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  1. High School Harry

    Keeping our enemies close 2018

    Wonder if they would be interested in John Ross straight up? Assuming we would want Bell on our team... never mind.
  2. Forever more to be known as "Third and Kirkpatrick"
  3. The Truth: We aren't that good. P.S. Time for DC Austin to get his ass out of the warm, dry, cozy booth with a cup of coffee (or something stronger as was the case yesterday) and down on the field so he can talk to his players and find out what the fuck is going on on the field. I lost a lot of respect for him yesterday when he was probably the only person on the field who did not know what was going on with his defense. For that defensive line, HID defensive line to be handled by second stringers and him not having close to an answer was a disgrace. Hell, my seats are closer to the field than his.
  4. I C Deadpeople, too. Playing linebacker.
  5. A couple of things in retrospect... I can't believe they let Randy try the long field goal. I thought they were going to punt and pin them back rather than risk ... what happened. I thought that was the turning point (one of them, anyway) right there. Stupid call, imho. Lots of posts on here about the holding. Lapham was going nuts on the radio about the number of O-linemen downfield before the ball was released and never called. The one Panther td pass should have been negated because the guard was almost as deep as the receiver. 8-8 Next year draft linebacker in round one and quarterback in round two.
  6. They BOTH should be on the inactive list next week(s). NO ninja Would like to see Tate, anyway.
  7. Birthday boy blew two time outs in the firsts quarter that would have been nice to have had on our last possession. And, yes, lots of Panther O linemen downfield. Laph said the guard was on their last touchdown pass.
  8. And here comes a Marvin two minute drive. With only one time out left.
  9. Are Atkins and Dunlop still on this team?
  10. Nickerson just showed his ass...
  11. Like I said... concerned about McCafferty and Newton.
  12. They are missing their tight end, Mary Kate Olson. Or is it Ashley? That is a plus for us the way we cover a tight end.
  13. Totally agree unless there are things behind the curtain The Wizard won't show us. Not no where, not no how. Makes zero sense to sign a running back when you are down to two, one of whom is a bit ouchy in the knee, and them stash him on the practice squad. Teach him two or three plays and put him out there if for no other reason than to give the other two a break every now and then. This might be a good fame for Auden Tate, too. Big receiver and one of their corners has been dinged up all week. Otherwise, I hope Luke Kulchy (have to learn to spell that some day) down not have a Hall of Fame performance against the middle of our line. No more missed tackles and stop McCafferty and Newton cold. Worried about this one...
  14. Here is a look at the Bengals inactive players for Week 3: OL Cedric Ogbuehi WR Auden Tate LB Preston Brown OL Billy Price RB Joe Mixon DE Michael Johnson RB Thomas Rawls
  15. High School Harry

    Injury updates

    Additional Moves: Tra Carson cleared waivers on Thursday and was placed on Injured Reserve. Carson, who suffered a hamstring injury on Monday, was placed on waivers after the team signed Thomas Rawls. Stepping it up: In the meantime, Mixon ran on a zero-gravity treadmill and optimistically said that he feels great. “Doing some striders and getting in a little conditioning.” 3) It’s just a bug. Starting right tackle Bobby Hart sat during practice on Thursday due to an “illness”. Backups Jake Fisher and Cedric Ogbuehi filled in. Jason Marcum argues that Hart“needs to be benched” anyway. PFF analysis agrees — he’s the lowest graded offensive player in Cincinnati and ranked 92nd out of 94th among all offensive tackles in the NFL. Not working on Thursday: Hart was joined by Mixon (knee) and Billy Price (foot) on the “did not participate list”. Michael Johnson (knee) remained limited, as was Preston Brown (ankle). ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Bobby Hart controversy continues. Stopping Suggs and no sacks on Andy vs Baltimore is an accomplishment. I dunno... if not Hart, who? Hart>Fisher>Ogbuhei. Who is responsible for Luke Kulchey (sp)?

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