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  1. Yeah, go Ziggy Stardust on them. Now, Joey B played Q Bee Throwing wild to Tee and Chasey And the Bengals from Cincy And we know how that ended...
  2. I think the arrest stuff is a money grab cheap extortion scam. You know, move along, nothing to see here. But he simply is not worth that much money and it can be put to much better use on the team elsewhere. Like, say, a new left turn signal bulb to replace the one that burned out on the Lumina six years ago.
  3. It would take more than one first rounder and I would still far rather keep him around here with Joe and Ja'Marr for a long time. If the other Joe's name was Baggadonuts rather than Mixon who has entrenched himself into a Bengals star without good reason he would be gone because of his production and inability to protect the franchise in the backfield. Joe Baggadonuts Mixon is simply not worth it. Look at the forest rather than the trees.
  4. No love on here for the big guy from The Ohio State University?
  5. I don't care what the deal is. Cut his ass, anyway.
  6. OK. I get it. A money grab cheap extortion scam by some crack ho. Mixon is still an albatross both in the backfield and to the salary cap even without this. Bye, Felicia.
  7. I could care less about Joe Mama. Kelsey Conway is the hawtest sports babe in Cincinnati.
  8. 300 Block of Walnut. That's about two blocks from Fountain Square in the middle of downtown Cincinnati. What an ass. Maybe he stood too close to Lewis Billups when he was here for that King of the Jungle thing. Mixon will get off. Still should dump him. Maybe trade him to Pittsburgh.
  9. True and all the 20/20 hindsight and what if stuff but still, imho, scheduling a Buffalo v Chiefs in a neutral site and Bengals v Chiefs at KC for the home town advantage is wonky as hell from the NFL Powers That Be. What's up with that? Whatever... still not completely over it but I am out of it. My perception of NFL football has certainly been altered.
  10. Welcome back. I go back to even before the... game? the NFL Powers that Be deem Chiefs v Buffalo on neutral ground. Chiefs v Bengals in KC with the home field advantage which did, arguably, play into the outcome. What's up with that?
  11. Or the outside speed rusher, either. Doesn't leave much left.
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