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  1. I like the idea of him being competition at Center for Hopkins. Not that Hopkins is all that bad, but one at Center and one at ORG is not all that bad, either.
  2. Wearing mine to the Squeele game (if there is one) with an orange long sleeve hoodie under it.
  3. Better yet... (I ordered three) https://twitter.com/CincyShirts/status/1245398066401861632
  4. OT... why I love this board. Lots of good thoughts and insights from all. Everything sounds good. Props to all. No
  5. Turner was a good case for Redeeming at the Hands of Old Musty.
  6. I think next year's pick will be a wide receiver. I am OK with that, like it, even. I simply do not one in round two this year. Want LB/edge or Kyle Dugger. Or a too good to be true slider OT And Godzilla in free agency. But no WR. If a good one is there, I would trade down a very little and still try to address the aforementioned positions.
  7. Extensions for Mixon and WJIII? Longer term contract for A.J. Green?
  8. Or a Kirby Criswell. Just keeping up my end of the conversation
  9. I haven't heard or don't know anything about the Bengals trying to get Trent Williams but not discrediting or disrespecting anyone posting that there is something in the works. I don't want Williams simply because I don't trust him. The drama queen horse shit he is pulling with Washington could be pulled with someone else. However, if Washington was willing to trade him for Andy and/or Kirkpatrick and/or Ross I would do it. I really want those guys out of here. Happy landings for Andy and don't care about Ross or Kirk.
  10. As far as the draft... I don't care if they cut the whoop-la televised stuff. I mean, Team 1 selects Player X The next team to pick, Team 2, already knows who they want so why 15 minutes of film clips and drama when the next pick could be made in a few minutes or, in some cases, how quickly the team rep can sprint to the podium with the pick. I always check into the ESPN site and their running ticker to check on draft picks periodically. Yeah, if the Bengals pick was coming up I would turn on Brylcreem Mel and Boomer DeVito but that's about it. This year its going to be ESPN ticker and Lapham on the radio.
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