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  1. bfine


    That's an impressive, albeit rambling, string of words; you even managed to bring race into it. Of course it did absolutely nothing to address the topic at hand. As to "an ostensibly grown man" whining; I think your post has given POTUS a run forhis money.
  2. bfine


    Your replies are about as constructive as Acosta's "questions". The post you just quoted doesn't even reference POTUS' actions. It simply pointed out the how some would rather cause divisiveness than concern themselves with a solution...hey sorta like your reply. Save your hate.
  3. Folks around here are going crazy over Queen and hoping he'll make it to 33. Chinn is just as big, faster, stronger, and better in coverage. He's a hard hitter; I want one of our new sayings to be "sweet Chinn Music" when he make a hit.
  4. Having a little fun with your mock: Chicago doesn't have a first so they trade 43 and 50 to the Bengals for 33 and 65 to ensure they get the player they were targeting. (Changes in bold) 33. Bears - S Grant Delpit , LSU 34. Colts - WR Tee Higgins, Clemson 35. Lions - CB Jeff Gladney, TCU 36. Giants - OT Isaiah Wilson, Georgia 37. Lions f/LAC - DE Yetur Gross-Matos, PSU 38. Panthers - CB AJ Terrell, Clemson 39. 49ers - WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona St 40. Texans - WR Jaelen Reagor, TCU 41. Browns - DT Marlon Davidson, Auburn 42. Jaguars - OT Austin Jackson, USC 43. Bengals - WR Laviska Chevault, Colorado 44. Colts - TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame 45. 49ers f/TB - G Cesar Ruiz, Michigan 46. Broncos - CB Noah Igbinoghne, Auburn 47. Dolphins f/ATL - RB Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin (Falcons receive 2.57 and 3.70) 48. Jets - DE Julian Okwara, Notre Dame 49. Stealers - QB Jacob Eason, Washington 50. Bengals - LB/S Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois 51. Cowboys - WR Michael Pittman, USC 52. Texans f/Rams - CB Troy Pride Jr, Notre Dame (Rams receive 2.57 and 4.111) 53. Eagles - WR KJ Hamler, PSU 54. Bills - DE Terrell Lewis, Alabama 55. Ravens - RB JK Dobbins, OSU 56. Falcons f/MIA - CB Bryce Hall, Virginia 57. Rams f/HOU - OT Ben Bartch, St John 58. Vikings - DT Justin Madibuike, Texas A&M 59. Seahawks - DT Jordan Elliot, Missouri 60. Ravens - WR Chase Claypool, Notre Dame 61. Titans - RB Clyde Edwards-Hellaire, LSU 62. Packers - OT Lucas Niang, TCU 63. Chiefs - LB Josh Uche, Michigan 64. Seahawks - DE Curtis Weaver, Boise St
  5. bfine


    Dr Birx providing a reasoned response and explanation of this global pandemic then the left's hero just cannot listen to reason any longer and cuts her off to blame Trump:
  6. Nice, but something about Eason screams Pats. There's the obvious name connection but I think it's more the tall white handsome immobile QB mold.
  7. bfine


    Hang in there. It's kind of a lose-lose. If you try to be optimistic about the situation you are classified as "not taking it seriously" if folks don't like you as a lawmaker. If you err on the sign of caution about the situation you are classified as "over-blowing the situation". The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. As I mentioned earlier: I'm a lucky one. No underlying health conditions, I draw a pension from the military, I currently work as a DOD civilian and can work from home almost as effectively as in the office, I live just outside a Military base so I can shop in a controlled environment, I am well supplied, I am well armed, and I only have to fend for me and the wife. So I can ride it out for quite some time. I feel for the young couple trying to fend for their families, I fear for the elderly who have to risk their lives to get milk and bread, I fear for those on the front lines that must risk death to keep us supplied.
  8. My apologies; not all Bengals fans are asshats. Burrow is coming off the greatest season in the history of college football and it's going to take a lot to go elsewhere. Some people who have defended Andy for years and say "it's not just the QB" would not even consider 4 first round picks (3 2020, 1 2021) for him. If there were guarantees that Tua would be there I'd take it,
  9. bfine


    I have 0 issues with measures being taken as I an well stocked, it's just the wife and I, and I can work from home without missing a paycheck. Folks not sure where their family's next meal is coming from may not be as big on a fan with forced quarantine
  10. bfine


    No that's not bias. Bias is more like applauding one person while condemning another when the basically are doing the same thing.
  11. bfine


    You do bring the human factor into the equation and that's why I hate the constant political bias that is being introduced. I believe as a country we are responding well, but there's a price to be paid for being the largest economy in the world. Stay safe and I pray for an end to the pandemic and our doctors find treatment/vaccines.
  12. bfine


    Nope I criticize Trump and am not a liberal. I was just speaking to society as a whole. Many professed liberals suggest Trump should "do more" to include quarantines.
  13. Wilson is only 1 inch and 20 lbs bigger than Quinton Nelson. He could definitely get into a guard stance.
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