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  1. With some players, I feel they are an addition just in their subtraction. So I would be fine replacing him with a ham sandwich. I don't want any of Flounder's underachieving suckage or habits to rub off on Mims, who I think has potential to be an All-Pro.
  2. ... I'm hoping for a pink slip. Time to cut his sorry ass.
  3. Byron Murphy also looks like a beast so far in practice. But he was not available to the Bengals at 18 ...
  4. Nabers is balling out and he would have been awesome to get. But the Bengals had no chance to get that high.
  5. 1. Over half the draftees end up shit. 2. There were players I loved for this draft but most the "shit" ones I'm pointing out now I didn't. So I'm showing how the Bengals dodged a bullet by not taking them. Instead we got Mims who has shown no issues so far. So we should feel lucky. 😎
  6. On the topic of Fashanu ... This GF vs Momma draft video is hilarious 🤣
  7. Fashanu's feet seem slow compared to Mims' in practice ... Plus I didn't realize he has baby hands, unlike Mims' massive ones ...
  8. Latham has power, but he's struggling with proper sled technique / leverage ...
  9. I assume he's going off predicted production and fantasy stats and thinking Miami will spread it around more.
  10. Bengals custom Jordans https://vutees.com/cincinnati-bengals-custom-air-jordan-shoes/
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