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  1. No way do I want to see a sell out crowd waiving white flags. As for me, I am NOT going out and buying a white jersey just for this game. I like my current collection of Bengals gear, tyvm. I may wear my white Bengals polo shirt with something warm under it.
  2. One poster here or elsewhere said he was in the service and stationed in Hawaii when the Pro Bowl happened and they were given free tickets and bussed in just to have people in the stands.
  3. **** Gotta say, this was one of the most bizarre weekends in the NFL all around. This is prime Conspiracy Theory stuff but... Comments ranged from "he was the team doctor" to "I was at the game, he took his cap off for every running play". Yeah, lots of stuff like "if anyone knows about cheating its the Patriots"
  4. But not for long. Esp if Reader plays. Hendrickson was hot Sunday, it is Sam's turn Thursday.
  5. Zack Rosenblatt @ZackBlatt Ja'Marr Chase said that Sauce Gardner told him the #Jets were supposed to switch on the wide-open TD. Chase: "The defense just got lost on a switch."
  6. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2022/09/25/bengals-vs-jets-analysis-injury-updates-joe-mixon-dj-reader/69512670007/?utm_source=cincinnati-DailyBriefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily_briefing&utm_term=list_article_headline&utm_content=PCIN-1019EQ-E-NLETTER65 Joe Mixon didn’t take the field with the Bengals’ offense for much of the fourth quarter. When asked why, Taylor said his Pro Bowl running back is dealing with a sore ankle.With Mixon on the sideline and Perine taking the bulk of the carries, the Bengals’ rushing offense was more effective. Perine led the Bengals on the ground with 47 yards on nine carries compared to Mixon’s 24 yards on 12 carries. The Bengals rank No. 20 in the NFL in rushing yards per game (90.0) and based off how Mixon’s ankle feels, might rely more on Perine on Thursday when the Bengals take on the Miami Dolphins (3-0). It’s a quick turnaround for the Bengals and Taylor and offensive coordinator Brian Callahan have to feel good about the production they got from Perine against the Jets if the team decides to split up the workload more in the future.
  7. Kelsey Conway @KelseyLConway Just asked DJ Reader if he’s going to be able to play on Thursday, his response: “We’ll see.”
  8. Heerreee fishy, fishy, fishy.... White Tiger comin' to git ya'
  9. NOW a quarterback keeper on short yardage? Where was that the last two weeks?
  10. I think Sauce screwed up. That's OK. We'll take it. Ja'Marr is back on track.
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