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  1. Or LBs for playing out of position and soft as hell?
  2. So no one is blaming Dalton for throwing those lame ducks and turning the ball over 3 times that mattered
  3. Yeah guys, let's cool it with the Fat Randy jokes.... everyone knows the camera adds 50-60 lbs
  4. PatternMaster

    Mike Mitchell? Really?

    https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/9/18/17875892/nfl-free-agents-bengals-Stealers-safety-mike-mitchell-charles-tapper I would like to see Rawls and Blanding, fuck Mike Mitchell.
  5. Nasty Nate Webster.....
  6. The Panthers have a ton of injuries on the offense, especially on the line. If the Bengals can tackle well and limit Cam's big plays on the ground the defense should be able to have a good day versus the Panthers at home.
  7. PatternMaster

    Former Bengal Sues the Jaguars.

    Get your money Dan
  8. PatternMaster

    Keeping our enemies close 2018

    Yeah I was looking at the wrong schedule
  9. Yeah that zone was not working, not sure why it took so long to get out of it. The thing is the Bengals drafted all of these athletic press corners and then they don't let them play to their abilities. Thor saved the day for the Bengals and this defense, hopefully going forward he gets more snaps on defense.
  10. PatternMaster

    Keeping our enemies close 2018

    The Jets and Pats play next week
  11. PatternMaster


    You're definitely overreacting, the dline played well. You can't judge their performance on one stat, which might be the most over rated stat for any defensive player. They played the run well and put consistent pressure on Luck despite getting held all game long.
  12. Funny how the Cowboys running game went to shit and the Bengals running game looked vastly improved. One team scored 8 points and other scored 27 points on offense....Frank Pollack will be the 2018/2019 MVP
  13. Bobby Hart is garbage, he made Margus Hunt look like Pro Bowler. He was tripping over himself and getting bull rushed, it was quite the shit show at RT. The Bengals can be special on offense but they have to get better at RT and take care of the ball
  14. Menelik Watson is available...they should have drafted Orlando Brown Jr. instead of Jefferson. Could have had a starting RT instead of backup LB that doesn't even dress on game day.

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