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  1. Exactly, especially without Hill to blow the top off the defense I definitely like our chances. No one in the KC WR corps scares me with their speed, so if we drop 7 and 8 consistently I think we can hold them in check.
  2. I live in Atlanta and every time I go to a Braves and they do it I'm just confused and embarrassed for everyone that participates. They stop doing it one series when an opposing pitcher that is Native told them how offensive it was...but they started back and doubled down on it because drunk idiots love it...https://www.wjcl.com/article/atlanta-braves-tomahawk-chop/38103046
  3. I haven't seen him on the field much of late, but when he was in the game I feel like he is being put in a bad spot playing the 3 tech on passing downs. I think he's better used coming off the edge then in the middle, but what do I know.
  4. The most entitled fanbase in the NFL...They act like if they don't win every game something is wrong.
  5. The pass rush has to show up this week, looking at you #58
  6. Has anyone ever smelt a football field? Why would he post this, his agent should hire someone to handle his social media....oh thats right he's his own agent. Noone's going to ever mistake him for a smart man.
  7. Glad to see Joe D get going and set a franchise record for TD'S scored. Hopefully he can keep it going for the rest of the season.
  8. Paris went to my high school and my friends coached him when he was younger...I would love to see him back home protecting Burrow's blindside.
  9. The fan base loves Burrow more and Mixon is going to get him killed with his pathetic pass blocking efforts. Cut him and use the monet to extend Higgins. Burrow, and Chase. Perine should be starting at this point, he's the better back who actually cares about protecting Burrow.
  10. It's obvious Mixon is a huge problem, his production isn't matching his salary and causing the offense to be one dimensional which leads to defenses with a competent pass rush shutting the offense down.
  11. He's due over 20 million in the last 2 years of his contract and has a cap hit of over 25 million during that same period. The Bengals can save over 13 million in real dollars and 18 million in cap space by cutting him this offseason. The evidence is out there that you can pick up a reasonable replacement that actually pass block in free agency or the draft for a fraction of the cost. Dameon Pierce is a 4th round pick in the 2022 that is outperforming Mixon in every category on a worse team(Texans) talent and record wise. If Mixon is going to take up over 5% of the cap space he has to produce at an elite level. If you do the math, with 53 players on a roster the average cap space per player should be about 2%(1.88%). If you are going to spend 5%(5.38%) of the cap space on one player he better be 2.5 times better than average. Mixon is third in highest cap space behind Hendrickson and Bates. Hendrickson is worth every penny and Bates is on a one year deal. With foundational pieces like Burrow, Chase, and Higgins becoming extension eligible within the next few years it would make sense to reallocate those resources to those players instead of a RB that is underperforming and doesn’t fit your offensive scheme.
  12. Dameon Pierce, Josh Jacobs, and R. Stevenson all have double digit broken tackles in addition to Chubb and Henry..so there are plenty of RB's who can break tackles, as that's literally in the job description. There are backs with half the amount of attempts as Mixon but more broken tackles...how Sway? He can't break tackles, can't pass block, can't create when the hole isn't open...what can he do? He can run straight through a clean hole...what NFL back can't do that? Mixon is a below average RB so far this year while being top 5 in the NFL in attempts. He's not playing well and if this trend continues he should be replaced as the Bengals can't afford to allocate a huge chunk of there cap space to player that doesn't fit the scheme and is not producing.
  13. Actually, this is not true as the stats say otherwise. The problem isn't Mixon that is getting hit in the backfield every time he gets the ball, its that he has only broken 5 tackles all season. He's getting the majority of his yards before contact, as over 75% of his total rushing yards before contact. If that was the case then how is Perine averaging a very respectable 4.3 ypc, a full yard better than Mixon? The numbers and the eye test tell me that Perine should be starting as he's a better runner and pass blocker than Mixon. Mixon isn't running with any explosion, vision, or anger...he's dancing around and going down on first contact. He hasn't improved as a pass blocker in his 5th season and hes a liability because he can't pass block so it makes the offense one dimensional. If he gave a damn about pass blocking maybe they could run some play action or disguise the play calling a bit but he doesn't...you can tell from the effort he gives and his lack of development in that area. The opportunities are there, he's just not taking advantage of them. Time to let someone else get a crack at it.
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