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  1. PatternMaster

    Dan Hoard: Sizing Up Glenn

    I just hope he stays healthy
  2. PatternMaster

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    I can't see the coaching staff or Dalton for that matter trusting Ross without proving he can play. Just because he was drafted at 9 means he has to be the #2 WR, thankful the Bengals aren't that desperate.
  3. PatternMaster

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    I don't expect Ross to be anything more than the #4 guy this year. Being the #2 guy requires Ross to run block, make adjustments on the fly, and being able to run various types of routes. Ross has to prove he can stay healthy and do the little things that starting WRs do in order to start. He does need to make significant improvements, catching 40 balls for 6 TDs would be good for what is essentially his rookie season.
  4. PatternMaster

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    It's going to come down to special teams, whomever provides the most value will get a roster spot.
  5. This makes so much sense, you have convinced me for sure.
  6. PatternMaster

    Price fully cleared

    Well obviously you have not seen the pictures....
  7. PatternMaster

    Five Bengal Trade Possibilities

    I don't know, but this is one of the dumbest articles I've read about the Bengals in a long time...who is trading for Ced and Vinny Rey? Why would the Bengals trade their special teams captain (Rey), their nickel corner (Dennard) and their #2 WR for mid to late round picks at best in favor of unproven players? After LaFell the experience of the WRs is limited to Boys and that's about it. Same Vinny Rey and Dennard, those guys might not be star players but they are valuable members of the team that provide experienced depth.
  8. Dunlap, Lawson, and WJIII and maybe Boling but Eifert is laughable....some Bengals fans have a distorted and slightly delusional view of his guy....he can't even make it through OTA's.. and hasn't played at high level in 3 years, which is the length of the average NFL career.
  9. PatternMaster

    Trade for Josh Garnett

    He's one, he also was born and raised in Cincy and grew up a Bengals fan. His family lives here and those factors are some of the top reasons why he came here. Who else you got.
  10. PatternMaster

    Trade for Josh Garnett

    Mays's contract was next to nothing for the Bengals, most rookie deals are front loaded with guaranteed money and their base salaries are low. When a player is cut or traded the team that drafted the player pays guaranteed money/signing bonus. Mays never more than $800k while he was here and that was his last season in 2014. Talented players get cut and traded all the time, the best center the Bengals have had in the past 15 years, Rich Braham, was cut after getting drafted in the 3rd round. Also, the Bengals just traded for Cordy Glenn who will be the starting LT for years if he can stay healthy. Garnett is due 1.3 million this year and 1.7 million next year, that a steal for a starting RG. To be clear, the 49ers aren't considering moving Garrett because he lacks talent, the coaching staff and front office that drafted him is no longer in place. The new regime has a different scheme and he's not a good fit. He's lost 25 lbs to become more of the type of player they want him to be so maybe he sticks around.
  11. PatternMaster

    Trade for Josh Garnett

    The Bengals got Mays a for a 7th round pick and he contributed on special teams and started a few games, not bad for what was essentially a 7th rounder as far as the Bengals we're concerned. Not sure if Garnett and Mays is an apt comparison though, two totally different players that play different positions. The guy doesn't suck, he was a first round pick that was in a wacky scheme with little talent around him in his rookie year and got hurt last year. He's capable of playing at a high level if he's in the right situation.
  12. PatternMaster

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    Exactly, I would rather have a guy with wide catch radius that can make contested catches, run dig routes across the middle, and is match up nightmare in the red zone than a guy that just runs fast... but can't catch, hold on to the ball after the catch, break a tackle, run multiple routes, get off the line of scrimmage vs press coverage, etc.... In the NFL the majority of catches are contested, so if a WR is comfortable making those types of catches I think that's an advantage. Willie Gault was a world class sprinter but he wasn't anywhere near Jerry Rice as a football player..but Gault would smoke Rice in a race.
  13. PatternMaster

    Trade for Josh Garnett

    Tell me you wouldn't want to put this guy next to Billy Price and watch them knock the shit out of defenses for the next 10 years...I do.
  14. PatternMaster

    Trade for Josh Garnett

    https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/shanahan-observes-joshua-garnett-really-going-it He's lost 25 pounds to be able to play the zone scheme, but he's also battling two vets that signed sizable contracts for his starting spot. If someone offered the Niners a 3rd or 4th round pick I think they would be all over it.

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