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  1. Looking forward to the chat. Will be important for Gio to get a few decent runs with his early touches. Might well set the tone for the rest of the game.
  2. Gremzz

    Ticket Help Required

    Hey guys, I'll be flying over from Australia to catch the Raiders game in December and was wondering if anyone had an assistance in which tickets/sections I should be looking at purchasing and advice on what to do pre/post game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys!
  3. I wonder what Uber Eats Marvin and Bullock have ordered for halftime.
  4. I'll hang out in the chat today. Nice idea gupps!
  5. True, it looks like the depth in the next few rounds on defense could well be the way to go, just intrigued.
  6. If, and it's a big IF, James Daniels is available at #46 and Hernandez is not do you take him and plug Price in at Guard?
  7. I usually lurk more than post these days simply for time constraints but being an Australian Bengals fan for 20 years I'm not going anywhere any time soon. Not even feeling rantish but there is an underwhelming confusion aspect going through my brain currently.
  8. Gremzz


    Yeah, Ima just go for Not-Stealers and Not-Ratbirds.
  9. Probably only 3 weeks until we see McCarron starting?
  10. Gremzz

    Well I'm done

    I wonder how many avocados she received.
  11. Gremzz

    Day 3 wishlist

    Dobbs is the worst guy ever. I've hated him for as long as I can remember. I despise you Josh Dobbs so very very much.
  12. Gremzz

    Day 3 wishlist

    Look at that head!!!!

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