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  1. Hi my name is Onyx. I like the Bengals. Do you like the Bengals too? Can we be friends?
  2. I love it. Lets face it, after years of futility the national media still doesn't respect this team. Despite 2 straight playoff appearances and 3 playoff appearances in the last 4 years, there still is a condescending tone when talking about the Cincinnati Bengals.    This is a great way to get national exposure and rev up the fan base.  I believe the "its a distraction argument" is a nervous Nilly mindset that is the product of past failed seasons.    The more this team wins,  the more cameras and attention it will receive. If this team isnt mature or focused enough to handle Hard Knocks in the preseason, then it wont be able to handle the attention or challenges in the regular season and especially not the playoffs.    This is awesome.  WHO DEY
  3. [quote name='Jamie_B' timestamp='1357762150' post='1206816'] TBH I dont agree with folks thinking he'll be back,[b] I worry losing him would be like losing Walsh.[/b] [/quote] Iz you crazy?
  4. How can an OC who hasn't had his offense anywhere near the top ten during his first two seasons, be such a hot commodity in terms of a HC candidate?
  5. [quote name='bengals8580' timestamp='1357604414' post='1206208'] I really really hope Gruden leaves. His offense is crap. [/quote] His offensive has been crap ever since the Miami game IMO but right now, I agree
  6. [quote name='kennethmw' timestamp='1357588709' post='1206041'] I wonder how many people in San Diego said the exact same things about Drew Brees? [/quote] As good as Drew Brees is, the fact remains he was a late bloomer. If and its a big IF, if Dalton will become as good as Brees can this team and fans afford to wait for him? This franchise has seen so much failure for so long, it's hard not to get impatient when success is within the reach of our finger tips
  7. Allow me to explain myself a little. First off, it's not like I believe Vick or Smith are awesome. Far from it. But they bring intangibles that Dalton doesnt have. Experience, stronger arms, playoff wins. I'm only speaking in the immediate short term...like next year because there is no obvious value or talent in the draft this spring at the QB position. At this point, Dalton is more of a game manager than play maker. He is gun shy, lacks a strong arm and is horribly inaccurate on deep throws. Adding depth at WR wont help much with him at QB. Adding more talent on defense and at RB will. Unless Dalton improves, the only way the Bengals can be a championship contender is if thisalready very good defense becomes elite.
  8. [quote name='BlackJesus' timestamp='1357519658' post='1205673'] [center][img]http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_meeygsVegj1ra90n2o1_500.jpg[/img][/center] [center][size=5][b]ANDY DALTON is one of three players in [color=#FF3300][u]NFL history[/u] [/color][/b][/size][size=5][b]to [/b][/size][size=5][b]have [/b][/size][size=5][b]20-plus touchdown [/b][/size][/center] [center][size=5][b]passes in his first two seasons, joining DAN MARINO and PEYTON MANNING.[/b][/size][/center] [/quote] Unfortunately my friend, history will prove this is no more than a statistical anomaly and gingers really do have no souls.
  9. [quote name='B.A.B.' timestamp='1357528125' post='1205731'] Take him [/quote] Co-signed
  10. [quote name='kennethmw' timestamp='1357491833' post='1205409'] Sorry bro, but just because you say they would have won, doesn't make it true. It's just your opinion. As it is his opinion that your opinion is not well thought out. [/quote] Dalton had a QB rating of 44 yesterday. It is not far fetched at all to think Vick, Palmer or Smith could have won that game. Hell, I can make the argument Sanchez could have had a better QB rating.
  11. Dalton is[quote name='oldschooler' timestamp='1357444728' post='1205184'] Say this out loud over and over. I We Tall Did [/quote] All the QBs I have mentioned were first overall picks. The talent they have or did have is indisputable. You plug either one of those QBs in, in place of Dalton and the Bengals win. I like Dalton, he sucked ass yesterday, I no longer believe he can take this team to a championship. Thats my opinion, its messed up people feel they must post insults because their homer tinted vision disagrees.
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