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  1. Two words: play action.....you gotta believe...
  2. Speaking of strawman arguments.... The Pat's also scored 41 and 37 points in the other playoff games, while Brady threw for over 340 yards on both games. Is he due to regress because of age, absolutely. But to say he's not apart of some bs superstar club because of his age is just ridiculous. Last year Brady threw for over 4,300 yards and had a passer rating over 97. He's still in a great offense and has plenty of weapons around him, just like the author predicted Andrew Luck was going have a down year in 2018, newsflash he didn't, so will Brady. As for AJ, if he has a healthy Dalton he will put up big numbers. He's the most complete WR in the NFL and does more with less, future HOFer. I will bet money that he outperforms JuJu this year. JuJu is going from being protected by having AB on the other side of the field drawing a constant double team to having Donte Moncrief and Eli Rogers on the field with him, btw Boyd had more yards than both of those guys combined last year, so obviously he will face more attention and have considerably less talent around him than last season.
  3. In the Super Bowl....that he won...again
  4. According to the author Tom Brady is also out too, so yeah...
  5. PatternMaster

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    If Hue wants to get back into coaching he should either be a QB coach or a HC at a small D1 college and grind his way to the top. He should have never taken the Cleveland job, besides Bellichick it's been a death sentence for every other HC that has taken the job.
  6. I guess the tomatoes make it healthy... How anyone can think this looks appealing is beyond me.
  7. Check out Finley Market, great food options..especially Eli's BBQ...Best in the city. If you are downtown you've got to get the maple bacon donut from Holtman's. The art museum is by Eden park is nice and it's close to Krohn's Conservatory which is also a cool place to go in the summer...figuratively and literally...
  8. But do they have an indoor practice field????
  9. PatternMaster

    Kat Terrell

    It's ok, but it can't stay healthy....always frizzing up and hard to keep untangled in the last few years.
  10. PatternMaster

    Kat Terrell

    Who will cover Tyler Eifert's mullet?
  11. Breaking news we have footage of Pacman responding to a unsatisfied customer... Pacman: Da fuck you mean my pizza is too greasy muthfucka...
  12. PatternMaster

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    Baker is soo fucking cool and edgy...he's like the Fonz but shorter... I wonder if it was the time Baker ran from the cops and got pile driven into the concrete, because it's definitely mine.
  13. I'm sure the players are ok with it, especially Henry...too soon. I'm sure Mr. & Mrs. Pacman would appreciate the feedback, you should go to the restaurant and tell them, I'm sure they would value your opinions...also please live stream if you do decide to accept this mission.
  14. No reason...really...I can think of a few. The oline is basically the same unit that sucked and same for the defense. Not to mention the coaching staff has no experience in their roles, Taylor has never been a HC and both coordinators are green as well. I would be shocked if the Bengals go 8-8 and beat Pitt once this year.
  15. He doesn't even want to play OT, he's pretty much done in the NFL unless he goes to NE and Belichick turns him into an All Pro

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