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  1. I'm quoting you only because you are the last person to mention this, not because I'm trying to single you out. I also don't know that anything other than the first point applies to you. I have a lousy memory for tracking who says what, when. 1. I had no idea there was a single thread devoted to these things, which means it's entirely possibly Go didn't either. With the hit or miss infrequency of his posting, that's entirely plausible. 2. Even had I known that, I would have posted each article in it's own thread anyway. This stacking twenty articles into a single thread thing drives me crazy. I never want to sift through thirty pages of a single thread that probably bounced out into the tangent-o-sphere on page two... Outside of a post game recap thread, I think that practice muddies things way more than it tidies them 3. Even if it was a passive trolling maneuver, let him. People need to stop going nuclear every time they perceive someone looked at them funny. Aside from the fact it's overkill for the sake of overkill, it may not even be true... This site used to have very forgiving, but fair moderation. People would be encouraged to post with adult language, but asked to understand to respect each other. They'd get warned when they crossed the line, and a short 'timeout' when they refused to behave better. For whatever reason, that moderation doesn't happen anymore. It doesn't mean people can't take a deep breath and moderate themselves. Ignore the perceived trolling. Stop looking for sleights. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Be the bigger man. Whatever. Being a dick because we assume the other guy is being a dick is a shitty message board policy.
  2. I'd have to think almost everyone would jump at that deal for Dalton. What a hugely 49ers-friendly deal!
  3. 'Hole' is a tough term. 'Question mark' works way better.. We're still talking about Leon Hall, Adam Jones, Terrence Newman, and Dre Kirkpatrick back there. They all played well when on the field last season, and I don't have any reason yet to think they're going to suck this year. Add me to the list more concerned about the offensive line than the secondary. That C, LG shuffle is big. I'm also less than confident in their run blocking.
  4. I get as ballistic over the Dalton trolling by both sides as the next guy, but this is not the case here. Go dug up and posted a bunch of interesting articles yesterday, and shouldn't get pasted because one of them is about Dalton. We're never going to move to a better place on this board if people are going to continue to be nasty at the first opportunity instead of the last resort...
  5. Interesting read. I have a hard time drawing too much from Kaepernick's numbers. He's such a different type of QB. He's still a one read and run QB, and his 'forcing the ball' is more likely done with his legs than his arm.
  6.   It's just the sense I got from watching the game. The fans were agitated (not just in the stands. bathroom conversation was way different at half time than after the first quarter), the players on the sidelines looked different, and I think the guys on the field were losing cohesiveness. I don't have a stat or drive chart to point to. It was an energy thing. It seemed like they had lost the confidence they would win the game, and started worrying about losing the game.
  7. I truly don't think backbone is an issue. In the last playoff game, I think you see the whole team playing well until the Gio fumble. After that, it just looks like each guy kept trying to do a little more than was called for, and destroyed the team flow in the process. A collective loss of teamwork speaks to coaching, in my opinion. Coaches who panic wind up with players who panic, especially young players. My hope is that Hue and Guenther can find ways to keep their guys focused in tough moments. I don't think Jay did that. I think he called some weird ass 'swing for the fences' plays that seemed just as panicked as the play on the field.
  8. Hoping the best for his daughter. Fuck cancer.
  9.   I don't have any particular fondness for Rey M, but I don't recall outcry from the board when he came back from injury. Consensus at the time seemed to be that Vinny looked bad against the run in the Miami game, but better against the run against the Ravens and Browns (who were two of the worst rushing offenses in the league last year). People liked the idea of having Rey in on first and second down, and Vinny in for passing downs... Which is how it had been playing out before and after Rey's injury. Another popular point after the Ravens game was that Vinny was benefitting from being the unknown quantity surrounded by a well known group of defenders. He was unblocked altogether on two of his sacks, and the INT was an opportunistic one off a Dunlap tip (rather than a coverage INT).   Those are not my grandiose findings from studying film, but the opinion of the board in threads from the time:   Rey or Rey? Vincent Rey Ravens Game Recap   I think Vinny has shown to be good depth, and better on passing downs than Rey. I think Rey still holds the edge on running downs. I just think neither has shown to be complete enough for the avoid a linebacker early in the next draft...   I like Vinny, and hope the best for him. I like Rey, and hopes he shows me something. I am genuinely not a hater of either guy.     On a final note about the INTs, sacks, and passes defensed: Vinny did play considerably more than 'about a 10th of the other Rey's snaps.' Rey was almost never the every down back, and Vinny played most 3rd downs and obvious passing downs. That is going to skew things in his direction on pass related stats.
  10. I like Vinny, and I'm okay with the Bengals going linebacker early in next year's draft. I just don't remember him being an upgrade on Rey. I remember being excited for him, but not caring when Rey came back from injury.
  11.   I think that's part of my anxiety with him. He shows he can be amazing, and awful, and everything in between. I hold my breath every time a pass heads in his direction because I don't know which Gresham is wearing the uniform from play to play... There's enough good there for me to want him back, and enough bad for me to forget about him if he leaves.
  12. It's not even that good. It's Jaime Dukes and Heath Evans, two guys who have never thrown a pass in their lives.
  13.   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33VOGilOT0w[/youtube]
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