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  1. Wonder if it will be time to move on. Since Huber has been the P for years and really does really great at his job. Just think next year as much as I like Huber, really need to possibly draft a P.
  2. Ready for August Crush

  3. Ready for August to Come!

  4. Yeah as he needed to focus on football than anything else. No wonder Marvin did fire him.
  5. You can hope for the best but prepare for the worst! Just hope Taylor has his team ready.
  6. Bengals really are still very high in Burrow despite the injury
  7. Well he was drafted for #1 for a reason. Good luck to you young man. Welcome to the jungle.
  8. Mother's Day 2021 and May Day 2021!

  9. Well he can play them all. But just stick him with one position and let him mature and grow.
  10. Ready for a Great April

  11. Ready for April Showers and Flowers!

  12. You need someone to be a team leader. And that over in a team player.
  13. Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. All the team needs is to be building around young Joe Burrow. Beefing up OL to protect him.
  15. Ready for February Fools and SBLV!

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