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  1. If, in fact, Cohen went to Prague to meet with Russians and Russian hackers then that constitutes direct collusion. Reports are Mueller has proof of this.... only time will tell.
  2. You have a point... there is the possibility that there seems to be so much because they are actually being investigated and they are so brazen about it.... but you have to admit it is constant...and if all of this was happening during the Obama admin we would have been hearing about it daily. ....but we also knew exactly what Trump was before he became president... he has made a career crapping on the little guy.... why would anyone think think that would change with him and his buddies gaining more power? Why in the world would anyone believe he would actually drain the swamp?
  3. The corruption in this current administration is unprecedented..... comparing it to any other administration is just making excuses for it. The entire Presidency has become a money making venture for this administration....
  4. The important point to note.... Is now that the election is over all the Facebook memes and all the abortion rhetoric is gone.... so if you voted for someone based on abortion alone you wasted your vote.... neither side wants to really change the law... they just want you to think they do to get your vote.
  5. The fallacy in all this is that politicians, especially those running for president give a shit about abortion other than pandering to a certain base to get votes..... Republicans even when they have had complete control of congress have done nothing to try to make abortion illegal.... ...but people sure as hell vote for politicians on the sole fact they think they will. I personally am pro choice.... I sure as hell don't like abortion but it's not my right to tell women what to do with their body. Really put yourself in the position of a doctor telling you your wife is going to die if she carries your baby to full term.... then imagine you don't even have the option to save her life because the government took that right away....
  6. I think we live in a ridiculous time where just because we are forced to vote for what we believe is always the lesser evil we get pegged as a socialist... Liberal... Ultra conservative even though we don't agree with everything they say... We live with different levels of socialism in our lives everyday... To me it's a matter of the level of socialism you want to live with... It is also what is the right level of socialism that will balance out the greed and excess of a completely free market system.... We are all living and utilizing a socialist society so "accusing" someone of being a socialist is a talking point cop out that divisive forms of media have thrust upon us and some have run with....
  7. I keep coming in here hoping there is an article saying she is running for president. I find it beyond me how people can't agree with what she says.... It seems like common sense to me. I have yet to find anything that she believes that I disagree with... Truthfully, if she runs it will be the first time in my life that I won't feel like I am voting for the lesser of two evils... She will also be only the second Dem I have ever voted for president.
  8. Dude... I can't believe we won the national championship after that awful loss to Virginia Tech....
  9. Just curious for Bengals related stuff... I am @TigersJohnson
  10. [quote name='MichaelWeston' timestamp='1352259160' post='1178357'] And the new president for 2016...... [/quote] You have no idea how much I hope for this....
  11. ESPN article made it sounds like Anzalone regretted commiting so early.... Sounds like an excuse to get out to me....
  12. [b] Is Elizabeth Warren the "Un"-Candidate?[/b] Posted: 9/22/11 02:11 PM ET [b] share this story[/b] On MNSBC's [i][url="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036789/vp/44607826#44607826"]Morning Joe[/url][/i], sidekick Willie Geist was making a run at grilling consumer advocate [url="http://elizabethwarren.com/"]Elizabeth Warren[/url] about her newly-minted campaign for Senate. He tried hard to stump her and paint her as being in over her pretty little head on the rough and tumble campaign trail, but by now talking heads should know better than to take on Warren in that way. In questioning her about U.S./China relations, Geist interrupted her because he wrongly assumed she hadn't understood his question about the Chinese economy. Warren very calmly assured Willie she knew exactly what she was talking about, the tone of her response clearly signalling -- I understand your question, Willie, I'm just trying to explain why your premise (that China's economy and military aren't connected) is wrong. Warren politely, but firmly, tried to steer her[i] Morning Joe[/i] conversation toward how much she's enjoying the campaign trail, when Geist chimed with another attempt to show he's smarter than the [url="http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2011/09/i-wasnt-born-at-harvard-elizabeth-warren-meets-the-voters/245189/"]Harvard professor