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  1. I honestly didn't expect to like them but I was wrong. Those are bad ass.
  2. Don't know if you guys know that Pacman and Solomon Wilcots do a show on youtube, I think it's weekly but not sure. He talks like he's still a Bengal, much like Housh does.
  3. I stopped partoking years ago. Wife and I got into shooting, got our carry licenses and were buying a few guns for a while. Don't want a felony for lying on the 4473, so I gave up weed. I've seen some of Billy Strings. pretty amazing. I watch most of Rick Beato's videos and he's talked about him. My health issues seem to compound all the time, but so far I'm still working every day. On lots of meds though. Glaucoma, blood pressure, cholesterol, early stage prostate cancer. Diabetes, Venous stasis dermatitis.... Good times. Most of my issues are self inflicted though, too fat, smoke, drink, little exercise. I basically do the opposite of what I should do for the most part. Yeah, I'm an idiot with no willpower. Anyway, great to see you checking in. I had a long absence too, trying to stop in a little more these days. I mean, fuck, we're actually a good team again. We need to enjoy it.
  4. https://podcasts.podinstall.com/radiocom-jim-rome-show/202206101810-6102022-cordell-volson.html
  5. Steve! I think that's right, right? Good to see you're still around. I seem to remember you were going through some health issues last I heard. Oldschooler dropped in a while back and made a few posts. A lot of the old posters, myself included came back, at least for an occasional post. I don't get in here much these days, but I do drop by a couple of times a week to see what's new.
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