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  1. Great pics and thanks for posting. That painting is off the scale spectacular.
  2. Neither does Chuck Norris. Coincidence? I don't think so...
  3. Could they (NFL or Cleveland) void his contract? Much as I dislike Cleveland this seems to be the most fair option to them. Like it or not, they would be stuck with Mayfield for a year after having burned their bridges but they would not suck for five years in cap Hell. I don't think the NFL would like having a lame duck team for the next few years.
  4. And they will ALL be there and none of the previous hold out bullshit.
  5. My son ran into Ja'Marr Chase at a filling station/convenience store (not literally). Said Ja'Marr was driving some sort of Porsche SUV which sounds rather odd for a single big buck football star. Wonder if it was electric. Anyone know?
  6. Tony Siragusa, a former NFL defensive lineman who won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens, has died, a former teammate of his said Wednesday. Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis told TMZ Sports about Siragusa’s death. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::; Never will forget when the Bengals wanted him in for a tryout and probably contract and he wiped his ass on the plane ticket because it wasn't first class.
  7. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson has died at the age of 26, the team announced Wednesday morning. Ferguson, was just beginning his fourth NFL season after being selected by the Ravens in the third round of the 2019 draft out of Louisiana Tech. No cause of death was revealed. In a social media post, the Ravens said the organization was "profoundly saddened by the tragic passing" and called Ferguson "a kind, respectful young man with a big smile and an infectious personality. "We express our heartfelt condolences to Jaylon's family and friends as we mourn a life lost much too soon."
  8. Ogunjobi a Squeel is kind of scary. If the Squeels make him an offer, I would be very OK with matching to keep him here.
  9. I would like to see a one year suspension from the NFL and a 25 year sentence in prison with roommates named Bubba, John Billy Bob and Coon Dick.
  10. Hargreaves should have stayed there. He gets the award for The Most Asshole Move in Super Bowl History.
  11. Jackson Carman who? Think about how he came to camp last year compared to Volson. Carman: "I'm local and the world owes me a living". Volson: "'Scuse me while I pick up a derailed locomotive and have a Gold Star four way with broken glass".
  12. Not knocking that at all but how many of those 13 passes were Ja'Marr catching and running 30 to 50 yards? And/or getting a step or two on his guy to go the long distance. I'm sure there was another guy our two, too, but it isn't like Joe did it alone,.
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