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  1. Monster year for Burfict coming!

    I hope they send Burdock a message by getting him under contract for another few years REAL soon. And a big one. He's earned it.
  2. Gio and Eiffert ready?

    Missed the facetiousness. Went right over my pointed little head.
  3. Favorite players from the 1990's

    No love for Levi? (Jones)
  4. The place looks kine of ... barren.
  5. Gio and Eiffert ready?

    Training Camp opens. Rain and thunderstorms all day so they will practice under the bubble. What? Oh. Scratch that. Furthermore, according to Marvswaggle ...
  6. Marvin Theory

    This ☝🏽 Unfortunately. Marvin will leave on his own terms like Bill Tiger Johnson and Sam Wyche. Also not impossible he stay with the team in some capacity after this retirement.
  7. Whatzzzzzzzz up?????

    Stanley Wilson? Stanley Wilson SR. ... SR. Not to be confused with Stanley Wilson Jr. who I don't know how the Bengals missed on considering the blood (or crip) lines and rap sheet. Jr. had "Bengal" written all over him down to the stripes. But although I don't know you, Ms Beotch, welcome home.
  8. Pacman suspended

    And please don't feed the animals. It not only encourages them but they senselessly counter your logic and insight with bullshit statistics that prove nothing.
  9. Favorite players from the 1990's

    Looking at some of the "favorite players" in this thread is a reminder of how badly we really did suck then.
  10. MMQB All Time NFL Draft

    One thing about the Old Corps, they didn't do a lot of the sissy prancing around celebrating shit. Especially when their team was do by three touchdowns in the 4th quarter.
  11. Pacman suspended

    The only time Mike has Marvin's ear is when Mike has Marvin suck his dick and Marv turns his head.
  12. Season Tickets

    In Cleveland they are giving away free season tickets with every flag. Still no takers. In Pittsburgh they are giving away a fag with every season ticket and are doing a landmark business. And no one likes football.
  13. MMQB All Time NFL Draft

    Trivia that I am sure you know but special teams players were/are referred to as the "taxi squad". From St. Paul Brown and his early days with Cleveland before they moved to Baltimore. He would get the non-starterd jobs driving cabs in the off season and probably during the season, too, to supplement their income. Thus the taxi squad.