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  1. Iffy on Noah. The people I know who have worked on movies with Russell Crowe think he's the biggest wang, so it taints my view of his movies. Then there's the bit where he's not an old dude, in robes, in the Middle East. The Viking-esque badass in Iceland feels off... Seems like it could be too 'creative license' for the religious crowd, too deep for the action flick scene, and too Bruckheimer for the fans of Pi.
  2. I remember the original Guardians, but got out of comics before the new ones. Still, I read Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon solo comics so I'm pretty excited for this movie.
  3. Not real interested in Superman, but I've never been a fan of the character. He's not a hero I identify with.
  4.   I enjoyed it, except for the interminable scene in the bar. That damn scene just wouldn't end... Tarantino is best when he's just flying by the seat of his pants. When he tries to turn up the Tarantino in a movie, it's absolutely awful.
  5. I'm eager for Iron Man, Star Trek, and Thor. I'm anxious about Ender's Game (loved the book, but terrified of movies that need complex acting from children). I'm drooling for Pacific Rim. Guillermo Del Toro just rocks my socks with his visual style. Pretty excited for the Oblivion movie, too. I like Tom Cruise. His religion's a little nutty, but whatever. Seems like a good person, and makes a ton of movies I like.
  6. I'm not a big college football guy, but I like to watch it when I have some free time. That OSU QB is bad.
  7. Michael Bey needs to be punched in the penis on a daily basis by Uwe Boll... Who then needs to punch himself in the penis on a daily basis.
  8. Comedies are super tough to recommend/review. It all depends on a person's personal, comedic tastes. Nobody cares about the acting, the sets, or the directing. They just want to laugh. I don't like embarrassing humor. A lot of the Steve Carell, saying the worst thing at the worst time, doesn't do it for me (which is too bad, because I like him). My girlfriend doesn't like comedies that are too dude-centric. A lot of Seth Rogen's comedy bugs her. As a pair, we didn't get into 40 Year Old Virgin much. Good comedy. Lots of people liked it. It just wasn't our thing. 21 Jump Street looks like something I'll watch on Spike in a year, but will probably pass on seeing in the theaters.
  9. I haven't searched everywhere for reviews, but metacritic's collection of reviews gives it a rating around 60.
  10. [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1331265636' post='1103751'] It's not the major blockbusters of the year, but March has shaped up to be a pretty big month of big-budget movies with John Carter, Hunger Games, Mirror Mirror and Wrath of the Titans. March isn't usually that packed. [/quote] They're all the movies the studios think will flop with summer or winter releases, but are trying to get cheap dollars during a time when nothing else is out. They said on the news today John Carter cost $350 million to make, and couldn't even beat out a bad Dr. Seuss movie in it's second week on the screen. It grossed like $30 million, which sounds pretty bad to me. Of the others, I think Hunger Games might do okay because everyone is reading the books. I also think Mirror Mirror might be okay because everyone already knows the story, and might be interested to see Julia Roberts play a villain... I'm holding off on Hunger games. I get a weird, Narnia, bad teen acting vibe from the previews. I still can't believe they made a sequel to Clash of the Titans. I thought the first one was pretty bad, but what do I know? They keep giving Michael Bey money to punish me for loving Transformers as a kid.
  11. NSFW (language) God Bless America [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul4CZrnEFxU&feature=player_embedded[/media] Maybe I'm disturbed, but this speaks to me on a spiritual level.
  12. All I know about The Immortals is a friend posted on Facebook it wasn't horrible. Not sure if he liked it, or just didn't feel he'd been cheated out of his money.
  13. I thought the acting looked miserable, the music over the top, and the dialogue comprised of every ridiculous cliche... I also think the lead actor was really bad in both Friday Night Lights and Wolverine. I've only seen the various trailers, but I don't think a silly costume and CGI costars will help his bad acting. Battleship looks stupid, but I put it in a Flick class. It's not pretending to be anything more than a B-movie. I think John Carter is trying to be a good movie, and not crap.... Although a March release suggests they're worried it might be crap.
  14. John Carter looks to be the worst movie of the last ten years.
  15. [quote name='BENGALS666' timestamp='1321470979' post='1063093']Love Sherlock Holmes - but the Basil Rathbone/Peter Cushing versions. Sherlock is not a freaking super hero. Today's popular movies stink.[/quote] You seen the BBC Sherlock shows? I think they're on netflix. Pretty good. Modern day Sherlock Holmes. They make him a functioning sociopath, which I find interesting. And I think I'm getting old. Still interested in many of the movies in here, but I totally want to see some of the documentaries coming out. Corman's World, Eames: The Architect and the Painter, and Garbo: The Spy all look awesome to me.
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