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  1. Nick Vigel No stats if he did play after playing he game of his career against us in Da Bears yawner vs the Clowns. Andy Dalton Replaced by a guy who threw for 68 yards and was sacked nine times.
  2. A good... Yesterday was Pumpkin's birthday. A bad... I wanted to see McPherson kick a long one. Hey... Thursday night maybe he'll have a 67 yard one with a couple seconds on the clock rather than... An Ugly... a 66 yarder thanks to a blown delay of game penalty.
  3. An ugly... might as well put it here as anywhere... Justin Tucker's record-breaking field goal enabled by a missed penalty that 'clearly should have been' called A delay-of-game penalty would have cost the Ravens 5 yards, and turned Tucker's 66-yarder into an even more improbable 71-yarder. Instead, it wasn't called. When asked about the no-call postgame, Lions coach Dan Campbell said, with a shake of his head: "Yeah, there's nothing I can say to that. ...Tomorrow you'll get an apology [from the league], and it doesn't mean anything. That's life."
  4. Another good... NFL on CBS @NFLonCBS Ja'Marr Chase has a 30-yard rec TD in each of his first 3 career games. He is the ONLY player to do this in the Super Bowl Era.
  5. Dear God and Paul Brown forgive me for saying this but I gotta... The looked like we used to. Pffttt... on the injuries stuff. They were making excuses before the kickoff. P.S. Rapeherburger is finished.
  6. Someone ought to tell the TV tools there is another team out there besides the squeals... Maybe its just me.... but just sayin'.
  7. (make up call?) And I thought the Squeel hit Joe in the helmet on the roughing call. But that's just me.
  8. Rookie of the Year Candidate... (and I apologize for all my negative posts and thought about drops... I was wrong.)
  9. The knob slobbering announcer... everything is about the Squeeles. "WE needed that". What a . Come back and score, Ja'Marr.
  10. Don't let these ass clowns back in it... Put Benny on her ass a few more times. btw... on the last sack did you see the hold on Hubbard? His shoulder pad was out from the grab.
  11. Sez it all.. They're trying to give it away. I certainly hope the Bengals freakin' TAKE it.
  12. LOL at myself. I misread and thought YOU were in Hilton Head and heading down to Bombora's.
  13. I certainly agree all the way around. Heard Tate was in the doghouse... rumor, I guess, can't imagine why. But Tate and Irwin have to be hungry with something to prove. Apple should be on the inactive list to make room for someone who can play the game. I still go with Phillips at corner and let Irwin return punts. I mean, why not? One thing I do like about the Not Marvin Bengals is they don't seem to give up when they get behind. Yeah, not seen much but still. A downer is with Rapeherburger almost dying from a sore tit, you know the refs will be protecting him like a new born infant out in the open on "The Walking Dead". I'm still bitching about Hubbard's shoulder bump late hit and Joe getting pounded after releasing the ball several times and no call. Winnable game if we don't beat ourselves.
  14. Have not see anything recently on Ricardo Allen. Any update on him? I'm concerned about any Bengal D back named after a fruit. Or any Bengal D back named Tony Brown. Would like to see him cut from the practice squad and bring back the punter.
  15. That is good news. The new Number 5 Higgins jerseys arrived yesterday. They are awesome! Esp the white. Lady friend's son got his last night, my son gets his (black) tonite. I assume we will all be wearing them Sunday in front of the TV. Can't wait until we get to wear them at the Jacksonville game.
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