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  1. Mixon has his question marks too. He played almost exclusively in a spread offense in a very weak big 12 conference. Not sure he's ready to play behind a Bengals o-line that will probably not be very good when he's used to running against 5 guys in the box in college. I hate being negative, but I have a very bad feeling about that o-line. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. I live in Connecticut, but I am from Cincinnati and proud to be so. Anyway, if the Bengals relocated to another city I would probably not even follow the NFL any longer.... UNLESS they moved to a close by city like broke ass Hartford. Yah, I'd be a season ticket holder in that case. Any place else... thank goodness Buckeye football is on every week up here.
  3. One thing is for certain... The Bengals are not in any danger of losing either of their coordinators to another team for a head coaching spot this season.
  4. The NFL was so different back then... Pick had 26 catches for 326 yards and 1 touchdown. That's almost bust numbers for a 2nd rounder these days. lol
  5. I think the fact that AD was having a MVP type season last year before being injured could be taken into account as well.
  6. It does appear that Andy has evolved in his role as QB and has the ability now to put the last play behind him, regardless of outcome, and move on to the next. He seems confident in his abilities as a player and team leader and quite frankly seems to have ice water running through his veins.
  7. Maybe they just want to take cheap shots at him. You know, the stealer way...
  8. 7 seasons is a long time to go without a home opener. The baseball season is over for the reds almost every year by NFL opening day (baseball's too) anyway, why not play a night game and give the fans of both teams a great day.
  9. Oh great.... Nightmares all night long now.
  10. Barring a catastrophically horrible season by the skins (not likely given how bad that division is), I doubt Gruden is going anywhere soon as their coach.
  11. Yep, Andy was a stud yesterday for sure. He was also a stud mofo last season too... Are there many here that don't think the Bengals would of had a first round by had Dalton not got hurt?
  12. That seems a little over the top, but I would mind seeing Bane make a trip to ketchup field.
  13. Not wishing any bad on him, but it would be funny if Jerry Glanville wound up a perfect match.
  14. I'm on the running the ball effectively tip too. I don't think the jets have much for us if the running game is working. I also don't see the jets being much of a threat on offense against our D.