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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32448198/cleveland-browns-qb-baker-mayfield-says-shoulder-fracture-addition-torn-labrum "Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield says shoulder has fracture in addition to torn labrum"
  2. Any one else seeing a place to delete in My Attachments?
  3. @GoBengals can you help HSH? Edit - wondering if we can bump the limit or of that causes problems.
  4. Seems like sneezing would do more damage to it (let alone taking a hit an falling on that shoulder).
  5. Thanks! Ooooof last night was rough. First round of shots. My daughter (now 12) never had issues with shots.
  6. Mazes and Monsters actually. Have we learned nothing from Hanks?
  7. Said this in regards to Arkansas "I tink this is probably an incomplete picture of what happened." There is danger in the Political forum.
  8. Thanks. I asked Go to see if there was anything on the backend that he can adjust.
  9. Can someone try to block Tibor and see if this thread continues to show up? I am wondering if blocking someone will hide a post they have created.
  10. Ah yes - Statistics on why members have left the board.... 79.84% perceived trolling/bullying by other members 10% burned out 5% off topic threads 5% did not respond .16% were banned
  11. NO! You can't leave. I appreciate how much you have stepped in and contributed lately.
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