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  1. They better cut Seibert and roll with McPherson. You saw what happened the last time they didn't give their drafted kicker a chance.
  2. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 his first year with the Cowboys then 7-9 the following year (which is what Zac would have probably finished last year had Burrow not been hurt). Then he won 2 of the next 3 Super Bowls after building with top draft picks. So Zac deserves one more year to prove his plan is working. For my part, I think the Bengals make the playoffs and Zac wins coach of the year this season (as long as Burrow stays healthy).
  3. I would have preferred the orange jersey and black pants (which should be the 1A uniform in my view). But I will say that before I wondered how the Nemo pants could ever be used, and we have our answer. They can only logically be worn with the black jersey I think (not the orange as I had assumed), as at least the orange stripes on the pants mirrors the orange stripes on the shoulders (though both are the inverse of the helmet) #OCD
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