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  1. 23 hours ago, T-Dub said:


    That's a poor excuse for encouraging rape threats or making crude sexual jokes to a bunch of college kid's moms.  I don't care if he was raised by wolves & adopted by the yakuza, if he's not smart enough to know where the line is drawn then he doesn't need to be on this team.  He's the exact opposite of "high character" & then you mix that with Hart's idiocy as his star pupil..  These guys are bad enough individually but as a duo they're going to be absolute cancer in the locker room, count on it.

    I haven't heard of Hart being a cancer in the locker room, not sure where you are getting that from.

  2. 3 hours ago, Kingspoint said:

    Leon Hall (and Andrew Whitworth) was a player that made people and NFL executives start paying attention to profootballfocus (when it was one word) as they were touting him using specific numbers years before NFL Coaches, players, media and fans recognized the superior contribution he was making (after all, he played for the Bengals).  The NFL was still all about how popular a player was, even among coaches, players and media.

    You know that PFF is based out of Cincy, makes since they would focus on Hall and Whit.

  3. 6 hours ago, T-Dub said:


    Yeah I thought that too but when they got the opportunity to make changes they instead announced they were keeping all of them.  They didn't even bother to interview a single possible upgrade.

    They changed out the LB and DB coach, Golden is a good coach and Jackson has extensive experience


    I think if there are the same issues with OL and other areas that haven't improved then there will be more turnover in the coaching staff next off-season.

  4. 4 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

    The big man does come with issues though..

    Hes so damn huge he has problems containing the edge on pass downs.

    He has slow hands to the breastplate eliminating his long reach (35.5 inches)

    Opponents get leverage underneath him

    as hes not quick out of the box..

    All this can be corrected but to think hes going to step in and solidify the right side immediately looks like a reach...

    If they take him in round two im not going to complain though..





    Wilson does have technical issues that need to be corrected but in the worst case he can provide quality depth, push Hart to improve, and replace him in a year or two.


    Best case he comes and continues to improve and is the next Willie Anderson.

  5. 2 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

    I like the mannish boy as well..

    Di you take a need with him at RT in 2nd

    if Reagor Mims Baun on still on board?

    Absolutely, the need at OT is exponentially greater than WR or 3-4 LB/EDGE. 


    Bobby Hart is the most proven OT on the roster and that is scary...


    Williams is a question mark and Johnson has played a limited amount of snaps. 


    Not sure why the OT position hasn't been addressed in FA, but hopefully sooner than later more talent is added.

  6. If it were my decision I would draft an OT at 33 for a few reasons:


    1. Protecting Burrow is the top priority and currently the talent at OT is questionable at best. 

    2. This draft is not deep with quality OT prospects and normally OT go early in the draft because it's perceived to be a premium position. Waiting until the later rounds will mean significantly less talented players are available.


    I really like Isaiah Wilson from UGA, played 27 games at RT in the SEC and is only getting better as matures. Physically he's a beast and a great athlete.


    He's young and really starting to put it all together. Many scouts think he came out to would be a first round pick if he stayed another year or two. 


    If I were drafting for the Bengals I would go OT in the 2nd and 4th, LB in the 3rd and 5th, and WR in the 6th and 7th.




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  7. 6 hours ago, SF2 said:

    I gave up on Dalton after the San Diego loss.  Utter piss down the leg moment. 

    I gave up on Marvin the day Chris Henry was allowed back on the team and he accepted it like a $5 whore. 

    I have been a Bengal fan since 1974.  Doesn’t mean I have to pretend Mike Brown is gonna fix things.   Fact is Taylor wins 6 or 7 games and he is back.  Get a wild card birth and he is set for another 3 or 4.  He could easily go 10 years with 3 or 4 near .500 seasons a few wild card appearances and no playoff wins. It’s the bar. 


    That fumble was one of the worst plays I've ever seen, I like Dalton... great guy, but I don't want him as my starting QB. 

  8. 35 minutes ago, SF2 said:

    Dalton played for a team thats first round OT pick was out for the season and the rest of the O line is bad, young or had a concussion.  Oh, and the last 3 high round Olinemen picked were utter shit.   Add in his #1 and #2 receivers were out most of the year and the team couldn't run the ball.  I do agree Dalton's horrible play on the defensive side of the ball is why they were the 29th ranked defense last year. 

