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  1. It will be very weird to watch games without hardly if anybody in the stadium!
  2. All of the 32 teams if they have not yet, need to change jerseys as this is now the 21st Century!
  3. June and Summertime!

  4. Maybe it is his agent that is trying to get him on a deal that rivals Tua from the Fins!
  5. Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Good luck to him and his new team the Cowboys. Now comes the Joe Burrow era!
  7. Stay Home and Stay Safe!

  8. Really never thought he was a you know what. Always such a classy guy. Remember he donated to charity in Buffalo? Nobody that is a class a*s would had done that.
  9. Stay Safe and Stay Home

  10. Beef up the OT and in the O.L. to protect and build around young Joe B!
  11. In This Together

  12. Ready for April Showers

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