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  1. Can they tag a guy and trade him? I think Master Bates should suck it up and tell his pimp to get 'er done as far as a contract.
  2. Yeah. That was the attempt at humor. Don't know who Emory Hunt is/was or his handle on here.
  3. This guy is really cut, muscular definition. I hope this does not mean he is prone to muscle pulls, etc. The Pete Koch of defensive backs.
  4. Look how well he squeezes a ketchup bottle. Always a good sign. Or so I've been told.
  5. Whoa! You're right, of course. Either it was changed or I looked at it wrong... probably the latter. Thanks for the catch. I'm trying to make dinner plans for after the game and this becomes one less to plan for.
  6. Brought this up and now a brain worm because I don't know and I am sure someone on here will. Can the December 4 game with the Chiefs be flexed out of the 1:00 slot or it is too early?
  7. I didn't know he was doing national TV. I thought he was selling and renting golf carts in MILF Heaven, The Villages Florida. Or was that someone else?
  8. This seems odd... September, October and November all have only one 1:00 home game kick off. Squeels 9/11, Atlanta 10/23 and Carolina 11/6 Two in December, 12/4 with the Chiefs and 12/11 with the Clowns. One in January with the Ravens for now.... possibly flexed depending on how the season shakes down. Can the Chiefs game be flexed? Seems like a lot of interest there around the league.
  9. The only way I can see that happening is if Harris and/or Huber "retire" before the start of the season. Not taking the punter in the draft was a vote of confidence for OSU Drue and the long snapper is being portrayed as the Mother Teresa of football.
  10. I was thinking 15 years in federal prison being Bubba and Billy Joe Bob's girlfriend.
  11. Mostly camp fodder but it will be interesting to see if they try to sneak LS Adomitis on to the practice squad to get some practice with the punter/holder they seem to like from last year, OSU Drue Chrisman to kind of insert as a pair if Huber and Clark Harris decide to retire or die of old age. Note: Chrisman wears Number 4 ... The Mark of the Rotund One.
  12. And the Orange and Black play on Halloween Night... I see what you did there... yuk yuk yuk
  13. All well and good but I have one of those jobs where if I ain't there, I ain't paid. And I'm a greedy kind of guy. So I will just bitch about it and go in. A though day at work is a small price to pay for a Bengals game.
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