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  1. Shoot me a PM and I'll send contact info...tickets for all games avail
  2. Anyone have two tickets to the ravens game they are looking to sell at a fair price? I have a friend wanting to go and all my tickets are spoken for. I have sold plenty of tickets at good prices over the years to people on this board and looking for someone to return the favor. Let me know in PM what you have. Thanks
  3. Some Random BS.... Business major would have kept his fans in the first place and worked on keeping the season ticket holders before they left. $130 for two tickets and -$65 dollar voucher...Bengals $65 $1300 for two season tickets next year and two free games each this year -$260...Bengals $1040 Does Direct TV offer single games on Sunday Ticket?.....No they charge you full price for the whole season and all games because that's how they make the most money.
  4. I got tickets available at good prices........row 124 row 8.........anyone can send me a PM if interested.....pickup on east side of 275 loop....or downtown in the AM is also possible
  5. [quote name='gatorclaws' timestamp='1316358886' post='1032276'] Tickets on the secondary market won't be any cheaper than they have been the last few years. While interest is a lot lower, there's about 15-20K less tickets out there that people are trying to get rid of. Most of the tickets sold now are to people that want to go to the game and aren't looking to sell. [/quote] Speaking of tickets......[b]I have two extra tickets at FACE 124 row 8[/b]...........$72 each....any takers?
  6. [quote name='Bunghole' timestamp='1309190911' post='998768'] This thread lacks enough NSFW content. [/quote] [URL=http://img607.imageshack.us/i/sunset800x600.jpg/][IMG]http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/9149/sunset800x600.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]
  7. Bring back the negative rating on posts.....so they know they are a douche without telling them directly.
  8. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AYEgwwCYWw&feature=player_profilepage[/media]
  9. Seems like there might be more than ATL looking to trade up......if multiple teams want to go to 5 someone wants to go to 4!! Cardinals hearing trade offers fro the No. 5 pick PUBLISHED Thursday, Apr 28, 2011 at 9:06 am EDT LAST UPDATED 1 hour and 52 minutes ago Clifton Brown Sporting News The Cardinals have received trade offers for Thursday night’s fifth pick in the NFL Draft, and they expect to hear more. "Some of them are just exploratory and some of them are serious," coach Ken Whisenhunt told the Arizona Republic. "There are a couple that you know are serious but there’s a couple that could get more serious as we get closer to it." Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt walks among his players during NFL football practice on Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2010, in Nashville, Tenn. The Cardinals and Tennessee Titans held a combined practice two days after playing against each other in a preseason game. (AP Photo) The Cardinals need a quarterback and may be in position to draft Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert with the fifth pick. However, will Gabbert be ready to make an impact as a rookie? The Cardinals might be better off acquiring a veteran quarterback later this offseason like Kevin Kolb of the Eagles, and using the fifth pick to draft a defensive player like Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller or LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. Or, the Cardinals could trade down from the fifth pick, get an extra pick later, and still acquire an impact player. Perhaps the Texans (11th pick), who need defensive help, would consider trading up to get Peterson. There will be plenty of trade talk, but how many deals actually take place will be one of the major storylines of the draft. The Cardinals believe they are in a draft position that has leverage. "There’s all kinds of scenarios that could happen," Whisenhunt said. "We’re certainly not ruling out moving in the draft." Read more: http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2011-04-28/cardinals-hearing-trade-offers-fro-the-no-5-pick#ixzz1KpZmQR69
  10. Message to everyone.... [img]http://static.funnyjunk.com/pictures/stop_being_a_dick.jpg[/img] ....threads always had pics in it and who ever gave a shit if we offended anyone? relax people!!
  11. [quote name='gatorclaws' timestamp='1299770558' post='976328'] Who's dumber, the guy who enjoys going to games and watching live NFL football or the guy who's on a message board for a team he gets no enjoyment out of watching? [/quote] Smizno...
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