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  1. Good - The defense, especially the run defense is elite. They have stoned two of the best RB's in the NFL.
  2. I would expect to see Fields play the entire second half if Dalton struggles in the first half https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1439587785246134277?s=20
  3. You got to fight for your right to Who Dey!...Now that is what I call the "good fight".
  4. If Waynes doesn't start week 3 then it was a big mistake to not put him on the IR use that roster spot for someone else, like Henderson, Wren, Brown, etc.
  5. Bengals might be going against the 3rd string LT, Hendrickson and the others should be able to get to Dalton or Fields.
  6. I just re-watched the game on that play it was a combined tackle but Pratt caused that fumble, he was trying to cause a fumble all game and actually tried tackling the football instead the runner a few times. I wouldn't be surprised if Pratt forces a few more turnovers, especially against lesser competition than Dalvin Cook.
  7. Allen being out is a loss, but he can still help coach the guys up and I like the addition of Davis to the practice squad. This is team is adding depth with quality vets.
  8. The athletes are focused on branding and the media are attention whores who do anything for likes/clicks
  9. Good article on the Bears current oline injury situation. https://www.si.com/nfl/bears/news/coping-with-tackle-injuries-now-routine-for-bears-line If the dline can play like they did last week than it could be a good day for Who Dey..
  10. I would hope Phillips or McCloud would see the field if Apple can't get it together.
  11. Zac is/has been over his head, at this point the team is winning in spite of him. Being up 21-7 at home in the 3rd quarter isn't when you get aggressive, that's stupidity. Any decent high school coach could tell you that, combined with his winning percentage, and it's safe to say this guy can't get out of his own way....he's lucky he has Burrow, better keep him healthy this time.
  12. Great article, thanks for sharing. It is always good to hear what the coaches and players are thinking. Logan Wilson reminds me of Brian Urlacher, both former safeties from the West coast that are athletic, tough, and smart. If he can be anything near Urlacher this defense will be top 15. Higgins is the guy who will have the biggest plays on offense, just like last year. Really didn't see him much in the preseason, can't wait to see what this season as in store for Tee.
  13. Oh well.. That OC from Carolina looks like a great fit...ijs
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