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  1. Praying for the families lost to this sad and dreadful disease. Praying for the surviving loved ones.
  2. Ready for Christmas and 2021!

  3. It is a work in progress. But still Zac Taylor hope will get another year to develop. Sadly bosses do not allow that these days in these NFL times.
  4. Have a safe Thanksgiving!

  5. Yeah as really need to protect young Joe Burrow. Would not want his career to end very early.
  6. Just hope Taylor will not get canned and that he can really turn it around. Well just need to find chemistry.
  7. Ready for October Opening

  8. Ready for Autumn Winds!

  9. Ready for September to Remember!

  10. Praying for his family. Nice looking man and a better human being from what I hear. So sorry to hear.
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