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  1. It's actually the exact opposite, ratings are the highest they have been since 2015...which is pre-Mahomes and the kneeling/protest which started in 2016. https://www.forbes.com/sites/dereksaul/2022/02/01/nfl-ratings-rebound-afc-nfc-championship-games-post-highest-viewership-in-years/ If anything thus will be the most watched Superbowl this decade and definitely more watched than when the Chiefs and 49ers were last in the Superbowl.
  2. I have a feeling Aaron Donald will be lined up over whomever is playing RG, it's clearly the weak link on this offensive line.
  3. Green is awful, he's still hates the Bengals because of how Robert Geathers almost decapitated him.
  4. Great perspective from a Cincy guy and life long Bengal fan/player...thanks for sharing
  5. Uncle Bootsie is the best, he should be the king of the jungle at a home game next year
  6. You're the best fucking bot on this board...... 🥷 Sorry...too soon?
  7. The pedal taverns in Nash Vegas are out of control...Friday night and Saturday afternoon should be rocking tho...Covid will definitely be in the building.
  8. Good article about Chase and his childhood friend, high school, and college teammate Kristian Fulton who plays DB for the Titans. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2022/01/19/tennessee-titans-kristian-fulton-cincinnati-bengals-jamarr-chase/6529764001/
  9. I was looking at the game notes and saw that Taylor coached Tannehill in college from 2008-2011 and his first 3 years (2012-2015) in the NFL, so he knows him extremely well..this is a huge advantage as he knows Tannehill's tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. Hopefully this familiarity helps the Bengals win the game.
  10. My thought is the author of this article is a stat nerd that doesn't understand the game of football, using analytics without context is just stupid. The Raiders run defense was their weakness and you have to try to get a big play in the run game by running the ball with your Pro Bowl RB. Also, it helps the offensive line to fire off the ball and wear down the opposing side by running the ball. Running the ball is important because it allows the offensive line to impose their will on their opponents and you can't abandon it, especially when you have the lead..which the Bengals did for the entire game. Ultimately Zac did something no other coach has done in 4 decades, win a playoff game...so yeah I think he did a good job.
  11. Geno is living his best life, he's not suiting up anytime soon.
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