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  1. Looking for where in my post I said he'd break all our records and win multiple Super bowls.
  2. His Junior Year they would usually keep 6 or 7 in to protect the QB. Burrow doesn't like this and once he gained the confidence of the team and coaches. He explained to them why he only want 5 man protection, they listened, and he and the team flourished. I expect a similar dynamic here. We'll try to protect him using max protection until Zac and Callahan listen to him.
  3. Why will it? Talent Why won't it? Coaching
  4. My top 5 in order: 1. Boomer Esiason 2. Kenny Anderson 3. Carson Palmer 4. Andy Dalton 5. Greg Cook (Could have been #1)
  5. STOP IT! Not one team is trading anything for Andy Dalton.
  6. Can't argue that. Just correcting the $9 mil talk.
  7. We only take the cap hit if cut. If we trade the cap goes with him
  8. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    All Conservatives are Nazis not racist southerners; at least try to get your hate rhetoric straight.
  9. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    Nah, you won't see me on Nov 4th. I have no plans to attend a grieving shelter.
  10. I see Thomas Howard but Odell is a good comp.
  11. Folks may know that GAY is a personal fav. I'd take him over queen. He give a Bengals coach a shout out in this interview. Hope he gets a chance to work with him in the near future
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