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  1. Hue Jackson interviews for Pittsburgh Stealers' offensive coordinator vacancy, per reports Dave Clark Cincinnati Enquirer Former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator and assistant coach Hue Jackson interviewed with the Pittsburgh Stealers about their vacancy with the same position, according to multiple reports.The Stealers dismissed offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner earlier this month. NFL Network reported last week that the Stealers are expected to promote quarterbacks coach Matt Canada to offensive coordinator, t
  2. Any thought to taking a kicker somewhere? Maybe even higher than 7th round?
  3. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. What's Jeremy Hill (I think that's his name) doing these days? Chris Perry? If we were to hire Chris Perry, can coaches go on IR? P.S. Those who can't do or teach become administrators. *cough*MikeBrown*cough* (I really do like Mike Brown, just threw the in there for the AntiMikests on board .)
  4. I was surprised at how good they were. I thought they would be at least waterlogged from being in the rain. Don't know if they took them in after the games but they were great. As a matter of fact, here they are having dinner at National Exemplar yesterday evening.
  5. In the case of professional football, the term "Free Agent" is an oxymoron.
  6. Slightly OT but speaking of jerseys, I was at the PBS Pro Shop yesterday (picked up my cardboard cut outs that were in the stands for the first part of the season) and they have a bunch of Carl Lawson 58 jerseys on sale for 40% off. What's this mean? Probably nothing but let the rumors and conspiracy theories begin...
  7. Have you seen the commercial with him and girly boy Troy Pilapoopoo? If you close your eyes it sounds like two Karens at a slumber party discussing being frank with one another and which one is going to be Frank first.
  8. Suck + Bad Luck = Browns They are embarrassing, being humiliated. And looks like Mahones is in concussion la la land. Out for the remainder of the playoffs and possibly Super Bowl? I don't care for them, either, but would hate for them to lose it this way.
  9. That would be nice. Be interesting to see if Marvin ends up a Lion.
  10. Still waiting to see what happens with Golden. Are they waiting to see who becomes available or what?
  11. Thank you and appreciate it. Would love it if Round One fell that way. So would Athens Joe. Round Two is interesting and I don't know much about Samuel. Cosmi and Leatherwood have both been projected as first rounders in other drafts. Sewell and one of them plus hope hope Jonah Williams can stay healthy. Move one to guard. Ohio State's Center was listed as available, too, but I'm gun shy about Ohio State Centers. Actually, hope Pollack can get something out of Billy. I'm not crazy about Hopkins, either. Center can be upgraded. Enough meat coming back,
  12. OT (sorry) Icy, do you get the Atlantic? Anyone on here? I see where they have a two round mock draft with us getting Sewell. Brought tears to my eyes. Do you have the full mock? Would like to see who they have us getting in the second.
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