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  1. At what point is the throwing session did Ross hurt himself?
  2. Hue Jackson definitely held him in check in 2005.
  3. He's also pimping Cincy to Joe Burrow: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/chad-johnson-says-he-is-having-dinner-with-joe-burrow-to-discuss-cincinnati/ar-BB108KWE
  4. The Dolphins might go with Herbert, but only if someone leap frogs them to take Tua.
  5. Never mind. it appears Zack Baun is available (unless I missed it). **bfine pulls hammy running up to podium.
  6. Tempting to keep Joe with his battery mate, but I think Cole Kmet is the best value here
  7. Not my call. But we currently need a replacement a hell of a lot more than KC did, so the desire to start him immediately will be higher. Either way the point is a professional veteran can help in the development of a young promising QB. But many here don't want to do it for some reason. I'm really not sure of the point of your reply. Is it: Alex Smith is a much better QB than Andy?
  8. Actually, Jameis Winston would be the perfect replacement for Ben
  9. To give Joe every asset available is worth much more than $17 Mil. After the Superbowl Mahomes gave all the credit to Alex Smith for mentoring him as a rookie.
  10. He's gone through 17 surgeries for a chance to play again. Folks thinking Andy is too expensive for a backup should look at Alex's contract.
  11. Someone you might have to add to the mix is Alex Smith.
  12. Brad Hopkins and his co-host had MJ on this AM and I wanted to share a few observations: Seems like a good kid; perhaps not the sharpest tool in the shed, but seemed to have a good nature Said Bengals playbook is not much different from OSU. I'm sure Doogie loved hearing that He said Doogie makes you "want to play for him" Says he feels he has the mental part of the game down and is working with someone outside the organization (lots of players do it; not a shot) to get faster and stronger It doesn't matter to him who the QB is; his job is to protect the man, but he said they must rely on him just as he must rely on them Said he would love to go on Vacay but has no one to go with. What's up with the lack of gold diggers in Cincy? Said it was hard in HS being 6'7", named Michael Jordan and sucking at basketball. Said both him and THE MJ have getting cut from their freshmen teams in common.
  13. In the very post I quoted you said: Any QB would fail behind this oline. It's made up, you have 0 idea if any QB (including Joe) could succeed behind this line. I provided to recent examples of QBs doing so. Hell I didn't even mention the rookie last year who tied Russell for most sacks behind a garbage oline and managed a passer rating 10 points higher than Andy and his best WR is a member of the AARP. Any team that has the worst rated QB in the NFL has a problem at QB and it is their biggest. If we magically got 5 HOF Olinemen then Andy would probably do pretty good behind it, but that ain't happening. What can happen is we have the opportunity to take a QB that just had a college season that has never been matched in the history of college football; yet some will question the pick and stand behind our mediocre QB.
  14. The whole "If Andy can't do it, nobody can" assertion is just folks making things up. In 2018 DeShaun Watson had an absolutely terrible Oline, he was sacked 62 times yet he threw for over 4,000 yards and had a passer rating of 103.1. Last year Russell Wilson led the league by being sack 48 times behind a garbage oline, yet he threw for over 4100 yards and had a passer rating of over 106. He led a team with nothing but a rookie WR to a great season. So in short: Anyone who says "If Andy can't do it, no one can" has their objectivity called into question.
  15. I'm going to start laughing now....tell me when I should stop.
  16. It'll be their: Oline's, WR's, Coach's, Owner's, Defense's fault. It won't be his.
  17. Pitiful hyperbole and refusal to answer the simple question posed aside: As I mentioned earlier, The Chin said the best thing to do was to keep Andy. But it's obvious he most likely doesn't have your experience in high end competitive sports.
  18. Opinions vary. I simply posted stats and facts. But I can guarantee you this: If Ryan would have started all year he would not have ranked lower than dead last in passer rating.
  19. So your answer is that Andy wouldn't handle it in a professional manner? You may be underestimating his character. I'm not demanding anything. I'm simply suggesting what I feel is best for the team and its future and I could give less than a damn if it makes Andy mad.
  20. As to Andy getting benched. The only fair comparison would be how each performed against a common opponent and fortunately we have 1 (Pittsburgh) Against the Stealers Andy was 21 of 37 for 171 yards 0 TDs, 1 INT and a passer rating of 57.4. He also contributed 8 yards on the ground at 2.7 YPC Against the Stealers Ryan was 12 of 26 for 198 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT and a passer rating of 84.1. He also chipped in 8 yards on the ground but did so at 4.0 YPC With Andy at the helm the Stealers crushed us by 24 points, with Ryan at the helm the Stealers squeaked out a 6 point come from behind victory. So in short: a 4th RD rookie had a better showing in his 3 ever NFL game then Andy did in his 128th against the same opponent with the same team. It was after this game by Ryan the Doogie Taylor figured it was a good idea to bring back Andy. In hindsight it was probably best as Ryan was improving well enough that he might have won us more than 2 games. Hell a serviceable QB most likely would have beat Cleveland in our first meeting. As to Burrow: I’m not a Burrow or bust type. I would be open to trading the pick to the Fins for their 3 first rounders, but that doesn’t mean Andy isn’t a terrible NFL starting QB.
  21. They said they were open to trading him when the time is right. And wouldn't put him in a "bad spot". We have no idea who said it, when is "the right time", who are we trading him to, or how much we want in compensation. Maybe, just maybe, not a definitive as you assert.The Bengals would be stupid (more than they are) to announce "we're not trading Andy".
  22. Dalton finishing 26th in passer rating in 2018 and dead last in 2019 convinced me Dalton is a problem. What I think is truly hilarious is folks thinking a QB cannot make an oline better. Oh that and folks pointing to "quick release"; as if that 49/100th of a second between fastest and slowest matters.
  23. Of all the words used to describe PTW, "beast" is about the worst. Soft would be much more accurate.
  24. That's not the point dude I was replying to was making. We have no idea what the FO is going to do. They kept Kitna for a year to groom CP9! Exclamation Point!
  25. No QB in the NFL wants to be benched; however. Eli acted professionally and did what was required to help his team. You don't think Andy would do that?
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