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  1. I think that is my biggest concern with this draft, adding Ross and Mixon is great....But who is going to block for them? The Bengals depth at OT is shaky at best.
  2. I would have loved to see the Bengals trade up and acquire another 3rd round pick to get one of the OL players that went in that round. Garcia, Feeney, Elflein were all quality players that would have been great picks.
  3. Bro...We be twins separated at birth because you read my mind.
  4. Reddick was the first LB drafted, I guess those NFL coaches and scouts are This is a classic thread btw..
  5. Maybe this means they will cut that turd Pacman, besides they have a new turd in Mixon...much like the highlander, there can only be one.
  9. I don't think he makes it out of the 3rd, it would be great to see the Bengals move back into the 3rd round to draft either him, Dorian Johnson, or Orlovsky from WVU.
  10. Not for nothing tho, Mixon is a beast on the field and makes this offense ridiculous
  11. Of course MB thinks Joe Mixon thinks he would thrive here.....lolz
  12. Elflien would be in a great 2nd round pick, imo. They could go Garcia at LT, he could be the 2nd best Latino OT in Bengals history.
  13. Burfict is reason why the NFL pinned a target him, from twisting Cam's ankle to other dirty acts that stretched the boundaries of hard nosed football to dirty play, he earned that rep.
  14. I think GB is going interior oline, specifically OG if I had to guess. Thompson let TJ Lang leave it was reported that the coaches were very upset to see that occur. Protecting Rodgers is paramount for the success of the Packers and taking the highest rated OG in the draft would probably help calm the nerves of the coaching staff. Forrest Lamp could definitely be the guy at 33 or Dan Feeney, either way I expect them to go OG at #33
  15. I believe that if Mixon is available at #41 the Bengals will draft him, their draft strategy is to add explosive play makers and Mixon is definitely one of those. I would love for the Bengals to go oline, specifically OT but they are clearly comfortable with Ced at LT...for some reason. If he's not available then maybe Feeney, Eiflien, Garcia, or Robinson would be ideal picks, imo.
  16. At first I hated the pick because of the other players that the Bengals passed on, guys like Jon Allen, Derek Barnett, Reddick, etc.. I understand his speed and quickness are definitely elite, however I'm concerned with his injury history, specifically his knees. If he makes a lot of sudden moves and quick cuts then that is going to lead to knee problems because the human body isn't meant to go that fast then stop and start on a consistent basis. Derrick Rose, a player for the New York Knicks, is an excellent example as he was one of the best players in the NBA because of his speed and quickness. He was able to go from 0-60 very quick, stop on a dime, and accelerate again on an elite level, much like Ross. However, Rose has suffered multiple knee injuries and he is shell of his former self. Being that Ross has already had multiple serious knee injuries this concern over his health is valid and is the main reason why I question this pick. Hopefully the Bengals can get a few productive seasons out of him before his body breaks down from the wear and tear. To me he seems like Eifert, a player that adds another dimension to the offense, but has real injury concerns that could limit his effectiveness. As it stands currently Ross isn't cleared to practice but he says he will be ready by July...where have I heard that before????
  17. This is the worst pick since 2015, wtf is going on at PBS? This was a horrible reach, they should have taken the Cheifs trade or taken Allen.
  18. That happens every year.
  19. Foster...I think he's one of the most overrated players in the draft. His injury history and recent off the field incidents combined with the fact that I think we have LB's on the roster that can do what he does already. I would rather the Bengals take the best OT in the draft then take a LB at #9.
  20. I hope the Browns take him with the first pick, the Bengals are going to need all the easy wins they can get this year. Trubisky is the 2017 version of Blaine Gabbert, he couldn't even beat out Marquis Williams for the starting job and only started 13 games...I sincerely hope the Browns take him.
  21. Why is this is the Bengals forum?
  22. I disagree the WR class is pretty deep this year; Josh Reynolds, Josh Malone, Kenny Galladay, Malachi Dupree, Travin Dural, etc... are all players that should be picked in rounds 3-7 that could have very productive NFL careers. Besides I don't think the Bengals have a great need at WR, they have their top 3 guys in place and solid depth with guys like Core, Erickson, Kumerow, Russell, etc. Sure they could use more competition on the back end of the depth chart but nothing that would warrant an early draft pick.