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  1. You make a valid point regarding the coaching. All we can hope for is that it changes if this team goes 0-16. or even if they win 1 or 2 games.
  2. I would agree with your opinion of Burrow had he been a dominant player from the moment he stepped on the field. He couldn't win the starting the job at OSU, was okay last year. He is certainly having a great year this year, but his body of work overall is not worth the #1 overall pick IMO.
  3. My point being; the coaches deserve a lot of the blame for this shitshow,
  4. Chase Young without question. I think his presence alone makes the entire dline better, He's going to beat a lot of double teams. Teams won't be able to double team Geno anymore and Hubbard Lawson and Dunlap will be more effective.. I can't believe most are voting for the one-year wonder Burrow. That would be very risky IMO with the #1 overall pick. I think Tua is the better QB and has been more productive vs big-time competition since he was a freshman.
  5. Doesn't seem like a very MB-type move to cut a guy that was just extended. These coaches have more say than people think.
  6. I'm hoping to see some serious conversation here and not the typical MB sucks that seems to creep in to every thread, or some of the outright stupidity in some of the FB groups. Here's what I would do: 1.) Fire the entire coaching staff and Duke Tobin. I think these guys suck. Hire a coach with some experience as either a former HC, or a top-notch coordinator who would enjoy the challenge of a rebuild. 2.) Be aggressive in FA to fill holes in the OL and at LB. Sign quality FA's, No more Webb and Jerry types 3.) Tag AJ 4.) Attempt to resign Mixon. 5.) Take Chase Young with the #1 pick. I may try to trade back up in to the 1st to get a quarterback. Best OL or LB in the 2nd, another edge rusher in the 3rd, Maybe a quality quarterback slips, but I doubt it. I guess we'll see if Finley progresses or regresses. If it's the latter, I believe Dalton is still under contract for next year? To me, Zak is not ready for this kind of job. There appears to be no strategy and I would never accept 0-16. That's an elite club to join right there.
  7. There's never a guarantee on a draft pick, but he's clearly the best player, If he's there you take him. I've seen the guy blow apart double and triple teams. He's a team captain, a leader, and plays as hungry as I've ever seen anyone play. His presence would make the entire dline better because I don't think double teams can contain him at the NFL level.
  8. Tobin and the coaching staff made the selections. Selecting Drew Sample in the 2nd round was a fireable offense then and even more so now.
  9. The draft is a crapshoot. I'll take 8-8 and 7-9 any day over this embarrassment and the likelihood this team is going to go 0-16.
  10. I'm sure there had to be better FA's available in July. They also probably were betting on a healthy Glenn (who knows if he's healthy or not). In fairness, the team has tried to address the oline. The last two 1st round picks have been oline. It still hard for me to believe that Price sucks as bad as he does. I think it's more that the oline coach sucks along with the rest of the staff.
  11. I think they were betting on a healthy Lawson, healthy Dennard, healthy AJ, growth from Hubbard, and something from Malik Jefferson. They should've made moves when Boling retired and Jonah was injured. and Malik and Burfict were cut. Instead they made a cheap move with A. Smith and once again ignored the LB position Why this coaching staff doesn't think of creative ways to get Gio the ball is maddening.
  12. You can blame the injuries in the NFL on the CBA. These guys don't fucking practice, or the practices are so wussified that this ends up being the result.
  13. He didn't finish 8-8 every year. He took us to the playoffs multiple times. I can remember when we just getting to the post-season was something we hadn't done in years . Marvin took over a 2-14 team and they improved week to week. I believe that 2-14 finished 8-8 the following year under Marvin. By his 3rd season, this team was in the playoffs. It's too bad he couldn't get over the hump in the post-season, but I'll take getting there any day over this garbage we're seeing now.
  14. So how did this team go from being 5-1 at the start of last year to 0-9 and the absolute worse team in the NFL this year? We had a suck-ass line last year. Last season fell apart because of the enormous amount of injuries. The biggest change this year has without question been coaching IMO. You can't run a Rams style offense with our personnel. Lou would have already been fired if Marvin was still the HC. Absolutely no excuse for the regression in the D. The Oline coach sucks. We've had these issues before and the HC addressed them. Maybe I'm wrong, but I place the blame squarely on coaching.
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