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  1. I just now saw this. So sorry for your loss Ryan. Having lost both of my parents, I know there are no magic words to make it all better. As harsh as this sounds, all you can do now is suck it up and do the things that are best for your wife and kids. Be the kind of man for them that your dad was for you. It's all about your family now. You're a good man, you'll get through it.
  2. Thanks, you too!
  3. Hang in there Ryan. I'm in similar, but worse circumstances. I'm not going to list my issues, but I'll just say that even before this pandemic hit, the reality of my mortality has been tapping on my shoulder for a while. I'm not going to weigh in on the political debates, I just want to wish everyone the best possible outcome for you and your families. We have to hope an effective treatment is found and implemented soon, there are some promising things being tried now, and hopefully a vaccine is developed in the not too distant future. Best of luck everyone, we're all g
  4. I don't participate here anymore. I just thought you might want to know the correct spelling for Joseph Goebbels.
  5. Win our conference tournament and we're a #1 seed!
  6. #4 in the AP, #3 in the Coaches poll. Only 2 losses, one of them in OT to #1 Kansas, the other in OT to #21 Colorado, both on a neutral court early in the year. It might not last, but these guys are good and damn they're fun to watch.
  7. RIP Sam, my all time favorite and a great human being.
  8. No, don't remember Yosh or Vapergate. A lot of things sprang up around that time. I used a few of the different systems that came along but I was never one of those who chased clouds, built coils and all that. I just wanted something simple that worked. These days when at home in front of my computer I usually use a SMOK MAG with, I think it's a SMOK TFV12 PRINCE tank. Most of the time I just use SMOK NOVO 2s though. It's a pod system the size of a bic lighter. Just fill the pod and stick it in your pocket. No leaks or buttons. Much better and easier than the crap we used to try to
  9. Yeah, it's all bullshit. I've been vaping since April 2009, My wife started a year or 2 later. She gave up cigarettes completely, I still smoke some, nowhere near as much as I used to. You stop hacking up half a lung in the morning, you stop getting short of breath after every little thing you do. When it first started becoming a thing, I used to spend some time on vaping forums. The number of people who quit smoking by vaping is astronomical, and many of them then quit vaping too. It should be encouraged for any adult who smokes. Of course kids shouldn't vape but it's better than
  10. Damn, we looked like shit the first 7 or 8 minutes. (watching now)
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