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  1. Orange Alert!

    Time to get rid of those old black jerseys then. LOL
  2. Did you at least call for a clean up in whatever isle those animals were in? That would have been the right thing to do for the other decent people in the store.
  3. 2018 Coaching prospects

    I don't think Hue failed with the Raiders at all. That team was absolute garbage before he got there and he got them to .500 in a single season. The new owner didn't like the way he did things is what really happened, wanted his own guy I guess. Hue should have stayed put in Cincy, because he hurt himself and the Bengals by leaving for that dumpster fire in cleveburgh.
  4. He almost DIED!

  5. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Hue is probably hoping they do.
  6. I think I'd rather hang out with Kim Jung In than most stealer fans. Awful bunch of people.
  7. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Bill Walsh, please!?!
  8. Kirkpatrick on Marvin

    Not for nothin, but Kirkpatrick is a middle of the pack corner on one of his good days. He is certainly better than anyone on that awful OL and maybe better than the rest of the CB's on the team, but really, as good as Andy Dalton? C'mon, Andy has to play behind that porous OL with no running game and all Dre has to do is stay reasonably close to the man he's defending and he isn't doing that very well. I'm not picking on Dre, just saying that there is a lot of crap happening with this team that makes it hard to say this guy is better than that guy and so on.... For instance, what the hell happened to the DL that seemed to be having a resurgence over the first several games and now they can't get much pressure at all without bringing extra blitzers. And they also cant stop the run any longer. I will agree Kirkpatrick is not one of the worst starters on the team, but with the way this team is right now.... That's not saying much.
  9. This... AJ is one of the NFL's poster boys for the good guys in the league. I think the refs should be suspended because they saw the bullshit going on and while they warned the players they should thrown a flag on that piece of shit Ramsey for any one of his cheap shots after the play.
  10. 2018 Coaching prospects

    It really is starting to sink in that this is more than likely Marvin's last season as head coach and I truly fear what solution the front office will come up with. Given the Bengals HC history under MB being pessimistic about the future is well within bounds. I can't imagine the Bengals paying a decent, well known Coach to come to Cincinnati... It will be a promotion from within the organization or some young guy who'll take next to nothing (in HC terms) to get a shot. That worked out with Marvin for years, but who's to say what will happen next.
  11. Bengals and Browns tried...

    They dropped the ball before they could make a football move.
  12. Bengals and Browns tried...

    I believe the NBA will let teams in negotiations have extended time to finish a deal if they are near the deadline, but that's not how the NFL works. I do believe though that is going to change in the very near future. It wasn't long ago that trades in the NFL were virtually unheard of. Things are changing.
  13. Bengals and Browns tried...

    I have to disagree, but not in a dickhead kind of way. I think there needs to be firm deadlines in this kind of situation. Simply because if you let one team get around it then the flood gates open for all the others to find a way to do the same. Maybe even cheat the system.
  14. Bengals and Browns tried...

    And the winner of this whole non-trade is of course AJ "Way Better Than Dalton" McCarron. Why would any QB want to end up there in stainsville....? Or Head Coach for that matter...?

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