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  1. Beef up the OT and in the O.L. to protect and build around young Joe B!
  2. Ready for April Showers

  3. Just over in the O.L. Build around Joe Burrow or whoever is the QB.
  4. Ready for March Madness

  5. Burrow is #1 draft pick no matter what! But really Cowboys should had struck a deal with Prescott in 2019!
  6. Burrow will be the Bengals #1 pick no doubt. Unless something weird happens.
  7. Valentine's and February!

  8. Not the first team they had filmed nor will they be the last unfortunately.
  9. Ready for SB LIV!

  10. Everything with the Bengals no matter who is at a position there. Is going to always be a work in progress.
  11. Yeah as really would love to have a QB that can win games. As Dalton had his chances however. Nice guy though. But yeah need to draft a QB that is clutch. Maybe mobile.
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

  13. November to Remember!

  14. Those could be the reasons the got rid of him the Bengals!
  15. Yeah as the freshman QB left. As really Alabama has SEC working for them. Yeah as you deal with it unless you get very hurt.
  16. Yeah as really your health is more important. Games come and go. But you only have one health. Good luck to Glenn if he ends up playing again either with the Bengals or another team.
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