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  1. What boards ya been going to?
  2. Sidepiece?

    I liken the Bengals to an old girlfriend that gave you that amazing BJ one time. It was wonderful, you're in love for a while, and something changes. She starts scraping, grasping your nuts too hard, trying to stick her finger in your butt, and while you try to walk away from it for good, a BJ is a BJ so you always go back hoping for that one good time to replicate itself. You always end up disappointed, bitching to your friends, but again, whenever the time comes, there you are, ready to accept another one, because memories of the fondest BJ still linger.
  3. Carson Retiring

  4. Sidepiece?

    Lol stay strong
  5. Redmond is gonna be a starter for someone soon. Kid just bullied the Ravens last week when I zoned in on him.
  6. I think there is a step drop off in terms of talent but look at Kroft's numbers for this year and compare them to Eifert's 2 (of 5) healthy seasons. Actually, forget the numbers, watch the games. Outside of Kroft dropping a couple passes the last month of the season, he's been everything you could ask for in a tight end. He's been sharing second fiddle with Oz and finally got a chance to be the man this year and was able to prove he can be as productive as Eifert. On top of him just being a good ball player, he has stayed super healthy and isn't going to be getting an elite talent TE contract (we need to extend him now). Eifert seems like an awesome guy and he can definitely move as well as any TE in the league but if you can't stay healthy, none of that matters. I'll take Kroft all day.
  7. Could be a precursor? One would think. And it just doesn't look good when you're trying to win over new fans. If I were an owner, I wouldn't want to see it the way it was.
  8. Current 2018 Draft Order

    LT McGlitchney, LG Boling, C Redmond, RG Hopkins, RT Fisher or LT Boling, LG Redmond, C Price, RG Hopkins, RT Fisher or LT Boling, LG Westerman, C Redmond, RG Hopkins, RT Fisher or LT Boling, LG Nelson, C Redmond, RG Hopkins/Westerman, RT Fisher I like Redmond a lot. Just get Ogbuehi and Bodine out of there. I've seen enough.
  9. Current 2018 Draft Order

    I wouldn't draft one. Just saying I wouldn't be surprised if CIN takes one at 12. Seems like we've overstocked at CB for years now. I'd go anywhere on the OL or LB first pending my grades. Hopefully the OL prospect grades out and we go that direction.
  10. A couple pictures of the stadium this year I saw suggested a low attendance. I would hope that would send a message that the fan base needs something to be positive about. If Marvin comes back, I'd be extremely disappointed.
  11. Current 2018 Draft Order

    Quick slant (overthrown), screen for 7 yards, quick slant (dropped by AJ), punt!
  12. Current 2018 Draft Order

    I watched a little of that roquan smith or something from GA (the LB). Wasn't as impressed as I was with the Alabama rocket LB last year that went to SF. But I've definitely not watched enough to hype or hate on the guy. Just didn't care for the super small sample size I did watch. Looked like he got tangled up in traffic too much. Excited to watch him tomorrow though.
  13. Current 2018 Draft Order

    He will probably be gone, you're right. If the rest of his games are anything like that FSU game, he should probably go to CLE #1. I don't think I've seen a one man wrecking crew like that ever. But again, I've only watched two games worth. You guys extensively scout anyone I should check out? I love the time leading up to the draft. Only issue is we are so wide open with where we need help, it's hard to narrow down the position. I watched a bit of the Price kid and I love the guy. He's exactly what this team needs. We underestimated letting our leader go to LAR and we need someone to take that spot. Price makes so much sense that we won't do it. Just to be clear, I don't care about the buckeyes. Dude is a legit leader and we need it so bad.

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