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  1. Probably no one, although there should be. This team spent a lot of money in FA on the defensive side of the ball and it's still terrible. All you can do is laugh when a TE is lined up one on one with a DE. Two 1st round picks on this OL and it's still terrible. 8 fucking sacks. Burrow wont last the season if something isn't done.
  2. I think you can blame a lot of his lack of production on piss-poor coaching. Plus we have a our 2nd rounder Drew Sample!!!111!!!1!!
  3. Neither do I, but I'll pop in occasionally and silently read.
  4. It's more than just Dan Patrick. Many of the talking heads are trying to convince Burrow that he will be ruined in Cincinnati. The problem is going to be of he starts to believe it. I'm sure he's listening to these former players and talking heads. What if he pulls an Eli? I wouldn't want to draft a guy if he doesn't want to be here and isn't going to buy in. It sucks that we are considered such a joke.
  5. I'll admit that I wasn't sold on Burrow until last night. He's got to be the pick. The dude is special and the Ohio connection could only make this more special if he leads us to the promised land. Truly an unbelievable performance.
  6. You think my post is irrational and I think yours is full of excuses for a HC who just finished tied with the worst season in franchise history. Great progress. No way this team is 2-14 under marvin. I completely disagree about Finley. If they wanted to see what they had in him, they would've stuck with him the rest of the year. Yeah more of the same next year isn't good enough for me. It shouldn't be for any Bengals fan. So the plan is to change the culture? That's not a very deep analysis. The culture was far worse when ML took over. The browns are a mess because they are full of divas. Ther
  7. At 2-14, he totally sucks and it should be unacceptable at this level. The above coaches you mentioned had HC or at least coordinator experience and had a plan. What's the plan here? Going to Finley was stupid. How can you evaluate a quarterback in 3 games? The Drew Sample pick was stupid. The playcalling was predictable and stupid. This team regressed every week. Of course they didn't quit-they are paid professionals. It has nothing to do with Taylor. Keep him and expect more of the same next year.
  8. 2-14 should never be acceptable in the NFL. I'm not trusting a 2-14 coach with the #1 pick in the draft. No fucking way.
  9. If you had the choice with a perfectly healthy Tua or Burrow, is Burrow still the chosen one?
  10. We're just going to have to disagree on our assessment of Burrow. I'm not using the #1 pick on a guy with moxie, and the "it" factor (which many on hear claimed Dalton had back in the day) and one outstanding season. Those who have compared his skill set to CP must not be watching the same quarterback I am. Again, I could be totally wrong and I'm going to be on board if he's the pick I love that he's from SE Ohio and that he seems like a great character guy. If it were me, I'm aggressive in FA, I'm taking Young #1 and I'm trading back in to the 1st and getting Tua. Everything I've
  11. His entire body of work is not worthy of the #1 overall pick IMO. I think one-year wonders are risky compared to guys who have been solid from the moment they stepped on the field (Tua, Lawrence, Fields, Bosa brothers, Young). His arm is slightly above average. He's drawn comparisons to Dalton and Wentz. I can live with it if he's the guy they pick. I just don't think he's the best prospect.
  12. SEC defenses were down this year lol. But....he's the savior. Like I said....we'll see.
  13. It looks like a spread offense to me. Has he been under center at all? If he's the guy then I'm cool with it, but, I'm a little hesitant when looking at the entire body of work over five years. If he's the guy, they have to upgrade the OL in FA or he will get killed at this level and his confidence destroyed. Also, I have very little faith in this coaching staff to play to his strengths. Maybe if I had more faith in this coaching staff, I would feel better about it. It will be an interesting offseason for sure.
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