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  1. Somebody should stomp this larnyx with their cleats, fuck this SOB.
  2. At times, but who among us hasn't been angry.
  3. He was killed by Orlando Anderson
  4. This team is Super Bowl bound, did you see how they beat the mighty Browns?
  5. It's not significant, so it's basically meaningless. Nobody remembers or cares about the 1973 or 1975 teams because they lost in the first round of the playoffs despite having a very good regular season.
  6. There goes Elliott

    Marvin being shady towards Jake....http://www.csnphilly.com/the700level/bengals-coach-throws-shade-eagles-kicker-jake-elliott
  7. John Ross

    This is more of a Mike Brown move than Marvin Lewis. They did the same thing with AJ McCarron. It's similar to what happens in baseball with young prospects that they wait until the middle of the season to bring up from the minors so they don't get credited with a full season. Not saying I agree but it's part of Mike's master plan.
  8. The wheels are falling off this team, these guys are clearly not in it together this year. Classic case of mismanagement of talent.
  9. Exactly, they haven't won a playoff game in over a quarter century. In a league that makes it almost impossible to not be competitive because of profit sharing, salary caps, and free agency this is a very hard thing to do. Regular season success is meaningless if doesn't translate into post season success. Also this team is regressing, so any success they had 2 seasons ago is basically irrelevant.
  10. Removing all control from Mike Brown has to be the number one priority, he's one of if not the worst owners in the history of the NFL. Until Mike Brown is removed from the GM position and gives up the final and day to day decision making capability to someone else this franchise will always be in the same situation. It's like any other business, if the ineffective leader stays in place then the company will fail. In the NFL it's impossible for your francise to go out of business thanks to revenue sharing but you can be the cannon fodder for the teams that actually know how to put together a winner. In 2009 Yahoo ranked Al Davis as the worst owner, he's dead and Brown has done enough to take his place.
  11. Sometimes it is better to destroy and rebuild than to continue on the current path. As much respect and appreciation as I have for Marvin, it's obvious the Bengals need a new coach. It's not working, like at all.
  12. That 3rd and 9 when Andy Dalton ducked his and took off running instead of throwing the ball to a wide open LaFell running across the field was a big play. There was plenty of blame to go around on this one though, it was a total team loss. Offense, defense, and special teams. The offense only put up 3 points in the last 35 minutes of the game, the defense had plenty of horrible penalties(surprising Pacman Jones committed a few boneheaded penalities..that's totally out of character for him) and Bullock missing a 48 yarder. The coaching staff couldn't adjust after half time and they had nothing when it matter the most, at the end of the game.
  13. There goes Elliott

    stfu....goof ball..don't you have Andy Dalton stats to research so you can defend him this week. Your shoulders should be sore from carrying so much water for Dalton and the Bengals.
  14. That was fun....see you next week Bengals fans to see who is the worse team in the NFL.

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