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  1. Pacman is 32 years old and has been arrested over 10 times in the past 11's not some 17 year old making a mistake. Also, this is Pacman's job and the Bengals aren't his real family, they disown guys all the time when they cut them or don't renew their's a business not a group home.
  2. True but he was trying to minimize Pac's actions, he could definitely take a stronger stance against him if he felt inclined to do so.
  3. I think it's more than Pacman 's words that are problematic, his actions are pretty fucked up as well. It's people's actions that are the center of the issue. Marvin has an issue with some people dancing but not Pacman 's actions.
  4. "I'm not for that at all," Lewis said, according to ESPN's Katherine Terrell. "We had a good standard and the whole standard has always been you want to teach people how to play the game the correct way and go about it the correct way, and that's not a very good example for young people." “As time has come out, other than his language what did he do?” Lewis said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. Good people of Bengals nation please tell me which is worse, maybe I don't understand... Marvin is proving he's clueless off the field as well as he's in certain coaching situations, like the end of the half or game. Hopefully this is this guy's last year as the Bengals HC, he's almost as embarrassing as mentee Pacman Jones. Initially I was a huge Marvin fan but throughout the course of his tenure here it's become painfully obvious that he's out of touch on things like player discipline, clock management, end of half/game situations, etc... and his playoff record is horrible. All of these things combined make me think the Bengals could do better...
  5. This is from a MD Being that the Bengals just invested millions of dollars in Ross I'm going to think they are going to take it very slowly and ease him back into the weightlifting and other football related activities slowly to ensure they don't re-injure his surgically repaired shoulder. Also when you consider how they handled the injuries of other players, not rushing them back but letting them take the time to ensure they are properly healed before clearing them for football duties, I assume they would do the same for Ross. I agree, I think it's wise to take it very slow and make sure he's able to properly recover and strengthen his body so he can stay healthy while performing at a high level.
  6. He would after the UW graduation in a few weeks if he was healthy, which was my point.
  7. Cyrus was a 2nd round pick out of Alabama in the 2014 draft that has a had an up and down NFL experience. He has been a back up despite his high draft position and Cyrus has had a strange offseason this year in which he injured his hip badly enough that he required surgery. He was also in an incident in which it was first reported that he was naked and climbing a fence will asking the cops to shoot him in April, however that was not the case per the Buffalo Police Dept. He could provide quality depth at the OT position and should be reasonably cheap when you consider his injury and off the field concerns, also he wouldn't count towards a comp pick...sounds like Mike Brown's type of guy. He could learn from former Bama stud Andre Smith on how to be a pro and get his career on the right track!
  8. Can he work out with Dalton offsite between now and the beginning of training camp to get down their timing? No, because his shoulder is recovering from surgery, so obviously it matters? Can he work on improving his strength so he can beat press coverage, no because he's recovering from shoulder surgery. Any logical person would be able to see that rehabbing from an injury puts a player behind schedule in terms of their development, it's the same line of thinking you use to defend Ced Ogbuehi. Players say it all the time, especially when they have a poor season, they talk about how they didn't get to workout in the offseason because they are injured...not sure why it applies to Ogbuehi but not Ross. If Ross is lucky he will be able to start strengthening his shoulder on by August, but I would be shocked if he is ready to play at the start of the preseason. The Bengals are normally very conservative when it comes to rehabbing players and will likely err on the side of caution and bring him along slowly because this type of injury can be easily re-aggravated if not treated properly.
  9. It definitely matters that he's hurt, even if his school had graduation he wouldn't be able to participate. The rehab time from a shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum is at least 6 months, being that he had the surgery on 3/14 that puts him at 9/14 for a comeback time. If he misses TC and the preseason he will probably start the season on the PUP and get brought back once his shoulder is strong enough to play.
  10. Well we know how that story goes, when it comes to injuries and indications from the Bengals I don't believe much of anything that they say. They typical treat everyone outside of PBS like mushrooms in these situations, they keep us in the dark and feed us shit.
  11. I would say this is a realistic summary, once TC starts and we can see how the oline performs without Whit and Zeitler it will be easier to predict how successful this team will be barring any injuries to key personnel.
  12. 21. CINCINNATI BENGALS Bengals coach Marvin Lewis More Additions: Two of the most explosive players in this draft arrived with question marks: WR John Ross (4.22 speed but oft-injured) and RB Joe Mixon (dogged by the ugly assault of a woman in 2014). They could remake this offense if they leave their pasts in the past … Pass-rusher Jordan Willis was projected by some to go low in the first round of the 2017 draft; Cincinnati got him in the third. Subtractions: Reliable LT Andrew Whitworth left for the Rams in free agency; Jake Fisher gets the first shot to replace him … Versatile RB Rex Burkhead, wisely, jumped to New England … G Kevin Zeitler broke the bank in Cleveland … Starting LB Karlos Dansby went home to Arizona, while veteran and trusted DL Domata Peko moved to Denver. Key coaching/front-office moves: None of note. Decisive schedule span: The first five weeks, followed by the bye. If the Bengals aren’t at least 3-2 after Baltimore, Houston, at Green Bay, at Cleveland, Buffalo, it’s going to be a long year. Why I have the Bengals 21st: I’m on the verge of saying these Bengals have reached their expiration date. Fourteen years for Marvin Lewis, 8.4 wins per year, zero playoff wins in seven appearances. Andy Dalton: six seasons, 9.3 wins per year, zero playoff wins in four games, plus-61 TD-to-pick differential. Competent and competitive, year after year, and so what? But I’m going to defer my grinchiness for the moment because of something one scout told me the day Joe Mixon was drafted. “Best back I’ve scouted in the draft since Adrian Peterson,” he said. And while in San Francisco for the draft this year, I sensed how much the Niners loved John Ross. “A true separator,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said. “A difference-maker.” So let’s see what happens this year with two major new offensive pieces. Let’s see if one of the best line coaches in the game, Paul Alexander, can make this group play better than it did a year ago, now that it’s without its compass, left tackle Whitworth. Interesting year ahead. Most important factor to this team this year: The Bengals will score. Can the defense defend? Cincinnati allowed just 16 points a game in the second half of the season, and any playoff hopes rest on being similarly stingy after making no major personnel changes on defense. Bengals prediction of 10 words or less: A 7-9 season makes Mike Brown ponder cleaning house.
  13. Trump endlessly mocked Obama for bowing to foreign leaders and when he finds himself in the same situation, guess what he does...the exact same thing... Also during his campaign he said that Hillary Clinton should be arrested for taking money from foreign leaders, I guess by his logic his princess Ivanka should be locked up because she took 100 million dollars from the Saudi family. The contradictions are astounding, this guy is nothing but a bullshitter...