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  1. Some one needs a time out..-10 good boy points....no chicken tendies for you... Btw, name calling isn't helping you convince others that you are intelligent and passing on Burrow for Herbert is just fucking dumb.
  2. Why... outside of Burrow this QB class is questionable at best. Burrow is the best QB prospect in the college and I don't Lawerence or Fields are better. Just do the obvious thing a get a great player, the Bengals had 10 draft picks last year and got a whole lot of nothing. Quality over quantity
  3. He's the chosen one, he's going to lead the Bengals to the promise land. I think the Nebraska connection will help Joe feel comfortable coming to the Bengals.
  4. He's such a Westsider....Joe Burrow aka the Prince of Price Hill...aka the Common Man's Champion
  5. Lol.... staying at the Westin means you've have arrived. Btw...he hates the chili https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/1/15/21067438/joe-burrow-doesnt-like-skyline-chili-oh-well
  6. I was thinking the same thing, some one needs to hire a PI to find BJ so he can come home and complete the prophecy scrolls. The Prince who was Promised has arrived and his name is Joe Burrow.
  7. Do you think Taylor has shown to be a better coach than ML?
  8. I think Price has a future at RG, putting him next to Hopkins can help both guys.
  9. Taylor should get another year to see if he improves, which should not be that difficult being that the bar is very low. He will have plenty of talent and more of his guys, so we will see how it goes.
  10. You know, his system and culture...I don't see what is so hard to understand about this.
  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/29/marvin-jones-son-marlo-dies/ Sad day for former Bengal player, he was one of the good guys. Sorry to hear about this.
  12. This is the worst idea, Jameis is a turn over machine and Chase Young can't affect a team like a QB. Burrow is the pick, no debate.
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