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  1. Maybe Marvin can get MB to hire a new writer for the team's website, this same ol' same ol' bs is not what people want to hear.
  2. If you were a Pro Bowl player like Atkins or Dunlap would you want to re-up with the Bengals? If either one of these guys hit the FA market they could have more than half of the league vying for their services, an extension isn't a sure thing.
  3. Coaching Staff Changes

    The Titans new GM never wanted Murlarkey and would have fired him earlier if they didn't win. He was trying to under cut him by making him get rid of his coaching staff. Robinson spent 11 years in NE, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the NE coordinators in Nashville. My money is on McDaniels, teaming him with Mariota could be good for both guys.
  4. Exactly, how does the Jags defeating the Stealers help the Bengals. When the Bills fans donated to Dalton's foundation it made sense because they made the playoffs, I don't see how this benefits the Bengals. If anything this makes our fan base look weirdly obsessed with the Stealers.
  5. Coaching Staff Changes

    I must say I'm very impressed with the coaching staff Marvin has put together. I will say I was not excited about him returning for the next two years, but so far I'm extremely pleased with the direction the team has taken with these new coaches. I feel like Marvin is putting together a great group of coaches that have had elite level success throughout their careers.Getting the Cowboys oline coach, Aaron Rodgers former QB coach, Austin for DC, and the other assistants are all great hires in my book.
  6. 3-4 or 4-3 Defense

    They could do both depending on the situation, run a hybrid defense with multiple looks.
  7. Paul Alexander gone!!

    Willie Anderson as an assistant to McNally, then he can take over once McNally retires again.
  8. What Changes?

    Here are some of the big changes being reported by Jim O: -Brown and the coaching staff will now drive a Ford Taurus instead of a Chevy Lumina.... that is a big change. -Also, the Bengals are switching to Skyline as the official provider of any and all of it's chili and Coney related needs. - Lastly the players will get as much PowerAid as they want. Marvin was trying to get the good stuff, Gatorade, but they comprised. Brown is excited because he will rack up big fuel points at Kroger with these bulk purchases.
  9. More proof this guy is a stealers fan...only a stealers fan would be turned on by this news...
  10. Bodine gone?

    This idea that NFL assistant coaches are coaching up 1st round picks to greatness is ridiculous. These guys have been playing football for most of their entire lives, with the restrictions on time the players can be in the facility and practice time most of these coaches don't have that much influence on these players. If you are talking about a guy that barely played football before they were drafted, like Stacey Andrews or Margus Hunt, then you might have a point; but crediting an NFL coach for AJ Green, Carlos Dunlap, or Andrew Whitworth's success isn't accurate. Those guys are good players that would be successful with any team because they have undeniable talent, no amount of coaching can create talent at this level. If NFL coaches are so awesome then why did Dalton have to go see Tom House to learn how to throw the deep pass or why does House even have a clientele of NFL QB's?
  11. Mason Rudolph is the guy I hope they draft, it would be great if he's still available in the 2nd round.
  12. XFL 2

    Or have they..... historians will look back to the end of the UFL as the end of American society.
  13. XFL 2

    I think you are reading too much into this, I don't see how this could damage the country.
  14. 2018 Coaching prospects

    I second FUPA Troopa, but Ol' Musty just seems to fit...this is a tough one.
  15. O-Line Love

    The Packers were able to move the ball, get big plays, and score 28 points. The Bengals have a better offense than the Packers at this point of the season so they should be able to have a similar performance at home vs a division rival. The crowd noise won't be an issue and they should have some confidence after a few good performances so I hope they can play their best football to date.
  16. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Joseph's OC was fired and the EVP of Football Operations/GM called his team soft after their 7 consecutive loss, that isn't a ringing endorsement.
  17. 2018 Coaching prospects

    If Vance Joseph is fired I think he gets a long look at the HC job if Marvin doesn't return. I know MB thought very highly of him when he was here and even blocked him from interviewing for other jobs because he wanted him to stay, however I don't know if Joseph would want to come back to Cincy after what MB did to him. As for Paul Alexander, I agree that it's time look elsewhere. I would love to see the Bengals bring in former Bengals great Willie Anderson if he's interested, I know he is coaching young kids across the country on how to play OT at a high level. http://www.willieandersonlinemanacademy.net/ This is where should have been last off season instead of getting beat up by Jay Glazer in some MMA bootcamp.
  18. 2017 Play off Picture

    They can't run block for shit and got lucky that the Broncos defense is getting worn down
  19. 2017 Play off Picture

    Lol... the Bengals have no talent on their oline, they aren't making the playoffs.
  20. Marvin Lewis Poll

    If the Bengals bring back Marvin I'm done, 15 years and no playoff victories is horrible. The Carolina Panthers literally come out of nowhere and go to 2 Super Bowls while the Bengals have yet to win a playoff game.
  21. Not sure how Marvin can call out Ross but not anyone in this god awful oline. They are one of if not the worst units in the entire NFL.
  22. Except for a Bengals fan board......

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