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  1. Uhh, I like the option of sitting sometimes. Trust me, if there are critical moments happening I am up and I am LOUD. The end zone seats also kinda suck if the action is on the other side of the field. I've sat all over the stadium and have always had a great time.
  2. End zone seats are OK....but you will stand the entire game. Midfield is best and I honestly don't hate the 300 seats (upper deck) at all. I think the view up there is awesome. You can see anything that happens up there for way less than field level or club seats.
  3. Some of you take this sport entirely too seriously. Relax and enjoy the game.....maybe even look forward to it since it is a playoff game. I know I am!
  4. This has train wreck written all over it. Axl is still Axl.
  5. After today all I can say is that I pray Andy heals fast. Thank God that the Niners stink.
  6. This is literally the most retarded offensive game planning ever so far.
  7. I want Pissburgh and I want them bad in the playoffs. I don't want any other match up.
  8. Not being able to run does not help anything. It makes the offense one dimensional and the defenses out there can tee off on that.
  9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly have already been covered in this thread but seriously what the fuck has happened to Jeremy Hill??! He went from stud to dud in a hurry. He no longer runs with a full head of steam and rarely "runs down hill". He's got late-in-his-career Rudi Johnson feet right now. Last year he was was putting his head down and plowing bitches and we were quickly forgetting who Gio Bernard even was. Ay yi yi,....
  10. Why not give articles their own category (like the shit talking or Jesus and Dubya categories) or sub category? Then you would have the articles all separated and organized and they wouldn't be blowing up the discussion category. Just a suggestion as I too like the articles but sometimes they can blow other things off the first page.
  11. When they win, the team gets credit. When they lose, Dalton gets the blame. That's been the way for several years with Bengals fans for some reason.
  12. There is no journaling with electronic monitoring. You literally do nothing but your normal viewing routine. Every single device that can tune in programming will be monitored whether you use it or not. Not sure how they handle streaming programming as that came about after my time there As for stealing cable or Internet, they do not rat you out. It's not their job to care.
  13. They will offer you no incentive other than a little more cash if you are a prime home. The reason being is that they do not want to influence your habits in ANY way and offering your any product can in some way be seen as an influence. Their business is built around uninfluenced data that they sell to the networks and advertisers out there. Being a prime home is nothing more than being the first home selected for your area by their system. They really, really want that house on the rating system. Any house they install in that area after being turned down by the prime household will simply be the first house that said yes to their offer and they won't fight very hard to keep it in the system. The sales reps get paid a lot more for landing a prime house so they will try very hard to get it. There is a formula to picking prime homes and it comes down to demographics that represent that particular neighborhood. The selection process is done from the corporate offices in Dunedin, Florida using whatever formula it is that they use. I was a field rep for them for 2 years,but I got tired of going into nasty ass homes and/or dangerous neighborhoods after awhile. For every one decent/nice house you would install or go do maintenance on, there are 3 or 4 absolutely disgusting homes or places in extremely dangerous neighborhoods to go into. The funny thing was that the shittier the house, the more picky they were about exposed wiring and how well you hid the equipment.....the nicer homes would seem to care the least. One lady in Oakwood (Dayton) had us drilling holes in her pristine hardwood floors because we had no other way to run the wiring inside with the equipment we had and she wanted in the system so badly. Another guy in a dumpy house in Moraine literally had speaker wires spider webbed across his ceiling for surround sound and told us in no uncertain terms that he did not want to see an inch of our wiring I have so many other crazy stories from that job. Glad I did it, glad I got out of it too...