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  1. AJ & Geno of the current squad. Both arguably the best at their position and you rarely hear anything out of either one. Impressive in either case, but for a top WR that's incredible. I can't help thinking of that ridiculous punter from Oakland and how much I want to see him get blindsided during one of those infuriating cringe-y Michigan J. Frog/twerking routines of his.. Get the fuck off the field you gump, YOU'RE A PUNTER. Where's that Terence Garvin goon when you need him? Someone needs to dislocate his face.
  2. I think you just volunteered? Of course you'd have to compare this for all teams. Have fun! I took a much lazier approach and looked up 2nd half scoring here: https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/2nd-half-points-per-game?date=2011-02-07 It's not quite the same thing, and as a stat there's still the problem of dominant teams not needing to score much in the 2nd half when they're only protecting an early lead. Still, no offense takes the field trying not to score, even if they have one eye on the game clock. I skipped 2016 simply because the Bengals sucked last year, and looked at 2010-2015. We've cracked the Top 10 in 2nd half scoring twice in that time, and barely - at #10 both times.
  3. Replacing Whit as a blocker is going to be hard enough, but it's that kind of stuff where he's really going to be missed. I swear MB's martyr complex rubs off on the team.
  4. Good question. I'd like to see it adjusted for the 2nd half and trailing by more than 7.
  5. That's valid as far as total wins goes - you have to be losing to mount a comeback win, after all - but Dalton's also 7th in win percentage when trailing. He's had one losing season in his NFL career so it's not like we're always behind anyway.
  6. Not really. The entire team could go get ordained, donate all their money & worldly goods to charity, and all go live in a cave tending to injured animals and orphans & we're still going to be a team of "thugs". The NFL needs a whipping boy to make it look like they're addressing the issue (if there even is an issue, I'm not sure the NFL has any more or less criminals working for them than, say, Wal-Mart) and the Bengals are currently it. Until another small-market team they don't really care about has a string of arrests, or a star player does something.. Well actually? Gangland murders weren't enough for us to relinquish the title, so IDK. Of course when you have an owner who protects the players no matter how big of an ass they make of themselves, that doesn't help. OTOH as discussed above, "the Cowboys don't get beat up in the media" despite going out of their way to trade for total fuck-ups, because that media is heavily invested in the Cowboys maintaining their reputation. Pretty telling when people who are otherwise well-informed are duped by all that.
  7. No lead is safe with this bunch
  8. LOLWUT!? https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2017/5/23/15680874/cowboys-defense-suspension-david-irving http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/brent-180-days-crash-killed-cowboys-teammate-article-1.1590325 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2017/05/29/cowboys-cornerback-nolan-carroll-arrested-dwi/102300618/ http://www.espn.com/dallas/nfl/story/_/id/12508402/dallas-cowboys-greg-hardy-agree-one-year-deal And let's not forget that Dallas traded for Pacman while he was still suspended. Here's a graph of team arrests 2010-2015 Bengals are more or less average in that regard & obviously this is a league-wide problem. Note that Denver is 2nd only to the Vikings in arrests. How many "Broncos are thugs" takes have you seen?
  9. Judging by how much money the NFL generates? I don't think it's that they're "fooling" people really. I think the fans generally don't care. It doesn't have to be true or fair so long as it entertains.
  10. Imagine if Hernandez had played for Cincinnati. We'd never hear the end of it. He played for #teamslikethePatriots, though, so it's all "oh did we draft a gang-banger that killed one or more people? gee that's sad hey check out our trophy case!" Just another team Doing Things the Right Way, because if you win a couple of championships everything you do is automatically "The Right Way".
  11. That's what it may come down to, I agree. Although.. Our offense has been comically bad at overthinking that sort of "Chess Match" stuff, so I guess it's only fitting if the defense ignores it completely in favor of mindlessly bashing a square peg into a a round hole.
  12. The NRA was bought out by the manufacturers to serve as their lobbying organization. Before Charlton Heston's Alzheimer's rants it was more of sportsman's organization and while certainly active politically they were much more neutral in general, to my recollection. If you took a hunting safety course it was probably run by the NRA (they're required for a minor to get a hunting license in most states AFAIK - one of those things "common sense" gun reform advocates like to demand since so few of them know anything about existing gun laws). All that aside, if you go to the NRA site now they have a "Freedom's Safe Space" slogan - you never would've seen such troll behavior from them 20 years ago. All that Tactical Asshole "operator" bullshit is a more recent development & if I'm guessing, has more to do with the country fetishizing the SF types at the front lines of the vague & unwinnable counterinsurgency warfare we've been asked to support for the last 17 years.
  13. No that's a general question
  14. ...but mostly this. Q: When Johnny Cash or Metallica sang about killing, were they also thugs, or are you just a little racist?