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  1. Wife and I stared working from home on Wednesday. Spring break was this last week and while students were gone it was announced that all courses are moving online and they encourage students to not come back. Plans are that all summer courses will be online. My job deals with supporting the 17000 students and faculty and online ‘stuff’. Mostly on the faculty side. Thought I was sick, but it turns out Snow Mold + stress + waking up at 3am nightly = making you feel kind of shitty. Next week is going to suck balls. My 10 year old is pissed that schools is movingly online. She LOVES school. I am thankful my job is somewhat stable and my family seems to be healthy. I worry about our folks health and our friends/family that are less financially stable at the moment. Community seems great about trying to support each other (food runs) and small businesses that are almost totally shut down. On on a side note - I scored a Polaris Sportsman 500 HO a few weeks ago before things looked this bad ($500 dollar project to work on). On a second side note - I have way less patience for BS lately.
  2. Stop being a dick. I am tired of reading all your bullshit.
  3. Seen some rumors that it is the Bucs.
  4. Have you tried to look on the company's website (for the Wifi adapter) to see if there are Windows 10 drivers that you can download and use to install?
  5. Sounds like there’s is a ton of uncertainty (all around) with contracts at the moment with the CBA up in the air. Hopefully they can come to agreement once that is settled.
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