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  1. Chase is in the lead on NFL.com, help him to stay there. Pepsi Zero Sugar Rookie of the Week | NFL.com
  2. Turning point>>> Going for it on your own 30. Nice job zac, now we're in OT, Great call.
  3. Here's hoping Amazon snaps up Sunday Ticket and gives us an a La Carte menu.
  4. I do believe the only reason Bienemy hasn't been given a shot a head coaching spot is a few run ins with the law.
  5. I would bet Huber has another 5 years in him at a high level. I do believe he had one of his best years last season and very few punters can put that ball inside the 10 the way he does.
  6. I'm thinking this is a 8 or 9 win team and not playoff bound, but better overall. That said, my gut feeling is, Mixon will not be a 1000 yard guy any longer (not my head or heart, my gut feeling). Mixon will be one of the things that holds this team back IMO. I think just about everything about this team will be middle of the pack and that will be an improvement.
  7. That was not a TD. The right foot never touched the ground before the elbow was down out of bounds
  8. I like the competing for a playoff spot makes it a successful season take. And no more excuses for Zac. He's jettisoned all the unwanted pieces and all his parts are in place. He's got a worse record than Dave Shula for goodness sake, time to compete.
  9. Harblow had success with Stanford and then the 9ers. Hope he keeps up his great work with that team up north.
  10. Get the 7 day free trial of Game Pass on NFL.com, then cancel after the game. The other two are oddly national games.
  11. Ok, did you just make up the term/phrase/whatever "tickety boo"? I've never heard that before.
  12. Nice to know that my new Sam Hubbard jersey with be good beyond this season. Hoping Sam can stay healthy this season and return to form. Obviously happy here.
  13. There were no preseason games last year and JB didn't seem to have much of an issue going 0 to 60 there. If he doesn't take a preseason snap, but participates fully in preseason workouts he should be ahead of where he was last year week one. JMO
  14. Not sure he would beat out Huber. I think Huber had one of his best seasons last year.
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