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  1. Guns in America

  2. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Man, this Russia poisoning a former spy in England is crazy shit ...
  3. Yeah. I already know that. And I am on record being against bringing Marvin back. Would you like it if I put in my signature or say it at the end of every post? I was wanting Eifert back. It's a team/player friendly deal. Why would I bitch about something I wanted?
  4. Guns in America

  5. If I didn't abandon this team during the 90's, or a move to Wisconsin, I ain't going anywhere. I enjoy the ride as much as possible. I even get Sunday Ticket to get as much of it as I can.
  6. Huber stays inside the 20 and 275 Posted 2 hours ago Geoff HobsonEditorBengals.comFollow Me Blog A A Kevin Huber tees one up. Never mind that Kevin Huber says he really didn’t get into the details of the Bears’ offer and assumes it was a little bit more because of the market size. Heck, he’s not even the highest-paid NFL player who grew up in Anderson Township on Cincinnati’s eastern edge after he signed the Bengals’ three-year offer to stay home yet again. “Yeah, I was trying to get that,” Huber laughed of the $30 million guarantee Giants guard Andrew Norwell took in Monday’s $66 million deal. “I don’t think we were going to get that done.” Not long ago Huber bumped into Norwell at Anderson’s always bustling El Coyote restaurant and wished him good luck on the market. It’s a place Huber has technically never been despite a decade in the NFL and he still wasn’t comfortable with the idea up until the end of free agency’s first day Wednesday when he agreed to what is believed to be a three-year deal for nearly $9 million. “I tried not to pay too much attention,” Huber admitted Thursday from his winter retreat in Charlotte, N.C. “First and foremost I wanted to stay in Cincinnati. I wanted to hear out Cincinnati until the very last minute and make sure I got a deal with them. I think I’m in the best situation for me and I’m really happy how it ended.” It’s not as easy as it sounds. When Huber heard on Monday that the Bengals had swung a trade for Bills left tackle Cordy Glenn, he knew the big man was getting a lot of money (try $11.25 million on this year’s salary cap) and the Bengals’ pot just got smaller. “It’s obviously a position of need for us this year and I’m well aware of it,” Huber said. “The punting position is pretty low on the totem pole. I know my place. I know what the market should be for punters. I think what we agreed on is pretty good for both sides.” Pretty simple for Huber, 32, only one of two Bengals (cornerback Clem Turner) who grew up in Cincinnati and went to high school (McNicholas) and college (University of Cincinnati) to be drafted by the Bengals (fifth round in 2009). “I’m from here. My wife is from here. Our families are here. We love all things Cincinnati,” Huber said. “The coolest thing about it is I started my career here and I’d like to retire as a Bengal and say I played my whole career in Cincinnati. That would be a cool thing to talk about.” What’s already cool is that Huber has played the 25th most games in Bengals history with 142 and if he punts out his contract he’ll be at 190 tiptoeing through the icons on the club’s all-time list. That would be just behind cornerback Ken Riley (207), linebacker Reggie Williams (206), quarterback Ken Anderson (192) and just ahead of nose tackle Tim Krumrie (188) and Anthony Munoz (185). Huber leads the Bengals all-time punters. Let’s see. A Hall of Famer (Munoz). Two should-be Hall-of-Famers (Riley and Anderson). A city councilman (Williams). And a cult figure (Krumrie). He’s also the franchise leader in punts-inside-the-20 and career net and gross averages. And he’s also keeping on the blinders. He figures he got here from Beechmont Avenue four quarters at a time. “I don’t get that into my head where I start doing things differently to try and reach a goal,” Huber said. “I just want to go out and have the right kick for that game. Whether it’s facing the No. 1 returner and they want me to go out of bounds or if they’re struggling and they want me to kick the ball down field and we can try and flip field position. I want to go at it game by game. When all is said done, if I have some records then I have some records.” Huber turns 33 before the season and both he and special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons believe his leg strength is fine. Huber attributes last season’s early rough patch to bad habits associated with form and technique. “I’m as strong and as in shape as I’ve been my career,” Huber said. “The last couple of years I’ve been trying to add on to my strength in the recovery. I feel good week to week and I want to get to the point my body isn’t broken down. The last couple of years I’ve done a good job focusing on nutrition and seeing the chiropractor and doing extra stretching. Massages. Just to make sure I’m where I should be on an every-day basis.” Which is all Huber. He’s just an every-day guy. Forget the records. Show him another day. He’s moved around Cincinnati since he’s been a Bengal. He and his wife have lived in Hyde Park and are now in Fort Thomas, Ky. But not for long. He’s building a home in Anderson about two miles from where he grew up. “Back on the old stomping grounds,” Huber said. Inside-the-20 and Route 275. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Huber-stays-inside-the-20-and-275/6fe1553c-b430-4ae0-b6cb-8e3206a73527
