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  1. That right side of the line is shaky as shit, I wish the Bengals would have drafted Orlando Brown Jr in the 3rd instead of Jefferson.
  2. If Flowers can secure the ball and pick up blitzes I like his chances to make an NFL roster at RB. He will probably be on the PS to start the season, but he will get a shot at some point to play in the NFL.
  3. This article is a bunch of excuse making bullshit, either you can find a way to get it done or you don't. Last year everyone failed in regards to Ross, front office for drafting him too early, the coaches for not properly preparing him, and Ross for not producing when he got the opportunity to play. Either he plays better or he doesn't, all the reasons why he was awful last year but supposedly has it figured out now don't really matter.
  4. I agree, young people like winners. I guarantee you that the Warriors, Cavs, Yankees, Pats, Eagles, etc..... teams that have a culture of winning in the past or present aren't worried about a future when no one cares about them. The local teams are a joke, a only stubbornly blind homers like the motley crew that frequents this place can consistently root for them. The Reds are a farm team that develops talent for teams that really want to win. They pay guys like Homer Bailey but let stars leave for little to nothing because they are not committed to winning like their competition. The Bengals are a rudderless ship that is captained by a guy stuck in the past trying to do things the way his Dad did them 30 years ago along with his first mate, Mediocre Marvin.... what is exciting and worthy of your time and money about that? I've been to many Reds, Bengals, FCC games and the FCC game was the best by far. The Bengals in game experience sucks, from the cheesey music to the drab stadium, and 15 dollars beers....hard pass. The Reds is much better it's just the talent and coaching is sub par thanks to the ownership commitment to shipping out anyone that plays at a high level. FCC games are entertaining, energy packed, and affordable. You can go to a game without having to make life decisions, the average person doesn't want to spend 200-300 bucks to go see a sporting event... especially when they can watch on their TV, laptop, phone, tablet, etc... for free.
  5. The most humble guy as well...
  6. PatternMaster

    Hobson: Defensive stand

    At least we don't have to worry about him failing a drug test because we know he hates the weeeeeeddddd.
  7. PatternMaster

    Keeping our enemies close 2018

    Also, Bell still hasn't been signed and it's looking like he won't be around for long...https://247sports.com/nfl/pittsburgh-Stealers/Bolt/Pittsburgh-Stealers-preparing-for-life-without-LeVeon-Bell-117882870
  8. Odell was just naturally talented, he was a beast on the field and complete nut job before he was drafted. For Marvin to be some LB guru he has done a shit job of drafting and developing LBs. Outside of Burfict, who is one questionable call from a referee away from being banned for life, I can't think of any other LBs that have had success here. The Bengals have wasted many prime draft picks on LBs that either barely played because they weren't ready, just sucked, or they liked to beat women. Either way it's an indictment on Marvin for sure. During Marvin's 16 year tenure as HC the Bengals have drafted a LB in the first 5 rounds of the draft 13 times not a single one has been to a Pro Bowl, been named All Pro, etc.. they have all been slightly above average at best and complete bust at worst.
  9. If Pollack can fix this offensive line then the Bengals could have a top 10 rushing attack, talent wise they have the ability to be extremely good. As for Walton I assume he will be a core special teams player unless an injury occurs to Mixon or Gio.
  10. It's good to see AJ being a vocal leader, talking to the press, etc... this team needs to be lead by AJ because he's the best player on the team.
  11. The 49ers offered him a deal, not sure how he is going to win this case....http://www.knbr.com/2018/04/10/49ers-offered-eric-reid-one-year-contract-report/
  12. PatternMaster

    Peter King = King of Peter

    How is Peter King relevant? Who still reads Sports Illustrated?
  13. This was one of Hobson's better mailbags, he seemed pretty transparent and forthcoming.
  14. If you want to act like the last two seasons haven't been completely torpedoed because of gawd awful o-line play than be my guest, but that is not the truth. Adding a guy who admitted to quitting on his old team, a guy who has been dealing with an ankle/foot injury for 3 years, and a rookie doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies. I will definitely say that Price over Bodine is a plus and if Glenn can actually play he will be an upgrade over whomever the Bengals have put at LT. However, have the Bengals done enough to turn this unit around is a huge question and not adding more talent at the tackle position is a head scratching move.

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