   I agree with some of the other posts in that our defense worries me more than Nuge.  We have given up 80 pts in 2 weeks.  That is awful!  No way we go far this year if our D is not fixed.  We are not getting pressure with our front four or with blitzing.  I think Paul G is a smart guy, but Zim seemed to have these guys more disciplined.  I see guys yelling at each other, missing assignments and crap tackling.   Hopefully we did not peak the first 3 weeks of the season :)
  8. Good luck to Jay.   Hope our new OC stays more balanced with the run attack.
  9. If I read NFL.com correctly they are tying Hue to Gruden at Washington possibly also.  Could Washington hire Hue away??
  10.   Thanks.  I thought that was a fair article.  They are right about the AJ drop and Gio fumble too.  Both of those plays could have taken some pressure off and hopefully motivated the defense a little.
  11. This is true.  But, Brady managed the game and did not do things to lose.  He never had Dalton's post season problems.
  12. Can anyone get the ESPN insider article on Dalton by Mike Sando.  Just curious if there is anything interesting in that.   Thanks   http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/mike-sando/post?id=6191
  13. I can't see us getting anyone like Luck.  Our best potential would be someone like Wilson, Kaepernick or Brady in a later round.  And, some of those just seem to be lucky picks.  Although, we picked Dalton just before Kaep and Devon Still just before Russell Wilson.....
  14. I was at 4 home games this year and the playoff game.    If I remember correctly, Andy looked really good at the Colts and Jets games.  I have supported him and thought he was going in the right direction.   After this playoff game, I am not so sure any more.  I know it is only one game.  But, it seems like every time the spotlight is on he melts and so does the team.  The three turnovers on Sunday were awful.  I know he has had some 4th quarter comebacks, but how often has he really done well under pressure.  I will say if there are two minutes left, I would rather have a 2 point lead and take our defense than be down 2 points and need Andy to lead a drive.   My other problem with Andy right now is his refusal to take blame.  He is the QB!!  Even if it is other guys faults, take the blame and move on.  That is part of being a leader.  Accept the blame in public and clean up things behind closed doors!!!  Every good QB does that!  Instead, everything is "we" with him.  Please tell me how "we" can help him hold on to a ball when he dives head first....   I know we can all look at the numbers and statistically he is getting better, but my gut never feels good when the pressure is on him.     Going forward....   Now that I have been all over Andy, I will say we abandoned the running game too much this year.  Maybe Jay just likes passing or did not feel our run game was sufficient.  Even some of the O-line was calling for the run game to be more active.  Every QB is better with a top running game.  Kaepernick has a good run game.  Brady was a monster when he had Corey Dillon in the back field.  Peyton has had some good backs too.  Russel Wilson has a good running game.  We have BJGE who is maybe a little above average.  I like Bernard, but I think we need a power back too.  Not sure if we can find one in the draft or not.   Also----I am all for drafting a QB in rounds 2-4 if a decent one is available.  Someone with potential that needs groomed.  They can't be any worse than Josh Johnson and maybe it will light a fire under Andy. 
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