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  1. Heading to MSP

    Love that sweater of the Bengals on ya!
  2. Despite being AFC North Rivals. Still you never at all want to hear that he may not be able to play. Very vicious hit.
  3. Yeah think Marvin Lewis will be out after 2017.
  4. 2017 Play off Picture

    Was a bit cynical on Mixon at first. But glad the kid will finally show why the team drafted him. And that hopefully got his act off the field together along the way.
  5. 2017 Play off Picture

    Both the Ravens and Titans have to not make the playoffs as Bengals chances are slim but it is a possibility there.
  6. Yeah they would be selling at a bargain!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Really need to sign an OT in FA or get one in the draft. Just saying!
  9. Ready for Thanksgiving!

  10. Yeah as really it is the defense that need to win them the games. Not just offense.
  11. November to Remember!

  12. Not just make the playoffs but win won!

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