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  1. Ragnow is my top choice so I will probably jinx this and ruin it.
  2. My random thoughts on the morning of Draft Day 1 - I hope the Turds at #1 select Sam Darnold who I think will suck. He has small hands, and doesn’t do anything very well, just an above avg guy. My fear is they will take Josh Allen and not only ruin what could be the strongest arm in the NFL in the Factory of Sadness, but if by some miracle they don’t ruin him like the last 20+ QB’s, then he could be a thorn in the Bengal’s side in the same way Big Jen has been for the last decade+. QB wise I think the top 3 QBs in this class would be Allen, Mayfield, Jackson in that order, and think Darnold and Rosen are both meh and overrated. - In my view the Bengals have to go OL, with the one caveat being that if Lamar Jackson is somehow available at 21, I think you take him. However, I think the Ravens will take him prior. I would rank my top 5 realistic wishes as follows: 1. Frank Ragnow 2. Will Hernandez 3. Mike McGlinchey 4. Kolton Miller 5. Lamar Jackson
  3. Of these stale options, I'd rather just have Marvin back. And that's the fine print, sure I know many people want Marvin to go, but be careful what you wish for.
  4. Zampese Out

    This was the right move. I'm surprised they actually did it. You couldn't get a better HC than Marvin mid season, but a ham sandwich will be a better OC than Zampese. Even choosing plays at random out of a hat would be better.
  5. My observations from this Thursday night embarrassment: - It is obvious that Dalton has regressed. His accuracy is worse than it ever has been. He doesn’t audible, even his long completions wobble like wounded ducks, and when a big passing play is made, it’s in spite of him rather than because of him. He looks to throw it out of bounds way too fast, can’t figure out how to avoid pressure and throw on the run, can’t throw over the DL without passes getting tipped, shows no leadership in the huddle, and shows no remorse when he fails on the field. There is no way to sugarcoat it … Dalton now sucks. He got outplayed by a rookie making his first start ever with 3 WRs and no TE's. - Now did Dalton always suck? No. In fact he was an above average starter who could get you in the playoffs with a solid supporting cast and good coordinators, but he has never had the talent to carry this team or any team, and now with awful play calling, and a crappy OL, a new Dalton is showing, and it’s garbage. McCarron should be given a chance to see what he can do. Hell, I'd even prefer Driskel than Andy at this point. However, unless Zampese is also fired or demoted I doubt the results will be that much different, although I do think McCarron will at least make better decisions and show some moxie that Dalton doesn’t have. - The past 2 games have showcased the worst play calling that I have ever seen in the NFL. It is so bad it’s astounding. Zampese has reached a new level of suckage that Bratkowski couldn’t have even dreamed of. He makes Hue Jackson look like Vince Lombardi. The fact that he couldn’t get 1 TD in 8 quarters at home with all the weapons the Bengals have is an ‘accomplishment’ in a weird way, as it should be impossible to do. He barely targets Green, never allows his RB’s to build any kind of rhythm, ignores Eifert for entire quarters, calls the most absurd and predictable run plays, gives Ross one reverse which worked (pre fumble) and then never uses him again, and can’t design plays using a TE to give his OT’s any help. Zampese was out play called by a team with no TE’s using 7 OL. Monumental in its absolute suckery. - Some top flight talent is on this team and being wasted. Geno Atkins is an All Pro and one of the best players in the league along with AJ Green. This is a playoff roster with plenty of game breakers to put up points. However, without the right scheme and play calling many of those chess pieces are being wasted. - Everyone on here knows that I am as loyal to Marvin as anybody. But if he continues to let Andy start and Zampese call the plays, even I will lose faith in him. Unfortunately, the rest of the NFL has also poached the Bengals of all their best assistant coaches over the last few years (Gruden, Zimmer, Jackson, Joseph) and so the cupboard is dry. I don’t think the next coach of the Bengals is on the sideline right now from a deserving-it-based-on-talent perspective, but I am not sure if Mike Brown will hire a complete outsider, which means it may be an issue of waiting until he dies and his daughter makes that correct decision. - Props to PacMan for his play tonight. You can see how he is the emotional spirit of the defense. He played hurt, and was wincing with a gashed elbow, and went right back out there and was making plays with 1 arm dangling at his side. If this team had 22 Adam Jones’ they would win the Superbowl. I don’t care if he cusses out cops or not, he’s a football player, and I wish the team had more like him. I’d trade 1,000 Andy Dalton’s for 1 Adam Jones. I also can’t wait until Burfict gets back, as I think he’s the best defensive player in the league and it’s total bullshit he was even suspended to begin with. - Chris Smith played hard out there today and gave much more rush than Michael Johnson usually does. I think he’s earned the right to start or get highly increased playtime. My game balls from the loss would be: Atkins, Huber, & Pac. - Is the season over? Not yet. But the worst they can go into the bye at is 2-3, so they basically need to win 2 of their next 3 games versus the Packers, Browns, and Bills. But do I think the team can do that if something doesn’t drastically change? Hell no. In fact, at this rate, if the Andy and Zampese shitshow isn’t cancelled, the team may be looking at the #1 draft pick, where they will hopefully draft the Wyoming QB Josh Allen.
  6. I wouldn't trade Burfict for any of those 3. If I had to design the perfect LB, he'd be Burfict.
  7. Burfict shouldn't even be suspended, and he's also the BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER in the NFL. Not on the Bengals, but in the entire league.
  8. Regarding Pac's edge that was missing ... the recent article on Bengals.com has a passage I think helps define how he changes the mindset ... http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Jones-returns-with-fire/d51f5f43-99c9-4ea3-8656-d849a5469f0d
  9. Did he just write his own ominous epitaph?
  10. Jags game 11/5

