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  1. OMG.. this brings back such fantastic memories!!!
  2. [quote name='BengalBacker' post='727014' date='Nov 22 2008, 11:04 PM']Not yet, hope to get it soon. You probably want the MAC version though, right? We just upgraded at work yesterday, so I've worked a little with the new Photoshop and Illustrator. Not enough yet to know what's better or worse about them.[/quote] yes sir, the mac version....I've been trying to get the stuff from work but they are too chicken to let me take the programs home and download.
  3. Does anyone have the Adobe Creative Suite I can bootleg? CS4?
  4. you don't wanna go there...haaaa!

  5. Bobby Vinton is the Man! I got to hear him perform live a few times and he puts on quite a show. Long live the Polish Prince!

  6. awwe....mister Lonely..

  7. how bout a shot of GOLDSCHLAGER?

  8. I want the special!!!

  9. don't I owe you some money?

  10. will you our date for the draft party again?...haaa haaaa!

  11. Hello my brother....

    1. BengalLady


      hey Stray. Can you get a hold of me and let me know why I can't get approved on this board any more? thanks

    2. BengalLady


      oh hi Beotch.....been a while.

  12. Sup sup Cinnamon. Hows the wild life treatin' ya??? :P

  13. hey beotch! i got a 6 pack sittin on ice, you ready babe :)

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