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  1. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    Harris was a moderate. She currently supports the Green New Deal and Medicare for All (unless she changed again after receiving the VP nod) those are far from moderate measures . Cali's former "Top Cop' has went from We need more policing to we need less. Now don't get it twisted. Biden and Harris is about the best a conservative can hope for from the DNC, but Harris and Biden will go whichever way the party tells them. It's why I said it would be a great time for a 3rd option.
  2. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    If ever there was a viable candidate to challenge the 2 party system; this would be the time. I'd love to see a moderate from each party combine on a ticket. Maybe a Romney/Klobachar ticket. But alas I am dreaming. It's all bout the Benjamins.
  3. I frequent another Message Board, but not because of the level of discussion, but more so familiarity with posters from the old Bengals.com MB. I will say this site is better moderated and has knowledgeable posters. To the OP: I hope JR does what's best for his family. I'm just not sure going to them is the best, but I do not know the details.
  4. Most likely why he was complaining about the delay in signing contracts.
  5. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    Hidin' Joe Biden picked his running mate. His VP met his top 2 criteria: A vagina and painting an old white man a racist
  6. Here's an example of folks "shaking a fence" https://news.yahoo.com/riot-declared-portland-police-union-200424533.html
  7. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    Get back in the basement and shut up: The only chance Biden has to win in NOV is just hide until NOV 4 and let others poke holes in Trump.
  8. Well as long as you understand you're just guessing.
  9. As I understand it many of the conditions are related to mental health. Conditions such as PTSD can cause the mask wearer to obtain heightened levels of anxiety to a point where he/she panics. I agree all should mask up when outside, but it's not a trival as you make it seem for everyone.
  10. We have no idea where/how he got COVID.
  11. Some players bring more to a team than their play on the field. Domata is one of them.
  12. It wasn't directed as the OP, but more the 2 replies (3 now). No one has any idea where Cain got COVID but folks are quick to make assumptions based on his/her agenda. It's why I said "some of you". Cain passing is national and sad news, but IMO some try to minimize it or eveb worse suggest he asked for it.
  13. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. If I posted a link to every person that dies from COVID that advocated wearing a mask, do I get to say wearing a mask is the reason? BLUF: Nobody has a handle on this thing, but every message board poster deems themselves experts.
  14. Looking for where in my post I said he'd break all our records and win multiple Super bowls.
  15. His Junior Year they would usually keep 6 or 7 in to protect the QB. Burrow doesn't like this and once he gained the confidence of the team and coaches. He explained to them why he only want 5 man protection, they listened, and he and the team flourished. I expect a similar dynamic here. We'll try to protect him using max protection until Zac and Callahan listen to him.
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