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  1. Speaking of refs, this was a TD as well (while Tee was getting nut grabbed)
  2. Burrow: "We haven't even started dominating like we are capable of as a duo. They don't know what's coming."
  3. I just want the W. I get no additional satisfaction from beating Tua versus their backup.* I would enjoy the win just as much if half of Miami's team got monkeypox and couldn't play. * But yes, the Bengals do seem to do worse against backups than starters.
  4. They also need to take it back to Hawaii full time and make it a full week of events. Beach volleyball, get some LT on a surfboard. Something fun that players want to attend. And it should be the week AFTER the SB so the teams playing in the SB can have their players attend. Bengals missed out last year, punished for their success.
  5. I've always wanted a skills competition = NFL's fastest men, strongest man etc. I would then have game patches the winning players can wear the next season. I'm more interested in which QB can throw the farthest, which player can lift the most etc than I am if AFC beats NFC in a meaningless game.
  6. I wouldn't. Saleh hasn't won in any capacity with the Jets (now his second year). Zac went to the AFC championship in his 3rd year (after yes 2 bad years). But if you think Saleh will take the Jets to the SB this year or next (a Zac turnaround), then you are crazy. I like his passion and energy, but he reminds me of Dan Campbell, "great guys who players like", but HC is more akin to a calculating CEO role. Whereas D coordinator is perfect for these kind of personalities.
  7. He was a great D coordinator with SF ... But seems in over his head as a HC
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