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  1. Pretty much. All of the powerhouse clubs are in Victoria and there's 10 teams in total located there. NSW isn't far to travel, that's why I assume they'll also be in consideration for housing clubs and potential match locations. This could all change though if WA and SA decide to change their state quarantine restrictions, although I suspect (as we're going into winter) that might be a ways away. Not sure I agree with the proposed rules, time will tell whether it works or not I guess.
  2. The AFL is organizing shorter training camps prior to resuming the season. They'll take place in localized areas. They're experiencing issues with certain clubs due to each state having different quarantine protocols. Both teams from South Australia are relocating to Queensland to set up camp. It could get ugly.
  3. I don't know enough about the absolute formula to make an educated assumption.
  4. Yeah, we're pretty slow at this. Must be past Tobin and Brown's bedtimes.
  5. I voted for an A. Really looks like the focus was on long term captains, winners and constant production. Definitely an overall theme to this draft which imo was very encouraging.
  6. Signed Kendell Futrell - LB - ECU I guess Linebackers are the new pokemon. Gotta catch them all.
  7. Are there any other decent kickers to sign? I'm sick of looking at Fat Randy.
  8. I want chaos and errors galore during this broadcast
  9. Should be a fifth option: Will I be able to buy a jersey directly after the pick is announced.
  10. As much as I'd love to see a more well-rounded team next year, I would have absolutely no problem with the Bengals spending the majority of their high end picks on the offensive line. Even if it means waiting a year for the appropriate LB/Secondary help, we've really gotta protect this kid straight out of the gate.
  11. I know that I'm really jumping the gun here, but can you imagine Burrow targeting a healthy Eifert in the red zone???
  12. Numbers aside, I'm way more excited by his decision making. He seems miles ahead of a guy his age. He definitely plays within himself. Such a smart footballer.
  13. We'll lose 26-24 due to a Fat Randy standard 36 yard failure. Haven't had one of those in a while
  14. Zach doesn't want to be the guy with 0-16 on his record as a rookie coach. That being said, I'm not exactly positive that won't happen.
  15. 4-12 Too many variables for me this year. Even staying relatively healthy I'd probably predict a 6 win season.
  16. At the very least he should be pretty spectacular on kick/punt returns until he fixes himself as a starter. I get the frustration of Bengals nation perhaps regarding others as a more dynamic pick, but you must admit, Ross has an extremely unique skillset.
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  18. Seedbag Of The Year.

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