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  1. Big game today for the Bearcats...@ St. John's. The cats have a very good shot at a W today which would put them in the envyable (sp?) position of starting out with two ROAD wins in the BigEAST with four of our next five games coming at home. Cats need to take it one game at a time...
  2. [quote name='OzBengal' post='442716' date='Feb 19 2007, 07:55 AM']A tribute to TJ... [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Vt59UnuVc"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Vt59UnuVc[/url][/quote] I haven't put up a youtube video yet, so I'll try to get this one on here... I like this version a lot, much better than the Billy Joel one...
  3. I tried to fill in for a second to give us some different karma, and even went to New Orleans to resurrect the season.... but its good to see you back BJ.
  4. [center][img]http://assets.bengals.com/assets/cheerleaders/cheerleaders06-4.jpg[/img][/center] [center][b][i][size=4]"Jockin' the bitches...slappin' the ho's..."[/size][/i][/b][/center]
  5. [center][img]http://assets.bengals.com/assets/cheerleaders/cheerleaders06-34.jpg[/img][/center] [center][size=3][b][i]Who Dey Dementia...[/i][/b][/size][/center]
  6. All right, I've noticed we needed a new "bengal thought" here karma wise... [center][img]http://assets.bengals.com/assets/fans/fanfun060929-2.jpg[/img][/center] [center]Better Days...[/center]
  7. Darth Vader's "helmet" should be the "inverted" Bengals helmet...that would be PIMP.
  8. [quote name='AmishBengalFan' post='304044' date='Jul 29 2006, 11:06 AM'] Uhhh, no. I'm pretty certain he meant "John" Hancock, as in the dude who signed the Constitution like this.... [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/71/JohnHancockSignature.jpg[/img] According to popular legend, he signed his name largely and clearly to be sure King George III could read it without his spectacles, causing his name to become an eponym for "signature". But that's okay... we're Bengals fans, not Patriots fans. Ask us about chili, not history. [/quote] I guess you've never seen the movie Tommy Boy then...
  9. [quote name='BlackJesus' post='220465' date='Feb 20 2006, 02:22 PM'][center][img]http://www.tracypress.com/sports/images/2006-01-09-bengals.jpg[/img][/center][/quote] Wow...not only did Mike Holmgrin coach Seattle, but he managed a second job as our trainer...No wonder he got screwed in the Super Bowl.
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