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  1. Kids, let this be a lesson. Don't huff paint in your formative years.
  2. I would suggest Bobbie Williams at the Guard spot you couldn't think of.
  3. Both had just over 1800 yards from scrimmage their final year in College Both were born on the 24th day of the month Both wore/will wear #28 Both drafted in years that end in 7 What other similarities can we find?
  4. Only if it helps get me get fellatio. Are you interested in my score?
  5. Prior to the recent moves to LA. I think we were one of 4 that did not have one or had plans to build one. I think it was us and the 3 teams in Cali (SD, OAK, SF)
  6. Well it seems we agree except for your assertion that to divide is not "remotely the same thing" as to polarize. But hey, I can overlook that in the name of harmony.
  7. I suppose it could be false equivalency (not sure you fully know what that means) if someone would have tried to equate the 2. I simply replied to the assertion that Trump is responsible for this divisiveness. Obviously you agree with me on this. You could have just said that and saved yourself all the time it took to post those links that support what I said. Further I showed that this divisiveness was stronger during the Obama Presidency then any in the last 80 years. So this next comment is going to make your head explode: "It's not Trump's fault."
  8. I posted a Gallup Poll that showed his Presidency contained 6 of the top 10 most divisive years since the 1950s; not sure what my suggestions could add to that. However if you must have an example I would suggest his EO to grant illegals Amnesty could be one. If I put it to thought I could come up with more; but I suggest we just let the numbers speak. Of course you and others can ignore that and suggest Trump's 4 months is the problem
  9. Folks look to blame Trump for everything and this shooting of a liberal against Republican officials is no different. The latest narrative is that he created "divisiveness". Never mind that Obama and Bush Jr set records for partisanship. We gots to blame this on Trump because he's not a "reasonable" person we simply disagree with Presidents have been thriving on divineness for the past 16 years; yet folks look to say this is Trump's doing 4 months into his Presidency.
  10. Hell, even Steve Colbert gave Trump credit for his response to the DC shooting: Let's just hope others "get it" too.
  11. Does this count? He also seemed to not take the opportunity to blame one side or the other: As to the men that were stabbed in Portland; I'd remain on that same limb and suggest their are many people killed each day in the name of Hatred that the President does not address by incident; however, I do seem to remember that he opened his 1st address to joint congress speaking out against recent attacks on Jews and other minorities. I could find that for you if you like.
  12. I'll have to look, but I'll go out on a limb and suggest Trump has condemned this shooting as well. But who knows? You might be right.
  13. Oh, now I get it....This is some more of that "You guys did it first, so you cannot blame us" mentality. I referred to it as the two wrongs make a right to the other Einstein in the thread. Because those select folks did "that" back then, Left leaning folks that do "this" now cannot be expected to shoulder any of the blame when someone acts on their rhetoric of hate. "It's the Right's fault!!! So shut the fuck up if you expect the Left to share any responsibility for actions such as these!!!!" But I will take your advice as this is about as enlightening as the back and forth with the other dude.
  14. The days of MSM being fair and balanced died long ago. The outlets will give their audiences the pound of flesh they crave. This happen about the time when your local newspaper and the 3 networks stopped being your only source for news.
  15. First you'll have to forgive me if I do not click on the link provided; as I chose not to get my "news" from sites such as Huffington Post, Mother Jones, Breitbart. ect.... But given the source I'd assume the content is Liberals are awesome, conservatives suck. I get that you feel your stance is the "correct one' and will boldly say "shuuuuuuut the fuck up" to those that find fault in it. Just don't be surprised when they just shake their heads. It does seem that you are suggesting that the right advocates using guns when they disagree with folks. If you truly believe that then I can understand your dislike of them. This is just me shaking my head.