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  1. Hey there COB. Have you heard from any of the mods/admins?
  2. Looks like Bengalszone is down again, right on what is for all intents and purposes Christmas Eve for longtime Bengals fans If you have news, share it :-)
  3. Bengalszone is back online Thank ya'all for letting me post about this here
  4. the message now talks about the site moving to a new server and flushing dns cache, and I did this, but still cant get there
  5. Thanks COB, me as well. The info on whois is outdated, the phone number is disconnected and the email address listed....well, it is on Bengalszone so it too is down/disconnected/whatever
  6. Dim, do you have a way to get ahold of any of the admins, to find out whats up?
  7. I know some of the Bengalszone members post on here as well, and am hoping with Bengalszone down at the moment that we could communicate here at least temporarily Hoosier? Army? Billy? Skyline? B24?
  8. Sunday ticket also blacks out games on devices listed as being in the 75 miles radius   https://support.directv.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2300/related/1   I'm sorry but the argument about buying tickets is not one I can speak to - it simply isn't an option
  9. Well, I am hoping to keep the one way drive to 2 hours or under :-)   Although that could well be quite interesting and also possibly very bad for my hopes to make it to my next birthday :-)
  10. I cant swing the price for the tickets - sorry, just cant - so if there is a blackout I would like to drive someplace beyond the backout range to watch the game   Anyone got a favored public place (bar, bowling alley, restaurant, whatever) in mind for use in such a case?    I live in Cincinnati.    Looking at the blackout map, I am thinking Lousville or Columbus   https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=215781638106713847494.00000112b598d0083c2d4
  11. The more that Son-of-a-Genius disassociates himself with the football side of things, the better I like him
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