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  1. I found this lil gem when I was browsing the dark web... Lolz....Burdock is the most hated man in Steeler nation!!
  2. Dorial Green Becham

    If he's not going to be special teams beast then it's going to be hard for this guy to make an NFL roster, no team is looking for a starting WR at this point.
  3. I had some free time so I decided to compile the various rankings of the different criteria for all of the NFL teams. For example, best QB, best WR corp, best OL, best DL, best coaching, best secondary, best running game, best passing combo, etc. My goal was to predict the final standings for all of the NFL based on these preliminary rankings. I used analytics sites like PFF and Football Outsiders and respected media sites Rotoworld and Sports Illustrated for the rankings, in total there are 8 data sets to rank each team. I took the combined rankings for each team and averaged them by the number of data sets and these are the results: Here is the breakdown for the AFC: 1.New England Patriots 2.Pittsburgh Stealers 3.Oakland Raiders 4.Miami Dolphins 5.Cincinnati Bengals 6.Kansas City Chiefs 7.Tennessee Titans 8.Los Angeles Chargers 9.Jacksonville Jaguars 10.Baltimore Ravens 11.Denver Broncos 12.Buffalo Bills 13.Houston Texans 14.Cleveland Browns 15.Indianapolis Colts 16.New York Jets Based on these computations the Bengals would be competing with the Dolphins and Chiefs for a Wild Card spot, with the Bengals slightly edging the Chiefs for the #6 spot. Here is the breakdown for the NFC: 1.Atlanta Falcons 2.Seattle Seahawks 3.Green Bay Packers 4.Arizona Cardinals 5.Dallas Cowboys 6.Minnesota Vikings 7.Philadelphia Eagles 8.New Orleans Saints 9.New York Giants 10.Washington Redskins 11.Carolina Panthers 12.Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13.Chicago Bears 14.Los Angeles Rams 15.Detroit Lions 16.San Francisco 49ers
  4. Dorial Green Becham

    I heard he doesn't pick up the plays fast enough and doesn't put in the work to make sure he knows what he's doing. He's a guy that was the #1 player in HS when he was coming out and dominated in college because of his physical ability, he's not used to having to work hard to have success or being held accountable for his actions. Seems like a very immature kid with a learning disability, he's going to have grow up quickly and get some professional help if he wants to stay in the NFL.
  5. I bet Jim Mora is a big Marvin Lewis fan.
  6. Lisa lady is a wannabe celebrity that says and does outrageous things to become famous. I interview plenty of people who are in between jobs and become an adjunct professor at a local community college, most of them aren't what I would consider to be "experts" in their chosen field.
  7. Dre K is a music mogul.....

    Obviously not, everyone knows black people can't be racist...bigoted and prejudiced sure...but unfortunately we don't have enough power in this country to be racist...yet....lol.
  8. Dre K is a music mogul.....

    lol...Yeah I heard...about 1,000 times....
  9. Dre K is a music mogul.....

    You're calling me stupid, but you can't even spell the word "the" correctly....got it.
  10. Dre K is a music mogul.....

    If anyone in his crew is paying for drinks, it's certainly him. Those guys don't strike as a hard working, industrious bunch...more of the my boi is a NFL millionaire, so we all rich type of gang. Outside of making horrible rap music and being Dre's yes men, what else do you think they do? Probably spend his money on strippers, drugs, alcohol and living a lifestyle he won't be able to maintain after his career is over if he doesn't invest his money wisely...and starting the millionth rap music label is not a wise investment, in case you were wondering. Besides Gronk makes millions of dollars in advertisements and he gets paid to party, he's a legit celebrity...Dre K is a wannabe.
  11. Ogbuehi, Bodine, and Kumerow

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