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  1. Very close but really they should be proud. As it could had been losing a lot more. But have a long way to go.
  2. Ready for NFL 100th Anniversary!

  3. New era and a new coach. Will give him the benefit of the doubt for first year to shake off the kinks.
  4. Calvin and Hobbes fan!

  5. August is Here!

  6. Very young age to die at 38. Complications from obesity. May he RIP. Leaves behind two children.
  7. Fireworks are Here!

  8. Mike Tomlin if the Stealers do not at all get their act together and make the playoffs!
  9. Seems like your electric bill may go up on that.
  10. Yeah as may needed to draft a better replacement in the draft.
  11. Happy Memorial Day 2019!

  12. New staff, new era, new fresh breath of air. What is more to like?
  13. Mother's and May Day!

  14. Just hope that they can get to the playoffs and win as really poor Bengal fans!
  15. What I Did for Love!

  16. Good luck to the coach and his staff. As that it is a new era and direction!
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