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  1. Just hope that they can get to the playoffs and win as really poor Bengal fans!
  2. What I Did for Love!

  3. Good luck to the coach and his staff. As that it is a new era and direction!
  4. One Singular Sensation

  5. Yeah as really think that hopefully Mayfield will learn in he new system. He can either thrive or dive over on it. But calling the Browns that of an X-factor team. Browns should not however had let Williams go. Hope it does not bit them in the rear end.
  6. Irish Eyes are Here!

  7. Stay away from casinos and most of all away from trouble.
  8. Yeah as Brat and Ketchup in a sense were the scapegoats there.
  9. Ready for Valentine's Day!

  10. Yeah as really the Saints were robbed of that game. And really wished that they could have a redo and take the win away from the Rams and give to the Saints. But this is an unfair world we live in. So sadly that won't happen.
  11. Passepartout

    2019 Draft Talk

    Kiper has a point. Need to have an OT. That can really get the job done.
  12. Loving Football Every Single Day!

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