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  1. you don't even know what are talking about?
  2. yeah they won't treat if you are too advanced in a disease..for instance, stage 5 cancer not even worth treating just give pain pills..so yeah they are cheaper
  3. yeah look what happened in Greece with so called socialisim there broke and need a bailout..they tried to retire at 55 which is a socialist thing too..
  4. go Cig today pitch a shutout! that would be a win..
  5. my point is there is a greater chance of a teacher sleeping with a student than a student being shot by a teacher.
  6. I starting to think that Cueto is not really missed with all his injuries.
  7. good job Arroyo and the reds...I really hope they resign Arroyo. well anyways let's win the next 2 and get back on track.
  8. yeah which is worse for our school systems? teachers being armed or ex Bengal cheerleaders sleeping with students.
  9. so does anyone think the reds will get red hot after the all-star break..the pirates have been known to start going downhill so hopefully the reds will get it together!
  10. watch the schools will be safer when teachers are armed..you as a student will not back talk!
  11. you can cross out that rob Chudzinski after this year too..Although I think Norv Turner will improve the offense but no super bowl team..   they may win 7 games this year!
  12. wish it was the same America but it is not..oh well happy July 4rth!
  13. there are a lot of tests for woman that are not needed..it is actually costs more money taking all these tests!
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