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  1. This is great... They signed an o-lineman from the one team that had a worse OL than ours.
  2. This upcoming draft would look a whole lot different if the brown stains hadn't dropped the ball. Damn man.
  3. Whit should have been first team all pro for years, but being a Bengal hindered that.
  4. BengalBuck

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Might want to check your facts
  5. BengalBuck


    Couldn't root for another team, not unless they are playing the stealers. If things got really bad, I would probably do what I do with the Reds... Just find something better to occupy my time with.
  6. And that 15 team looked like it surely could have won the whole thing until Dalton went down. Season over! Also the 05 team looked like contenders too until Palmer went down. Those teams don't come along every year, unless you're the patsies.
  7. When he was drafted by piss I said I'm going to hate hating shazier, because was such good, hard hitting, but clean playing Buckeye. Which goes to show what a dirty cheating program the stillers run over there. It's systemic, it comes from the rooneys all the way down to the ball boys. I can't wish bad things on players or people in general for that matter, just not wired that way.
  8. If I were making the decision I would take him with the first pick regardless of how high it was. He's a stud for sure.
  9. BengalBuck

    George Iloka

    Yep, and Shazier was a class Buckeye for all his time there, but once you became a stealer it's a different story. The dirty nature of stealer play does not come from coaching, it comes from the rooneys and goes all the way down to the ball boys. The entire program is infested with the notion that dirty play is the way the stealers do things and they get away with it because they've been doing it since the 70's and they're one of the nfls favored teams.
  10. I still can't believe whines hard escaped the whole explosion and scored a td. Anyway, I would prefer they blow up Heinz field while we weren't there.
  11. BengalBuck

    O-Line Love

    If flying head first into some poor senior citizens windshield while driving your rice burner, without a helmet, like an idiot doesn't dislocate your neck.... Yah, you're right, it would be amazing if a Bengals player could...
  12. BengalBuck

    Orange Alert!

    Time to get rid of those old black jerseys then. LOL

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