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  1. https://www.fox19.com/2022/12/01/deion-sanders-reportedly-considering-bearcats-coaching-position-per-report/ Deion Sanders reportedly considering Bearcats coaching position, per report CINCINNATI (WXIX) - “Primetime” could be returning to Cincinnati to fill the vacant head football coach position for the Bearcats. Deion Sanders, currently the coach for Jackson State, is reportedly leaving the school and has widdled his next destination down to three schools: University of Cincinnati, Colorado, and University of South Florida, according to Tampa Bay-based sports reporter Kevin O’Donnell. In a tweet, O’Donnell said Sanders “has been telling recruits he will be at a school on Sunday.” The Bearcats’ head coaching position opened up Sunday when it was announced that Luke Fickell was leaving UC for Wisconsin. UC Athletic Director John Cunningham says internal and external candidates are being considered to replace the winningest football coach in the program’s history. While there has not been any public mention from Sanders or UC about a mutual interest, one would think the Hall of Famer has to be in consideration. Sanders took over the head coaching position at Jackson State in 2020. During COVID-19 shortened season in year one, his team went 4-3 but made a massive jump in year two. Would be cool if he did come here and bring Zimmer with him.
  2. WOW. Butt Bud. I hope using the words "Hayden Hurst" an "extension" is prophetic. And I agree with those saying it is not impossible and will be friendly to both parties.
  3. Don't fall down, hit your head and get a concussion jumping to conclusions. Was aimed at Kitna's son. Dad must be devastated. And you're the one who brought Andy Dalton into it. But... whatever you say.
  4. Looking Ahead... (always a bad thing to do) Next Sunday is Send in the Clowns here and Baldingwhore Rats at Bagofdicksburgh. both with 1:00 kickoffs. What's the odds one gets flexed, probably us to 4:30 or even Sunday night since (I think) Deundies Whatcum will be playing. I think. And, Heaven forbid, do we hold our noses and ummm... look for a Bagofdicks win? (can't bring myself to say "root for") P.S. I really hope the Cleveland skunk is OK. no
  5. CBS EARLY █ NY Jets @ Minnesota ... Ian Eagle, Charles Davis (Go Minny) █ Denver @ Baltimore ... Kevin Harlan, Trent Green (Go Denver) █ Pittsburgh @ Atlanta ... Andrew Catalon, James Lofton (Go Atlanta} █ Cleveland @ Houston ... Speedo Diddly Deedees, Jay Feely who will be doing all Deandre Watson Clowns games (Go Houston)
  6. CBS LATE █ Anchorage █ Fairbanks █ Honolulu █ Kansas City @ Cincinnati ... Jim Nantz, Tony Romo █ LA Chargers @ Las Vegas ... Greg Gumbel, Adam Archuleta
  7. I'm not really that anti-Mixon just, with the exception of one game where a major repair of the Oline was made, he has been, as you said, average (at best) and is not doing tons and bunches for the team. But otherwise I totally agree and well said.
  8. Saw that. I think it would be fantastic if the Blackburn ladies brought them here. Run out of the tunnel after the Browns take the field (to the strains of "Send in the Clowns") Maybe represent the Bengals for the coin flip. Esp if the game is flexed to prime time. (I can always dream)
  9. Could not agree more. However, working against this is his popularity with (most of) the fans and presence in the locker room and the Bengals woeful tendency to hold on to players and coaches (*coughMarvin Lewis cough) too long. He simply ain't worth it. And I will Booo my ass off Sunday when he does the Backfield Boogaloo for a two yard loss.
  10. One thing that I think is being overlooked by the media, etc is the Titans only actually had one big play in this game and even that was tainted at the end of Henry's run by a forced fumble by a rookie cornerback.
  11. https://www.fox19.com/2022/11/28/prices-bengals-chiefs-tickets-high-8000/ Prices for Bengals-Chiefs tickets as high as $8,000 CINCINNATI (WXIX) - A single ticket for Sunday’s highly anticipated AFC Championship rematch at Paycor Stadium is getting pricey on the secondary market. The Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) are on a roll, winning five of their last six games, as they go into their Week 13 matchup with the AFC’s top team, the Kansas City Chiefs (9-2). Not only is Sunday’s game important for Cincinnati’s playoff hopes, but one would have to imagine the Chiefs come in hoping to get a little payback for last season’s AFC Championship game. The prices to attend the game reflect the anticipation. Prices on secondary markets range from as low as $150/ticket to as high as $8,198/ticket (as of 1 p.m. Nov. 28). SeatGeek: Cheapest ticket is $154; Most expensive is $8,198 Stubhub: Lowest ticket price is $170; Highest price per ticket is $1,080 Ticketmaster: Single ticket available for as low as $150; Most expensive is currently $1,112 Sunday’s game at Paycor Stadium kicks off at 4:25 p.m.
