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  1. Really? Two of those guys can't seem to stay on the field lately (or, yknow, ever in Ross's case). I don't see how either one can be relied upon.
  2. T-Dub


    Good thing I'm just some jackass on an internet forum and not President of the United States then, huh? Of course if I were, I'd have you to protect me. TYFYS.
  3. T-Dub


    I don't know if I've ever heard an ostensibly grown man whine as much as him, let alone a POTUS. Golly it's almost like the position comes with intense scrutiny and criticism? Every other thing he says is "wahh unfair" and "the Democrats" or the "fake news media" and blah blah fucking blah everyone is out to get him. He's a textbook malignant narcissist and nothing is ever his fault. Every perceived slight against him is the worst miscarriage of justice in history, but any accomplishment he can possibly claim credit for is also the greatest thing ever. It's childish and embarrassing. So yeah, listening to you constantly parrot the same sort of "The Left" bogeyman apologia is becoming tiresome and contributes nothing. If it's not just trolling whatever greater point you're trying to make is entirely lost on me. also at calling anyone "divisive" when his entire base was built on demonizing various groups of people while crybullying with a constant victim "endangered white people" narrative. Did we ever win the "War on Christmas"? Don't throw gasoline on simmering racial/religious tensions & then call for unity when it suits you.
  4. Smith would've been fine as an average FA pick-up but was never worth a 6th overall pick. When you look at the other OT's during Whit's tenure you really get a sense of how self-motivated he must have been here. Williams was a favorite of mine as well. 2 greatest Bobbie moments: Signaling a TD while bellyflopped on top of the guy he just pancaked vs I think the Browns? Can't easily find the picture now but it was glorious. Calling Joey Porter a "cocksucking motherfucker" over a hot mic during a coin toss. He said it like he was commenting on the weather. Indisputable facts.
  5. When a coach has an "unorthodox system" and his players aren't consistently outperforming others the writing is on the wall. For all Marvin's faults, being saddled with untouchables in this guy & Bratfailski really set him up to fail. I don't think it's entirely their fault any more than it is his, but they certainly weren't helping anything. Stubborn loyalty to bad coaches has been a theme here. I hope they give Skippy the power to make those calls for himself & he has the sense to put the team over personal loyalty. Despite appearances this isn't meant to be a country club for everyone's friends and family. Yet another example of how an organization follows the lead of the people at the top.
  6. RT is tough, he never came close to replacing Willie. I guess Stacy Andrews was at least serviceable but never quite recovered from that ACL tear. Not sure who else is even worth considering?
  7. T-Dub


    Of course they aren't. This "What-about" stuff is their general strategy. 1. Plan on doing something illegal/immoral 2. Loudly accuse opponent of doing that thing until it becomes the narrative 3. Do the thing 4. If caught, fall back on the "both sides!" bullshit even if the other side never did anything of the sort Oddly enough, this was a tactic perfected by cold war Soviet propaganda. Not that the current administration has any connections to that, of course.
  8. Paul the Ketchup Whisperer couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a kick-start. He's trolling.
  9. Wouldn't hate it personally but there would be riots. I would be shocked if they trade down. This FO is known for taking the path of least resistance in much more questionable circumstances. Drafting Burrow is a no-brainer which is helpful when the brain trust has been a bit lacking.
  10. With the right scheme & if the backs behind them can cover a little bit, this DL should absolutely wreck game plans. Couple of big "ifs" there, of course.
  11. Maybe I missed it here or it was mentioned elsewhere, but Reader officially signed. They made note of a specific clause in the contract related to a possible shortened or cancelled season.
  12. T-Dub


    That's the catch, isn't it? I agree it's necessary in the short term but I also know that once governments suspend certain rights it's quite possible those rights never come back. The economic impact will prevent abuse to some extent but the Patriot Act seemed like a good idea at the time, too. People have done a lot of horrible shit for "the good of the collective". Trump started referring to himself as a "war time president" almost immediately. That should make anyone nervous.
  13. T-Dub


    Is anyone that criticizes Trump a liberal, or how do you make that distinction? I think it's an "interesting dynamic" that some people would rather dig for these Gotcha Moments & focus on perceived hypocrisy rather than the total void in leadership.
  14. T-Dub


    Can only wonder how different things might look to voters by then
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