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  1. In your case above, trade down. An thought is what if we do end up drafting first. I don't think I would take an OT with the first pick in the draft and some team would trade a king's ransom for Trevor. I would go that route and try for another quality OT if Sewell was not available or we could not trade up to get him.
  2. Perhaps minor point but there will also be Bengal fans in the stands for the first time. Only 6,000 unless a bunch of those decide to eat their tickets after last Sunday's debacle. Joe playing in front of his parents for the first time as a pro, I'm sure, unless they were snuck into the owner's box. Weather looks to be mid 50's and cloudy. Perfect football weather. Also Tyler Eiffert's homecoming, not that that means a heck of a lot. Son and I are going and even if the game sucks ass, we are going to Morton's Steak House on a gift card after so there is so
  3. If Joe Burrow had anything CLOSE to a decent offensive line Patrick Mahones would be nothing more than the answer to a trivia question.
  4. Just kidding, of course, but this IS the Bengals. They can screw up a one man parade in a phone booth assuming they can find a phone booth.
  5. The Bengals today have waived OL Shaq Calhoun. In a corresponding move, they’ve signed OL Keaton Sutherland from the practice squad. After the initial 53-man roster was set earlier this month, the Bengals made Calhoun, a second-year player, their only claim off of the waiver wire. He spent the first three weeks on the active roster but never played a down for the team. Calhoun was originally waived by the Miami Dolphins during final cuts, as was Sutherland. A second-year player out of Texas A&M, Sutherland was originally a college free agent signee of the Bengals in 2019 and mad
  6. So he's half way there. BTW... I am almost predicting another tie this year. 0-14-2 would not surprise me. And pick 6th in the draft.
  7. Right now I would say Auden Tate should be unhappy with his current salary and ask for more. And get it. Who was it in the game day thread who suggested we move Alex Ericson along and keep Ross active? Anyone (almost) can fair catch which seems to be most of what he does. Ross could be a decoy that must be accounted for because of his speed alone even though he can't catch his scrote in his jock strap at least without hurting himself. What the hey with Ross? Go with the "even a blind pig finds a truffle sometimes" philosophy.
  8. I agree that Turner would be the guy. Who replaces him at this stage of the game?
  9. So does Off Sides Alex (Redmond) come off the practice squad via the Next Man Up policy? Yeah, I would say a pretty good bet. Be nice to see Adeniji get a look-see after some good ink before the season started. And I admit it. I was wrong. Billy Price is a bust.
  10. I think they cut Jake Elliot hoping they could slide him under the radar to the practice squad. Didn't work. Water under the dam or something like that.
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