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  1. 14 hours ago, High School Harry said:

    Cincinnati Enquirer said Bates tackle Pratt recovery.

    Can't find it now but I did also see Pratt tackle, Pratt recovery.


    I'm leaning toward the Enquirer had it wrong.  I could not tell and the replay on the scoreboard

    was inconclusive.  No announcement was made about either who made the tackle or the

    recovery.  Lots of love for Pratt on the sidelines.


    So.... its all good.


    I just re-watched the game on that play it was a combined tackle but Pratt caused that fumble, he was trying to cause a fumble all game and actually tried tackling the football instead the runner a few times.  I wouldn't be surprised if Pratt forces a few more turnovers, especially against lesser competition than Dalvin Cook.

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  2. 43 minutes ago, esjbh2 said:

    In her defense, she is pretty damn hot.  :)


    In all seriousness, the newer crop of athletes are a bit more "me" focused than some of us old-timers would like, especially at swagger positions like WR, CB, etc.  Ja'Marr is certainly no exception to that from the interviews I've seen.


    However, the even worse trend is for "journalists" to misinterpret or misrepresent an interview quote for headlines/hits/sensationalism.


    The athletes are focused on branding and the media are attention whores who do anything for likes/clicks

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  3. 16 hours ago, Sea Ray said:

    Being more aggressive is not necessarily a trait of a good coach. In this case, it was an idiotic call. The risk/reward doesn't add up. I'll boil it down to brass tacks: If he's successful the Bengals are still 35 yards from scoring position. If he's not successful, the opponent is already in scoring position. Let's hope he learns from this but in yr 3, I'm getting tired of him learning on the job


    Zac is/has been over his head, at this point the team is winning in spite of him. 


    Being up 21-7 at home in the 3rd quarter isn't when you get aggressive, that's stupidity. Any decent high school coach could tell you that, combined with his winning percentage, and it's safe to say this guy can't get out of his own way....he's lucky he has Burrow, better keep him healthy this time. 

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  4. 19 hours ago, membengal said:


    Great article, thanks for sharing. It is always good to hear what the coaches and players are thinking.


    Logan Wilson reminds me of Brian Urlacher, both former safeties from the West coast that are athletic, tough, and smart. If he can be anything near Urlacher this defense will be top 15.


    Higgins is the guy who will have the biggest plays on offense, just like last year. Really didn't see him much in the preseason, can't wait to see what this season as in store for Tee.



  5. 6 hours ago, High School Harry said:

    Good call and agree.

    I wonder if in the huddle La'zeeone will simply be told, "OK, just stand in the way of

    a pass rusher and let Lamar run".


    As kind of a P.S. I can't help but wondering if the Starlings are a one dimensional

    offense with injuries and antiques.  Lots of eggs in Lamar's basket, one solid hit and

    they got nothin' on offense.


    He thinks he invincible, but me thinks not.

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  6. On 9/5/2021 at 11:01 PM, UncleEarl said:

    He did, or was he forced to get rid of them?  Wasn’t Turner some kind of family member?  We’ll never know for sure. 

    Turner is Taylor's father-in-law's friend and Turner was on the staff when Taylor first got into coaching on Texas A&M staff. 


    It was the good ol boy network and nepotism at it's finest. Not only that it completely undermined Taylor on many levels. 

  7. 18 hours ago, High School Harry said:

    Did not realize B.J. Hill and Germaine Pratt were college roomies at NC State.


    They still text each other everyday, it's just like peaches and herb said so eloquently back in the day reuinted and it feels so good.




    Seriously though, I think Tobin deserves a few attaboys for his offseason moves and this trade is the strawberry on top of the icing on the cake. 


    The oline group has done a 180, looks really promising now and for the future. The other offensive position groups are stacked with young talent,  with the one area for improvement is TE but even then it's not below average. 


    On defense it's a similar story with a good mix of guys who know each other from college(Hubbard & Bell, Pratt & Hill, etc..), played for the coaches on previous teams, or drafted guys.


    The addition of Hilton and Allen in the secondary is huge. Hilton adds on to the swagger Bell and Bates bring, he's the missing link to help this defense on 3rd downs. Allen is like a coach on the field and he knows Lou's defense.  Overall a solid unit that should compete with anyone. 

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  8. Lolz @ the morons losing their shit cause Brandon Allen sucks and was trying to get Chase killed. 


    If anything the lack of talent at QB is more alarming than Chase. I'm not worried about Chase at all, he will be fine. Allen was inaccurate and making bad reads all night. He was placing the ball in situations where guys had to expose themselves to big hits to make a play instead of protecting them with better ball placement. 


    Schumer was a turn over machine again and Dungy was ok. I would love to see a real vet in the QB room.



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