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  1. Yeah as glad all went well over it. Glad advertising is gone. It slowed the board down.
  2. Just hope for the best over Joe M and hope he can change and clean his act up. As Jameis Winston seems to be in Buccaneers country.
  3. Happy Happy Flowers of May!

  4. Just hope Mixon was worth drafting!
  5. May Flowers!

  6. Well it could drop him big time in the draft!
  7. Happy May Day!

  8. He probably could not handle jail. So he took his life.
  9. Seems that there are pros and cons in this. To get him.
  10. Easter is Here!

  11. Can't wait for the War of the Palnet of the Apes!
  12. April is Here!

  13. Think he would be nice to get in the second or third round there.
  14. Legends Never Die!