  12. "The Grim Reaper"... I like that. Cleveland has "The Rim Groper". And of course, Bagofdicksburgh had "The Grim Raper".
  13. Perhaps a bit off topic for this thread, but Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, loaned the team plane to University of Virginia to take the team to the three murdered players' funeral. Class act.
  14. "Released by the Broncos last week, the veteran running back stays within AFC West and could play two games in next 5 weeks vs. Denver." ::::::::: Signed to their practice squad. Not that signing with the Chiefs should strike any fear into woeful Denver's hearts but the guy also knows their playbook Wasn't he cut because he was a fumbler? Would he even be ready to play vs the Bengals. Our D would eat him up, mucho fumbles.
  15. Absolutely, could not agree more. I do not think Mixon will be Perine's Wally Pipp (who, ironically, was benched for a headache). But I do think Mixon has become a problem in that he is good, but not that good for the money he is paid. And popular with the fans and a positive impact in the locker room. Yeah, the O line is gelling. The addition of the package with Adenaiji is a smart move by whoever came up with it. Keep's 'em guessing if it will be a run or one of the two headed monster of Ja'Marr or Tee will get loose. Tyler Boyd is luring and overdue for a monster game and Sneaky Pete Irwin is around, too. Of course, Tormund Giantsbane at tight end. So, yep. Peaking and growing at the right time. So much was made about last year's playoff game against the Titans and I thought we handled them rather handily. One great play that was almost a fluke and then Taylor-Britt screwing that up at the goal line. That would have been a different story if Bates III had been paying attention. With said O line growth I can't help but think they must really hate Jackson Carman. Seems like he could be of use somewhere.
  16. Oh, I agree. And probably have a good game. Esp if they use Adenaiji on the Oline which I think is a good thing. Chances are the concussion and Perine's performance is a wake up call for Joe Mix. That's a good thing. And a good thing knowing Samaje Perine lurks for a change of pace if nothing else.
  17. The Thread Back from the Dead Preface: I do NOT think Joe Mixon faked a concussion. I think the team/Zac discreetly used that for an excuse to subtly bench him. And FWIW, others in my circle and around here share the same conspiracy theory. That said, from this morning's (11/28) Cincinnati Enquirer and SCREAMING hot Kelsey Conway... https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2022/11/28/bengals-starting-running-back-joe-mixon-samaje-perine-after-tennessee-titans-win Analysis: Making the case for why the Bengals should start Samaje Perine over Joe Mixon Kelsey Conway Cincinnati Enquirer NASHVILLE – Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor has a decision to make as he enjoys his flight home from Tennessee sitting at 7-4 on the year. It was a monster win for Taylor’s bunch and puts the Bengals in prime position to control their destiny and earn a spot in the playoffs. Should the Bengals feature Samaje Perine over Joe Mixon as the No. 1 running back against the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday afternoon? The answer is yes. Cincinnati is more efficient running the ball when Perine is getting the bulk of the carries. Look no further than the last two games – both of which resulted in wins for the Bengals – to understand the reasoning for this argument. When asked following the game if there’s a scenario in which Taylor opts to ride Perine as featured back next week over Mixon, Cincinnati’s head coach didn’t rule the possibility out. Make of that what you want. If we’re reading between the lines here, Taylor had the chance to nix the possibility if he felt the thought was out of question. Instead, he left the door open. “Samaje has always done a great job,” Taylor said. “Any time his number has been called. Mixon has done a great job when his number has been called. We’re looking for efficiency in our run game and we’ve got efficiency in our run whoever is carrying the football. I think that goes to show you the confidence we have in that stable of backs. And we’re going to need everyone to step up at different parts of the season and today Samaje did and Trayveon (Williams) did on his carries so I was pleased to see that from the running backs.” Mixon didn’t play in the second half against the Stealers in Week 10 due to a concussion. He didn’t practice once leading up to Sunday’s game against the Titans (7-4) and was ruled out to play ahead of the contest. On 17 carries, Perine rushed for 58 yards. The team rushed for 108 yards, only the fourth time they’ve hit the 100-yards mark on the ground this season. This argument is not based off total rushing yards, per se. It’s about Perine’s productivity on first and second down running the ball, his ability to make plays as a