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  1. Bengal_80

    THE Ohio State Football Thread

    It's about time! so ready for bucks football again... And.......
  2. Bengal_80


  3. no doubt, its not going to be pretty! I kinda wanted them to sign Bronson, that is one position it would be nice to have a veteran to provide some leadership to the young guys.
  4. If they are serious about rebuilding, then they need to let the young guys play. I may not like the results in the win/loss column but that would at least make the trades easier to take.
  5. I would hate to see them trade Todd, because they were needing a power hitting right hand bat for years and they finally have one! I would say its not problem letting younger guys play and get some experience IF they had some good ones coming up, but I'm not sure that they do.
  6. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    thanks for the help, I will definitely follow the advice as much as I can.
  7. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    I'm still on the fence about a colonoscopy..the ct scan showed the pockets but they still want to do one. good point about being different, I have a twin and he doesn't have any issue....at this point.
  8. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    thanks, that's a great idea, will definitely use it.
  9. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    thanks for the thoughts.. I really do appreciate the help as this is totally new for me. Could you PM the brands you recommend?
  10. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    All the others in my office have moved to a standing or one they can move up and down as well. I have been thinking about it but could not find what I need. I use three monitors so it needs to be bigger then what I have seen so far. Some of the guys had leg extensions put on their desk and then bought chairs that are high  enough they can stand for awhile and then sit for a little.
  11. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    Did you need to do a CT scan or colonoscopy?   Thanks for the info, I'm looking for all the tips I can get.
  12. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    I had been thinking about a dietary lifestyle change before this came up, just because I have psoriasis and I thought that might help with that. As for exercise, I work in an office and its so easy to sit in my chair in the morning and the next thing you know its quitting time and I might have stood up a couple of times.....so getting 30 minutes a day would be an upgrade for me. We have been trying to go walking in the evening, but not doing the best with that. Thanks for the tips
  13. Bengal_80

    Diverticulitis diet

    Does anyone have an idea of a what a good diet would be for someone with Diverticulosis/Diverticulitis?   About a month ago I had abdominal pain for about four days that kept getting worse, so went to the doctor and was told I had the symptoms of diverticulitis. So I was on antibiotics for 10 days and after the first day on it the pain went away. My wife wanted me to go get it checked out some more so I had a CT scan last week. Had to drink the contrast liquid...about puked it up before I got to the hospital but it stayed down, thankfully! Got the message yesterday that I do have diverticulosis and some small inflammation in them. Now they want me to go to a specialist and do a colonoscopy and I am dragging my feet!  I do have some pain but not a lot, its mostly after I eat or drink. So I thought I would see if changing my diet would help and if anybody has a suggestion for that. The thought of this disease has got me down a little, I'll admit.   I should mention that I am 35 and the doctor said I'm younger then most people that experience this. But it does run in my family and I understand it is hereditary.   Anyways...if anyone has some ideas or suggestions would be great to hear them. Thanks,  
  14. Bengal_80

    2015 Season Thread

    that was awesome..Frazier hit that ball square! sweet win
  15. Bengal_80

    Parents fight employees at Chuck E. Cheese

    good grief, guess Sam Wyche was right! lol

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