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  1. BengalBeotch

    Burfict will NOT be suspended

    They can all bite it.... Burfict is playing intense football... they're head hunting him... fuck 'em. I hope he breaks legs next time... HAAA!
  2. BengalBeotch

    Colts Game

    Bunghole... we are always in Lot D up against the covered garage... welcome to stop by.
  3. Easy to do... click on link, scroll down to pics... first pic "Michelle D." click the blue button and vote... Just a good person who desperately needs a new system.. thanks friends! http://a.pgtb.me/pJ5MXM/m6Dhl?w=62055253&e=173445850
  4. BengalBeotch

    What Happened????

    Haaaaa.... break the skin
  5. BengalBeotch

    Season Tickets

    Damn skippy.... lmao!!!
  6. BengalBeotch

    Whatzzzzzzzz up?????

    Damn it feels good to be a gangster!! LMFAO!!! oh how I missed the abuse!!!! Jacksonville it is!! Good times!!! Move over fatheads, it's on!
  7. BengalBeotch

    Season Tickets

    well like a dumbass that usually doesn't expect anything but tickets.. I cut the top of the envelop... guess what else happened.. you're damn right, the flag got cut with it... I e-mailed them about it and they are sending a new one but that was probably the reason for the mention in the e-mail about the dumbasses not knowing how to rip the tickets on the perforations... lol
  8. BengalBeotch

    Pacman suspended

    ummmm nope...I get it... actually he's dumbass with anger issues, but I personally love his on-field intensity.. so anyway... grill me if you will.. I like him. lol
  9. Oh my goodness friends!!! Oh how I've missed my Bengal friends! It's been a jacked up couple of years but I'm getting there! I miss bullshitting about my Bengals and all my friends on here... I hope everyone has been doing well.. I'm climbing out of the hole and my sister and I still find ways to get our tickets... Anyway, probably should be in the general forum so move if you wish, but just wanted to say hi, it's been a while and can't wait to get involved again now that I've "almost" got my life back!!
  10. BengalBeotch


    OMG.. this brings back such fantastic memories!!!
  11. BengalBeotch


  12. BengalBeotch


    I just wanted to tell all of you who supported me and cheered me on how much you all mean to me and my two boys! I finished and will graduate on Thursday, December 11 with my Bachelors of Art with a Major in Art Education. I love you all and I should be able to get on this site more often now that the papers, exams and student teaching is complete! It's been a long hard 4 years but I made it with your help!   Love you guys!!!!!!!!!   Lori
  13. Thank you everyone for all your help!!!!
  14. Eeeeeek... he is my fav....I can't wait for the season to start!!!
  15. St. Lawrence in Price Hill (lower income neighborhood) LOVE THESE KIDS... I was truly blessed to work with these kids... all they want is love because many of them do not receive it from home.

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