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  1. Did anyone see the footage from the confrontation between the Bengals security and the Patriots film crew??? Unbelievable. It makes the Patriots look guilty as heck and the Fox crew still defended that Belichick still could not have known. Here is the video footage they showed on Fox this morning:
  2. I don't believe that this is entirely accurate. According to SI.com and cincyjungle.com, the team has 3 weeks once the player participates in practice to activate a player. Then, they have to be placed on the roster or kept on the PUP list. So, yes, he can practice for the next 21 days before having to put him on the roster. Then he can be returned to the PUP list or not dress for any remaining games. By definition, he would have to practice this week, then they would have to activate him to the 53 man roster just prior to the final game with the Browns or returned to the PUP list. If he does not practice this week, then he can practice the final 3 weeks and not have to be placed on the roster for the final 3 weeks. They can, however, activate him any time during that 21 days. I have not seen anywhere where they have already activated him to the 53 man roster or where he has actually practiced yet, just cleared him to practice. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/8/31/17797904/explaining-pup-nfi-ir-other-injury-nfl-roster-designations-cuts-53-man-roster https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/07/26/pup-list-explained-rules-players-nfl-injured-reserve
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  4. Jonah Williams injury happened before training camp, so he was placed on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list. After the start of training camp, if you get injured and placed on IR, then you have to stay on IR all year long. If you make the initial 53 man roster and are injured, after the the rosters are "final", then you can be placed IR with the ability to be recalled after 6 weeks. Once a player is recalled, they have a 2 week roster exemption, where they can practice but not play until 8 weeks. The team then has 21 days to make a decision. if after 21 days they are still injured, then the player can go back on IR for the rest of the year. The PUP list rules are outside of the IR rules. PUP rules allow players to come back to the roster after six weeks. Once able to practice, the player from the PUP list has to be either re-instated to the roster within 6 more weeks, released, or they can be placed on IR for the rest of the season. The six weeks does not start until the player is able to practice. In Jonah's case, his six weeks has not started yet, as he has not yet practiced with the team. This is how they can be kept on the PUP List like AJ McCarron was in 2014, if they are unable to practice. Players on the PUP or IR list do not count against the 53-man roster while they are out, but they do count against the 90-man roster limit. With Jonah Williams, once he is cleared to practice, he then would have 6 weeks to be re-instated or placed on IR, meaning that he could return all the way through December. See below: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/8/31/17797904/explaining-pup-nfi-ir-other-injury-nfl-roster-designations-cuts-53-man-roster
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