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  1. 47 minutes ago, PatternMaster said:


    I seriously doubt he gets cut, the Bengals honor their contracts historically.  


    This whole warrant is a non-issue as it's clear the police made a mistake by rushing to arrest Mixon. If the warrant never occurred would everyone be calling for him to be cut?

    I think the arrest stuff is a money grab cheap extortion scam.  You know, move along, nothing to see here.


    But he simply is not worth that much money and it can be put to much better use on the team elsewhere.

    Like, say, a new left turn signal bulb to replace the one that burned out on the Lumina six years ago.

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  2. 9 hours ago, westside bengal said:


    It would take more than one first rounder and I would still far rather keep him around here with Joe and Ja'Marr for a long time.


    If the other Joe's name was Baggadonuts rather than Mixon who has entrenched himself into a Bengals star without good reason

    he would be gone because of his production and inability to protect the franchise in the backfield.

    Joe Baggadonuts Mixon is simply not worth it.

    Look at the forest rather than the trees.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Cricket said:

    Even with a win over Buffalo in the “cancelled” game, KC still would have ended up with a better record than the Bengals…and would have hosted the game.  

    True and all the 20/20 hindsight and what if stuff but still, imho,

    scheduling a Buffalo v Chiefs in a neutral site and Bengals v Chiefs

    at KC for the home town advantage is wonky as hell from the NFL Powers That Be.

    What's up with that?


    Whatever... still not completely over it but I am out of it.

    My perception of NFL football has certainly been altered.

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  4. 13 hours ago, Inigo Montoya said:

    I’m calmed down enough about the officiating to share my thoughts.  


    1) Very disappointed in the result obviously but I appreciate the fight the Bengals showed all season right up till the end.  This team has belief to go with their talent and I believe they will keep banging on the door until they break through.  

    2) There’s no shame in losing to that opponent on the road by a FG.  It’s close every time we’ve played them with Burrow.  Mahomes played on one good leg with multiple receivers injured and still was effective.  He deserves credit for getting his team through.

    3) It’s a shame we were ultimately undone by the o-line again.  The Chiefs pass rush made big plays throughout the game and dominated down the stretch when we had a chance to take the lead.  Only silver lining I can find is that Cappa and Jonah didn’t suffer injuries that will carry over to next year (unlike Collins).  Still, we need better contingency plans to hopefully avoid another repeat.


    4) Our list of free agents is manageable heading into next season, but will be much harder in 2024.  I expect to lose Bates, Pratt, and probably Perine, but we should keep Bell, Hurst, and possibly Apple.  Hopefully, we can extend Burrow and another non-FA because the list of free agents in 2024 is scary (Higgins, Wilson, Reader, Awuzie, Jonah) and some tough decisions will need to be made.  

    5) As far as coaching is concerned, the biggest question is whether Anarumo gets a HC job.  Losing Callahan would not be ideal, but losing Lou makes the defense very uncertain next year.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen.  

    Welcome back.

    I go back to even before the... game?

    the NFL Powers that Be deem

    Chiefs v Buffalo on neutral ground.

    Chiefs v Bengals in KC with the home field advantage which did,

    arguably, play into the outcome.


    What's up with that?

  5. Three days later and still not over it.


    "It" includes the cancelled Monday Night Game with Buffalo.

    Yes, it should have been cancelled but the Bengals still should

    have been awarded the W either because they were winning when

    cancelled or a Buffalo forfeit.  Affected our playoff seed and possible

    home game.


    "It" includes the WTF plan for a neutral site for Buffalo and Kansas City

    and us playing in the loudest stadium in the NFL.  Advantage Buffalo?

    Turns out that it did have an effect.  Possibly.

    Why didn't we get a neutral site for this game?  Da' fuk?

    Might not have made a difference but it would have leveled the

    playing field and we would have been on the same footing as Buffalo

    if they had won.


    "It" also includes the Kansas City Cluster Fuck.


    My personal protest which no one gives a flying fuck about will be to

    boycott the Super Bowl and probably do my taxes.


    Perfect way for the NF'nL to demoralize a fan base.

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