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  1. 1 hour ago, UncleEarl said:

    Openly?  That's different.  TO quit on many occasions. 


    This discussion has gotten off the rails.  My point was that these guys aren't a different breed.  They are more like us than we realize.  Some are absolute workaholics, but some are just very talented guys that have other interests and motivations that vary, just like you see at your job.  The big difference is professional athletes get paid more than their "bosses."  Coaches have to convince them to do what they want.  Their leverage is  limited.  The best teams have leadership from within.  I'm sure Bill Belichick is a good coach, but Tom Brady is the real deal.  Even AB seems to be behaving because he gets to play with the best QB to ever lace 'em up. 

    Definitely agree with you on all points 

  2. 16 minutes ago, SF2 said:

    He never quit on the Bengals. He arrived in late August and was without a doubt the best receiver on the team until he got hurt.  Led the team in receiving at age 37.  Guy gave 100% on the field.


    Sure, acted like an asshat sometimes off the field and especially in Philly were he had no respect for McNabb or Reid but played 14 games or more 14 of 15 years he played.

    He's also a HOF'er, no in the HOF has ever quit on a team.

  3. On 9/17/2019 at 11:19 AM, Le Tigre said:

    It's 95 on the field...in full pads...going against an offense hitting everything it ran. If every play wasn't appearing to be textbook Charlie Hustle on the idiot box, there was no question that they were giving their best. Playing every snap because of lack of LB's and a goofy rotation system, sort of does that to a human body. 


    And, as I said last week, this "new defense" did work well against Seattle. As I also said, film can be an equalizer--and SF had a week to see it. 


    It (defense) will drift back to "competent" this week. Even in a weird system, film can work the Bengals way too. 

    I hope you are right

    18 hours ago, Le Tigre said:

    No one said the 5-2 in theory wouldn't put people in proper places...it's that SF noted the places they were not, and hit the vacated places. All you have to do is look at the vid above to see that. And, being at field level, it was patently obvious that Jimmy G could see the open field where a LB or another S should have been. Bad tackling--yeah...but the RB has a 15 yard head start before there even is contact.    

    I'm sure that there were a few blown assignments that caused these wide open spaces on the field, I can assure that's not how it was designed. 


    The defense had zero discipline last Sunday, they fell for every misdirection and screen play they Niners ran, that's on the players as they have seen these plays before but they didn't play like it.

    10 hours ago, Le Tigre said:

    Well, where does that start...perhaps with the HC (a familiar refrain)? 

    It's a New Dey, so obviously not...🙂


    9 hours ago, UncleEarl said:

    The problem I have with the game is that it's a pattern for the Bengals.  They play a game with an edge and are competitive.  (They lack talent, so the results shouldn't be surprising.)  The next week they feel good about themselves, relax, don't come prepared to compete and you see the results.  This happened over and over while Marvin was the coach.  It's seems to be instilled in the team.  They need some leadership on the player side to not allow this to happen.  The coach shouldn't be complaining about the players in public, the leaders like Dunlop, Kirkpatrick, etc. should be saying it out loud themselves.  The fact that they aren't suggests they are part of the problem.

    Dunlap was upfront about the effort, I didn't hear from Kirkpatrick and I can't say that I wanted too...he's pretty much useless in my book, he should go back to making shitty rap music because this football thing ain't working out.


    The "moral" victory at Seattle was more bad than good, the Bengals were acting like they won that game when in reality they didn't, although they should have. They should have been pissed off, not encouraged and played angry vs. SF instead of that weak sauce they displayed on Sunday. 


    There are no participation trophies in the NFL, either you win or lose.  If you lose games you should win it's not a moral victory because the media thinks you will be a shitty team and you actually compete. That's a loser/little brother mentality, it breeds a false sense of security and



  5. 9 minutes ago, UncleEarl said:

    You can have the proper alignments, but when guys can't cover or tackle it really doesn't matter.  In the case of tackling it's more of a won't tackle.  All of these guys know how to tackle, they just didn't want to do it.

    Agreed, it's not like the 5-2 defense didn't put guys in the proper places to make the play last week, the players just didn't make any plays.  


    Kirkpatrick was awful last week, the LBs looked scared to hit anyone, and the DL, except for Geno,  couldn't do much of anything.


    Every team puts up a clunker of a game throughout the season, hopefully last week was the floor for the Bengals. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Le Tigre said:

    Having been there Sunday, whatever "boos" occurring, were not this cascading/deafening type. I have been to those kind of games--this was tepid at best. Whatever. And any squawking head "journalists" looking for the "quit" default setting, are asshats--those guys on the field were laying it all out...even when it was long over.


    There was no sense in getting upset about it anyway--the lack of being able to run at all, and the stupid defensive alignments, never gave them a chance. 

    I wasn't there but from watching the game on TV it seemed like some guys weren't laying it all out, specifically #27 &#52.


    That was a pitiful defensive performance, one of the worst of all time and the stats back that up. The defensive alignments worked well in Seattle,  it was the effort and the tackling that wasn't the same. 


    As for the booing, atleast it shows that the fans are emotionally invested in the outcome of the game. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, SF2 said:

    A career day that produced only 20 points, 2 fumbles and a loss. He has had far better days than this. 

    Yeah let's not act like Dalton didn't directly contribute to this loss by his fumbles and inconsistent play. Dalton in the 3rd quarter left a lot to be desired. 


