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  1. Tigris

  2. Is it wrong...

    Can Pittsburgh still get in the playoffs?
  3. Clash of Clans

    Oh, wow. All right then. Moving on...
  4. Clash of Clans

    #PJ89JGPV Reference Matt if you request because the elders will probably deny it if not. Bunch of d-bags. 30 war win streak.
  5. Clash of Clans

    Anyone play? Looking to strengthen an already stout clan.
  6. OTA's

    And I think I've had sword fish steak. Which does nothing for me. Kinda dry. Fellas, go to Fish Market on the levy across the river. Get the spicy Asian shrimp and then come back here and tell me it's not the best appetizer you've ever had.
  7. OTA's

    I forgot to add sea bass to my list of amazings. I've only had it once since it's so expensive. Got it for my birthday once at Ocean Club in Columbus. It was like $30-$40. It was delicious but I'll probably never do that again. Anyone have halibut? An old friend of mine swears by it. I've never had it. Another expensive fish.
  8. Upcoming Movie Trailers

    I never knew Mission Impossible bad ass Tom Cruise was as short as he is.
  9. OTA's

    :lol: Fresh water it only good for swimming.
  10. OTA's

    I can't help but to voice my displeasure now. I don't watch enough TV, the wife doesn't watch enough TV, the dogs don't care about it, and the baby boy only wants tit milk so no one really cares about it. We decided we can save about $60/month by taking off the TV, keeping the Internet, and getting Netflix. I call TWC and they won't let me take TV off the account because I dot have my pin #. I get off the phone after going back and forth with this dude about not knowing my pin. I have him every 4 digit # I've ever used for anything but he said none worked. I call back, tell someone else I want to add a movie package and before I did could I please get my pin # so I can make that happen. They give me the pin, the wife's freaking phone #, and they transfer me over to someone. Before they pick me up, because you're always on hold for at least 5 minutes, I hung up. I call em back, got my pin, get sent her to some specialist dude because only he can take off the TV, wait 10-15 mins for him, and he won't allow me to take the TV off the account. "I have a better solution for you," he says. I tell him straight up I wouldn't care if it was free, and that no matter what he said, I don't want the TV because I don't watch it. Obviously I'll take it if it's free but I wanted to make a point. I'm at work while I'm doing this mind you. He tries to tell to me about the NBA playoffs (he overheard me talking to a guy I work with about the previous evening's games), how I can watch all the games, how if I didn't have the local channels I wouldn't know if there's a community threat out and about my neighborhood, I wouldn't know the weather, etc. for at LEAST 30 mins this dude is talking to me, and I keep turning him down. Mind you, again, I'm working. I'm paying about 10% attention to this guy. Enough to know when I needed to say no. Finally, he asked me if there was any amount of money I'd be willing to pay to keep some sort of TV and I reminded him I wouldn't unless it was free. Eventually he takes my TV off and tells me that it won't start until I drop off my equipment 30-40 minutes away which SUCKED. I go in to take my stuff back and the staff was rude, unpleasant, and just hated life. You guys wanna know what I did because of how they acted? I kept their batteries. I can't wait to use them and get them back for being dicks.
  11. OTA's

    TWC does suck. I'll post my experience later if I'm on the computer. Too much to text by phone. I love their Internet; it's fast and never lags. Their customer service, both on the phone and in person, is amazingly bad. I've only had good luck with the installers. They've been cool.
  12. OTA's

    I'll only hijack the thread at night.
  13. OTA's

    If you clap it against your chest, it'll make some noise.

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