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  1. Next on PFF: Bengals pass-rush unit ranks low in the bottom ten.
  2. High School Harry

    Pick 2 for WR Duo

    Absolutely. If it was top three, Chad for sure. However the survey is bogus, anyway. No Jeff Query, no vote.
  3. No, no, no... I'm agreeing with you. Boling was a good player and his loss will be sorely felt. What I was implying, or trying to, is that I don't have a lot of faith in either Glenn or Hart for an entire season or less much less looking for backups. Also, dare I say it?, I am wondering if Jonah's injury will affect the rest or his career or end it altogether.
  4. Very true. I'm not sure we have anyone worth a fiddler's damn to replace in the first place at OT.
  5. High School Harry


    Excellent reason for your missing Lohmiller's dead ball bounce off the upright sending us to the playoffs. And a Super Bowl we should have won. Actually, I think we should have won them both. Thank you for your service to our country.
  6. High School Harry


    I agree that that is also one of the best games in Bengals history. But not sure how that relates to my comment about the Washington game.
  7. High School Harry


    IIRC, the icing on the cake to this win was the Washington kicker, Chip Lohmiller, had an easy game winning field goal at the end of the game bounce off the left upright and the Bengals went on to win. Absolutely one of the best games in Bengals history.
  8. High School Harry

    Emoji Dead Links

    A lot of the golden oldie emoji are now gone and a shows up. Any way to get them back? A lot were pretty cool. How about adding thanks.
  9. Or releasing a bust offensive lineman for a 6th round comp pick.
  10. High School Harry

    The Athletic

    So, you're asking if there are any Athletic supporters here?
  11. Lots of that going on today in places other than professional football and its scary as hell. AJ > Jar Jar by a wide margin. Fuck the Stealers and Jar Jar, too.
  12. Does make you wonder who knew what when.
  13. Sorry to see him go but glad he is looking after his heath. I wish him nothing but the best. If there is some sort of silver lining, I hope Westerman gets a real and honest shot.
  14. While I agree with the sentiment, I would like it if you reworded your last sentence.

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