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  1. If that is your picture in the avatar, I would like to introduce you to our good friend, Saphead. Maybe you could meet for coffee or do lunch or something.
  2. That's really some strong, nasty coming from the team about their former gawd, Lemur. Also pretty funny, actually.
  3. So we've got an undersized tight end who can't block the big boys, can't catch and is coming off an injury.
  4. Didn't know that went thru. Posted on here before but I got them (son has the black, lady friend's son the white) two years ago when Tee first said he was going to change his number... and then didn't. Wore then to games and not many people got it although one guy thought it was Tee's Clemson jersey.
  5. Refresh my memory... what is this Cordy Ford supposed to do? ORT or fight it out with Carman (no-faith vote here), Adeniji (buh bye) and now it looks like Jonah may not have any takers for a trade (at least for what the Bengals want) and may be back and in the ORT mix, too, like it or not. I am also thinking some of the signings on one year contracts are kind of placeholders until this year's draft picks get some OJT and up to speed to step into the starting slot for a number of years to come and relatively cheap on a rookie contract.
  6. I know that was the deal but I can't recall him finishing the season. IR or something?
  7. I remember all the fanfare signing A.J. Hawk, jerseys in the pro shop and everything. Then... he was just gone. Disappeared *poof*. I'm sure I missed it but I didn't read it anywhere, just one day... gone.
  8. Agree. Remember the days when players would use the Bengals to set the market price and then sign elsewhere?
  9. While I tend to agree, I question the Bengals wanting to come off precious cap dollars to sign one with Joe and Tee and eventually, Ja'Marr hanging out there. To say nothing of some of the quality D players.
  10. I'd take your first two picks and call it an A Draft no matter who they picked after. (Pretty much)
  11. Tri County Mall is being turned into some sort of mega apartment restaurant entertainment (I think) complex. oops... you just said that. The early pics look pretty cool,
  12. Da Turd also forgot to mention that Joe is light years better than he was on the best day of his career.
  13. I'm confused. Zeke has narrowed his choice to the Bengals and two pant loads. Did the Bengals ever say Zeke was a choice of theirs? yes, I would bring him in for a year or two for pass protection if nothing else. Nothing new to see out of Joe Sixgun.
  14. Son reports Koch Sporting Goods now has #5 Higgins jerseys. We have had ours for two years. Ahead of the curve.
  15. I was waiting for the official MOC Draft. btw... I like it.
  16. In other words, we are stuck with a 12 Million Dollar Injury Prone Backup
  17. Blah blah blah... until they put their draft picks where their mouthes are. (Clarification: NOT a shot or criticism of you but the article. Good catch and thanks for posting)
  18. I certainly hope not. Maybe Zeke Elliot will be the 2023 version of A.J. Hawk who came in with hype and jerseys in the pro shop and left under cover of darkness. Recently saw a picture of a Taliban soldier with an RPG wearing a Bengals Hawk jersey.
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