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  1. Put Cordy Glenn at RT and draft a RG in the 4th RD. Maybe somebody like Logan Sternburg
  2. How much under the minimum would parting ways with Andy put us?
  3. See John's other Tweets Love this question, John. Of the 65 I received, this is my favorite. I have no reward other than kudos in print, but kudos nonetheless. It’s hard to pick just one specific philosophical change because there are several I’d like to alter, but I have to say a change to the approach of how they create pride in the organization. This branches out to relationships with former players, current players, fans and gameday environment. You look right down the road at the Reds. Baseball is different. Even when the team loses, you drink a couple beers and have a great time at the ballpark. In football, if the team loses, it ruins the experience. On-field is the defining element in football. Baseball is much more defined by off-field. That said, the Reds have been a worse team on the field than the Bengals in this town over the last few decades, but you would never know it by the way people view them, talk about them or support them. That comes from the sense of community they create through things like the caravan, Redsfest, the community fund events, the Hall of Fame, celebrating club history and constant thought and money poured into making the customer experience great when people come to games. The Bengals lack greatly in every single one of those areas and it creates an adversarial relationship with the fan base, specifically when the team is just OK or not winning. Their philosophy is that if the team wins, the fans will come. That’s inherently true. But if they cared more about the customer they are trying to draw in, they’d also have more support when the team loses. This stuff takes time to create – decades even – it can be generational. But spending more time marketing your star players, putting on fun events the community loves, spending your own money more often to improve PBS, regularly bringing out a former player on gameday, celebrating current players with huge posters on/around the stadium and, yes, adding a Hall of Fame or Ring of Honor. This would all create more of a sense of pride and community with the Bengals being in this together and being a better corporate citizen, a criticism often deservedly levied against them in recent years. I don’t have much problem with who they have been on the field. They haven’t won enough, but as many have pointed out to national folks this week, they’ve been in the mix and a break or play away from making a serious run that significantly alters the perception of them. They could be better on the field. But they need to be significantly better off of it. That goes back to philosophy. Solid points but: I don't need Paul Dehner to tell me what the one change the Bengals need to make; as I'm sure I've followed this team longer and closer than he has and my "insight" is not dependent on how many reads I can get. The biggest problem is we run a "mom and pop" organization. The fact that we do not have an indoor practice facility is ridiculous. The fact that Mikey screwed the city on the concessions deal is criminal. The fact that we do not treat everyone of our players as champions is petty. But none of that changes the fact that when folks assert the organization has done "nothing" is out right wrong.
  4. The only real issue is Andy would be a bad citizen. The money is moot. It's for one year and if folks think Mikey is going to look for those savings to sign more talent then they've just recently started following the team. He pays his own and that's it. Without even parting ways with Andy we have over $47 MIL in cap space and that's before getting "creative". We can resign our important folks and move the cap hit to next year and beyond by paying bonuses. If Andy Dalton acts like a professional no one can argue that he's not the best backup QB we could get for JB. Now if a team is silly enough to offer us a high 2nd for Andy, then we'd have to consider it.
  5. We drafted the best Offensive lineman in the history of the game. We were founded by an NFL legend and innovative genius We created the genius of Bill Walsh We invented the muddle-huddle We have the best uniforms in the NFL
  6. At what point is the throwing session did Ross hurt himself?
  7. He's also pimping Cincy to Joe Burrow: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/chad-johnson-says-he-is-having-dinner-with-joe-burrow-to-discuss-cincinnati/ar-BB108KWE
  8. The Dolphins might go with Herbert, but only if someone leap frogs them to take Tua.
  9. Never mind. it appears Zack Baun is available (unless I missed it). **bfine pulls hammy running up to podium.
  10. Tempting to keep Joe with his battery mate, but I think Cole Kmet is the best value here
  11. Not my call. But we currently need a replacement a hell of a lot more than KC did, so the desire to start him immediately will be higher. Either way the point is a professional veteran can help in the development of a young promising QB. But many here don't want to do it for some reason. I'm really not sure of the point of your reply. Is it: Alex Smith is a much better QB than Andy?
  12. Actually, Jameis Winston would be the perfect replacement for Ben
  13. To give Joe every asset available is worth much more than $17 Mil. After the Superbowl Mahomes gave all the credit to Alex Smith for mentoring him as a rookie.
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