    Dalton has no trade interest because every team knows the Bengals are drafting Burrow.  Why take on a $17 mil contract when you can sign the guy for single digits after he is released?  Dalton is an a middle of the pack QB, has been most of his career, most teams are looking for the next Pat Mahomes but many will offer him a back up role once he is released. 


    The best player in the draft is NOT a QB, but the best QB in the draft is Joe Burrow.  There is a difference. 


    Lastly, our coaching staff sucks.  If you don't actually realize that I can't help you.  It took them half a season to figure out Joe Mixon is on the team.  Their hybrid 2 linebacker whatever was a disaster.   OJT is fine with guys with a real pedigree in major positions like OC and DC at the PRO level, Taylor was  QB coach.  


    I do hope they draft Burrow and hopefully they surround him with the talent he needs.  I hope Green returns to form and John Ross actually stays healthy and lives up to his draft slot.  I hope Jonah Williams is actually good.  I hope the FAs they picked up were let go for cap reasons, not something else like Glenn. 


    Until they win a playoff game, I won't buy in.  This is year 2 Zac Taylor, better do something and 6-10 aint it.  I simply am not giving Taylor a chance.  I have been asked to do this for 30 years and it never pans out. 

    Wow...seems there's a lot of trauma going on here. 


    Let's just say we disagree on many things, including Burrow and Dalton.


    Burrow is the hands down best player in the draft and it's not even close. Chase Young is the only other guy I would consider but he disappeared in the playoffs and that's what put Burrow over the top for me.


    And speaking of disappointing playoff performances....Andy Dalton didn't have a lot of help last year but he was a major contributor to 2-14 record. He displayed limited pocket awareness and mobility, poor accuracy on mid to long passes, and no moxie. No team in the NFL thinks Dalton is a legitimate starter and wants him to lead their franchise, great backup but never going to win the big game as a starter.


    As for the coaching staff is concerned I think the jury is still out. Last year this staff was assembled late and the poor draft/injuries didn't help. Now that Coronavirus is changing life as we know it, they are once again hampered from having a full off-season.


    Drafting Burrow gives Taylor a quality talent to develop and build an offensive scheme/ system around. Pairing Taylor with Burrow is the best move forward for the Bengals.


    As for winning a playoff game before you buy in....lol...ok whatever. Did you ever buy in during Marvin's tenure? Because we all know he never won a playoff game, so what have you been holding onto for the last 30 years or so????


    Like I said, it's a traumatic experience being a Bengals fan...so I understand your POV, but I don't agree.

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  9. 1 hour ago, SF2 said:

    Actually, the one position where draft position is the least reliable indicator is at the QB spot.  Here are the number 1 QB picks since 2000.  Most of them are average at best.   QB is the biggest crap shoot position in all of football.  Locker, Ponder and Gabbert were all drafted WAY ahead of Dalton.  Locker and Ponder are already out of the league having barely played at all.   Gabbert is marginal backup with a lifetime 13-35 record and a 71 QB rating.



    I disagree with that, of 32 teams in the league about 75% of them have QB's that were drafted in the first round. This year the Bengals have the first overall pick while the best player in the draft is a QB and it just so happens the Bengals could use an upgrade at that position...so why would you trade for a lesser player? 


    The Bengals have 3 realistic options for a QB in 2020 if they trade the pick: Tua, Herbert, and Dalton.


    Herbert is closer to Blaine Gabbert than Joe Burrow, he's a great athlete that is a mediocre QB. Dalton just lead his team to a 2-14 season, got benched for a 4th round rookie, and currently has zero trade interest in the open market. Tua is fragile and all ready broken up, if he can't last 12 to 13 games a season in the SEC without a major injury how can he survive the NFL?


    Outside of those 3 options I don't think you can make a realistic case for any other QB to start for the Bengals in 2020.


    There really aren't too many viable options outside of taking Burrow if you're the Bengals, everything else is a huge gamble.