  7. Your concerns are valid. But irrelevant. It's like a roller coaster ride. You have no control, so sit back, hope for the best and try and enjoy it as much as possible.
  8. Updated article ... 'I owe them a good year' Posted 4 hours ago Geoff HobsonEditorBengals.comFollow Me Blog A A Reports says Tyler Eifert is back. When free agency opened this week, the Bengals were sure of only one thing. They were focused on continuing the rehab of their last-in-the-league offense that began with January’s coaching staff shakeup. It turned out they met their biggest need and answered their biggest question. On Thursday when reports surfaced they have an agreement to re-sign erstwhile Pro Bowl tight end Tyler Eifert to a one-year contract, their new investments in the project reached nearly $17 million and they could reach as much as $20 million if Eifert is as healthy as he was when he was a Pro Bowler in 2015. The Bengals weren’t looking to drop that much in free agency, but when they realized they had a trading partner in Buffalo, they solved their biggest need when they swapped first-round picks and acquired a solid, reliable veteran left tackle in Cody Glenn even though he hit the cap at $11.25 million. The biggest question of the offseason was if Eifert was willing to gamble on a one-year deal with $3.5 million of an $8.5 million contract tied to play time and production. Eifert said, “Yes,” and if he’s healthy then the offense picked up one of the top free agents on the market. How many tight ends are out there with a 13-TD season? The deal also probably means they need to find a new center because that appears to be the last major pact they’ll do in free agency. They’ll probably do some minimum veteran deals, but if the Bengals did reach a deal with center Russell Bodine, their starter for the last four seasons, they’d probably release somebody else and they’re not usually keen on doing that. But the Glenn trade not only gave them a left tackle, it gave them center options at No. 21 that they didn’t have at No. 12. There could be as many as three prospects sitting there. While the Glenn deal was a top-of-the-hour news break, the Bengals may have snuck in their biggest move of all with Thursday’s bottom-of-the-screen crawling with the deal for Eifert, the guy the league forgot. The Bengals, believed to have edged out the Rams and 49ers in the Eifert Derby, are delighted to get him back despite his injury history that has knocked him out of more than half his 80 NFL games. They know when healthy he’s broken up more games than the internet with that Pro Bowl season in 2015 that saw him confound defenses with those 13 touchdowns. Tyler Eifert, circa 2015. He’s a lot like this offense. Battered. Bruised. Rehabbing and reviving. And on a one-year trial. But it has also had years of brilliance. Eifert says he can do that again. “Yeah. I don’t think there’s been a question about my talent,” Eifert said. “Unfortunately it’s been a matter of staying healthy.” There was never any doubt he wanted to do it here and although he doesn’t show much emotion, he made it clear he feels like he’s got an obligation. “I knew where I wanted to be,” Eifert said. “It’s a place I called home for five years. I like the guys in the locker room. I love the coaches. The fans have been great. The way I left it, it’s not the way I wanted to leave it. I felt like I owed it to Mr. (Mike) Brown, Coach (Marvin) Lewis and the fans to come back and give them a good year.” It has been expected that any deal for Eifert includes a base salary (figure in the $5.5M area) as well as incentives based on play time as well as catches, yards, and touchdowns. Eifert has played just eight games since he got hurt in that ’15 Pro Bowl with ankle and back problems. He had back surgery this offseason and says he’s been cleared by the surgeon, but Lewis indicated the club has yet to clear him. Eifert said Thursday he feels great and that he’ll be able to participate in the off-season workouts that begin next month and practice in May and June. The last time he did that? It would have been 2015. “That was a pretty good year, wasn’t it?” Eifert asked. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/I-owe-them-a-good-year/8531cac9-6289-433e-9d13-1decbcb81b01
  9. If he gets that money that obviously means he earned it by being healthy and producing.
  10. Hobson ... The Bengals, believed to have upped their offer to get in the same tier with the Rams and 49ers http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Report-of-Eifert-deal-may-be-last-major-pact-for-18-/8531cac9-6289-433e-9d13-1decbcb81b01?campaign=cin:fanshare:twitter Owczarski ... "But at the end of the day I knew where I wanted to be, which was with the Bengals," he said. "From the beginning, I told everyone that it would take something pretty special for me to leave. It would have to be an obvious decision." He did have a decision to make, though. Multiple league sources told The Enquirer Eifert had to decide between the Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. But Eifert wanted to remain in Cincinnati. He afforded the club an opportunity to match the Rams' offer that could push the deal to about $8.5 million should he hit all of his performance incentives. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2018/03/15/cincinnati-bengals-tyler-eifert/420500002/ OK. I understand where you are coming from. But I disagree. I want to see him be elite here. Not some where else.

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