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  1. All impressive, Go. The Awuzie is awesome. Do you have a Rotund Randolph?
  2. Derrick Henry cleared for contact practice today, decision on game status coming later this week Posted by Michael David Smith on January 18, 2022, 1:26 PM EST Titans running back Derrick Henry is taking another big step toward playing on Saturday against the Bengals. Henry will practice in pads today, coach Mike Vrabel said, and how well he does in a contact practice will go a long way toward determining whether and how much he can play on Saturday. “I think that’s a good step for him to have contact,” Vrabel said of Henry. “It’s been a while since he’s had contact and had to do these things that come close to replicating what’s going to be asked of him in a football game. We’ll have a week to work, see how he feels and make a decision.” Henry was leading the NFL in rushing when he suffered the foot injury that ended his regular season on October 31. The Titans would love to have him back in the postseason, and it looks increasingly likely that they will.
  3. I think someone lit one of Dolly Parton's beer farts. √ I Am Not a Robot
  4. https://www.fox19.com/2022/01/19/flyer-drone-seen-bengals-playoff-game-could-be-serious-trouble/ Pretty good article on the drone. Would not allow me to copy and paste the whole thing but maybe worth a look-see √ I Am Not a Robot
  5. Tuesday, the Bengals announced they’d rock white jerseys and pants in Tennessee, with black stripes as the complementary piece to round out the fit.
  6. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2022/1/17/22886853/pittsburgh-Stealers-news-bengals-ravens-browns-afc-north-nfl-playoffs The Stealers have the longest (playoff)drought (in the AFC North), as they’ve not won in the postseason since the 2016 season when they took down the Adam Gase-led Miami Dolphins and Alex Smith-led Kansas City Chiefs. The Stealers technically had a chance to end that Sunday night at Kansas City, but it was clear they were no match for Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs, so the drought will continue for at least another year.
  7. A Belated Ugly... Don't know if they showed it on TV but the Raiders' ass hat owner with a blond Moe hairdo and freckles was running around on the field with the players before the game and after. All the Raiders in black and he wore a white sateen jacket just so you wouldn't miss him. Unfortunately. What a tool.
  8. I always like Squeel tool QB Terry Hanratty. The first thing he would do in the locker room after a hard day on the bench was light up a butt. And a cigarette.
  9. On top of the hill, great view. Cousin on Shaw and CC is one of the off streets.
  10. And BOOM... Just like that. 7-zip on a fucking gift. Kansas City beating themselves.
  11. Either they took us seriously and they don't the Squeelers or someone put Viagra™ in their Gatoraide™ I can so see the Squeels pulling this out of their wazoos... win one for Ben.
  12. You don't think Wheels Burrow is a hot enough commodity and shiny new toy to show off prime time? And I want no part of Buffalo in the winter even if I'm not going.
  13. Yes, I do remember that it was you who sent me here. Thank you and I appreciate it.
  14. Oops... so forgot to add you to the list. Dang! Sorry. And still would like to see a lot more of you here, too.
  15. A little OT but caught part of Tim McGee on the post game show last night and he said Tenn RB Derrick Henry is a force to be recorded with. A solid healthy Cincinnati D line is crucial.
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