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  1. Not trying to start a 'Dalton' thread. But interesting that his Jersey is on the floor.
  2. Yeah - I thought it was a good laugh either way.
  3. Good news is that my job will be opening slower. My boss said my team would likely be the last that would be asked to return to on site work. We do most things online anyway. They will be flexible with most families and childcare needs. Wife’s boss said she may have to be on site basically for a day every 2-3 weeks. No one wants to return at this point and many think it isn’t too soon. They will have very few people in the buildings and basically one entrance with wipes and sanitizers. Many schools in the state have decided to finish the rest of the year remotely...my daughter’s will be determined tomorrow morning. I am 99% sure they will follow suit. We have relied heavily on day camps for summer care. I can’t imagine we’ll be doing that this year. I do feel bad for kids that don’t have great home situations where school is a break. On a side note I have been making a ton of progress on some house projects.
  4. Montana is starting to open up....although the altitude difference might be an issue.
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