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  1. Let's hope Mahomes & Goff get the wins so maybe the league can stop trying to protect these 40 year old QBs so long overdue for retirement.
  2. No no, raising the minimum wage is absurd. He is creating jobs, no matter how menial or hazardous they may be.
  3. Price was a rookie C playing on a bad ankle, surrounded by mediocre talent on a team with no leadership. I'm not that worried. If he's still struggling next season...
  4. Last year everyone said there weren't many OT's in the top of the draft that were worth the pick and we should wait until this year. Now we still can't draft a franchise LT for the same reason. Guess we're wrapping Glenn in more duct tape and seeing if he can go another 6-8 games?
  5. what's his 40 time though
  6. I didn't imply it, that is exactly what I said. Quit trying to turn this into something it's not. The current NFL is running scared from a concussion lawsuit & only going to continue to limit contact. This is a league-wide trend that apparently everyone but you has recognized and commented on repeatedly. You want to pretend that isn't happening, fine, but I'm not going to have another scary-Burfict argument to help you convince yourself. In simpler terms, kindly get off my dick?
  7. I really hope they don't replace him with his son Thawm. That guy is insufferable.
  8. I will be more impressed when he is officially hired. Getting ahead of ourselves never seems to play out well for this team.
  9. Except nobody said that. You brought up Burfict. Again. You kind of do that a lot. I'm not sure why you think ankle-twisting cup checks, eye-gouging, elbow and knee drops & so on are some rare horrible thing and not part of the NFL game since the beginning, but I'm not here to convince you otherwise. You see what you want to see & ooh scary Burfict etc. That's fine. Goodell's NFL is made for you. Enjoy!
  10. Someone may have posted this in another thread but I hadn't seen it. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/12/06/zac-taylor-rams-press-taylor-eagles-head-coaches I say let's hire both & make 'em fight with sticks!
  11. Oh shit this dude was an Aggie?! Expect yelling, spitting, and a live alligator in the locker room showers
  12. T-Dub

    DC Options

    Who has Taylor worked with, assuming he actually signs anything?
  13. It's not an "act". Acting is like when you think you know what you're talking about. U just hate the team & get off on that shit
  14. Count the NFL flags yourself. I didn't even know about the targeting penalty but this shit is not going to fly here. Pittsburgh, well that's just old-fashioned etc etc, their entire defense is built on headhunting so it's w/e. His career can end like Shazier, too. This isn't about Burfict but nice b8 m8 I r8 8/8. Honestly I don't see defense as a Top 10 pick regardless, not with how the games are called these days. Maybe for another 100%-the-next-Deion but def not DL/LB. Anyway better a QB than this guy.
  15. I just looked at 6-7 early mock drafts & all but one had us taking Devin White. Terrible idea. I've watched about 30 seconds of NCAA highlights and if we draft this guy Godell will suspend him before he gets offstage. The one other mock had us trading down for an OT, which sounds much smarter/safer. Even better would be someone is still on the board that we didn't expect to have a shot at & we draft whoever that is regardless of position. That's what I'd be hoping for at #11.

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