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  1. Obviously not, everyone knows black people can't be racist...bigoted and prejudiced sure...but unfortunately we don't have enough power in this country to be
  2. lol...Yeah I heard...about 1,000 times....
  3. You're calling me stupid, but you can't even spell the word "the" it.
  4. If anyone in his crew is paying for drinks, it's certainly him. Those guys don't strike as a hard working, industrious bunch...more of the my boi is a NFL millionaire, so we all rich type of gang. Outside of making horrible rap music and being Dre's yes men, what else do you think they do? Probably spend his money on strippers, drugs, alcohol and living a lifestyle he won't be able to maintain after his career is over if he doesn't invest his money wisely...and starting the millionth rap music label is not a wise investment, in case you were wondering. Besides Gronk makes millions of dollars in advertisements and he gets paid to party, he's a legit celebrity...Dre K is a wannabe.
  5. I just think the music sucks and he's literally throwing money away. He seems to be supporting a gang of groupies(male and female) which will ultimately put a strain on his financial resources. It's his money so he can obviously do whatever he wants but it seems to be a waste to me.
  6. Carson Palmer sitting out and subsequent trade to the Raiders Chad changing his name to Ocho and other shenanigans Signing TO and the minstrel show that ensued Mike Brown turning down the trade with Dikta for Ricky Williams Hiring of Duke Tobin Jeff Blake's rise to stardom shoot out with cleveland for the most combined points scored in a game Carson's knee getting shredded in the playoffs by the bastard Kimo von Oelhoffen 5 straight first round exits Shayne Graham missing the field goal
  7. They really like Billings and Sims can play that spot if he doesn't work out. I think Billings is going to be a stud, he's a good kid with a strong work ethic that has immense talent.
  8. Kirkpatrick’s label, Supa Team Muzik, will soon release an album from J-Ova, the only artist on the label, and a friend of Kirkpatrick's since his days at Alabama. This is how these guys go broke after they stop playing because they have a group of leeches that live off of them and bring nothing to the table. Not sure how much he invested in this label and making the video but it's sad to see him waste money on this, hopefully he can write it off on his taxes at least. Does he honestly think this is going to be a hit song or make any money? It sounds like every other wannabe rapper that is out these days, well you know what the bible says about a fool and his money..... He'd be better off just investing his money in an index fund and buying a Kendrick Lamar cd.
  9. Winston isn’t trying this because he’s the NFLPA president. Instead, Winston truly believes this helmet could help protect him better and ensure he has a thriving life after football. “This was an individual decision and an individual choice,” Winston said. “I want to be able to protect myself and at the same time play well, and as of right now, the helmet has allowed me to do that.”
  10. His deep ball has dramatically improved since working with Dr. House, early in his career he was throwing ducks. AJ would have literally come to a complete stop and fight for the ball after he a few steps on the defender.