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  1. I'm okay with Chase doing that. It's worth the penalty to give them a giant fuck you.
  2. I remember that/him from the Huddles board days. Damn, time flies.
  3. Sorry if this has been posted and I missed it, it's from a month ago so it probably has. Sue me.
  4. Maybe Housh could talk to some of these guys like Tee. Housh thought the grass was gonna be greener and he regretted leaving. I understand you have to grab the money when you can, but if it comes down to taking a little less to build something special, and build your legacy, that has a lot of value too.
  5. Remember the years when by now we would be hoping to make it to 500, and would already be talking about who we should draft? I don't miss those days, but remembering them makes me appreciate these days a lot more.
  6. I'll give him this, at least he sounds very eloquent and intelligent.
  7. He really tweeted it. He went back and deleted it apparently but it was real.
  8. Check out Lamar Jackson's reaction to a little fan criticism.
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