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  1. Ted speaking of, the Netflix mini series was really good
  2. I’ve noticed that moving SSs to LB and LBs to DE really bolster the pass defense. Even with a decent run game, unless they’re ripping off 10 yards a carry, they will throw the ball and that’s when I pick them off. three Super Bowls in a row
  3. I can’t stand the Kat Terrell reporter and I can’t pinpoint why.
  4. I can tell, just by the way you post, that you like boys.
  5. Tigris


  6. I never knew Mission Impossible bad ass Tom Cruise was as short as he is.
  7. "She said she didn't mind if I smoked... I believed her!!"
  8. I liked the campfire and sheep shit story. "It was me! I ate sheep shit! I swear!"
  9. Funny movie story here... I've been trying to talk the wife into agreeing to have TWC take their crap back because we don't watch TV and we're getting charged like $60-$70 for nothing. She doesn't watch it but wants to keep it. Makes no sense but whatever. So I'm going through HBO and Showtime on Demand and we find a movie called Siren on one of them. After the movie, it was so bad, she agreed to cancel our TV immediately. I just got Netflix a couple weeks ago. Guess you has to be there.
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