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  1. Breaking News: The 2017 Bengals offensive line was horrible...also the sky is blue and water is wet...back to you Jim.
  2. Bengals Dot Com Draft Composit

    He could be scouting QB's that the Browns will take, no better way to know your opponent than to study their flaws and weaknesses first hand.
  3. One thing you have to consider is that Dunlap and Atkins have agents that realize what you just stated and they're not going to sign any extension until those deals are done. A team can't make a player sign an extension.
  4. 8-8 or 10-6 isn't the only option, this team went 12-4 a few years ago and they still have many of the same players from that team. If Brown didn't, in his infinite wisdom, to go cheap on the offensive line then the Bengals could have much better success on the field which equates to more revenue. Cincinnati is a football city, Ohio is a football state;the people are starving for success and if Brown could have success on the field he could substantially increase his market share. Think of how many people that live in southern and eastern Ohio that are Stealers fans, mainly because they want to support a winning team moreso than regional loyalties. Also with the Cleveland Browns sustained ineptitude it is extremely pausible that if the Bengals had more success, i.e. a Super Bowl appearance or even a victory, then they definitely increase their revenue. Mike Brown's penny pinching ways have cost this franchise on and off the field. By not re-signing key players because of some out dated philosophy or going after free agents that can help the team Brown is limiting the fan base, ruining the reputation of the team, and leaving money on the table.
  5. He's the perfect companion for Burfict, he's steady, reliable, always in the right place, and a sure tackler. He doesn't make a bunch of big plays but Burfict can be the playmaking LB while Brown is sure and steady guy.
  6. Mike Brown seems like the type of guy who won't spring for sprinkles when he takes his kids to DQ for the monthly ice cream cone. All of this complaining about spending money on talent is ridiculous, especially when you consider the NFL gives the owners hundreds of millions of dollars to pay the players. Maybe if Brown spent money on quality players he would make more money on ticket sales, merchandise, licensing fees, etc..
  7. There are some good safeties out there on the FA market, I would love to see the Bengals go after Eric Reid. I know he's a controversial player because of he political views but he can definitely play at a high level and help this defense.
  8. 100% agree, I remember when me Oldschooler used to go at it. I had a different handle, I used to post here under Bengal_Smoov. He's one of the original members of this board, ever since John Thornton closed his board and Go started this place. Two cheers for Oldschooler, hip hip hooray!!! Hip hip hooray!!!!
  9. This should be interesting, Barkley and Burfict have history going back to high school...let's just say they aren't bff's. https://arizona.sbnation.com/arizona-st-sun-devils/2011/9/24/2447661/vontaze-burfict-usc-matt-barkley This is them facing each other in high school.
  10. 2018 Free Agency thread

    Yeah the Jets got trade raped, giving up 3 2nd round picks to move up 3 spots in the draft is extremely desperate. Not sure what player they want in the draft that warrants this level of agressiveness to trade up. Maybe the GM and coach are on the hot seat and they want to get a QB they can hitch their wagons to as a way to secure a few more years on the job.
  11. 2018 Free Agency thread

    For some reason, this reminds me of when Dillon went to the Pats and ran them to the Super Bowl.
  12. This is a pretty good scouting report on Brown:
  13. Bengals Trade for Cordy Glenn!!!!

    Ced shouldn't be in the NFL, he can't play at this level. The only reason why he is on an NFL roster is that he was first round pick, if he was a 7th round pick he would be out of the league by now.
  14. One guy can't stay out of trouble off the field another can't stay out of trouble on the field. Either way they are both unreliable and I don't think you will ever win a championship with them because they are extremely undisciplined. Also Burfict has done more than hit guys late, he has twisted guys ankles, steps on other players, etc... everyone knows he's dirty, but our dirty player. However, if he's played for the Stealers he would be the most hated guy by Bengals fans and he would not be on Goddell's shit list.
  15. Burfict is in the same boat with Pacman, they have both used up their first, second, and third chances. At this point Burfict shouldn't even fart without saying excuse me.

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