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  1. cpalmer2004

    Bengals vs Panthers analysis

    I was curious about RB walton. He seems like a Gio clone bengals line said he cuts back to much in preseason 25 carries for 24 yards. Mccshay liked him, however he might not even play. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/5/2/17302204/nfl-draft-2018-todd-mcshay-mark-walton-bengals-best-value-pick
  2. I understand turnover but this seems kinda odd. Marvin must have said something internally to the coaches about nearing the end. I guess everyone figured find something if you can get it.
  3. Ben Roethlisberger ('sore'), Antonio Brown ('fine') prepare to playhttp://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/ben-roethlisberger---sore----antonio-brown---fine---prepare-to-play-135144750.html
  4. This is a little off topic but I think that the Bengals should install the K gun or our old no huddle Sam ran here at least go more up tempo. I was watching the Buffalo 30 for 30 remember the 90's Bills running the K gun, which was a no huddle little different than Sam ran. i think we have the personnel to run the no huddle. andI know the NFL is different now but facing Pitt this week I think it would simplify things by not allowing the defense to huddle and allowing the offense to dictate to the defense instead of the opposite.We tend not to adjust very well to different changes the defense make. Life long Bengal's fan, so this is the golden era of Bengal's football let's be honest. I think with the radio helmets the QBs have it is even easier to run now. I watched Thurman run up and down the field, while Gio is not Thurman, he would be better in a wide open system. I do not know really what to do but watching the Bills I reminded me of Boomer and 80s Bengals no huddle. I wish we could be more dynamic for the enitire game not take our foot off the gas like the Denver game. I do understand we have basically a rookie QB right now and we need to protect him but he seemed to be doing fine until Denver went to zone and we lost our fullback. Coaches really never adjusted. Beat Pitt get an attitude, swag going like early in the season. sorry for the login id
  5. The hit on Graham I think was late, however I watched the Steelers game last night saw both teams make  same play several times not called. I also think the Peko call was not really a flag. I watched that happen in many other games and it was not called. I know it is all subjective and depends on the crew.   I am just glad to see the defense trying to be more physical.
  6. cpalmer2004

    A Start For Zeitler

    I did not see wher[b]e [/b][size=4][b]Zeitler [/b][/size]had signed his contract. Can someone provide a link? I know he is involved in OTAs just thought it was odd. A google search showed nothing either. Also I have requested another id for logging in but this is all I have for now.
  7. I would take Bill over Mike any day of the week. My data to support this is to look at what Bill has done compared to how Mike (our current owner and GM) does things. All in all I am happy with the changes Mike has done. I just would like to get a top down organization with one vision and some scouts. Bill could build that here. I honestly would take a guy off the street compared to some of the decisions made up until the last couple years 2009-2011. Also I hope this Rey thing is a mistaken identity but I seriously doubt it.
  8. can we hire Bill Polian as GM? Now Please... Just dreaming
  9. why do our lineman never cutblock. i wish marvin would have just been marvin
  10. I think limpincott must be in our replay booth
  11. I might start putting scott in on 3 and 1
  12. Found the show link on the right near the bottom. You do not need to be an Insider. It is just Marvin answering questions. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/show?showId=theherd

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