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  1. And my real name is Matt.
  2. 2008, the board or a board met up somewhere around Cincinnati to watch the draft. Keith Rivers ended up being drafted. I hitched a ride with someone over to Onyx’s house and we hung out there for a while. Who was I riding with? Just curious.
  3. I loved me some Burfict, even at the end. Helped keep me engaged.
  4. So many other variables to consider. And Glenn played more than half of his games the last four years. Also, you said earlier that Glenn was shitty, or implied it at least. Then said you didn’t know what really happened regarding the situation. I don’t know where the shrug emoji is. I think instead of damning Glenn to hell, maybe give him a chance to stay healthy considering that our OL isn’t scaring anyone. If we were stacked, yeah, make room for the project MAYBE, but we aren’t, and a healthy Glenn may be our best offensive lineman.
  5. Wasn't it reported that he didn't feel ready? I just look at it this way... if I were ill and my work told me I wasn't, I wouldn't go to work unless I knew I could manage. Fast forward a month or whatever and I'm feeling good, I'd show up and collect my check. I may feel a little sour about it but those pay checks sure would help bury those feelings.
  6. I would like to go ahead and be the first to guess Joe Burrow for Jason's annual Guess the Bengals' Pick Contest.
  7. It's not possible to reconcile? I thought it was a breakup but he came back and I don't recall any news about hurt butt cheeks.
  8. Tag. Tag again next year then trade as long as pick #33 was a receiver that panned out.
  9. Tigris


  10. Noooo; he's ruined our fun!!! Get him outta here!!!
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