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  1. So we're looking at a salt and pepper out, not a whiteout.
  2. If you go to the link that Jamie_B posted ^^^^^ you can search Ohio State Jerseys and it says they do custom name and numbers.
  3. It may be hard to find because that hat came out years ago. I've had mine for 4 or 5 years now. I've always wondered why they wore those hats last season.
  4. Sorry, I meant not penalized (like the team and doctors should be if he was concussed}. Of course, if he had/has concussion symptoms he should be under the protocol.
  5. Yah, there's no reason Tua would be affected, but I'm pretty sure that both the NFL and the NFLPA will look closely into this. You can't have teams skirting the rules that were invented because it cost the NFL hundreds of millions of dollars.
  6. Someone has to burst those fins and their fans bubble, might as well be the Bengals.
  7. It would be great if there was enough white in the stands to get that Penn State whiteout look.
  8. Flacco's career 72.6 rating against the Bengals will certainly take a hit after today (53.8 rating this game). He's now 9-12 versus the Bengals with 21 TD's and 27 Int's.
  9. The fins are sure to be just busting at the seams full of themselves Thursday night. Lets pop their bubble.
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