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  1. Heh, I was watching the UConn/Harvard game on DVR when I came across this gem from Bob Wischusen... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLnoSUtoEmk[/media]
  2. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cUcl7rtngs[/media]
  3. Knight's a good player, but not great IMO, definitely not the #1 player from that class with hindsight. I'd be surprised if he and T Jones came back though, how's that gonna work out with all the PT Cal promises freshmen?
  4. [quote name='JC' timestamp='1302662644' post='983312'] Heard Cal say BK and T.Jones might stay. UK might have the most talented team in the history of college basketball if that's the case. I mean..just wow. [/quote] lol no
  5. [quote name='scharm' date='08 April 2010 - 08:21 PM' timestamp='1270772483' post='876211'] Whatever. The dude has coached two different programs to the final 4.[/quote] Show me this in the official NCAA record book, because I can't find it.
  6. That has to be a record for one and dones from one team. I'm trying to think of another team that's had more than one, there probably is a few at least, but I can't come up with them.
  7. ESPN.com news services LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Kentucky freshmen Eric Bledsoe, DeMarcus Cousins, Daniel Orton and John Wall and junior Patrick Patterson will enter their names in this year's NBA draft, the school announced in a release on Wednesday. All five players are projected as first-round picks. It marks the second straight season a UK player has declared early for the draft. All-American Jodie Meeks decided to forego his senior season last year to turn pro.
  8. Just for lols: [img]http://i42.tinypic.com/aceafq.jpg[/img]
  9. [quote name='Bunghole' date='02 April 2010 - 11:43 PM' timestamp='1270266190' post='874891'] I don't see Orton leaving, and Bledsoe is FAR from NBA ready. [/quote] He was chilling out at the McD's game, Bledsoe that is, obviously not too concerned about class. I'd say he's as good as gone.
  10. BTW, Tory, is there a Kige Ramsey reaction to this?
  11. [quote name='Bunghole' date='29 March 2010 - 12:46 PM' timestamp='1269881186' post='873718'] He's a great coach, but he didn't beat UK. UK beat UK. [/quote] Actually WVU beat UK.
  12. [quote name='Bengals1181' date='31 December 2009 - 10:26 AM' timestamp='1262269609' post='849918'] dude, come on. I didn't watch much of the game to know how it was called, but that was a foul. [/quote] If you look at the angle from behind it looks like he hit him, but on the side angle you can clearly see that he didn't hit his body at all, his arm was a good few inches away, close enough that he looks like he hit him from the other angle. But he got ball first and 90% ball throughout it, which should be enough for a no call at the end of a game. Not surprising or anything, but wrong in my humble opinion. The ref wasn't in the best position to see it that way, obviously I have the advantage of slow-motion replay.
  13. It was a bailout, and a clear instance where the ref needs to swallow his whistle - I'd think so if it went the other way. That's not to take anything away from UC but thats my opinion. Like I said, there was a legit foul on Dyson with about three seconds left that I wouldn't have had a problem with being called, but the foul that they did call wasn't there and was 3 seconds too late and therefore killed what little chance we'd have for a buzzer beater. Also, UConn has no business being ranked #10, we're a 2 man show this year. It'll be tough sledding for us in the Big East. FWIW, they're calling it a "bum call" on ESPN
  14. BULLSHIT call. Way to decide a great game ref. If anything he got fouled 2 seconds earlier. But there was no foul on Edwards or Oriakhi. It's a rugby match for 39 minutes and 59 seconds and he calls that.
  15. If he's at all like his relative, Drew, he's probably not very mobile.
  16. I think that only applies to 15 and under, iirc. And I think breaking and entering could include walking into an unlocked house or something similar. Who knows. The article is pretty vague.
  17. [url="http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/5075734/"]http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/5075734/[/url] [quote]Prep basketball standout Wall cited with breaking and entering John Wall Posted: Today at 10:23 a.m. Updated: 22 minutes ago Raleigh, N.C. — Local high school basketball standout John Wall, one of the nation's top uncommitted college prospects, has been cited with breaking and entering, Raleigh police said Monday. Johnathan Hildred Wall, a 6-4 playmaker, averaged 21 points, seven rebounds and nine assists for Word of God Christian Academy in Raleigh this past season. He is the No. 1-ranked point guard in the country by both Rivals.com and Scout.com. Authorities said Wall, 18, of 537 E. Davie St., Raleigh, was charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering in connection with an April 27 afternoon break-in at an unoccupied house for sale at 3924 Laurel Glen Drive in Raleigh. Wall, the most highly recruited high school player in the country, is being sought after by a number of colleges, including North Carolina State University and Duke University. University of Memphis, University of Miami, Baylor University, University of Kansas and University of Kentucky are also pursuing him. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has expressed an interest. Wall is expected to narrow his list of schools any day now. The signing period ends May 20. Because NCAA rules prohibit schools from commenting officially on prospects, it's unclear how the citation could affect recruiting and Wall's decision. But Dave Telep, national director of recruiting for men's basketball for Scout.com, said that unless "something bigger" comes of the charge, he doesn't see it as an issue. "At this point, it doesn't look like it's going to adversely affect their recruiting of John," he told 99.9 FM The Fan Monday afternoon after talking to two schools that are recruiting Wall. "I wouldn't jump to conclusions," Telep told WRAL News. "It's a misdemeanor. It could be nothing more than a mistake." Police said an officer saw Wall leaving from the rear of the residence around 12:30 p.m. and was able to detain him. There was no forced entry at the residence and no indication that anything was taken from it. Authorities would not say what he might have been doing there. "I think John is a good kid. It doesn't feel right," added Telep, who has followed Wall for more than three years. Two other people were also charged in the April 27 crime. Bria Renea Draughn, 16, of 3212 Harmony Court, Raleigh, was detained while walking along a nearby street. Reginald Leonard Jackson II, 17, of 108 Luxorwind Drive, Garner, was detained when he returned to the residence, police said. Word of God principal Anesha Pittman had no comment Monday morning. "You'll have to speak with his mother about that," she said.[/quote]
  18. Right, I didn't say it wasn't successful, but I couldn't think of a single top program in the country who has had two one and done lottery pick PGs in consecutive years...
  19. Other teams don't just fill in one and done PGs every year...
  20. :rofl: @ John Cal developing Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans
  21. Well I bet Cal and WWW are paying the most, so I wouldn't be shocked if he does end up in Kentucky Blue. And somewhere Kige Ramsey's head will explode.
  22. [quote name='Go Tory Go!' post='760318' date='Apr 1 2009, 03:45 PM']And seriously - Judd is [i]at best[/i] (and I'm being very generous here) a has-been, and would probably best be described as a never-was. Ramsey will be unstoppable once he takes his degree, and I'll take a will-be over a has-been any day.[/quote] I agree with this whole sentiment.
  23. [quote name='JC' post='760148' date='Mar 31 2009, 09:58 PM']Please tell me you don't have a credible source for that..[/quote] I shouldn't have used the word "will," "could" would have been a better choice. [url="http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/story/11573812"]http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/story/11573812[/url] [quote]Calipari will replace Billy Gillispie, who was fired last Friday. It's possible Calipari will take Memphis recruits DeMarcus Cousins and Xavier Henry -- as well as the nation's top unsigned player, John Wall -- with him to Lexington, which could have Kentucky competing for a national title if Jodie Meeks and/or Patrick Patterson return.[/quote]
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