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  1. Dalton is not the problem, but the reality is, a 31 year old QB is not the future. I'm not sure Finley is the answer either., Neither is a 31 year old wide receiver. We have to rebuild and I'm not sure this organization is capable of it. This team hasn't done anything relevant in 30 years. Thirty fucking years! That's why fans boo and why they don't spend hundreds of dollars to go to a game. That's why the stadium is practically empty. They knew this team needed OL help when Boling retired and Jonah got hurt. So what do they do?? Go out and sign out of shape Andre Smith for cheap and do nothing else. The LBr's have been a joke for as long as I can remember. Atkins and Dunlap are getting long in the tooth. Kirkpatrick shouldn't even be on this team. What a joke. And please...stop wearing the black on black uniforms. Have we ever won a game in those?
  2. Smart fans that didn't waste their money on this bullshit. This team has lost its fanbase and may never get them back.
  3. Now John Ross is hurt. This is turning into a fucking joke. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/7/29/8938038/john-ross-injury-nfl-news-bengals-camp-2019
  4. I sure as hell hope they make some moves to improve the line for the upcoming season. I have no idea who is available, but we can't go in to the season having lost our #1 draft pick and now losing Boling to retirement. C'mon MB!!
  5. I agree with what you posted. We're not talking about building an entire team with high-priced free agents, but we need an impact player or two in free agency. We don't need journeymen, or average to below average players. The draft is always a crapshoot.
  6. Well. I think a team full of douches and a RB who IMO should be suspended for at least the entire season will implode on itself. I don't think it's Mayfield. I think it's the GM Dorsey. He's not afraid to make bold moves and they have a ton of cash.
  7. Yeah I know. They never do anything even remotely creative to try and get better players. They must be thinking it's time to rebuild instead of going for it with the window closing on the quarterback and one of the best receivers in the NFL.
  8. I am on board with Uzomah and a little bit with Hart because they had to have somebody there. But journeyman Webb?? We didn't make a run for any of the LB'rs? Ours have been atrocious for years. Our Dline was terrible. I expected this team to do more to excite the fanbase.
  9. I really thought this team would go after quality FA's this year. I mean with the window closing on Dalton and AJ, a new coach, a clearly pissed off fanbase....unbelievable.
  10. JFC. This team isn't going to do anything to improve.
  11. So the premise of your argument is that the Brown family only cares about money and not enough about winning? I still say that's BS. They make money regardless of whether they win or not. They CAN make a lot more money and make the franchise more valuable by winning. You can't say this team isn't trying to win when you have the benefit of hindsight. Remember when Palmer was made the highest paid player in the league? Why would such a cheap organization do that? Is it because we let whitworth walk? He wanted a lot of money for an aging LT. Is it because this team doesn't know how to draft? We have found some late round gems, and to be fair, we've whiffed on some early picks. That happens to every team and not just the Bengals. There's some guys we've drafted who are still in the league and had pretty solid careers.
  12. So the magic formula for success and multiple Lombardi's is moving to another city? You should be a VP of football operations somewhere as you know the secret to guranteed success.
  13. Must be miserable to be so pessimistic towards a team you claim to be fan of.If they were all about the cash ,they could've sold the naming rights to the stadium. I guess his dad's name doesn't have a price tag? What a lost quality. Weren't you going to jump ship to the Colts? Why not get it over with already? Most of us can't just change teams.
  14. The Brown family is loyal to the state of Ohio. They're not going anywhere.
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