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  1. If, in fact, Cohen went to Prague to meet with Russians and Russian hackers then that constitutes direct collusion. Reports are Mueller has proof of this.... only time will tell.
  2. You have a point... there is the possibility that there seems to be so much because they are actually being investigated and they are so brazen about it.... but you have to admit it is constant...and if all of this was happening during the Obama admin we would have been hearing about it daily. ....but we also knew exactly what Trump was before he became president... he has made a career crapping on the little guy.... why would anyone think think that would change with him and his buddies gaining more power? Why in the world would anyone believe he would actually drain the swamp?
  3. The corruption in this current administration is unprecedented..... comparing it to any other administration is just making excuses for it. The entire Presidency has become a money making venture for this administration....
  4. I think we live in a ridiculous time where just because we are forced to vote for what we believe is always the lesser evil we get pegged as a socialist... Liberal... Ultra conservative even though we don't agree with everything they say... We live with different levels of socialism in our lives everyday... To me it's a matter of the level of socialism you want to live with... It is also what is the right level of socialism that will balance out the greed and excess of a completely free market system.... We are all living and utilizing a socialist society so "accusing" someone of being a socialist is a talking point cop out that divisive forms of media have thrust upon us and some have run with....
  5. Dude... I can't believe we won the national championship after that awful loss to Virginia Tech....
  6. Just curious for Bengals related stuff... I am @TigersJohnson
  7. ESPN article made it sounds like Anzalone regretted commiting so early.... Sounds like an excuse to get out to me....
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