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  1. Well, Covid-19 affected plenty of players and now things are more normal than it was 12 months ago.
  2. I think he made a million dollars......atleast he didn't get knocked out
  3. "Hubert is an excellent college rusher who has filled up the stat sheet in the Big 12. Since 2019, Hubert has racked up 98 pressures, 20 QB hits, and 17 sacks. He plays with a relentless motor and good play strength. His weapon of choice is a strong bull rush. He earned a 90.7 pass-rush grade from Pro Football Focus while producing a pass-rush win rate of 19.3%, well above-average." https://www.si.com/nfl/seahawks/gm-report/seahawks-2021-draft-profile-wyatt-hubert
  4. https://www.bringonthecats.com/kansas-state-football/2021/4/27/22403855/kansas-state-wyatt-hubert-draft-profile Great read on Hubert, ultimately it compares him to Rob Nicovich, best case scenario. He's an under rated athlete with short arms, 30 inches, that plays with his hair on fire. He's going to have to get some counter moves if he's going to have a long career. If Hubert is used in a hybrid DE/LB role, similar to Ossai, he can have success early in his career in certain situations. Also, I think he's a core special teams guy becauseof his motor and reported love
  5. I don't know about that, he got knocked down and out classed. His opponent was going for a knock out and almost got it.
  6. Impressive afro, I want to see what he does once the helmets come out.
  7. Winning is the best cologne, if they win free agents will come. Just like Green Bay, Farve showed he could win and free agents got on board.
  8. They're run by a moron and a charlatan, the results are expected.
  9. When are you going to update the Whodeyian Chronicles with Burrow, that pretender Palmer needs to be replaced?
  10. Yeah, he had 8 receptions for 89 yards and 1 TD before he got hurt in the second game of the season. He was on pace for 64/688/8 before he suffered a season ending injury. He caught Burrow's first TD and he's working out with him right now, he's not going anywhere.
  11. Lol... Why would anyone want to play with a weight belt on, have you ever played football?
  12. Morgan Moses is available, I would take a look see for depth/competition. Adding a vet like Moses would sure up this offensive line.
  13. Here's another gem...he's decent college coach. No way he's coaching grown men like that, atleast not successfully.
  14. Here's a great video of Turner coaching them up.... After watching this video it's obvious this guy is a hack....can't believe Taylor hired him and fired Frank Pollack.
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