    Not sure yet. "Cincyfuckinjacksonville!"
  11. - It’s clear that Burfict and Pac are the heart and soul of this defense, without both of them out there the D played with low passion and heart. For all those that want a team of well-behaved boy scouts and have been calling for one or both to be cut, this is what you get. Defense needs nastiness, and the Bengals D had little of it today. They were bullied and pushed around. - The team needs to decide on Mixon or Hill and roll with it. On an early run Hill looked good, then would dud for 2 runs and Mixon would come in and look good for one run, but after 1 or two stuffs would be pulled again. RB’s need time to build up a rhythm and to get that 4-5 yd avg, you need to feed them and let them get stuffed before they pop one and get stuffed again some more. I’m not a fan of RB by committee, and think the indecision could be costly. By talent I think Mixon is clearly the better of the two and would roll with him full time with Gio as the 3rd down back. - Cedric is not ready for primetime at LT and maybe they should move Fisher over to LT and put Andre Smith to RT. Yes Andy was to blame for a range of poor decisions, but he’s also not used to being run down from behind with DE’s having a clear path to him in that way. I think Cedric is more of a G at this point and should be brought along that way. - The secondary looked disorganized without Shawn Williams back there. Not that it’s ‘White Chocolate’s’ fault as it was his first start, but you could tell that many times they didn’t know who they were supposed to be covering. This is also related to Burfict’s bullshit absence I believe as he’s the play caller and field general of the defense. - Time to let the young DE’s play more and get some speed off the edge. The DL looks like it’s built to stop the run on 3rd down on first and 10, but not rush the passer (with the exception of Atkins and Dunlap on some plays). Get Smith and Willis in there more. Also, why a vanilla 4 man rush on every play? I see very few stunts or switches in the scheme or look for a QB to have to deal with. Use some double A gap blitzes or a corner blitz every now and then … bring a SS down in the box … the Bengals defensive scheme seems very basic. - Zampese is not a good play caller and the plays are so predictable that I can usually guess most of the time what they are going to do. He follows certain patterns too that leaves the opposing defense able to cheat up. Run up middle, run up middle, pass, scramble, fumble. Do some gadgetry … switch it up … run some wildcat, do a flea flicker, throw deep on 2nd and 1 instead of getting stuffed on 2 runs up the middle and punting. He is unimaginative and I think got a free pass last year because of all the injuries. But really, when have you seen a game and thought, man, what a brilliant play caller? Never. When they win it’s in spite of him not because of it. - Dalton has way too many passes batted down compared to other QB's. He's the same height as Aaron Rodgers but somehow can't figure out how to throw around the DL. For the record Driskel is 2 inches taller and can do a 360 dunk in basketball. (only half ninja) - Dalton’s demeanor is not inspiring and he needs a fire lit up under his ass. With McCarron you can feel his energy when he plays … hell with Driskel you even can. But Andy’s “cool” demeanor seems aloof sometimes and like a guy just going through the motions. Smack someone’s helmet, yell at a guy, get in a scuffle with a defender, show some life for fucks sake! In the huddle he seems to show little facial expressions and I’d rather have a QB that had more of a gun slinger mentality. That way you can live with interceptions better … but not a boring accountant who throws one and then walks back to the sideline with a blank stare. - Is the season over? Of course not. This could still be a playoff team and a squad that sucks one week can look great the next. The Texans might be a good opponent to rebound on this Thursday. So it’s not time to hit the panic button yet, but a few more games like this and the PBS crowd will really turn on Dalton and be chanting for McCarron in there. Would that help? Who knows. I even think Driskel has some ‘sizzle’ and potential to start in this league and love his mobility and athleticism, but it’s hard to let him get the reps needed to be successful when Andy has proven he can at least get you in the playoffs almost every year. But one thing is certain, is that the team shit the bed today and the fans deserve better.
  12. Marvin Lewis on proposed race: Ross 'not a circus act' by Jeremy Bergman NFL.com Published: May 5, 2017 Marvin Lewis is calling the race early. The Bengals coach quickly put the kibosh on a proposed 40-yard dash-off between his first-round pick John Ross and Cincinnati Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton, telling Cincinnati reporters Friday, "John is not a circus act." Shame. Hamilton first suggested the race between the 40-yard dash champion and himself, saying that the two could test each other's speed "for a charity event" or something of the kind. Ross responded Friday, saying he's up to it, but not right now. "It would be awesome to do that and we could probably work out something later," Ross told ESPN's Katherine Terrell on Friday. "Right now I'm just focused on being a Bengal. I don't know what the future holds, but if he wants to do something for the community later or for charity, that would be awesome. Right now I'm just focused on being a football player." Double shame. We're sure Lewis and Ross are objectively in the right here, choosing to prevent the first-round wideout from potentially aggravating an injury rather than racing a Red. But where's the fun in that? On top of supporting charities, a 40-yard dash between Mr. 4.22 and baseball's best base-stealer would promote a very worthy cause: Keeping us football die-hards entertained during the pigskin-poor summer doldrums. Do it for the fans. That's charitable enough. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000806800/article/marvin-lewis-on-proposed-race-ross-not-a-circus-act

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