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  1. You know, I think about that Bears game a lot. How did they lose that game to a team like that with a rookie QB? If they played that game again the Bengals would win by 3 touchdowns...easy! I think this team was complacent going into that game and got beat by a team that is not on their level. I truly believe the Bengals as a whole learned tons from that game and never walk on the field with that same attitude ever again. Lesson learned.
  2. That sounds like a harbaughesqe type move, so I could see Lamar doing that.
  3. I hate how he does that and it IS on purpose. His dumb ass dad calls them the Bingals. Must be a western Kentucky thing.
  4. I do believe with the way the NFL does market size, Cincinnati is the 16th largest market. I think it's more the number of fans in the stands that give people that impression.
  5. I hope you're right, but I don't think any of the teams in the AFCN look past each other. Even when the brownies were bad for those 20 years they always brought their A+ game in all division games.
  6. How weird is that? It means the same thing in English, but corn instead of nuts. Who woulda thunk it?
  7. How in the heck did New Orleans end up with the Cincy/Detroit game? They must be pumped!!!
  8. Looks like the peckers and Bengals is the big 1 o'clock game this week. Even getting it here in New England.
  9. If USC was looking for an ex-tOSU coach I think they would choose Luke Fickell over Meyer at this point.
  10. I'll play. I really love the way CJ Uzomah stepped up and basically won the game with his under utilized skills. And he is definitely one of my favorite personalities on the team as well.
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