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  1. There is an alternate reality in some level of hyperspace where Burrow does get that pass off and Chase catches the ball wide open and walks into the end zone and it goes down as the greatest play in Super Bowl history. I can see and hear it vividly in my mind. Absolute pandemonium in the stadium. They would likely call it "the check" and it would surpass "the catch" by Dwight Clark or whatever that bullshit groundball play is by Franco Harris. Painful to think about though. Hopefully it fuels Shiesty to do it again next season.
  2. Who I would vote for: Fulcher & Krumrie Who I think will be chosen: Boomer & Curtis
  3. The Chiefs game is at 4:25 pm Est, not 1 pm and it's slated to be the headline game for CBS, so it will be protected and not flexed.
  4. ... Then again with free agency and the draft, a prior years performance doesn't mean all that much.
  5. Even delusional Squeelers fans (shown below) know the Bengals will be a tough opponent ...
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