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  1. I think this draft will net 3 immediate starters: Chase (WR1), Carman (RG), McPherson (K) and 3 guys who get lots of playing time early: ... Shelvin (NT) on goal line and 3rd and short, Ossai (DE) & Sample (DE) on 3rd and long. I think the goal is to add 25 lbs to Smith's frame and have him as the future starting RT. 35" inch arms are great clay to mold with. I also think the team can mold Trey Hill's monstrous ass (literally) into a nice base at center with a year of NFL weight training. I don't see any obvious busts, but if I had to choose, I would s
  2. Another analysis and well cut video ... How Ja’Marr Chase will make the Bengals One of the Best Offenses
  3. The aforementioned Chris Simms clip ... (Chase draft stuff begins around 29 minute mark)
  4. Glad you enjoyed it. I like to get an idea about the person behind the uniform myself, and think he comes off very likeable. He also has a calming presence and quiet confidence that I think others will gravitate towards. All players in the NFL are physically talented, so what usually determines success is the personality of the player.
  5. I have never wanted a center more than Ragnow in that draft ... Bengals should have traded up that year and got him stolen out from under them. Price was a rebound pick made in a panic and it shows. He's squishy soft and weak, while Ragnow is a berserking Thor in pads.
  6. I say give Hill a chance, as Hopkins will likely still be recovering and Price is trash.
  7. It seems that more than other NFL teams, ex-Bengals players are disproportionately represented in the broadcasting sphere ... with Boomer and Collinsworth as the main ones, but also more recently Solomon Wilcotts, David Pollack, Andrew Hawkins etc. The problem is that they usually are not homers for the Bengals, but to prove their 'objectivity', they become haters and suck up to the Bengals rivals.
  8. An interesting lengthier interview with Nate Burleson in bed (Bert & Ernie style) - Can juggle (like AJ could) - Scared of snakes - Grandma gave him nickname “Marty” - Doesn’t like scary movies (shares this with Burrow btw) - Calls himself “the chosen one” - Likes sugar cookies
  9. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ja’Marr Chase - State champion 24 feet long jumper in HS - Would have switched to LSU's famed #7 jersey had he not opted out.
  10. What I notice from these routes, is that Burrow underthrowing Chase actually works to his advantage, as he is so strong and natural about coming back for the ball.
  11. Nate Burleson is on board ... Former NFL Star is Buying Stock in Ja'Marr Chase and the Rest of the Bengals' Offense This is high praise for the Bengals' young offense. JAMES RAPIEN MAY 6, 2021 CINCINNATI — The Bengals took Ja'Marr Chase with the fifth pick in the 2021 NFL Draft because they think he can be an instant game changer for their offense. They aren't the only ones that believe Chase will make an impact right away. Former NFL star and current analyst Nate Burleson believes
  12. I wish Tee would go back to his #5 at Clemson, as #85 is too tied to Ocho at this point. Plus the 9 to 85 brings back too much Kimo trauma. I guess Tee didn't because if he did so, he would have to buy all the outstanding Higgins 85 jerseys. But I love the look of a 9 to 1 connection.
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