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  1. Findlay market has too many great options and Eli's has the best ribs in the city...Saturday afternoons at Findlay market is a good way to spend the day
  2. What more needs to be said at this point, either you will or you will not
  3. There are a lot of newer places in OTR and the Banks. A few great breweries and Findlay market is a good place to go during the day as well.
  4. Saturday night for me would either be Rooftop at the Phelps or the Eagle, depending on the weather. After the game, the Pontiac is a good option
  5. Good pick up, UGA is known for their olinemen and adds quality depth.
  6. That's a good story, we will see what happens. After the top 3 it's wide open, it's not impossible for him to make the team.
  7. This only 2 players a year is stupid, it drags out something that should have beed done years ago. Hopefully no more great former players have to die before they get their flowers.
  8. Big facts....there's some nice rooftop bars and good eats in the Banks, Downtown, and OTR to make it a nice weekend to watch a game.
  9. Also Trenton Irwin will probably make the PS, if he's lucky. No way he makes the final 53.
  10. Apparently so, it's not just a name though. It's a complex process that they want to get it right, so can understand why they are taking their time.
  11. Joint practices sounds like more opportunity for the spread of Covid 19.
  12. Why?....Because you say so? I don't think they are going back, anyone who thinks that would be an option isn't paying attention. They said they will have a name by next season.
  13. They've got some primo smoke out there as well...not to hot or cold..A lot to like about Portland.
  14. Fun fact...I used to cut his grass as a young lad in Indy before he died, he was a great guy.
  15. Maybe, thats a mystery my friend...... But the next time your at Rays stay away from the 6-way cause my cousin Mike is pissed after what I told him you said about him
  16. My cousin works at Rays Chili Parlor, its honest work for good pay plus the free oyster crackers are a nice bonus.
  17. Lol @ comparing Zac to Jimmy J, they have nothing in common. JJ was a national champion HC at da U before joined the Boys, Taylor has zero HC experience. As for what Taylor deserves, well thats easy...he deserves to be fired. Taylor is arguably one of the worst coaches in the history of the NFL. The numbers dont lie, despite his likeability, Taylor is an abysmal HC.
  18. Solid response, hard to argue against the old crying while laughing emoji
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