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  1. It's really up to Burrow and the offensive line to bring it on a consistent basis, when they do this team is unstoppable. I expect this team to make a deep playoff run this year and realistically compete for a Super Bowl next year because of the talent at the skill position and QB.
  2. Looks like someone is having a meltdown in Steeltown...Can't say I'm upset about it. It's the end of an Era in Pissburg, Ben is done. Maybe they will trade one perv for another and get DeShaun "Happy Ending" Watson.
  3. The oline is coming around, the tackles are top 10 and the interior of the line is rounding into shape with the addition of Adeniji into the starting lineup. They have a big test at home this Sunday to show how they're progressing under Pollack's watchful eyes.
  4. Joe has a chance to be special in this offense, I'm talking Pro Bowls, All Pro, etc...
  5. You assumed correctly, I think that oline is the best combination for the Bengals going forward in the future. The Bengals always go cheap on the oline and they're clearly stock piling young talent in hopes that they can hit on some of these young players.
  6. You assume that means anything for this coaching staff and front office. These are minds that thought starting Bobby Hart, Billy Price, Fred Johnson and Michael Jordan was a good game plan.
  7. Here's my prediction for the 2022 Bengals offensive line: - LT Jonah Williams - LG Hakeem Adeniji - C Trey Hill - RG Jackson Carmon - RT Isaiah Prince Spainn is going to get a nice contract somewhere, probably not here because the Bengals don't pay guards. Hopkins is literally on his last leg and Reiff is on a one year deal. At some point these young guys are going to start, better sooner than later.
  8. I have been really impressed with Prince, he's looking like the best of the young guns.....
  9. I think the Stealers lose tomorrow, especially with Ben out due to Covid
  10. Really...Wilson was the starting punt returner and was injured doing just that, ADG was also a core special teams player. Johnston will hopefully add to special teams and provide quality depth at a razor thin position group that needs talent.
  11. Actually the AFC North is the best division in the NFL by average winning percentage of all the teams in the division(.601) and the AFC North has the best cumulative record of any division in the Conference (13-10). The AFC West is close in winning percentage but has a losing record vs the conference. The AFC North is arguably the best in the NFL as every team has a winning record and they have winning record vs other teams conference teams.
  12. I would rather see Phillips than Apple, worst case he plays bad like Apple.
  13. TB needs more looks, simple as that. JB is forcing it to Uno instead of going thru his reads and looking for TB.
  14. He wasn't in man coverage on that 60 yard TD. His BFF and the reason he's on the team, Von Bell, was supposed to be in coverage as well but he jumped a crossing route instead of playing his assignment. Playing hero ball will get you every time.
  15. Lol..Drew Sample is a wasted pick, this guy shouldn't have been drafted and the only thing keeping him the league is his draft position.
  16. Someone should start a thread about who is the worse player in the game...any thoughts about a title??
  17. It's like they thought the Ravens game was the Superbowl and they haven't played good football since...bad coaching.
  18. Can we press reset and start over? Burrow is playing like ass, he's got to improve.
  19. This is cluster...me thinks the Bengals need a new coaching staff. These coaches are bush league and get embarrassed by the best teams in the NFL.
  20. Zac has to get these guys playing faster and with some intensity...they look flat and unmotivated.
  21. Literally right across the street at the practice field, just add a covering to protect from the elements.
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