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  1. There were no preseason games last year and JB didn't seem to have much of an issue going 0 to 60 there. If he doesn't take a preseason snap, but participates fully in preseason workouts he should be ahead of where he was last year week one. JMO
  2. Not sure he would beat out Huber. I think Huber had one of his best seasons last year.
  3. Can't stand ttun, but I really like that pick. @T-Dub I was thinking Gio replacement too. A larger version though.
  4. Good thing, because I was gonna take my dog Schottzie down south and have her crap all over your lawn.
  5. Got to go through all the picks to find the TJ Houshmanzahdas of the draft.
  6. Off topic, but if you are considering buying one of the new jerseys...spend the extra $30 for the $150 jersey. Everything is stitched (embroidered) as opposed to screen printed. Very nice and better than I expected.
  7. Bammer QBs have equally bad reputations in the NFL as OSU QBs do. I say Jones bust hard!
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