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  1. I just now saw this. So sorry for your loss Ryan. Having lost both of my parents, I know there are no magic words to make it all better. As harsh as this sounds, all you can do now is suck it up and do the things that are best for your wife and kids. Be the kind of man for them that your dad was for you. It's all about your family now. You're a good man, you'll get through it.
  2. Hang in there Ryan. I'm in similar, but worse circumstances. I'm not going to list my issues, but I'll just say that even before this pandemic hit, the reality of my mortality has been tapping on my shoulder for a while. I'm not going to weigh in on the political debates, I just want to wish everyone the best possible outcome for you and your families. We have to hope an effective treatment is found and implemented soon, there are some promising things being tried now, and hopefully a vaccine is developed in the not too distant future. Best of luck everyone, we're all g
  3. I don't participate here anymore. I just thought you might want to know the correct spelling for Joseph Goebbels.
  4. [quote name='BengalBeotch' post='727012' date='Nov 22 2008, 05:56 PM']Does anyone have the Adobe Creative Suite I can bootleg? CS4? [/quote] Not yet, hope to get it soon. You probably want the MAC version though, right? We just upgraded at work yesterday, so I've worked a little with the new Photoshop and Illustrator. Not enough yet to know what's better or worse about them.
  5. [quote name='IKOTA' post='619531' date='Jan 6 2008, 01:10 AM']I wish we could become as succesful a program as Dayton ........ [/quote] I was just messin' with ya. I don't hate UC. I do hate eggzavier.
  6. [quote name='sm00th_kw' post='619155' date='Jan 5 2008, 11:13 AM']Big game today for the Bearcats...@ St. John's. The cats have a very good shot at a W today which would put them in the envyable (sp?) position of starting out with two ROAD wins in the BigEAST with four of our next five games coming at home. Cats need to take it one game at a time...[/quote] Cats go down, 70-58.
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