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  1. Browns fans, stealer fans, pretty much the same thing at this point. Disgusting af.
  2. Nah, he wouldn't have appealed it if he was going to do that. From what I've read Goodell wanted an open ended one year suspension and an $8 million fine. This is a huge black eye on the NFL, they can't sit back and let this flawed decision be the end of it.
  3. Well I just don't see any need for my twitter account any longer. LOL Thanks mem
  4. As far as Higgins goes, I think there will be teams willing to pay him more than number 2 receiver money. I doubt the Bengals will though.
  5. Can't believe it's back already. I guess that's what happens when you add an entire month to your season,
  6. Something I never thought I would see. Sounds like a potential clusterF.
  7. In regards to the whole sports betting situation, if it's approved does that mean there will be a sports book at the stadium? I almost feel silly asking that, but I am wondering if that could happen.
  8. Oregon and Washington have already applied for Big10 membership and it will happen quickly more than likely. If ND joins the fold, which from what I've read that they are under a great deal of pressure to make the leap. Then the Big10 will add a 20th team from out west like Utah or Colorado and make a western conference. Now there will be much less travel. Create 4 divisions with 5 teams each and go from there.
  9. Lame duck team? Ahh, they've been a lame duck team for most of the last 20 years. What's 5 more? I do get what you are say, just making a joke at a much disliked rival team.
  10. Ok, so the way I understand this is Judge Robinson makes a suggestion to the NFL for what she believes the punishment should be. From there it is further negotiated between the players association and the league (this should not be confused with the negotiations that just broke down). However, in this case rumor has it that the NFL will present what they believe the appropriate punishment should be before it is passed along to the Judge. I don't believe this is part of the normal process. This whole thing is stupid, Deshawn should be kicked the fuck out of the NFL! Just like the Rapist should have been.
  11. This is what needs to happen to this creep. Go home! We'll shoot you an email when you're allowed back perv, if at all...
  12. Didn't MB spend most of the 90's and most of the franchises money buying out the non-family partners?
  13. He's not holding out. He has attended voluntary camps and has not said a single bad word about the situation. I'm sure whatever it is will be fixed in time for training camp. If he doesn't show up then, he would be holding out.
  14. Yep, they are going to sit on this hoping it becomes a backburner issue before announcing the punishment. If they came out right now and said he's suspended for 6 games there would be an explosion of hate from everywhere directed at the NFL. They will wait, let the anger and disgust settle before slipping a less than appropriate punishment by everyone. Afterall, it's all about the product on the field.
  15. Get ready for "Great Value" concession stands all over the donkey's stadium.
  16. Turns out they offered two 8th graders so far this cycle. A DE named Tyler Atkison and of course Henry Jr.
  17. I think it happens more often in basketball than football.
  18. Throw in Cam Newton (Better than #32) for training camp drama.
  19. I can't imagine, under any circumstances, that Watson isn't suspended for the entire season and possibly even get an open-ended suspension at that. The NFL has had so many black eyes recently, including things that are still going on right now, to simply sweep this situation under the rug. Suspend the brownies too, what a scummy franchise.
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