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  1. Gotta love this: https://www.nfl.com/news/next-gen-stats-top-10-disruptors-of-2021-aaron-donald-micah-parsons-ranked-but-n Hendrickson #1 on the disruptor list. Well done sir!
  2. Taint nothing wrong with lurking from time to time like I do.....right Bung? 🥷 Welcome back DUDE
  3. Thanks for weighing in GO. I agree that social media has its own streams to get the attention desired for most people. Unfortunately I am old school or at least just old and am not very active on it. I personally appreciate all the work you have sacrificed over the years to keep this site up and running even when the Bengals STUNK. I was just curious if there was interest and how hard it is to organize. I like the easier idea of gathering the questions and then doing a video....might be cool. I think your right that the Bengals organization would probably prefer the ability to control the content and player interviews as best they can. After Ocho, I certainly understand why they would frown on this type interaction and players are likely told to avoid agreeing to it. However, I do spend an unnatural amount of time watching the Bengals player/coach interviews when I see them because honestly I like some of the people and have followed them in their college careers. Might be cool to have some interaction on here but I completely understand where you are coming from
  4. Just curious but has anyone ever thought about what this forum could be doing to boost membership and add some supreme value to our discussions? How great would it be to engage the Bengals organization and see if they would be willing to organize a player question and answer session on zoom for us? Or maybe a Go-Bengals specific Q and A with Bengals players in the forum itself. I have been a longtime member and have very much enjoyed much of the banter and even SOME of the arguments. However, I am also of the school that very few people on here actually knows much real information inside the organization. With the right temperament and addressed in a formal way, it could be possible to have an actual relationship with the Bengals organization. I know most of the people on here have their hearts in the right place and quite honestly I turn to this forum for a lot of my information on Bengals Nation. You guys know how to dig up some real gems. I also think the majority of the forum posters are respectful and would not geek out too much if we had some players come on board. I just was curious if there was interest and if the mods and owners would be interested in starting up some really interesting ideas that we could address with them? There is no better time to be a Bengals fan right now and I think it would be really cool to see where this forum site can go. I am heading to Cincy this summer quite a bit and would be happy to help with some approved initiatives
  5. I hate to say it but it's a great year to trade up and grab a good early second round player. Plenty of good guards and CBs out there still and I still want a RB to pair with Mixon. If he goes down you are stuck with two 3rd down backs. A top tier run game will open up the passing game even more. This makes for some seriously dangerous scoring opportunities
  6. I figure Hill will be useful in combatting the passing teams like the chiefs. We had some really good games against opponents in the passing game BUT struggled at times in stopping it. I kind of disliked the pic last night on perceived need but now that I know more about him its a good pick. He is from Bitchigan though. Leon Hall was a good player for us for many years so I hope he is the next better version
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