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  1. I did, too, but ... Paul Brown's signature is in the inside back of the neck piece. Took awhile to find it and would have preferred it someplace else but still subtle. Props to the Bengals press and video corps for the release clips. The one of them coming up in a freight elevator to be met by cigar smoking Ocho, himself, deserves an Oscar. Very un-Bengal like and very cool.
  2. Food for thought... what if they already are and he is drafted by Atlanta or someone trading up with Atlanta for him? Mr Hand, if you're off work draft day, mosey on down to the Pro Shop at PBS and see what's on display. A Sewell or a Chase.
  3. I don't think so, unfortunately. The black with orange stripes is very cool, too. However, seeing Mike Brown put out the bucks for three or even two sets of helmets is ... a stretch. Another change that was brought up l somewhere was the NFL was thinking about letting wide receivers use single digit numbers. Tee wanted his college number 5 back. Would the Bengals let JaMar Chase take number 1 in that case? I don't think they have ever assigned that number.
  4. So the leak turns out to be fake news. I was kind of meh on the whole thing but these puppies have the High School Harry Seal of Approvalâ„¢. I really like the Paul Brown signature Jamie referred to. And true to my personal form, I like most of the things others on here have stated not liking. ie the pants. I like the simplicity. Like the idea of orange jerseys at home... orange on a green field = good target. The only downer is too bad no white with black stripe helmets.
  5. Actually not a bad idea at all. Your call, Jason, but it would cut down on tie breakers. Esp if they trade down (which I doubt).
  6. Obviously drawn by the offspring of two first cousins.
  7. Well, yeah. My point was there were not any "crowds" last year at PBS. And we went to all the games.
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