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  1. Heading to MSP

    IMHO if you don't have kolache and klobasnek for breakfast you are doing it wrong. Sucks that nobody in Cincinnati or even SW Ohio makes them AFAIK.
  2. What happens if you just paste the link?
  3. Boggles my mind that he got paid millions of dollars this season in return for a fumble. It wasn't even one of those funny fleebed ones where the ball changes hands 4-5 times.
  4. Maybe your ISP? It's the gd net neutrality dude Oh wait, I'm not uploading shit I just hotlink it right into the page
  5. Heading to MSP

    Travelling for this game is pretty hardcore. Hope they manage to steal a win for you all.
  6. I thought it was adequate but I'll try to mix it up some for the sake of variety.
  7. So long as there's a meddlesome owner insistent on coddling his players like errant children, instead of dealing with them as highly-paid employees based on a standard of performance that applies equally to everyone in the organization, this kind of immaturity & lack of discipline or focus will continue to relegate his team to "almost" greatness at best, and mediocrity on average.
  8. Maybe you should watch it again. HINT: Ross is wearing a white jersey with stripes. The blue jerseys are the other team.
  9. Don't sweat it too much dude it's not like it's taking the board down even, just a hiccup that lasts 5 minutes tops. Clearly you have more important shit on your mind. We'll all be fine here until you get around to it.
  10. Yeah same, but refreshing the thread right after seems to kick the same error. Minute or two later it's back to normal.
  11. I blame Andy Dalton TBH I don't know but it always seems to resolve itself shortly.
  12. EXCUSE YOU It was "Redeemer McSoggyTrousers" but I am willing to entertain other nicknames Captain Competitive Gatorade Grinch Ol' Musty Barnum & Fail-y (based on his classic "Sometimes one of the elephants doesn't do his routine" quote after a loss) Mikey of Nazareth Brown Frown FUPA Troopa Big Chief Skips-a-Generation feel free to suggest your own!
  13. I mean that's great to be hyped on some rookie talent but these guys are good prospects at best. Neither one has done shit at the NFL level (fumble and weird IR moves aside)

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