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  1. Heading to MSP

    Bill Jello---><--- Amish
  2. However, it won't allow me to copy-and-paste the thumbnail on my desktop, have to get new ones from yahoo image search. Thank you, again.
  3. Ah ha! If I copy and past the pic it appears but won't if I drag it to the space below.
  4. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Very true. I don't have anyone on ignore but I do ignore a lot of X's posts simply because they are meaningless statistics. The problem is I think people are leaving the board because of it and I do not like that at all. I like the openness and back and forth banter. A lot of genuinely funny stuff on here. The best way to kill a troll is to stave it to death by ignoring it, however, some may ignore it by leaving.
  5. Spectrum / Time Warner. It was OK and then quit accepting stuff. Thank you for the reply. All this stuff is way over my little pea brain.
  6. John Ross - PLOT TWIST

    As far as Ross, I vote "bust" until proven otherwise. Wish it were otherwise but "potential" means virtually nothing until it turns into "production".
  7. I get ... You are only allowed to upload 10.24kb. and using the same gifs I have used before. Not sure what's up but hope it can be corrected. The popcorn is piling up here at Chateau Harry.
  8. Can't post animated gifs. No kidding. What's the deal?
  9. Not sure what you guys are doing but here is a pic of all I see on my screen. Any idea what's wrong?
  10. The Browns would probably forget to e mail the confirmation and fuck that up, too, or the Bengals would turn it down because the never trade draft choices.
  11. How often do Bengals lose a lead.

    Statistics prove that they lose every game they don't win. Not counting ties. Those they both win and lose. Or lose and win. I'm glad I could clear that up. Statistically.
  12. Pete Brown dies

    Sad news for the Brown family at any time but especially in the Christmas season.
  13. I am, too. Very much. I don't think any of them were like that in college. With coaches like Tomlin and Joey Heatherton what would you expect? A bunch of freaking thugs.

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