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  1. Wait... wot? Black Jesus is not only a real person but also exists and you have seen him? Unbelievable. Come to think about it... I feel much the same way about you.
  2. Only because he was sitting down in it to pee. So glad he isn't a Bengal.
  3. He also drafted Kirby Criswell in the second round because he never heard of LSD.
  4. Sounds like Flounder Carman. btw... what are we going to do with that pant load this season? Keep him eating a roster spot because he's too much of a cap hit to cut?
  5. Paul Brown passed on Dan Marino when there reports that Marino smoked rope.
  6. If this guy is there in the 3rd round, he's a Bengal. Not impossible they trade up a bit to get him. I'd like it.
  7. I keep telling myself to stay away from the draft speculation stuff. NOT a dis toward anyone. Just confuses me more. As far as the draft personally... 1. I ordered draft tee shirts for my son and me simply because they are cool and won't be around long. 2. Starts too late, work too early. I'll catch up on ESPN's tracker or here the next day. 3. What if Mims is gone? Along with Bower and Murphy. I think other teams are liking him, too. 4. As far as inexperience... I remember when the Bengals drafted an OT who had missed his entire senior season except for a bowl game. I think Anthony Munoz turned out OK.
  8. https://yourbump.com/artist-created-nfl-qbs-women-try-laugh-7/9/ Preview: (you guess)
  9. Sounds like he was damaged goods and not getting any younger and the Bengals knew it. In Pumpkin I Trust.
  10. Photoshop fake or did Joe have some serious ink laid on his legs
  11. When you think about it, looking up at the white underneath side of a tiger is not a very pleasant position to find one's self in.
  12. The best quarterback OSU had packed up his bags and went to Baton Rouge.
  13. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2024/04/04/amarius-mims-2024-nfl-draft-offensive-tackle-prospect-from-georgia-visits-cincinnati-bengals/ Not sure if this ⬆️ will work or not but excellent article on Mims and the visit. Sounds like if he is there, he's a Bengal
  14. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/lists/2024-nfl-mock-draft-bengals-trade-shakeup-caleb-williams-jerzhan-newton/ I promised myself to quit looking at this thread but... Here's a trade down mock. Trading down a little for extra picks would not surprise me. Trade with Tampa... We give picks 18 and 80... we get picks 26, 57 and a 2025 2nd rounder. Pick Jer'Zhan Johnny Newton. DL Illinois I'd like it. Ain't gonna happen but I'd like it.
  15. Good luck to Joe and Ja'Marr's teammate against everybody but us.
  16. Being a 4th round pick who gets a $905,972 performance based paycheck after being bad mouthed and made the scapegoat for poor O line play all season. 1/2
  17. Since apparently guns were seen being removed from the cars I wonder if Joe Mixon was involved.
  18. After Bengal games there are always several extremely loud Mustangs and Challenger etc cars that buzz the stadium and streets speeding up and slowing down thinking how badass they are with loud cars. A few loud buzzing Japanese motorbikes, too.
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