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  1. Thought of even the smallest pokes give me anxiety.
  2. Ted speaking of, the Netflix mini series was really good
  3. I’ve noticed that moving SSs to LB and LBs to DE really bolster the pass defense. Even with a decent run game, unless they’re ripping off 10 yards a carry, they will throw the ball and that’s when I pick them off. three Super Bowls in a row
  4. I can’t even understand him.
  5. I can’t stand the Kat Terrell reporter and I can’t pinpoint why.
  6. Tigris

    2019 Draft Talk

    Thanks for the upvotes, guys!
  7. Tigris

    2019 Draft Talk

    I can tell, just by the way you post, that you like boys.
  8. Ross had a TD but Barkley threw it too late. I didn’t see that. Ross couldn’t get both feet in.
  9. For those that could see the game, how did the OL look? What I could see was not the best view.
  10. I have searched everywhere. No wonder.
  11. Not 1530 or 700. Is that normal?
  12. Anyone know where I can listen to this?p

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