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  1. I'm still trying to figure out what crime was committed here. Trump people, (non-government people back in June), met with Russian people, (again non-government people), to discuss pre-election strategy against an opponent. This happens all the time in every election at every level. Sure, being a foreign country makes it odd, admittedly, but I don't think it's illegal. So everyone shows up, the dirt on Hillary turns out to be a pretense, and nothing election related is discussed. I've read that the female Russian attorney wanted to discuss the Magnitsky Act or the Dima Yakovlev Law, seeing both in a lot places. The attention this is getting is much ado about nothing. Flame away...
  2. Finished Witcher III this morning, starting the the add-ons now...
  3. Enon Bengal

    Enon Bengal

  4. The new King Arthur movie coming out in May is probably the next movie we'll pay to go see...
  5. Just finished Dragon Age: Inquisition for the second time. Going to start Witcher III after a little RPG break. Saw Warcraft III on the Blizzard site for $10 so I downloaded it...
  6. Sleepy Hallow is still on? Wife and I loved season one but could never get past season two, we've tried a couple of times. Grimm is our favorite show ever, can't believe this is the last season.
  7. The wife and I are really into Timeless, like it a lot so far...
  8. What's the scoop on the Skyrim re-release? It's one of those games I've started a dozen times and never finished...
  9. I love these kind of movies. I googled Jiag Tian - what a cutie.
  10. Old fashioned I guess? When I pay for something, I like to have a copy of it in my hand.
  11. Ok - i'll see if I can do this right without screwing this up. Knight and Day was a great movie that no one talks about. You don't know if he's the good guy or the bad guy until the very end:
  12. What was the name of that game that's been out for a little while now, everyone said it starts out pretty good, turns into a gear grind rather quickly. I went back about three pages, didn't see a reference to it. Sounds like something I could get into, thanks.
  13. Well we spent $20 on the Gods of Egypt dvd tonight and watched it. I can't believe the awful reviews this thing got. The wife and I really enjoyed it.
  14. well poop - i was going to try and see that this weekend.
  15. Any one else catch the spot for the WoW movie? I thought it was an ad for a new expansion but it's a June movie. Have to admit, the game controlled my life at one time...
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