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  1. Well they can only do one a year unfortunately & they've dug too big a hole with the previous bad ones to rely solely on the draft at this point. They've got to make an effort in FA to get the roster back in the realm of average. Drafting for need will guarantee more of the same.
  2. T-Dub


    I think its more likely some shit pops off at the state level if anything. More likely IMO is that the majority of the seditionists are really just cosplay LARPers and don't want to get arrested or lose their jobs. These people will go back under their rocks & probably just cry in their beers with like-minded buddies. The remainder, however, are more likely to take the long view. The chances of overturning the electrion results are slim to none, so they'll be patient. They will hide in their bunkers or off-grid methlab trailer compounds for now and plan the next mass shooti
  3. They looked OK against a Stooler team in freefall and were barely good enough to let us outscore Houston in a shootout. Against a good team like Baltimore they went back to getting absolutely run over. For most of the year they looked slow and/or babyshit soft IMO. Some of the most halfassed attempts at tackling I've ever seen & none of them could get off a block. Then again, the team in general seemed to want to be somewhere else, so maybe there's some talent there but they didn't want to play for Lou Asshole? Could also believe that the lack of DT's left them vulnerable
  4. I feel like we've been watching 2 different teams. Don't put their bad decisions on me just because you choose to ignore them. You can easily do the same for me if it's a problem for you. Just don't stalk me like Kenneth & we'll be golden. Your call.
  5. Well they all more or less looked like shit for most of the year & I don't think that's all on their position coach. I guess it's too much to ask for some accountability from the people responsible for hiring the bad coaches & signing the bad players.
  6. They won't pay big bucks for OL when they have needs at LB & DL. They won't pay big bucks for DL when they have needs at OL & LB. What they will do is draft one of those in the first round and then hang the entire season on him.
  7. Bad coaching hires & a lack of talent both, in too many areas
  8. T-Dub


    Biden & Harris aren't sworn in yet, with a hostage situation in the Capitol all that would've been delayed at best. I'd assume a State of Emergency is declared and then they figure out how to send it to a complicit SC. Besides, that line of succession could be ignored just like they've ignored so many other laws.
  9. T-Dub


    If not it's because they're plotting the next move, or a more traditional terrorist approach. This shit goes a lot deeper than some random shitheel militias. This guy is doing a great job of piecing this plot together.
  10. T-Dub


    Grrreat.. Kent State has entered the chat
  11. I too would like to see an upgrade over some jerseys stuffed with straw
  12. Heh. Like the Germans got some penetration in Poland.
  13. No shit, I wish we could trust the team to pump the brakes a bit & do what's best for him in the long run, but.. Yeahhhh... Getting back in his routine is good though, it should help him mentally when the hits start coming again. The confidence to stand tall in a collapsing pocket is the real hurdle.
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