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  1. I remember when he started his own board, sad to hear about this
  2. I was looking at some players that could be cut in the next few months that could be available to compete, replace, or add to the talent level at the offensive line; here are my top candidates in no particular order: -Kendall Lamm- Teaming him up with :Gaither-Davis could be good for the App St. star. With recent draft picks Lamm could be a cap casualty. - Nick Gates - The front office and fans love this guy but then they add 3 more players that are arguable better/drafted higher than him in the past 50 days. - David Quessenbarry - He's a smart player that can add value if he's healthy. The Titans drafted Wilson, signed Sambrailo in FA, and Kelly Dennis is very popular in Nash Vegas; leaving Danny in limbo. -Martinis Rankin - Could be the odd man out, if so he's definitely worth adding to this roster. The addition of Niang in the draft and Remmers in FA doesn't bode well for his future in KC. - Oli Udoh - He's young talent that could get cut in favor of a higher pick. Raw but has the tools to get better, physically he's gifted. He's going to have beat out more experienced guys to make the final roster. I believe guys like Douglas, Prince, and Redmond could be upgraded with these players.
  3. He wore a harness for most of his senior season, so it was pretty obvious that there was something going on with his shoulder. It's the Bengals responsibility to do their proper investigation and due diligence. No one forced the Bengals to draft Williams and so blaming him or Alabama is pointless and off base
  4. I like Logan Wilson and Jordyn Brooks, I would love to see the Bengals draft both of them
  5. What?? I agree that TJ has been doing a lot of bashing of his old team, I don't remember him being such a malcotent when he was playing here. You would think he would have more respect for the organization that wanted him when nobody else did. If not for the Bengals believing in him and giving him an opportunity he would just another gay squirrel with a ponytail at a disco busting his moves on the dance floor...
  6. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2020/04/13/cincinnati-bengals-nfl-draft-zac-taylor-quiets-trade-speculation-joe-burrow/2981994001/ Seems like the decision makers are on board with taking Burrow
  7. I thought he was more of Gold Star guy. As for the FA moves, Reader and Bell are solid acquisitions. I think they overpaid for McKenzie and Waynes. As for asinine, trading away an opportunity to draft a franchise QB that literally had the best season in CFB is definitely that....but you're obviously just smarter than everyone else. I'm sure that smart guys like you know that it's extremely difficult and rare to acquire a QB that is talented enough to win a Superbowl. I'm sure that a card carrying member of MENSA like yourself knows that there are only 6 Super Bowl winning QB's in the Super Bowl era that were signed as free agents. Basically, if you want to win a Super Bowl you HAVE to draft one or get extremely lucky and have a legendary defense. For a franchise that wants to win a Super Bowl you take the once in a lifetime talent at the most important position in the game... it's pretty simple if you think about it. A bunch of picks are good, but getting one great player is better.
  8. Exactly, this front office had 11 picks last year screwed that up...taking Drew Sample in the 2nd round...if not for Pratt coming on late in the season it would have been a complete bust. The last thing this front office needs is more picks, just more opportunities to screw it up. Take the player most likely to succeed, the best QB prospect in recent history...who happens to be from Ohio and actually likes the chili...
  9. Exactly....If Wilson is available at 33 I would be all over him. If not trade with Seattle for their 2 2nd round picks for the 33rd pick
  10. No reason to trade, every other QB in the draft has major red flags and this franchise needs QB moreso than any other position. Besides do think Mike Brown wants to pay 3-5 first round picks over the next two years.
  11. I haven't heard of Hart being a cancer in the locker room, not sure where you are getting that from.
  12. You know that PFF is based out of Cincy, makes since they would focus on Hall and Whit.
  13. Me too, which is why I would take him in the second round.
  14. Yeah, not sure how Shaun Merriman and Nick Keading outweigh two Super Bowl victories. 2 Super Bowl MVP's outweigh any stats that Rivers has accomplished.
  15. They changed out the LB and DB coach, Golden is a good coach and Jackson has extensive experience I think if there are the same issues with OL and other areas that haven't improved then there will be more turnover in the coaching staff next off-season.
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