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  1. PatternMaster

    McShay's Mock 1.0

    Looks like Grier could be a first round pick
  2. PatternMaster

    2019 Draft Talk

    No one does, most obscure and ridiculous comp ever
  3. PatternMaster

    Bengals sign Kerry Wynn

    This, hopefully Hart is the swing tackle that backs up both Glenn and a future first round pick
  4. PatternMaster

    Drafting a quarterback

    The 3 straight losing seasons can be tied to the deterioration of the offensive line. Losing Zeitler and Whit combined with missing on Ced &Fisher in the draft is the reason why the Bengals have had 3 losing seasons...not being "win now" mode. Drafting an OT in the first round helps Dalton, Green, and Mixon while drafting a QB helps no one. I could see drafting a QB on day 3 of the draft, but the Bengals have too many needs to draft a backup in the first 3 rounds. If Dalton can't get it done with a revamped oline, conference leading rusher, and a very good WR corp then draft a QB early next year. The coaching staff has publicly backed Dalton, they need to back it up by improving the offensive line.
  5. PatternMaster

    Drafting a quarterback

    3 yrs 21 million, that is the standard contract for all backups who are thrust into starting positions here. No offense but this is a horrible idea. The Bengals are in a win now mode with Dalton and Green, drafting a QB early doesn't help. By resigning basically the same team as last year it's clear the Bengals are trying recreate the team that was 4-1 before the injuries. Draft an OT and pray Hart doesn't see the field, that would be the ideal situation for the first round pick.
  6. Definitely lesss swaggy for sure...
  7. PatternMaster

    Burfict released

    I think those concussions were over blown and Vontaze used them as an excuse to not play but still get paid, I truly believe that Vontaze mentally checked out last year because he saw how the NFL was try to legislate him out of the game.
  8. You are such a drama queen https://tenor.com/xftI.gif
  9. You used to say the same thing about Ced and sounded just as delusional and silly as you do now.
  10. PatternMaster

    Bengals re-sign Tyler Eifert!!!

    You are right, huge if but if he can do it he will get a nice multi year contract from the Bengals.
  11. PatternMaster

    Bengals re-sign Tyler Eifert!!!

    Yeah, he still has an opportunity to get paid. The Bengals have shown they are fully invested in the Eifert business and if Hart can get 21 million, what would a Eifert coming off a comeback player of the year/ pro bowl season injury free get from the Bengals? 3 years 30 million?...
  12. PatternMaster

    Bengals re-sign Tyler Eifert!!!

    All jokes aside, I hope Eifert has a great season and injury free career. No matter how you feel about Eifert you have to respect his determination, perseverance, and talent.
  13. Stop projecting your inadequacies onto others again Kenneth, remember all the good work you've done in therapy...here's a video remind yourself how better than average you are....
  14. PatternMaster

    Burfict released

    Greedy or Jonah Williams, no relation, would be ideal, imo.
  15. PatternMaster

    Burfict released

    Nickerson is hot garbage, who knows about Jefferson because Marvin never played him. The LB unit needs an HGTV style rehab, lets flea market flip this bitch.....

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