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  1. T-Dub


    Yeh IDK I have this sneaking suspicion that Trump may have been behind the whole thing.. Better keep investigating until he's reelected and pardons himself.
  2. That's several million more than the typical MNF game. Questionable, particularly when someone can easily open 20 browser tabs showing the game. Think ol' Amazon may be smurfing those numbers.
  3. They're doing that for this game? Damn they're really going all out for something that's only going to be shown outside of the area on a subscription streaming service late on a weeknight.. Seems like the Halloween MNF game would've made more sense for unveiling a new "costume". It's like a premium dry aged steak served on a paper plate with a spork. Doing way too much for a TNF game.
  4. Plus who do you think pays these "independent" NFL doctors? Are they volunteers?
  5. Just think, they could be playing Yesterday Night Football in Tokyo right now. That's a lotta yen to leave just sitting on the chabudai
  6. Inclined to agree, along with term limits and campaign finance reform with some teeth to it but I'm not sure if it even matters. When a third or even fifth of the country is willing to entertain the idea of a civil war in support of Donald Fucking Trump it's hard to convince me that rules of procedure for our bicameral legislature truly matter. An angry white mob were smearing their shit on the walls of the Capitol. That's a pretty clear message of not giving a fuck about laws or the workings of democracy so long as they won. Their own shit. Smeared on the walls. Because Donald fucking Trump. And we're worried about the filibuster? Meh.
  7. ..and he tags the team, and is using a real name with his own mug as pfp? Fuggin' Jersey, man. Who knew losing to the Bengals could create such poetry.
  8. I might call it a big game if it wasn't TNF. Those are always a coin flip if not a complete clown show. Coming off a road game with only 3 days to prepare? 8:15pm kickoff? Total BS. This is the one TNF game a year that I watch. Such a shitty product that does nothing but illustrate that the NFL dgaf so long as it makes them one extra dollar. It's like a preseason game that counts.
  9. Keep in mind he took over well into the 4th quarter against a defense that was already beat. That being said he's doing a nice job as closer. Consistent 2nd effort goes a long way.
  10. Yeah the Jets are kinda shit but I still think the team looks to be waking up. 0-2 should have that effect.
  11. Because the defense knows its almost always a run play when JB is under center. Also our OL is ranked by PFF as stank-doodoo-ass-point-three
  12. Maybe the plan is to secretly swap him for an actual bus seat at the last minute & hope no one notices. That way the DE will at least have to go around something.
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