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  1. I heard the rumors, but didn't want to believe that he would not be coaching next year at Ohio State. Going to be a tough act to follow for Day, but he has a talented team to help him out.
  2. It's about time! so ready for bucks football again... And.......
  3. the class looks great. And Weber was a big get for the bucks!
  4. took my two sons today, their first time at Ohio stadium. an eleven and eight year old. they had a great time...
  5.   Amen!     Its also kind of funny considering Oregon usually wins their games by high margins. And if they say they do it with their backups..well, Ohio State did as well. 3rd string in fact...lol
  6. I have read that some people are saying the bucks ran up the score at the end of the game. With Oregon having two timeouts and this being the national championship game there is no way you can take a knee....or am I wrong on this one?
  7. that was one awesome game...like somebody said, 4 turnovers and they still won by 20. That is the part that amazes me the most! It was so good to see the defense flying around last night, looked like the silver bullets are back!
  8. how do you lose to Penn st at home, then go on the road and beat Wisc...what a wacky year
  9. I have heard good things about Larry Johnson as well, my brother was going crazy today when he heard the news. He was liking the Ash move as well, and to be honest....it can't be worse then what we had the last two years.
  10. at least they took care of Michigan, but almost seems like they need to find a way to score more points. The biggest thing would be if Craft could hit more of his shots.
  11. I thought for sure when they had to settle for a field goal on the turnover by that team up north.....it would hurt them in the end. But it worked out! And Carlos Hyde is a stud of a running back! Get him running downhill and he is hard to stop.
  12. I'll take 12-0, there are not many teams that can say that! Wow...go bucks.. Can't wait for next year!
  13. Ready for some football!

  14. living in an amish paradise

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