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  1. please give me a positive rep!!

  2. your the Family guy's love child!!!!!!!   now post you have some info in this heated discussion about how do you get the rich to spend!
  3. then why did the famous singer M.C hammer file bankruptcy? why because he bought too much stuff....he didn't have a fear?
  4. that is a type of liquidity trap..a type and a shadow..the rich only store it because they are scared of what will happen..when the rich feel confident the economy grows..so the Fed stimulates the economy for the rich to buy more not to rev up the middle class..look at all the low interest rates it will explode one day!
  5. it's mixed not for one or the other
  6. yes I know what a liquidity trap is..it is what happened during the Clinton era for the housing market..a liquidity trap is when you do not get the value of your money back..
  7. it worked fine in the Bush era..the only reason the stock market collapsed is because Bush had to deal with Clinton mistakes..Clinton era everybody could get a loan..that is why our housing market crashed a bit!
  8. least he gives things away that is kind of him but not more free pizza's because of Obomacare..
  9. I used to read forbes then the truth opened my eyes..google will obomacare hurt small business...msn is not your friend
  10. well Verizion wireless have had to up there fee's because of Obomacare..People at hospitals are losing there bonus's because they will have to invest in Obomacare..So where do you get your info? oh well maybe everybody is wrong.. tax the rich less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. uh no...have you heard Papa john's pizza rates will go up because of Obomascare....Cvs will penalize worker's because of weight..wages will be lower because business's cannot afford obomascare..business have already said there will be layoffs because of this... I can't open this sorry!
  12. obomascare is obomacare it will destroy the small business..
  13. I think you should get the rich to spend more which boosts the economy..Rich people are holding back..also, please help small business get going they are the core to the economy..with obomascare in place our economy will fall a bit and small businesses will take the hit.
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