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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/projected-top-10-nfl-draft-pick-suffers-injury-combine


    Projected top 10 NFL Draft pick suffers injury during Combine: reports

    Penn State's Olu Fashanu, arguably the top offensive tackle prospect in the Draft, suffered a right thigh injury


    Offensive tackle Olu Fashanu, a projected top 10 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, bowed out of his NFL Scouting Combine performance on Sunday due to injury. 

    No one ever wants to see a prospect hurt during the Combine, but it’s the unfortunate reality that sometimes happens when draftees try to vault their draft stock. Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins ran a blazing 40-yard dash earlier this weekend, but suffered a hip injury in the process. 

    Fashanu, a Penn State product, left with a right thigh injury, according to multiple reports. He was seen walking around with that thigh wrapped in ice. 

    Fashanu, though, seemed to be in good spirits, according to the NFL Network. He believes that he will be fine to perform at Penn State’s Pro Day on March 15, and he’s someone many teams will be waiting to see given his status among his peers. 

    Fashanu measures 6-foot-6, 312 pounds with 34-inch arms and an 82 and 5/8th wingspan, along with an 8-and-a-half-inch hand. 

    These are all prototypical measurables for someone who plays his position, and his speed and strength have proven to be something evaluators believe will translate to the next level. 

    Fashanu is the best offensive tackle prospect in the NFL Draft depending on which expert or evaluator you talk to, but there’s no question many NFL teams believe him to be first-round worthy. 

    Fashanu was a team captain last season for the Nittany Lions, starting 12 games at left tackle. He has 21 career starts at the position, and was named the 2023 Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year as well as first-team All-Big Ten. 

    Fashanu did have an undisclosed injury that he suffered in 2022, which forced him to start just eight games. 

    Penn State’s Pro Day will show if this was a small tweak at the Combine for Fashanu, or if it needs more attention moving forward. 


    This will cause some of the others we have been speculating to move up and him to move down

    possibly into our ball park.  Do we take a chance or hope he drops into the second (third?) round with

    an injury prone rep?  Would we consider him, anyway?  :39:

    I think Mims and Paul may be gone at 18, anyway.  Esp Mims.

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  2. 2 hours ago, BengalBacker said:

    Any way to contact Katie? She might do something for you. Owning and running a Bengals message board for so long might count for something. Proves your legit loyalty to the team.

    Actually, not a bad idea at all.

    The Browns are very accessible to personal contact and communication with fans,

    much more so than any other owner, I would say.

    A politely worded letter to both Mike and Katie (don't call them Old Musty and Pumpkin, me thinks...)

    explaining your plight (avoid the term "fucked over) and how far you, Go, travel and the expense alone

    with you and your son should weigh heavily.  And your support of the team at games away from Paul

    Brown Stadium (screw Paycore).

    You have put more into this team, time and money, than high profile guys like say, well... you fill in the blanks.

    If anyone qualifies as a "Super Fan" its you, Go.


    However... I would not mention the message board thing and if you do don't tell them which one.

    Just sayin' and told to me by a friend.


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  3. 10 hours ago, New Jersey Bengal said:

    Haven't heard anything on Williams I guess u have?


    7 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

    A few rumors going around.

    Bengals need a player like that if true.

    He makes a positive difference .



    Hot off the presses



    B/R suggests Bengals dish $50M contract to key free agent

    The Cincinnati Bengals feel like a team about to make another big splash in free agency.

    After all, while boasting droves of cap space after the Tee Higgins franchise tag, the Bengals have a host of needs to address.

    Chief among those is the defensive line, so it’s fitting that Bleacher Report’s Gary Davenport suggests the Bengals go and get their best team fit, Leonard Williams:

    Leonard Williams isn’t the best defensive tackle hitting the market in 2024. He’s just the best interior lineman with a real shot at leaving—Chris Jones of the Chiefs, Justin Madubuike of the Ravens and Christian Wilkins of the Dolphins will probably be extended and/or tagged by their current teams.

    The projected contract on that deal? Three years and $50.5 million, with $36.5 million registered as guaranteed.

    Williams, a former top-10 pick, just put up four sacks over 10 games in Seattle and has that interior pass-rush burst the Cincinnati defense needs.

    What’s especially important for the Bengals to find is versatility and depth in addition to pass-rush ability. DJ Reader is a free agent and injured, leaving B.J. Hill as the most productive interior player. Williams, even at that price tag, would be a big upgrade.


    ******ummmmm... no

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  4. 16 minutes ago, T-Dub said:


    Sprint to the podium then hope he beats out Volson on the first day of camp? Let him take over at C (or not) when the time comes.

    So much this minus beating out Volson without seeing how Volson has improved in the off season.

    Volson, Karras, Cappa... can any kick outside and play ORT?

    Trade up in Round 2 for the best OT remaining?

    Our annual free agent rent-a-tackle?

    But, yeah, if Bowers and Mims are gone... this is that guy.

    If all three are gone... trade down.

    Whatever, I really don't want to see him going to Pittsburgh but I think

    a real possibility of them trading up to get him

  5. Bowers won't slide that far

    and Pittsburgh would trade up for Powers-Johnson

    if they think he's going to Jacksonville.  Or... us if Mims goes

    higher which he probably will.

    So play the game... if Bowers and Mims are gone...

    is Powers-Johnson > than the other OTs on the board?

    The thought of him being a Squeel really gives me the willies.

    Much rather see him here than there.

  6. I'm down to looking at this year's draft as not who do we take first but who do we

    take in the first and second rounds.  Two of the guys listed below including wise trading up

    would know it out of the park.





    Powers-Johnson (C-G for a decade ... besides Steels will sign him as the next

    in their long list of killer Centers going all the way back to Webster... then Dawson and most recently Pouncy

    WE need to do that... "Start with a Center" ~Paul Brown),


    Jer’Z Newton,


    Maybe even some hocus pocus with trading in Round 3.

    Top blocking tight end and make him a full back ala former TE Booby Clark?

    But I see it as a two round draft, not just the first round.

    (yeah, all 7 +2 comps but shore up the needs first)

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  7. 1 minute ago, Jamie_B said:


    Finding a RB that can run out of the shotgun still doesn't solve the QB sack issue.


    You are still hacking at the branches and not the root.

    You can't be talking abut our offensive line :ninja:

    We're constantly hearing about our fantastic free agents signing of Karras, Cappa and Brown Jr.

    if they're that good why isn't Sixgun in the Pro Bowl and Joe Burrow in one piece for an entire season?

    Can't all be Volson's fault.  

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