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  1. Thanks, you too!
  2. Hang in there Ryan. I'm in similar, but worse circumstances. I'm not going to list my issues, but I'll just say that even before this pandemic hit, the reality of my mortality has been tapping on my shoulder for a while. I'm not going to weigh in on the political debates, I just want to wish everyone the best possible outcome for you and your families. We have to hope an effective treatment is found and implemented soon, there are some promising things being tried now, and hopefully a vaccine is developed in the not too distant future. Best of luck everyone, we're all going to need it.
  3. I don't participate here anymore. I just thought you might want to know the correct spelling for Joseph Goebbels.
  4. Win our conference tournament and we're a #1 seed!
  5. #4 in the AP, #3 in the Coaches poll. Only 2 losses, one of them in OT to #1 Kansas, the other in OT to #21 Colorado, both on a neutral court early in the year. It might not last, but these guys are good and damn they're fun to watch.
  6. RIP Sam, my all time favorite and a great human being.
  7. I'm just glad we didn't go winless for the whole season. Chances are we'll screw up the draft regardless where we pick.
  8. No, don't remember Yosh or Vapergate. A lot of things sprang up around that time. I used a few of the different systems that came along but I was never one of those who chased clouds, built coils and all that. I just wanted something simple that worked. These days when at home in front of my computer I usually use a SMOK MAG with, I think it's a SMOK TFV12 PRINCE tank. Most of the time I just use SMOK NOVO 2s though. It's a pod system the size of a bic lighter. Just fill the pod and stick it in your pocket. No leaks or buttons. Much better and easier than the crap we used to try to use. I've pretty much found the juice that I always like to use. Mad Hatter Sweet tobacco Salts, 25mg. It's only like $14 for 30ml at Direct Vapor plus they always have free shipping and run 20 to 25% off sales all the time. I never have liked the fruity, or food flavors, just tobacco-ish. I miss the old days on here too, we had a great board. I guess times change, the world changes. Different things take on more, or less importance than they used to. I still follow the Bengals but not like I used to. Now if I have things to do, I DVR the game, and if they lose I don't even go back and watch it. My weekends are usually taken up watching my 11 year old granddaughter's soccer and basketball games. She's always the best player on her team and her teams usually win the championships. She's also very pretty and very lovable and she just got straight A's on her recent report card. I'm a proud grandpa in case you can't tell, and her future means more to me than anything. I'm 60 years old and I have enough health issues to recognize my mortality. I'm not going to live forever and I no longer want to spend time on the internet arguing, berating and being berated over what I think and believe. At this point I'm not going to change my mind and I'm sure no one else on here will either. I could keep posting in here and have people come to hate me if they don't already, or I could come to hate them if I don't already. Or I could just drop in and read a little once in a while, post very rarely, and mostly just move on. That's what I've chosen. Good to "talk" to you though Ryan. You're a hell of a guy.
  9. Yeah, it's all bullshit. I've been vaping since April 2009, My wife started a year or 2 later. She gave up cigarettes completely, I still smoke some, nowhere near as much as I used to. You stop hacking up half a lung in the morning, you stop getting short of breath after every little thing you do. When it first started becoming a thing, I used to spend some time on vaping forums. The number of people who quit smoking by vaping is astronomical, and many of them then quit vaping too. It should be encouraged for any adult who smokes. Of course kids shouldn't vape but it's better than them smoking.
  10. https://heavy.com/news/2019/08/connor-betts-twitter-politics-social-media/
  11. Isn't that exactly what happened?
  12. "According to the survey, which was conducted among 1,001 Americans." First, do you think that's an adequate sample rate given the estimate is 400 million guns? Second, who was surveyed and how? Third, if I'm surveyed, I'm telling them no, I don't own a gun, as would most everyone I know who was asked. I know a lot of people who have become first time gun owners and concealed carriers in recent years. Don't know anyone who used to have them but doesn't anymore. https://www.gunstocarry.com/concealed-carry-statistics/
  13. https://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2018/06/21/no-one-tell-david-hogg-but-americans-set-a-gun-sales-record-in-april/ http://freebeacon.com/culture/report-nearly-400-million-civilian-owned-guns-america/
  14. Okay, I have to respond to this. This is what was in my message to you, with one sentence removed that alluded to a couple other posters, no need to include it here. "You were one of the few reasons I even still came here at all, but now I can't even stand reading your posts. I used to think of you as almost a brother, but we are now so opposite there isn't even a chance at any common ground. I used to say I didn't even need to post, whatever you said was pretty much what I would have said anyway. Not anymore. For the most part, I couldn't disagree with you more. Oh well. We all have our own opinions, and it's time to choose sides. I still wish you and your family the best, I probably won't be back. Never post anymore anyway, so no big deal, just wanted to say bye I guess." I had no idea, and still don't know what you were going through as far as being "in the middle of one of the worst times of my life". Just look at your posts in the last few days in this thread. They are typical of why I sent you that message. The kind of rhetoric you spew backs people like me into a corner, and makes anything resembling discussion impossible. One of the things you posted basically said I have a morality problem. If you think your views make you morally superior to me you couldn't be more wrong. My right to defend myself and my family, including my 9 year old granddaughter who means more to me than anything in the world, trumps any insults you can throw at me. Yes I voted for Trump and would do so again. I wouldn't have voted for Hillary if you put a bazooka to my head. IMO she is the personification of evil. I believe Obama was the worst president of my lifetime. You didn't see me in here for the 8 years he was in office making personal insults towards those who voted for him. That kind of shit makes it impossible to have a discussion. Ahh, fuck it, what's the point?
  15. My NRA membership expired a couple of weeks ago. I just renewed for 5 more years. Shall not be infringed, Molon Labe. And fuck anyone who blames the NRA for shit like this. I won't debate this, it's not up for debate to me. Everyone has chosen their side. I seldom even read anything here anyway, so if you want to respond you'll be talking to each other, not me. See ya.
  16. BengalBacker


  17.   Yeah, I knew you'd find that funny. Someday you'll realize I'm right.
  18.   Nope. The NRA is a mouthpiece for 5 million plus people like me. Gun manufacturers support the NRA of course, because if people can't buy guns, they can't sell their products. If people didn't want to buy their products, there would be no gun manufacturers, or NRA.
  19.   Those places are regulated. There's no such thing as a gunshow loophole, they have to do the same background check as your LGS. If someone breaks the law and sells something under the table, then well, they are breaking the law.
  20.     I know you don't believe it but the NRA is one of the few organizations fighting for your liberty.   You're welcome.
  21.       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7evnf5rGIM     That is completely the opposite of reality.
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