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  1. These clueless fucks couldn't pour piss out of a boot with picture instructions printed on the heel. Zac Taylor's changing the culture though
  2. Maybe, but the negotiations were with Troy Blackburn & I doubt the OL coach had anything to do with extending Pacman Jr.
  3. March 2017 the team famously tries to low ball Whitworth, then signs Dre Kirkpatrick to a contract worth over $50 million. Whatever "philosophy" or "culture" was behind that decision process is the one that needs to change. Everything else flows from that same source, the lack of a Ring of Honor or practice bubble down to sending season ticket holders stale bags of popcorn. They simply don't know what makes a championship NFL franchise, let alone how to become one.
  4. At the very least the summer months between the draft and Bengals games should be sweet
  5. Not unless he learns to beat press coverage & the bigger/more physical DB's that have been roughing him up. Honestly though haven't we wasted enough time & money on this guy? There are good receivers on this team who deserve the ball 100x more than Ross.
  6. You mean the one where Carson got his knee shredded at the start or the one where Carson put up a QBR of 58 ?
  7. My point exactly. For example talking a lot about "changing the culture" then everyone tumbles out of a clown car on game day.
  8. Meh, talk is cheap. I mean on the field. Their spicy takes on Twitter or whatever don't mean shit.
  9. Two problems there: 1. Burrow drama aside, many of the criticisms they're basing this stuff on are accurate 2. The fans can't really show the team in any light, good bad or indifferent. It's on the team themselves to do that.
  10. When Chad left so did the team's personality. Since then it's pretty much been cold oatmeal punctuated by Adam Jones getting arrested.
  11. Interesting stuff here, lots to unpack, but why the hell is a guy with access to an NFL facility & trainers going to a stripmall chain gym? Also the culture must be behind the scenes because all I saw was players giving up, injured vets goldbricking, & others outright retiring out of nowhere. The most publicly rah-rah guy on the team was the RT that shouldn't be starting in the NFL, I've heard a lot about it but I've yet to see it. My impression remains that they think changing coaches and drafting a new QB was all they needed to do, rather than the beginning of a much bigger process. We'll see what happens in free agency.
  12. "Leverage" implies that there's some kind of negotiation to be had, but there isn't. I'm sure the team would tell him whatever he wants to hear but that has no bearing on what they actually do in the end. He can choose to believe the happy horseshit or he can throw away millions. Any noise he makes outside of that is meaningless.
  13. I pick Hall just because the last CB by that name was a bad-ass. None of our current DBs know how to tackle.
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