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  1. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/bobby-hart-excelling-in-key-area
  2. Hart played well towards the end of the season, hopefully a new position coach will help him improve his play.
  3. Dude needs help, he's throwing rocks at the penitentiary.
  4. He was born in Wyoming, probably why he's a Bengals fan.
  5. lol...he's not coming here...no way he makes it past MIA at #3, if anything the Bengals trade down and get and 2nd & 3rd round pick
  6. He's not coaching because he's old as shit, he retired after 34 years with the Pats. He's 72 and he's not coming out of retirement to coach under Taylor. The Bengals should hire Willie Anderson, seriously. He's a teacher and understands how to coach up young players.
  7. I hope the Cowboys get in the playoffs, I would love to see Dalton have success.
  8. It was definitely an early Christmas present, hopefully this will hasten the retirement of Big Ben
  9. He would be a great option, but Zac has it all covered...just look at the o line
  10. Self destruction is the worst, he needs a 30 for 30 Do you want Sewell coached by Turner?
  11. Here's the a link to the court documents from Webster's appeal filing that details the situation, its like Lifetime movie... http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/pdf_viewer/pdf_viewer.aspx?pdf=737818.pdf
  12. Could be but that was his baby sitter and she was a child. I heard there were guns and threats about killing if she told....either way he's a POS convicted child molester and I'm embarrassed that he was the one player I chose out of everyone that was available.
  13. All of the scouts say generational talent, he should be the pick for multiple very good reasons.
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