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  1. High School Harry

    Injury updates

    Speaking of injuries and not sure where else to put this but something is up with Flacco. Besides sucking. The Starlings are practicing RGIII and the hot rat rookie quarterback. If either of them start, esp. the rookie (Jackson), they/he will not throw a pass and do nothing but run around the end for 12 yards at a time. Yeah, exaggeration for effect, but I can see him pulling it down and running when there is any doubt about a completion. Could be real fugly real fast.
  2. High School Harry

    Teryl Austin Fired

    They spent all the available money on Hue's contract.
  3. High School Harry

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Like how Ben Jarvis the Green Elephant never fumbled until he signed with us. BTW, inside sources tell me that Pterodactyl Austin has been signed as a defensive coordinator by EA Sports.
  4. High School Harry

    Hue is Back

    And end up a perfectly mediocre 8-8. Another wasted season and drafting in the perfect position for the next Ross or Ogbuhi. Marvinball at its finest. Perfect.
  5. High School Harry

    Hue is Back

    Ironic how the Bengals are so ... frugal ... when it comes to signing quality players yet throw money at this dingleberry to be groomed as Marvin's successor.
  6. High School Harry

    Veterans Day Roll Call and Photo Gallery

    https://www.livescience.com/48245-fury-film-ww2-tiger-tank.html I thought the star of the movie was Old 131, the last and only running German Tiger I tank from WWII. It was brand new, off the boat and broke down shortly after deployment. The crew had to abandon it. It was undamaged, the British picked it up, brought it back to England, repaired it and it has been on display ever since. Once a year it is started up and put through its paces for the public. One major anachronism is the German tank in the movie, 131, is the original desert sand color rather than gray like the German tanks in Europe <--- This is 131 back in England in 1943. The old guy in the dark suit getting into it is Winston Churchill.
  7. High School Harry

    Coaching Carousel 2019

    Well, this is something. By Jason Marcum@marcum89 Updated Nov 12, 2018, 11:02pm EST Bengals.com It’s been a rollercoaster season for the Bengals, but it’s one Marcus Lewis has not been part of. The son of the head coach Marvin Lewis apparently stepped down before the season began, according to Bengals radio man Dave Lapham (via The Lance McAlister Show): Marcus Lewis was originally hired back in 2014 as a defensive assistant. He has been on the staff ever since, and he was set to be an assistant linebackers coach in 2018. Apparently, something happened along the way that led to him stepping down. Maybe he didn’t want to work for his dad or work around his dad. Lewis worked in 2013 as an assistant to the University of Cincinnati coaching staff. He had duties with the defensive line and scout teams, and he also worked in the team’s self-scouting, film breakdown and practice organization. He was expected to work in similar capacities with the Bengals. Lewis played high school football in Greater Cincinnati, at Indian Hill, and went on to play LB for four seasons (2008-11) at Indiana State, seeing action in 33 career games. What’s most interesting is that none of the local media noticed that the younger Lewis hasn’t been on the coaching staff in weeks. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I guess the Bengals didn't notice either. His picture is still on the website. And Hue Jackson has been added.
  8. High School Harry

    Hue is Back

    As a long time fan like all of you, the only word I can come up with to describe how I feel is betrayed. Sixteen years of Marv and now Mini Marv. How many years are we going to be stuck with this pant load? I rarely say anything bad about MikeandKatie but with this kind of stuff I see zero commitment to improving and winning. I will still watch them every week but all the games from the comfort of my living room rather than my Club Seat listening to Who Dat. Another thing to consider with HueandMarv is they do not have a lot to work with as far as players. Carlos and Geno and A.J. and Joe and WJIII and... and... and... OK, Boyd and Bates But no offensive line (book still out on Billy Short Arms). Worse linebackers in the league. And Andy is Andy. The look on his face says it all...
  9. High School Harry

    Hue is Back

    So, basically, Huey is going to be assuming the responsibilities of the head coach as Marvin becomes the defensive coordinator. All on the hush hush, of course. And it will make the transition to Hue as the new head coach when Marvin leaves at the end of the year smoother. You darn well knew Hue was going to be the HC sooner or later. He will have 16 years to prove himself worthy.
  10. Saints just signed Brandon Marshal. Pffffttt... But it shows how strong winning teams try to improve even throughout the season while the Bengals stick with the same old trash. Auden Tate, one target, no receptions. On that one, for all the press, I thought he should have had it. Dre Kirkpatrick because a father last night. The infant immediately tried to put itself up for adoption. Great Stephen A melt down rant on Bengals and Marvin on ESPN.com. Well worth a look-see like Stephen A or not.
  11. High School Harry

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Speaking of pictures, Austin's picture has been removed from the bengals.com website already.
  12. High School Harry

    The Good, Bad and Ugly!!

    I'll go with wishful thinking , I guess. They have to have someone to throw under the bus. Who brought Austin in, anyway?
  13. Saints coach Sean Payton destroyed fire alarm in locker room before blowing out Bengals New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton had some trouble keeping his team focused before their game at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Sunday — though it wasn’t due to a fault of his own. The fire alarm rang out all throughout the stadium for about 15 minutes on Sunday ahead of the Saints’ dominant 51-14 win against the Bengals — including in the Saints’ locker room. Payton wasn’t having it. Apparently he wasn’t willing to simply wait it out, either. Instead of just ignoring them or waiting for the alarms to be shut off, Payton tracked down the alarm in his locker room and smashed it. The Saints declined to comment on the situation after the game, and it’s unclear if Payton will face any penalty for damaging the alarm. The Bengals said after the game that they have been in contact with local authorities, and it’s still unknown why the alarms were set off in the first place. “We are aware of this situation and have been in touch with the authorities, but have nothing more on it at this time,” the Bengals said in a statement to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. The early excitement, though, clearly had no impact on the Saints on Sunday. Quarterback Drew Brees went 22-of-25 through the air for 265 yards and had three touchdowns, and Alvin Kamara ran for two touchdowns, giving the Saints their eighth straight win. In the Bengals locker room where the fire alarm was also going off, Head Coach Marvin Lewis said he did not notice and did not hear a thing. Which is typical and as he is on game days.
  14. High School Harry

    The Good, Bad and Ugly!!

    The Good: The fly overs before the game were pretty good. All downhill after that. The Aftermath: Mentioned a couple of times in the game day threat... I have no idea where all the Saints fans came from. Maybe people who fled the hurricane and stayed, I dunno. I was with a group of about a dozen young men all in Saints gear on my way back to my car. The worse? We got Who Datted in our own house. Only (mostly) Saints fans left at the end of the game and they were Who Datting to beat the band. Austin will be gone by the middle of the week. Marvin will take over defensive play calling which is OK with me because he sure as fuck doesn't do anything else on the sidelines. As far as the players are concerned, he is nothing more than an obstacle to walk around (or shove out of the way) on their way to the Gatorade cooler. Zero respect. He has given up and is nothing but a dingleberry on the ass of the franchise. I don't think there was even a Dave Shula team upon whom the other team scored every time they had the ball. Brees with the 4th and one on the goal line TD dive when they were far ahead and obviously not looking it back was a bush running up the score. Marvin? Clap clap clap We will beat Oakland and maybe the Browns once ... maybe. And have a second tier first round draft choice to select the next Ogbuhi or Ross.

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