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  1. #KARMA

    From a Stealers fan. This warms my heart ...
  2. Trump/Russia Investigation

    Fuck Trump and anyone that defends him! And that's all I have to say about that ...
  3. #KARMA

    Fuck PissBurp! Fuck their fans! And fuck the combination of black and yellow! I kill bees just because they look like they're wearing Stealers throwback jerseys
  4. After we lost to PissBurp, then was embarrassed by the Bears, I was driving the fire Marvin bus. I like most of the hires he has done since being re-signed. But I've soured on him. And Like Paul Brown said Winning makes believers of us all. So until the winning starts, I'm not a fan of his re-signing. Put up or shutup
  5. Cowboys hired Alexander

    Great hire! So glad they finally moved on from Alexander
  6. I remember how bad our Offense struggled last year. They were 20yh in points scored. Adding a player that is being compared to a faster Desean Jackson excites the hell out of me. But yeah, I can see how some were looking at the Defense. And I am glad they were able to get some steals to lower anxiety levels.
  7. Team Grades around the web.....

    Screenshot shot from Yahell's grade. They had a slideshow. You're welcome
  8. Jersey #'s

    Damn, Carl Lawson is only 16 years old?!!! Is that even legal? Haha
  9. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Bengals teammates support Joe Mixon, but fans are divided CINCINNATI - Everyone seems to have an opinion about Joe Mixon. His new teammates say they’re behind him. “Dwelling on the past is not going to help him move forward,” Bengals safety George Iloka said. “I'm going to treat him on what I see him do now on and off the field.” “I don't think you should hang the man on what he did when he was younger,” said defensive end Carlos Dunlap. “It was very extreme and I think he paid for it. I think he learned from it.” But the city is divided on whether the Bengals should have drafted the Oklahoma running back who punched a woman in the face in a restaurant three years ago. WATCH the video (Some people will find it disturbing): People shopping at Koch's Sporting Goods downtown had seen the video and were familiar with Mixon's background. They were mixed on the WCPO.com editorial that called the Bengals’ pick “inexcusable” and said fans should donate to groups helping prevent violence against women instead of buying Bengals tickets. “That's not a terrible thought,” said Christopher Wood. “I think they need some kind of pressure to make these choices cost them. “I don't agree with that,” Matt Hoffman countered. “I think you support the Bengals whoever you put on the field. If you're not going to support the Bengals, do it because they're not winning.” Erika Yingling had another thought after watching the video and it had nothing to do with the Bengals winning or losing. She's director of Family and Community Intervention for the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati. “In particular, this specific case shows that it can happen in any space and that women are vulnerable in public spaces as well as private spaces.” Yingling said. “We want to believe that there's change available for people. I think for this incident we need to look at what has been done to make sure that this isn't going to happen again. "We know in our field that the recidivism rate for people who commit acts of violence is 76.5 percent if they don't have an appropriate intervention," she said. Madisonville's Alex Brantley suggested that the woman shared the blame for pushing Mixon and grabbing his neck. “Violence against women — I'm just as against that as I am with a woman putting her hands on a man,” Brantley said. He wrote to us saying people shouldn't continue to hold the assault against Mixon. “The only person that's going to decide the rest of his career and how his life plays out is Joe Mixon and that's on him … Yes, I do believe he should have a second chance to prove himself and move past it,” Brantley said. Mixon came to town over the weekend and answered questions about punching the woman and shattering four bones in her face. The incident happened at 2:30 a.m., a few weeks before Mixon started his freshman year at the University of Oklahoma. “It hurt to really see it. It hurt to talk about it. But, at the end of the day I'm going to do whatever I can to move forward past the situation,” Mixon said. “Very unfortunately and at the end of the day, I'm blessed to be in this situation.” Mixon says he's not the person he was three years ago. ”Doing counseling, doing community service, helping out little kids that don't get talking to, because I was one of those kids that needed it and benefited,” Mixon said. News video in the link ... http://www.wcpo.com/sports/football/bengals/bengals-teammates-support-joe-mixon-but-fans-are-divided
  10. Paul Doucherty is DEAD to me.

    Doc: Bengals deserve everything they get with Mixon What i quoted above is all I read. Hopefully what they get is a Rookie of the Year. Multiple rushing titles. Multiple Super Bowl rings. And a Hall of Famer. I have a feeling he never said any of that though ...
  11. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    If that woman was a man and did the exact say stuff to Mixon, he would have simply been defending himself. But since it was a woman, some act like all that he went through afterwards isn't enough. Some even want to act like they're outraged ... 3 years later. I am not one of those people. His "victim" forgave him and said move on. Yet some self righteous people want to act like it was them he hit. I think it's all pretty ridiculous. Of course I am not condoning hitting a woman. I have never hit a woman. But I have shook the shit out of a bitch. He didn't "attack" her. He didn't have a relationship with her. Knock her out and then act unconcerned and drag her around like a sack of potatoes. He reacted poorly to her attacking him. I think he has more than paid the price. Anyway. He was punished and played for years after this incident. He has a clean slate in my eyes. I'm rooting for him. I hope nothing but the best for him.
  12. Trump making America great again!!!

    I made a new one a couple days ago. I'm just glad he obviously seen me flipping him off and calling him a traitor
  13. Trump making America great again!!!

    Trump blocked me on Twitter and my account was locked because of "suspicious activity" whatever the hell that means. Haha fuck him

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