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  1. Saw a pic of it once. And it was on a hot car, too. Can't find it on image search now. I once said something about it to the guy at the BMV and he's the one who told me "ITCHY" was also not allowed.
  2. That would make a nice Bengals vanity/personalized license plate. Well, since "ITCH" is taken and "ITCHY" not allowed.
  3. Main Goals for the Jets Game: 1) Win 2) Stay healthy/no injuries Be nice if Ja'marr breaks/sets/ties a few more records on his way to Rookie of the Year. And the Two Joes add to their stats. Uzo, too. And Not Fat Randy.
  4. One of my major brain worms is how many face palms and pink slips were issued by the advertising agency that came up with those dumb ass commercials. Next season Joe Burrow and Ja'marr Chase are going to be on TV more than the Kardashians.
  5. Monday October 25 "Dre, coach wants to see you and bring your playbook"
  6. Jeff Ruby approves this post. Another Good and Ugly both was the look on Lemar "Overrated" Jackass's face starting late in the third quarter when the arrogant ass clown realized what a loser he is and what a real quarterback looks like.
  7. Before the game I had a good feeling about this game but did not say anything about it because I did not want to jinx it. No kidding. I was calling it The Bengals Bar Mitzvah, Today They Become a Man The Good... Right now, looks like they will be printing Bengals playoff tickets real soon The Bad... I'll be paying for them and sitting in the stands in January. There goes the draft choice. Lots of hard decisions about our free agents at the end of the season. Besides Jesse Bates. He's a gimme. As in, get it done now. I would bet the ranch and half the livestock that the December 26 home game with these ass hats is flexed. That will be a cold evening in The Rye Bread Town. Game should have some impact on the playoffs for one or both teams.
  8. Cleveland and Pittsburgh play each other so one will drop a game down.
  9. NOW put some points on the board. (and watch out for cheap shots on Joe and Ja'marr et al)
  10. Throw it to the guy in the white shirt, Joe, not the three in the purple.
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