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  10. 2 hours ago, membengal said:

    lol on trading back. I am betting on this kid - watch the Orlovsky video - think about what we’ve had in dalton and what me will have in Burrow in terms of pressure and “hidden yards”. I am not trading for anything...



    If anyone watched any significant CFB games this year then it's obvious why Burrow is the only choice for the #1 overall pick. 


    He wasn't any on any Heisman watchlists, he had zero hype coming into the season but it did the hardest thing to do in sports. He changed the minds and opinions of scouts and analyst that had him pegged as a certain type of player and put up a historically great season that made his talent undeniable. 


    There are no sure things in any draft but Burrow is as close as it gets, I can't remember a player that performed better than him in college. If you think you are going to trade back and draft anyone anywhere close to the talent level of Burrow then that is a huge mistake and extremely unnecessary risk to take, imo.

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  11. 16 minutes ago, WRAPradio said:

    There’s also something to be said for putting all of your eggs in one basket.  If JB busts, it sets you back another few years.  There’s a better chance to hit on one of three picks than hit on only one pick.  QB is the most important position in sports so if JB is great that’s a franchise turning move.  I guess being conservative you take the trade, being aggressive you just take JB.  

    I don't follow your logic, I don't know how trading the number one overall pick is conservative..if anything it's risky. 


    The way the draft works is the best talent, the players with the highest probability of success are chosen first. Trading out of that pick and hoping to get a comparable talent isn't conservative, it's extremely risky. 


    If the best player, with the highest chance of success, at most important position on the field is available then passing on him favor of getting multiple less talented players is risky. 


    Having the most picks in the draft, doesn't increase your likely of success, it's the location of those picks that matter. Last year the Bengals had 11 picks in the draft and got  basically nothing out all of them except for one and that was late in the season.


    I'll say it again, quality over quantity. 


  12. 6 hours ago, membengal said:

    This . Maybe pattern should look a little deeper. They actually signed him mid season and he stepped in and fixed their LB problem. I live in baltimore and ravens fans are pissed he isn’t back with them.

    I hope he's successful here, however with how bad our LB's have been I think it's going to take more than Bynes and some rookies to fix it. 


    Bynes has been a backup for the majority of his career, relying on a player that has started less than 50% of the games he's in which he has played doesn't seem like the best possible solution. 


    Bynes could be a part of the solution, but I believe this team needs to more proven talent besides Bynes.

  13. 14 minutes ago, T-Dub said:


    They shouldn't be "giving" jobs to anyone. These guys need to earn that spot not only in camp but every week. If they want to establish a winning culture that's another fundamental change that has to happen.


    Williams couldn't make it through two practice sessions without aggravating an old injury that effectively put him on IR. If they're expecting him to protect the blindside of their new franchise QB they're idiots. It doesn't matter where Jonah was drafted or how much money he's owed. All that matters is if he can play and so far the answer is "no". If that changes, great, but they need to start planning around how things are instead of how they hope things might be. 

    I agree, a meritocracy is the best way to build a winning culture. However, the Bengals drafted Williams in the first round and recently cut the only player with any experience playing his position, it's his job.


    Ideally they will bring in a vet to back him up and provide some competition.

  14. 8 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

    They can by getting Trent Williams.

    How'd you like that oline then with his addition?

    Im salivating at the idea but in my heart I think he may go to the Vikings or posdibly Browns..


    I seriously doubt that happens, he plays LT and the coaches have given that job to Jonah. 

    A proven vet to be backup Jonah is a good idea but Williams isn't that guy.

  15. 22 hours ago, sparky151 said:

    I'm glad the team has been active. But our biggest needs from last year are fixing the O-line and our complete lack of linebackers. We've barely touched those areas, signing second tier players in Bynes and XSF. Jonah Williams will be almost a rookie in 2020 and we don't have a good starting RG, RT, or TE. LG is also a question mark. 

    I agree, signing CB's and one backup OG isn't going to help protect Burrow. 


    I'm glad the Bengals were able to get some good players in FA, but they haven't addressed the weakest areas of the roster, signing two backups in Bynes and XSF isn't a viable solution.

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