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  1. big_dish

  2. Well this thread was asking for people to address the usual Bengals failure of Free Agency. So- that's exactly what I did. Reading comprehension is important here. I dont care what the fuck a loser in life like Kennethmwmwmw and whatever TDub is, think. The Bengals have an owner that doesn't care about winning in the postseason, and a coach that doesn't know how to win in the postseason. Both facts. You two can go give them rimjobs for the next 10 years. Don't give a fuck. Anyone living in reality know both are absolutely worthless when it comes to the goal of an NFL franchise, so your laissez-faire approach and opinions regarding the desired success of this team are absolutely not in line with the vast majority of Bengals fans. In fact- you're acceptance and enjoyment in mediocrity is so crazy that it's almost as if you aren't even Bengals fans, just a couple of rabble rousers on a message board trying to annoy the fuck out of everyone. Which has worked well. Probably own the other message boards and have been coming here for years with the intention of driving members here to the other boards where they don't have to have your stupid asses commenting nonsensical condescending bullshit on every thread.
  3. Frickmwmw and frackdub- two of the reasons the board membership has died significantly over the past few years and sent all the members to http://thebengalsboard.com/ .....your condescending, worthless contributions to the conversation are once again completely unwarranted and totally non-consequential. Great for you two that you are so excited and completely happy with the regressive progress the Bengals have been making in the past two offseasons. You must be so much bigger and better fans than virtually every other Bengal fan out there. Hell of claim to fame, I guess. meanwhile, most of the rest of us will continue to hope that someday the Bengals actually take winning in the postseason seriously.
  4. Probably what Mike brown considers the most effective way to hear modern, up to date music. Meanwhile, virtually the entire rest of the league is streaming music online.
  5. It gets more and more difficult to be a Bengals fan as the years go by. it was nice to start having winning seasons at first, even if we got embarrassed in the playoffs each year. But after a couple years, expectations raise. They weren't the Cincinnati Browns anymore, they were something we could be fairly proud of. But having success in the NFL isn't simply making it into the playoffs and getting the boot in the first round every year. That just means you may be the 12th best team out of 32. Not exactly amazing. For a team that never has quite enough talent/competent coaches to win a damn playoff game, every offseason they went into with the plan that they will stay as status quo as they possibly could be. They have never taken steps to truly get better, all they do is stay status quo, or worse. For a team that never had the talent to win a postseason game, they were consistently drafting "for the future" or drafting high round projects. Very rarely has this team EVER been in a win now mode. Just always been completely content with being slightly above mediocre, and if they happen to better than slightly better than mediocre- then they consider that their own Super Bowl. Wouldn't surprise me if Mike brown has bought himself some "best GM in he world" coffee mugs and some trophies for each year they made it into the wild card round. Probably spends a month patting himself on the back for the major victory of making the playoffs again. Each year that goes by and I watch the Bengals do virtually nothing to improve the team makes me more and more apathetic towards the team. They obviously don't want to win as bad as fans do. They haven't done anything this offseason except get worse. Significantly worse. And here they are- standing pat and doing nothing in FA. Meanwhile, teams with the goal of winning super bowls like the Patriots have done everything in their power to improve on what was already the best team in the NFL. The Bengals annual free agent vomiting is frustrating. Infuriating. Depressing. Disheartening. holier than thou types will say it's "just a game"..: but everyone knows it's much more than that for real fans. Just one time I wish I could watch as my team takes the necessary steps to try to win a Super Bowl... but I know that will likely never happen- there isn't enough pride in PBS to ever do what it takes to win at that level.
  6. Possibilities at 9

    Reddick seems like another reach for a project player if you're talking about him at #9. the Bengals NEED to draft players that are ready to provide some level of impact in the first 2-3+ rounds this year. Taking project players without true positions or NFL ready skills would be a kiss of death for this season (if it hasn't already been frenched to death)
  7. He'd probably be a beast at guard...
  8. The Silver Lining

    I was thinking the same thing. Any other team and he would have been replaced three times already. Way past that point, but if this is another painful season with no playoff win- that's the next best thing to happen.
  9. James Wright waived

    Yeah gotta be the knees, or something yet undisclosed. I doubt he was cut just to be cut.
  10. He's absolutely right. it took fans forcing MBs hand with their wallets the last time/s any big changes were made, and it apparently going to take that again. until then, Bengals fans are just enablers of this bullshit going on 26 years without a single playoff win, and making almost no noticeable chances to operating procedure since the hiring of Marvin 15 years ago.
  11. Free Agent Tracker

    He would likely just be a DE in the Bengals defense, but maybe his salary would push them to cut Rey
  12. Peko

    Yeah, let's not act like Peko hasnt been a very important part of this team and defense- he has been crucial to this team for many years. it was time to move on, for him and the team. He now has a chance to move beyond the first round of the playoffs, and the Bengals are finally forced to play someone younger with more upside
  13. That was people wanted Shitty veterans to get out of the way of higher upside rookies. not dumping veterans that were top performers at their position for literally the worst at their position.
  14. Uh, you obviously don't pay attention to the NFL then. Virtually every team outside of the Stealers or Packers that have won a Super Bowl or been to one in the past 10-15 years have signed free agents that help get them over the hump. The "good teams don't sign impact FAs" nonsense is total bullshit spouted by lazy, scared Bungal fans. the truth is that the best teams draft and retain the good players, release the players that don't earn their salaries, release coaches that don't achieve post season results, and then hit up impact free agents when the time is right. the Bengals do virtually none of that. Don't give me that bullshit. The Bengals don't do a single goddamn thing that successful teams do. They're a loser franchise... have been for 25 years, will be for an indefinite amount of time heading into the future. face it- fans want to win with much more passion than ownership hopes to stumble themselves into a winning/postseason win team. That's a fact. This organization does nothing that actual winning teams do.
  15. Free Agent Tracker

    Amazing how bad this organization is... only team with zero playoff wins in 25+ years and absolutely no free agency to to improve the team throughout that span.

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