pass-catcher and his pass-blocking skills. The Bengals have shown week in and out when they fall behind the chains on first and second down they struggle when facing third-and-long situations. They are a better offense, like every NFL team, when they stay on schedule. Perine gives the Bengals their best chance to do that. Three things are important to consider when evaluating the productivity of a running back: How many of the runs result in positive yards, how many runs/catches convert to first downs and scoring plays. Six of Perine’s 21 total touches resulted in either a first down or a scoring play and only four resulted in negative plays for the Bengals. He averaged 4.4 yards per touch against the Titans. What’s important to note about his average per touch is that NFL coaches use four yards as the measure for a positive run. Mixon is averaging 60.5 yards per game, which ranks No. 17 in the NFL, and 3.8 yards per carry. Perine is averaging 44 yards per game over a two-game period as the featured back. ‘I wouldn’t want to tackle him’: How Samaje Perine has earned the respect of his Bengals teammates Perine, 27, has made the most of his opportunities in the NFL after being drafted in the fourth round out of Oklahoma by the Washington Commanders in 2017. He was a fourth-round draft pick that started eight games in his rookie season. The Bengals picked up Perine in 2019 and he played in six games for Cincinnati before they waived him and then re-signed him to the practice squad. Perine then enjoyed a quick stint with the Miami Dolphins before he returned to Cincinnati in 2020 and has been with the Bengals since. One of the most respected players in the locker room for his play on special teams and serving as the main third-down running back for the Bengals in 2021, he’s earned an even bigger role this season. “He’s stepped up all year,” center Ted Karras said of his teammate. “He’s an excellent blocker if you go back and look at the film. But today and in the last two weeks, he’s been phenomenal. Hitting the hole hard. I wouldn’t want to tackle him.” Perine’s 17 carries was the most he’s had since his rookie season. When asked how it felt, he said it was “fun” to get in a rhythm and produce for his team. Joe Burrow offers praise for Samaje Perine “He just runs so hard,” Burrow said. “I don't know what his stats were, but I think he had to be close to 100, I think. But he just continues to make the best of his opportunities. I am so happy for him to get the chance and continue to make the most out of it.” As far as if Perine thinks he could succeed as the Bengals’ featured back moving forward, he downplayed the question and acknowledged his role for the team. And what that will be next week remains one of the most intriguing decisions Taylor will make this season. “That ain’t got nothing to do with me,” Perine said. “It’s unfortunate (Joe Mixon) got hurt and I hope he comes back soon. I just went out and did what I had to do to help this team win. Obviously, we miss him out there and we can’t wait until he’s back. Until then, I’ll hold the fort down.” Why Samaje Perine stepping up is the best-case scenario for the Bengals and why it’s a delicate situation The Bengals are in the middle of the most critical part of their season and need all hands on deck to earn a playoff spot. So, look at the running back situation this way: Perine stepping up has helped the Bengals secure two wins – that’s the now part of this argument. What could happen as a result would be an even bigger positive for Cincinnati and that is it motivates Mixon. A healthy, motivated Mixon has proven to be one of the league’s best running backs. That’s the best-case scenario for Taylor and the Bengals as they enter the month of December with two running backs playing at a high level. But when making the decision on who will get more touches in the game, there’s a lot more that goes into the decision for Taylor. Mixon is one of the most beloved players in the Bengals’ locker room and he’s a team captain. He is also coming off his best professional campaign and earned a Pro Bowl nod in 2021. If his workload shrinks, it will be a major change for Mixon. Communication will be the biggest key here between Taylor and Mixon if there’s a change. There’s certainly a chance the Bengals continue to “start Mixon for the optics but give Perine more carries and feature him as the lead back. Regardless of what Taylor decides, the Bengals’ running backs room could look very different next season. Both Perine and Mixon are above 25 years and old and the team could and should get a younger back on the roster. The hope for Chris Evans to be something for the Bengals is dwindling. There will be plenty of time to discuss this topic in the offseason, though. For now, the Bengals are on a three-game winning streak and one of the biggest reasons why is the improved run game. Thanks to players like Perine.
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