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  1. Bring him back as the relief 2nd kicker for training camp! I'd be tempted to buy a #13 CJ jersey and I'm not that into jerseys.
  2. Detroit is nothing like the 80's/90's these days. Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans, Cleveland Cavaliers, the local casinos) relocated there, which meant City of Detroit/DPS itself was no longer the largest local employer. It hasn't been all sunshine & roses but that was definitely a game changer for the city. I wouldn't want to live there either but it's a really fun & interesting town if you're into music and/or history. Gun-to-head I'd move there before Cleveland & wouldn't waste much time thinking about it, to put it another way.
  3. Anyone with a history of missing games should be expendable. I'd rather have an average player that shows up for 16 games a year than a great one that plays 4-5 on average. We're still trying to win that 2015 Wildcard game. They can't talk about "toughness" as a core team value and keep paying these veteran guys not to play. Talk is cheap; the locker room sees them making big money to sit in a whirlpool bath all week and can't help but think "Why am I over here busting my ass for vet minimum?" That's just human nature. Honestly we need someone like Dr. Phil to come in here and take the entire FO behind the woodshed for a long overdue reality check. It's great if they want to run a family business but it's the NFL, not the only donut shop in Mayberry. They're in direct competition with owners who run their team like the massive corporate franchise it actually is & the results are predictable.
  4. It's worse than that, he gets all mealy-mouthed whenever someone tries to press the issue with his "we're going to be competitive" prevaricating bullshit. I think he believes success comes as some kind of cosmic reward for being an Extra Good Boy & beyond that it's all up to luck. Granted I don't know the man but I see his organization making changes only as a result of outside forces (like pending fan mutiny re: Marvin, he even said so himself.) Rarely has his team looked consistently prepared and focused towards a shared goal, and I agree that starts at the top.
  5. Our savior LT for next season spent this season on the sideline, I'm not counting on him to help us until he can finish 2 practices in a row healthy. I would be happy to see another LT taken early. If they're both healthy they can battle it out & the "loser" can replace the Phenomenal Bobby Hart or move inside. Hopkins is the only player on our line who should feel at all comfortable right now.
  6. There's nothing Native American about that chant, it's some shit that came out of Hollywood when they had a bunch of non-native actors faking it. "aKsHuAly"
  7. Yeah I don't like the 49ers for football reasons but Shitsburgh is a stain on the NFL in general. Still think Condi would make a great commish when they find those crybaby squatcobbler pics of ol' Dodgy Roger.
  8. Yet it's not demeaning, somehow. You can still see this guy in SF but the donkey will cost you extra.
  9. Top of the 2nd round or later? Other than Ross I like what we've got at receiver & RB. Not sure where they're going with Sample but TE is the only "skill" offense position that's lacking. Same glaring needs on OL & defensive backfield as the last few drafts, IDK. When can the team poke & prod Burrow if not at the Senior Bowl? (where I really hope they can bump into a couple of sleeper picks)
  10. Hopefully something? I thought I was the negative one, damn. It'll be interesting to see who they're working with at the Senior Bowl since they can't spend the week fawning over Joe.
  11. Call me a snowflake or whatever but I'm going to have to root against people fake Indian chanting at the Super Bowl. Not like I'm losing sleep over it but that shit is trashy.
  12. If everyone here knows that why are you tripping over me saying it? Somewhere between "Burrow will solve everything!" & "The team is hopeless" there's Bengals football worth talking about but mostly what we've got so far is name-calling. I'm more interested in how if they're going to embrace the rebuild around Burrow than the player himself. Barring a freak gator-wrasslin' injury or a felony conviction he's the guy, so then what? Thoughts & prayers or is there some kind of plan besides "print more Burrow jerseys"? I'll apologize for my part in feeding the trolls here, too.
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