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  1. 1. Joe Sheisty 2. The best pass pro OL money can buy for him 3. Everyone else
  2. NFCN does seem pretty open.. Detroit is Detroit & Discount Doublecheck seems like he's been boofing too much bug powder with Joe Rogan.. Yes the Vikings were somehow 13-4 but couldn't beat the 9-7 Giants in their own dome.
  3. More inclined to trade Boyd if we're forced to choose. Think that's $8-9m off the books?
  4. Anyone under contract could be traded. This story is a nothingburger with a side of sour grapes.
  5. Here's another conspiracy theory: the national media really want to see this team broken up for spare parts & the top talent playing in larger markets.
  6. No, but we were talking about Joe Mixon.
  7. Issuing an arrest warrant then immediately dropping charges is not a good look. All that being said, he still represents an extra $5-6 mil that could be better spent elsewhere. He's turned into JAG.
  8. Did you miss the part where this probably never happened? Pointing a gun at a woman in the middle of downtown and no witnesses to corroborate her story? Think about it for a second.
  9. Have to wonder if they think 2 east coast teams means half the country opting not to sit through 5 hours of NFL circlejerk. I know I don't much care about the SB unless there's a party to go to, not unless the Bengals are playing.
  10. Mine seems to get worse every year. This last game reminded me of 2015 vs the Stealers.
  11. What they highlight as "carrying" there is pretty well the standard now, think a lot of coaches even teach it as "pocketing". Used to be a hard dribble that would allow you to palm the ball and change direction but has become more of a scoop motion.
  12. I would trade Apple for Pratt no problem. Prefer Carman over Williams but even better would be some 3rd option that's clearly ahead of both. That won't be easy if it's even possible.
  13. Yeah, that might be true. Those teams had a real void of leadership. Still, his shit talking was laughable.
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