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  1. We had to have this game for psychological reasons as much as anything. They can feel good about themselves and have some confidence.
  2. This hurricane is tracking to hit the Gulf Coast, so it shouldn't have any impact on a team from Miami. but you never know. Of course I'm not wishing that on them but it could be at least a distraction. Sounds like it might hit pretty hard in some places.
  3. Threw that damn monkey off our back. Time to get back to playing football like we know we can.
  4. You might try this, don't know if it works or not. I don't know anything about that link, it was in the members lounge so beware. https://reddit.nflbite.com/
  5. The frustrating thing is, as bad as we've played, we were like one play away from winning both games. Of course that's how football often is. but we weren't blown out although we could have been.
  6. At least everyone else in the division lost, but if we don't start playing better it won't matter. So disappointing.
  7. Some of this is on Burrow. Or else they don't have any outlets designed in the play. Shouldn't a tight end be open once in a while?
  8. Time to wake up and flip the fucking switch! Be that team from the playoffs last year!
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