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  1. I think they should include Trenton Irwin in the Ring of Honor. Who's with me? Aaaayyyyyyyyy....
  2. Gives whole new meaning to the old term "taking one for the team", doesn't it.
  3. Good luck getting reservations at The Precinct on a Saturday night unless you book many months ahead. There's A Taste of Belgium at the Banks, too. I pass it every time I go to a Bengals game. Ruth's Christ is down there, too. There's a Port-O-Potty at the construction site just east of The Banks. Its called A Taste of Pittsburgh. Very popular with the visiting gapers when the Stealers are in town.
  4. In today's PC culture, yes. Everything is bound to offend someone. I think they should change their name to the Washington Team Football. That's what my dyslexia sees every time I see the current name, anyway. Gooooo WTF!
  5. And injuries as guys fighting for a roster spot get to beat up on players not their teammates. Bad idea.
  6. Thanks, Trent Pssssssttt... the ninja emoji is board speak for just kidding around in some form or another. Welcome to the Jungle, Trent.
  7. Thank you. Ex Mother in Law lived in Bethany Beach, DE. Loved the place. It was on the DelMarVa Peninsula.
  8. There used to be a BengalMom on either this board or my previous one with MOC and Guru. It was Brad St Louis's mom before he went bad. She and husband owned an RV and traveled to a lot of away games. Sat behind me at an away game in Indianapolis once.
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