    Sure he threw for a bunch of yards, but ultimately the Bengals lost a game they should have won. 

  8. 4 hours ago, T-Dub said:

    It's hard for me to believe that every other pro sport has been through their own gambling/fixing scandal(s) at some point but the NFL hasn't because it never happens.   At this point, as someone else pointed out, how could you tell?  The rules get less clear every season.

    The NFL was started by organization crime bosses, the information is readily available for anyone to find. 


    If you think billionaires are going to leave the result of games up, in which billions of dollars are wagered every week, to random chance and not do everything in their power to influence the outcomes then you are naive at best. 


    Every week there are way too blatant of missed calls that occur that have direct influence on the outcome of the game to just be coincidental. 


    If you think the NFL isn't fixed then I bet you think that WWE is real as well, it's all sports entertainment. 

  9. 13 minutes ago, T-Dub said:

    Zac Taylor's comments to Lap:


    •  Took responsibility for the early time-outs & delay penalty, says Andy couldn't hear him
    • "We left at least 15 points on the field"
    • re: 1 minute offense, "if you give us a chance to score we're going to take it"
    • Ross "going to be a big part of the offense" & "Everyone has room for improvement"
    • complimented Andy's "consistent demeanor" & some of his throws under pressure were as good as he's seen
    • Mixon day-to-day, could've been much worse.  Glenn also day-to-day but sounded more dismissive & talked about Andre.
    • Seattle was in a defensive alignment he had never seen them play in years of tape/experience, frustrated it made the play-calling so limited

    This Glenn situation is troubling, I wonder if he doesn't want to play. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, GoBengals said:



    Normally this would be my "anyone want to chip in on the server costs" post. But I started driving Lyft on the side to try to stay on top of that stuff.


    I posted a few years ago, a homie of mine, one of the best humans I have ever met, got in a car accident, broken wrist, tailbone, concussion (i think his 6th), and had a co worker at his job get frustrated and hit him over the head with a trash can for a foam ball hitting him when he was messing around. you probably remember the ridiculous story.


    well the car accident paid for medical bills and a few grand extra, he is or should say WAS on workmans comp. which paid out basically to the penny what he needed to get by. its been 3+ years iirc since all this went down. workmans comp doctor and his doctor are saying different things, so they haulted his payments.


    the workmans comp doc said "he wasnt trying" during his concussion testing, because he kept getting dizzy and having to stop. this isnt a dude who wants a free ride, he would rather dig through the dump for aids needles than get assistance, but his kids have to eat, and he cant get cleared to work anywhere with bright lights, standing, carrying, or without hourly breaks. which as you can imagine is no where.


    So now he is cut off and a few months behind on bills, he has 5 kids (yea, 5, i know, makes me tired thinking about it). his oldest is a senior, his youngest is 3-4, maybe 5, im  a bad kid age guesser.


    his wife works but obviously with the house and kids and car payment (they went down to 1 car to save money last year) its not cutting it.


    If anyone has a few extra bucks, even $3, $5, $5000, lol literally anything, he could use a break, you guys were incredible last time, and i hate to be fishing around again.


    you can hit him up direct to his paypal: Truewhodey@yahoo.com or i can send it his way if you prefer to send to me instead: paypal@fnnsports.com.


    thanks for listening to my madness once again.


    if anyone has any casual-ish side work he can do for cash under the table, PLEASE PELASE let me know. he would rather work. he doesnt know im posting this so if you send direct to him just put a note like "helping out a fellow bengals fan" or something.











    Is he in Cincinnati 

  11. 4 hours ago, Jason said:

    He was actually pretty good last season.  Don't judge him on 1 game this season.

    He was slightly above average in some areas and slightly below in others. Last night was awful, he has to improve dramatically if the Bears are going to do anything.  


    The other teams are going to force him to beat them by throwing the ball and based on last night he doesn't look capable. 

  12. The Bengals are going  to have a big test of their physical and mental toughness on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how they respond to the crowd noise and physical nature of the game.


    On offense the Seahawks are going to want  to pound the run as their WR corp is inexperienced and banged up, the defense will have to bow their backs and make them pass the ball. On defense the Seahawks have a solid front seven but can be beat in the long passing game. 


    Can the Bengals protect Dalton long enough to give him enough time to find the open guy and can they run the ball enough to stay out of 3rd and long situations which will allow the pass rush and crowd noise to become a factor?


    We shall see Sunday afternoon. 

  13. 18 minutes ago, High School Harry said:



    “Dear Antonio:

    As you know, you did not participate in the Raiders’ walk through on August 22,” the letter begins. “Your absence from practice was unexcused. Accordingly, you are hereby fined $13,950 pursuant to Article 42, Section 1(a)(viii) of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Raiders’ Club Discipline Schedule.

    “You were previously fined $40,000 for missing Raiders’ preseason training camp on August 18. Please be advised that should you continue to miss mandatory team activities, including practices and games, the Raiders reserve the right to impose additional remedies available under the Club’s Discipline Schedule, the CBA and your NFL Player Contract, including, but not limited to, additional fines and discipline for engaging in Conduct Detrimental to the Club.

    Your Friend in Jesus,

    Al Davis"


    Brown added his own commentary to the image:

    “When your own team want to hate but there’s no stopping me now devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year so we clear."


    The Raiders are waiting for an interpretation of what the fuck Brown was saying.

    Your friend in Jesus, Al Davis...nice touch HSH..

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