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  1. Ross had a TD but Barkley threw it too late. I didn’t see that. Ross couldn’t get both feet in.
  2. For those that could see the game, how did the OL look? What I could see was not the best view.
  3. I have searched everywhere. No wonder.
  4. Not 1530 or 700. Is that normal?
  5. Anyone know where I can listen to this?p
  6. Dim watching on periscope and it’s bad. Ross caught it. What happened
  7. Carson would have won on his own if he had not been injured. The squad was hot. That was our year.
  8. Tigris

    Party at Dre Dre's!!

    The “piss” part was my stretch joke. Made sense to me at the time.
  9. Tigris

    Party at Dre Dre's!!

    I sat here for a good while trying to think of a kidney joke and it only pissed me off.
  10. Maybe I should have been a little more descriptive. She’s a functioning alcoholic. She works a full time job but she drinks on the way home until the moment she goes to sleep. The 30 minute drive deal was on a weekend. She will normally start 12-1-2:00 range and I’m sure that’s when she wakes up on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to seek help. I’ve mentioned it, and her daughter, several times before. We’ve had a major divide over it. Long story but the short version is she took my kid to a liquor store (he was 2 at the time). Last time he was ever with her alone. That was a really bad night when I found out. We didn’t speak for at least a year. Terrible thing when abused.
  11. Heard that. The political stuff, the insanity when it comes to illegal hits, and Deion Sanders on the NFL draft trying to be a cool kid makes me want to watch women’s basketball.
  12. I remember learning about all that stuff in school. For some reason, impoverished kids can get ascites. They’re super skinny but have big bellies. Doesn’t look pleasant. Have you taken healthy measures since your diagnosis? If so, how? I’m asking because my mother in law was diagnosed with (this isn’t exactly right but I can explain it a little) precursor leukemia. Her body’s CBC or WBC is showing that she has a high risk of developing full blown leukemia in the next 5-10 years or something like that. She is a severe alcoholic. Hardcore. Can’t make a 30 minutes drive without having a drink on her so she’s carries around a 12 in her car. I would actually say it has gotten worse since her diagnosis and her life decision making (whole other long story/stories) has been beneath poor. If you did change up your lifestyle, how? She actually told me the other day she didn’t plan to live five years. I’m thinking what the heck but maybe the addiction is too powerful and I have a problem understanding.
  13. Price is such a pro already. He brings a ton of toughness. Like the dude.

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