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  1. fullonbehavior

    Game 7 GS vs CC

    Just let em have some glory for a minute. Great series and great finish. Cleveland, you deserve this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Taking my wife to her first Bengals game tomorrow night and wandering if there are many from WHO-DEY NATION that are going. Let me know if your going and where you are tailgaiting. It be great meet up with Bengal fans out west.
  3. fullonbehavior

    What away games are you going to??

    Every year when tickets go on sale, you can get half price tickets if you live in Colorado. You can only get up to 4 and you have to try as soon as they go on sale. It's a deal they made with the city when they built the stadium. That's how I saw them blow it in 06 if you remember that game. Got about the same location for that game and you could see everything that was going on
  4. fullonbehavior

    What away games are you going to??

    Originally the Denver game was going to be my wife's first pro football game. It's Monday night December 28th outside BRRR. Now it's going to be Arizona. She's not the biggest football fan in the world, but she's a trooper and knows that I love the Bengals. I think the experience will be a little more pleasant for her.
  5. fullonbehavior

    What away games are you going to??

    I totally understand the financial aspect of it. I ended up getting 1/2 price tickets to the Denver game. They're nosebleed seats, but on the 50. The AZ seats are lower level, but were a gift and got a sweet deal on a place to stay. I'll take pictures and post.
  6. I'm actually really excited because I live in Colorado and I get to see the Bengals play twice this year, Arizona and Denver. I was just seeing who's going to what away games.
  7. All of the bitching on the boards is laughable to me. Born In 68 and been a diehard fan since I can remember. Moved out to the western slope of Colorado in 2000 and been one of the lone Bengals fans in the area since I got here. Every week I go to a sports bar to watch the games surrounded by Bronco and Squeeler fans. Driving over 2 major mountain passes in the middle of winter to see the Bengals play the Donkeys outside in the freezing cold at night. It's ok to be critical of the team and organization, but some people who are fans seem to just be negative about everything. I'm not pollyanic or a fan of a team like the Browns and predicting a super bowl every year when we win less than we loose, but enjoy the ride. Maybe it's just that some people just enjoy being negative

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