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  1. John Ross

    What would be a surprise is if the entire team showed up ready for the Stealers.
  2. That works if you don't mind losing games when we're the ones getting flagged for it.
  3. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    Only seeing one side of this, but let me guess: Redirect/pressure flip "no you are" changing the topic/non sequiturs feigned innocence behind veiled insults refusing to take a stance that can be refuted low-effort statements/expects you to do the work appeals to emotion critical but lacks any meaningful content adds nothing to original conversation or avoids it completely How'd I do? Being good at trolling doesn't make it not trolling.
  4. Just noticed I posted the same clip! Diff preview & I thought OP had posted the deliberate helmet-to-helmet against a Chiefs RB right before halftime. That (and the 30m ad break) are why I tuned out, didn't even see the Cobra Kai move on Smith.
  5. Guns in America

    Some require an NRA membership, Middletown doesn't but AFAIK that's who certifies RSO's outside active duty military or law enforcement & run hunter safety classes. If they concentrated more on education than lobbying for corporate donors & reactionary propaganda... They've let some really stupid and inadequate laws happen by refusing to engage yet continue to dump gas on an already-rabid fringe, it's irresponsible & I can't support it.
  6. If he does get suspended that would be a first for him (unless you count Twitter ) Even if, he'll appeal so he doesn't serve it against us & their sched is soft after that. No winning teams until a no-Rodgers GB after Thanksgiving.
  7. John Ross

    G-off says he "may practice this week", I assume in the sense that a nesting pair of American wigeons may fly out of his ass and do a number from Porgy & Bess, but we shall see. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Hobsons-Choice-bye-edition/2f77b6ff-cfb7-4b7d-a6b9-6f30d40e1911 Was also posted as a caption to a photo, so take it with an extra "Whatever, guy." Mentions Josh Malone so we may see more of him in the meantime.
  8. Digest of Rules Main Protection of Passer By interpretation, a pass begins when the passer -- with possession of ball -- starts to bring his hand forward. If ball strikes ground after this action has begun, play is ruled an incomplete pass. If passer loses control of ball prior to his bringing his hand forward, play is ruled a fumble. When a passer is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional movement forward of his arm starts a forward pass. If a defensive player contacts the passer or the ball after forward movement begins, and the ball leaves the passer’s hand, a forward pass is ruled, regardless of where the ball strikes the ground or a player. No defensive player may run into a passer of a legal forward pass after the ball has left his hand (15 yards). The Referee must determine whether opponent had a reasonable chance to stop his momentum during an attempt to block the pass or tackle the passer while he still had the ball. No defensive player who has an unrestricted path to the quarterback may hit him flagrantly in the area of the knee(s) or below when approaching in any direction. Officials are to blow the play dead as soon as the quarterback is clearly in the grasp and control of any tackler, and his safety is in jeopardy.
  9. Won't be an issue since he will be suspended
  10. @ PIT vs IND @ JAX @ TEN @ DEN That road stretch is bullshit, another work-around for the salary cap but whatever, they're .500ish clubs (ponies down 17-3 at the half to NYG as I type this) 4 wins would be good. 3 is a maybe, anything worse and we're crawling back in the hole.
  11. Completely. Now that they have their statement win maybe the officials will stay out of it next week? Until one of our guys gets sick of his teammates being targeted and retaliates, of course. I'd call it self-defense but the refs, Goodell, media and most fans obviously will not. Either way I expect our d-line to magically disappear. In all honesty this game was an L on everyone's calendar so I only hope we give as we get and nobody ends up on IR. Like any game against these greasy dickbags.
  12. Uncalled late helmet-to-helmet shot from Mitchell. Can't wait to see how many games he's suspeHAHAHAHAA Welp.. That's enough integrities for me.. Back to chorin'
  13. The early wins against Pats/Eagles made them look better, last 3 wins were against some average teams at best. Got in a shoot-out with Houston that exposed holes on defense & Alex Smith is not a great QB.
  14. Every INT Rapistberger has ever thrown was someone else's fault. What a dickhead.

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