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  1. AND a grad of Ohio University. Or at least he went there. Bet he was a real peach in Athens. bitch...
  2. Trio is meh, imho. Place always smells fishy which is understandable since fish is a specialty. I was there once and a blind guy walked in and said "Hello, ladies".
  3. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2017/10/17/16486274/is-a-trade-in-the-cards-for-the-bengals Is a trade in the cards for the Bengals? Cincinnati certainly has the pieces to make something work. by John Acree Oct 17, 2017, 7:00am EDT The NFL trade deadline is only a couple of weeks away, and the Cincinnati Bengals have several players who could be potential trade chips. Rumors have abounded for months concerning potential trades involving quarterback A.J. McCarron. But any trade of McCarron would leave the Bengals without a healthy backup quarterback. Can anyone say Colin Kaepernick? (Oh, HELL no! ...hsh) Jeremy Hill has been the subject of trade rumors for almost as long as McCarron. And the Bengals boast a pretty good cornerback who is not getting a lot of playing time in KeiVarae Russell, a third-round selection of the Kansas City Chiefs who is languishing behind a quartet of first-round selections in Adam Jones, Dre Kirkpatrick, Darqueze Dennardand William Jackson, III. Finally, offseason acquisition Kevin Minter, the inside linebacker Pro Football Focus named 25th best in the NFL in 2016, has seen very little time on the field for the Bengals and could be the answer for several linebacker-hungry teams. OK. The Bengals have some players who could potentially bring some value on the open market. But are there any teams out there who need what the Bengals have? Several teams are in desperate need of a quarterback. According to ESPN, San Francisco quarterback Brian Hoyer is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL with a total rating of 30.3 (Deshaun Watson is the leader at 80.7). Trevor Siemian of the Denver Broncos comes in at 39.6. A plethora of injuries this weekend has opened up even more possibilities, with by far the most devastating of those injuries being Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who may be lost for the season with a broken collarbone. Washington cornerback Bashaud Breeland injured his knee and is also set to undergo an MRI. Carolina running back Fozzy Whittaker injured his right ankle Thursday and was last seen in a walking boot. Linebacker Luke Kuechly is once again in concussion protocol with the Carolina Panthers. Kuechly missed six games last year with a concussion and had suffered at least two in the past two years. If the Bengals are looking for a quality offensive lineman, in addition to high draft picks, in exchange for McCarron, the only place to go is San Francisco, which has made it clear that every player on its roster is available for the right price. Not only would McCarron provide an instant upgrade at the quarterback position, but the 49ers also have a top-tier offensive lineman they may be willing to part with. Joe Staley was a first-round selection of the 49ers in the 2007 NFL Draft and has been one of the best left tackles in football during this decade. He made the Pro Bowl every year from 2011 through 2015, during which time he played in all 16 games for San Francisco. On the downside, Staley, who is 33-years old, missed the last three games of the 2016 season with a hamstring injury and has battled several small injuries this year. Staley’s price would be significant, with a salary of $4.8 million over the next two season, along with a cap hit of $7.7 million over that same period of time. But the Bengals were planning to pay Tyler Eifert even more than that sum before his latest injury, and now have the additional cap space to make it work. Green Bay is dealing with significant injuries along its offensive line, having lost tackles Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari for a period of time, so any trade with the Packers would not involve the return of an offensive tackle. But the Packers’ overwhelming need for help at quarterback is clear, with their season hanging in the balance after the loss of Rodgers. The Bengals could certainly expect to receive at least a second-round pick in next year’s draft in exchange for McCarron, if not a first. As desperate as the Packers are at quarterback, Carolina may be equally as desperate for linebacker help, considering Kuechly’s history of concussions. Minter would be a perfect fit in the Panthers’ 4-3 front, and Hill could be just the piece to soften the blow of any potential loss of Whittaker. Of course, the return would have to be significantbefore the Bengals would be willing to part with two players the caliber of Minter and Hill. Denver is in a similar position to Green Bay, both in terms of its need for a quality quarterback and its lack of top-tier offensive linemen to offer in trade. The Broncos are intimately familiar with McCarron’s abilities, having seen first-hand what the Alabama product is capable of. McCarron, filling in for an injured Andy Dalton, performed admirably in a 20-16 overtime loss at Denver in the second-to-last game of the 2015 season. Denver was rumored to be extremely interested in McCarron during the preseason and may be willing to part with a high draft pick, as well. The Broncos are expected to have two third-round picks and two fourth-round selections in the 2018 NFL Draft. The possibilities are certainly there for the Bengals to make a big splash at or before the NFL’s trade deadline. It is more likely that nothing will happen, but it is always interesting to explore what might have been.
  4. I don't think he can. We don't need another tight end with Celestine Carter there to drop a ball with no one near him. We're all set. Nickerson was brought up to replace Burdock who was suspended during the bye week for unnecessary roughness while fluffing his pillow trying to go to sleep Sunday night.
  5. Bengals ... Mike Cobb. 1st round pick. Cut after one season.
  6. Nickerson brought up from the practice squad to fill Eifer's roster spot.
  7. John Ross

    http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Ross-cautiously-returns-step-by-step/3b90af14-3a53-4bf8-8fb5-06d68111321c The Monday Gee Off Report... link above, exert below: John Ross, last seen when he fumbled his first NFL touch back on Sept. 14, returned to practice Monday as the Bengals began preparations for Sunday’s game (4:25 p.m.-Cincinnati’s Channel 12) in Pittsburgh and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be ready for the Stealers. Now there's a surprise...
  8. Really does piss me off and I'm sure the same though went through everyone's mind. If that had been Burfict or Adam Jones they would have been flagged, probably ejected, a multi game suspension and hefty fine. But ass clowns like Mitchell, Shazier, etc. can do whatever they damn well please and nada. That is what is killing football for me, not any sort of political gestures or boycott stuff.
  9. During the Bye Week, I realized or reaffirmed that I only like the Bengals and the rest of the NFL ... no so much. I only watched parts of both games but... Cleveland has a very good chance of not winning a game this season. As a matter of fact, if I knew a bookie, I would lay a couple bucks on it. And of course, they would end up winning a few but moot point. Anyway, maybe they can bring back their strike team. Baby Huey will be fired and replace Marvin as brain numb head coach du jour. He is terrible. Pittsburgh is one of Godell's Chosen and have carte blanch to do anything they want without penalty or repercussions. Now that Discount Double Check is wiping off Flo's lipstick from his dipstick in the hospital, I think the Stools will go all the way to the Super Bowl. Pretty boring games, really. Like reading the last chapter of a book first. You know how it was going to turn out from the first page.
  10. Good catch and excellent post. +1 Do you have her statistics? If not, I'm sure someone else does...
  11. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

  12. Squeelers v Chefs

    Go Chefs!! Was the Squeels having their asses handed to them by the Chefs game flexed to 4:25 or was it this was originally?
  13. I think you are an elite poster. Unlike others I can think of... no
  14. I think the NFL has the Bengals on Double Secret Probation.

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