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  1. While I agree that they paid too much for Bobby Hart (especially based on how he played last year), I am actually not completely against it either. After all, he is only 24 years old and has started most of his career. I believe that the Bengals signed him solely based on his potential and not his production. If he does not reach that potential, they can cut him after the first year and I believe, only cost them around $7M, which is more than some current backups make at the position. While I'm not in love with this signing, I'm actually not all bent out of shape over it either. I think it is blown out of proportion a bit considering that it is not a fully guaranteed 3 year contract at $21M, like it seems to be advertised as in the media. Especially if they wind up drafting a tackle that can compete with him this year and take the position next year.
  2. The Bengals website is reporting it is only a 1 year deal. Anyone know for certain if that is accurate, or if it is a 3 year deal?
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