and creator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau[/url] by wondering how in the world she'd ever have the energy to keep up a campaign when she'd never run for office before. Was that a back-handed insinuation that a woman who's never run for office is unqualified to run at all? Because I don't remember anyone ever asking that of pizza entrepreneur [url="http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/primaries/candidates/herman-cain"]Herman Cain[/url] or any other male candidates on their first attempt at running for office. All I can say for Geist is that it's a good thing Warren wasn't in the same room during that interview, because even as well-mannered as she is on television, I'm pretty sure she would have slapped his hand or tossed that cup of joe at him across the table for suggesting such a ridiculous idea. I'll give Geist and others a little benefit of the doubt when figuring out how to approach an interview with Warren. I suppose it is a little odd to talk with a candidate who doesn't parse every sentence to make sure it's not going to effect their poll numbers or alienate the wrong group. It must seem a little strange to have someone running for the U.S. Senate who seems completely comfortable with the idea of saying exactly what she believes is the right thing for struggling American families simply for the reason that she believes what she's saying, regardless of what the ultimate political consequences are for her. The aspect of Elizabeth Warren's candidacy that some observers can't get their head around is this -- Warren is more concerned about using her Senate race as an opportunity to keep a focus on what's happened to the economy and what we should be doing to make things better for families who are finding out that there's no security anymore in being middle-class than she is about actually being elected senator. If she happens to win, that's just icing on the cake for her. Some Massachusetts observers are worried that voters won't be interested in Warren because she's not a "real" politician. But that's exactly why they will want her as their next senator. People [i]LIKE[/i] that she tried to stand up to Wall Street. Americans [i]LIKE[/i] that she took Washington to task for bailing out investment bankers while allowing families to lose their homes. They [i]LIKE[/i] that she doesn't back down when she thinks she's right, even when she's pressured by those of the same political party. She's already taken a stand in Washington, D.C. that was so unpopular that the financial industry mounted an all-out campaign to keep her from running the watchdog agency she created. While I have no doubt that her personal feelings were probably hurt about that, [url="http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/elizabeth-warren-held-to-account/"]Elizabeth Warren seems like a woman whose single-minded task[/url] is to do whatever she is capable of to turn the economic ship around for Americans who aren't wealthy and who aren't corporations. If she can't do it as head of the CFPB, then maybe she can do it as a senator from Massachusetts. If she doesn't get elected in Massachusetts, she'll do it in another way. Warren is the "un"-candidate -- willing to speak her mind and say what she believes to be the truth, regardless of the political consequences. As she said on [i]Morning Joe[/i], one voice speaking the truth can turn into three voices, then five, and voices will keep growing, until enough of them are speaking the truth so that things will change. Yup. She did.
  13. I am actually disappointed... I want her to run for president... And I believe she would win. If she did it would be the first time since I started voting that I feel I was not voting for the lesser of two evils....
  14. [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1310081778' post='999998'] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOMYJH_d6tE [/quote] Why can't someone like Elizabeth Warren run for president? Answer: She is too smart.
  15. [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1289089128' post='937771'] I think him and Hannity yes. [/quote] Ok... so its not just the lobbyists...
  16. [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1289088379' post='937769'] [IMG]http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h137/jamie_b_2006/boughtpol.jpg[/IMG] [/quote] Do they have that same picture with Olberman?
  17. [IMG]http://i513.photobucket.com/albums/t336/dale301974/101027beelertoon_c.jpg[/IMG]
  18. [img]http://i513.photobucket.com/albums/t336/dale301974/101031beelertoon_c.jpg[/img]
  19. [quote name='CincyInDC' timestamp='1286520088' post='927951'] [img]http://images.politico.com/global/cartoon/101005_cartoon_600.jpg[/img] [/quote] That is the best one.... I have seen in a long...long time!
  20. [quote name='Jamie_B' date='28 January 2010 - 07:27 AM' timestamp='1264681629' post='860234'] indeed [/quote] Nothing derogatory about her because I do think she is brilliant... ...but only in today's world can common sense be brilliant.
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