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  1. 2 hours ago, alleycat said:

    What a bunch of virtue-signaling horseshit. 


    How many of you have watched the grainy video of him running to the locker room after that Tennessee game? Actually watched it?


    How many of you watched Joe Mixon knock out a woman in a fast food restaurant, was it? How many of you wretched about Joe Mixon joining this team, and then became his fans and defenders once he was a Bengal and (mostly) kept himself out of trouble (despite the odd backyard shootout)? No, that wasn't you? You hated Joe Mixon outwardly, vocally, verbally this last many years no matter how many touchdowns he scored, no matter how many games he helped us win?


    Child please. 


    In one video, a KID who just lost a game is running through a mob back to his locker room and some overzealous fan (a female), runs in front of him, stops, squats in his face, and clearly says some shit as she passes, and the throws out an arm as she passes. Slap is probably the right word. Swipe might work. Punch? Are you fucking kidding me? Want to see a punch? Watch what Joe Mixon did to some young woman in a fast food restaurant. That's a punch. 


    Neither are commendable. Both are objectionable . One is clearly different than the other, and I would argue that one is reprehensible, the other simply condemnable. 


    But are we in the place in the world now where, because of one grainy God's-eye camera angle (that would never have existed previously), some brush up with someone in an extremely heightened moment when someone did in fact aggressively put herself in the face of another human being, and that person reacts, however inappropriately, is now cause for all of this high and mighty moral bullshit? Really? 


    We have had hotheads on this team who have cost us in big games. You know the last hot-headed play that cost us a major game, even a birth to the Super Bowl? It was Joseph Ossai, arguably one of the most high-character, level-headed players on the team, who, in a highly emotional moment made a bad decision. So yeah, don't talk to me about Vontaze Burfict.


    Football is a violent game full of highly competitive MF's who put their health and well-being on the line every play for our gratification. It's a brutal sport that results in MANY of these guys having jello for brains - and turning into socio/psychopaths as s result = for YOUR enjoyment. And you want to sit around and moralize about how they should be model citizens and reflect back onto you some kind of picture of how you want to see yourselves? 


    Child please. 


    Especially for the 80th pick in the draft, count me in with Zac, who, in the few words he said to this kid when he called to draft him, said "we believe in you." Maybe I'm old fashioned. Maybe I'm so Old fashioned you can lump me in with the Browns who believe in second chances. But I'm definitely old enough that I cannot support this idea of writing someone off forever because of some dumb shit they did as a kid. When you create a team, it's not all angels. It can't be. You need redemption songs. You need the old and washed out guys who weren't given a chance but found new life here. You need other players who were never given a chance, respect...whatever.  It's called a family. 


    And it's what Zac has created here. 








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  2. 1 hour ago, MichaelWeston said:

    Trey Hendrickson is a power rusher that left many games with back issues and is 29. Trade him. He will never get to where he was last year. He doesn't have pass rush moves. He has a motor. 

    I tend to agree with this. No doubt he's been great, but his back issues at his age concerns me. If he wasn't making these demands I'd keep him, but I'd be okay with trading him now.

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