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  1. The fact that could also mean Bureau of Land Management is pretty funny. Yeah I saw, and I mean I guess that's cool but so what?
  2. Briefly, perhaps, but I've seen what his base's idea of revolt looks like & it was a bunch of Tactical Dads taking Dorito & Mt Dew shits in the closet of a nature center until they ran out of TP and went home. That's the real reason they're so scared and hateful of unarmed protesters - they don't have the spine to do it themselves but they know it actually works. Trump's insulted the military too much and too often to count on any but a fringe element there. His ICEstapo aren't going to protect him if he loses.
  3. Man, if we're relying on him to solve everything... At best he's an unproven rookie, but these guys that get hurt their first 5 minutes in camp, IDK. Maybe it's the last significant injury he has for the next 10 years but from what I've seen that's rarely the case. At the very least I'd be looking for another Winston type at the end of their career to come in and mentor the guy, split a few reps when the predictable newbie struggles happen, because they will. At worst they are good for 1/2 a season in relief if it comes to that. People tend to think I'm bashing Williams or Burrow, but it's not about the individuals. Bad teams rely on rookies. Good teams make them earn their starts. Doesn't mean they are bad players, they just lack experience - but the team can't even pretend to have other options on this roster. I've never had any faith in Turner but I really think mixing him with Bobby Shart is going to poison the entire OL. Turner publicly went all-in on an objectively awful player and given his nature, I expect he will blame everyone else for Hart's failings. If I'm being completely honest I think our coaching/FO are full of shit. Taylor so far to me looks like someone doing a good impression of an NFL coach. He says all the right stuff, he sounds enthusiastic (which is a nice change I admit) but he fielded a team last year that didn't even know how to block or tackle. Compounded by a minimal TC and no preseason, I am very skeptical of his ability to instill these fundamentals in a group so lacking in vocal veteran leaders. This was the worst team in the NFL last year but they're acting like they lost another WC game or some shit. From where I'm sitting, they're not close. I'm just hoping they can not give up another 50 sacks & maybe flirt with 8-8. That would be a successful season to me but the fanbase seems to be expecting a miracle. /rant
  4. 2nd worst batting average in baseball right now (behind Cleveland). Wasn't expecting that at all.
  5. Does anyone here think we've done enough to improve this unit, or are we still going with "Burrow will fix it"?
  6. The US was founded in revolution, most advances we've made socially have been driven by protest (sometimes violent ones). Culturally we've always had a sort of fascination with the outlaw mystique. Civil disobedience is (or was) one of our core values. In short, what the fuck happened? We've reached a point of "Antifa super-soldier" scare mongering and calling our fellow citizens terrorists for shaking a fence. A large chunk of the population are cheering on our slide into a fascist police state watching others get snatched off the street by literal secret police, because they dare question the Dear Leader. Was it all just bullshit? Are we really this servile & it was all t-shirt slogans and tough guy posturing? Why are we so easily swayed by this most cartoonish of demagogues? Trump could disappear up Putin's ass tomorrow but we'd still have the mentality that put him in power to deal with. What the hell is that & how do we regain the America we've claimed to be?
  7. What kills me is that these same people would all happily walk around with a fresh zucchini shoved up their asses if Dear Leader told them it would "own the libs*, but wearing a paper mask in certain situations to not literally kill strangers is asking too much. Our country is teetering on the edge of an abyss, and I don't mean because of Covid.
  8. T-Dub

    POTUS 2020

    Kind of agree TBH, it's amazing that the DNC has potentially found not one, but two different candidates that could lose an election to a self-absorbed racist despot wanna-be dictator. If they actually do lose this election they should probably just hang it up and let the progressive wing of the party take over. Being stooges of the same oligarchs makes them incredibly vulnerable to this sort of populist demagoguery. Although, frankly speaking? If Trump wins this election I have my doubts that we'll see another one in 2024.
  9. Ah right, no preseason, I admit I forgot. I guess he'll be working with the scout team but we won't see any of that. I bet he's gonna hold the hell out of some kicks tho!
  10. So long as Bobby Hart is their idea of leadership I can only roll my eyes at this statement
  11. His "golly gee!" choirboy coming home stuff will play very well to their fans. It will be interesting to see how he plays now that he's behind an NFL offensive line again.
  12. Big Peko fan but at the same time kinda sick of this franchise being the place players go to farm a few last checks before retirement.
  13. If there's some way they can cheat and likely get away with it, that is what they're doing.
  14. T-Dub

    POTUS 2020

    There is a connection here. Sure Biden is kinda shitty but Trump is on a whole other level. I'd legit vote to pull a name out of a hat instead of a 2nd term of this white supremacist grifter dipshit. Really easy choice for me even though I'm no fan of Biden. He's a sleazy career politician but I'll take that over a rabid fascist man-child 11 times out of 10. There's really no comparison in my mind, you're not going to convince me that Biden is "just as bad".
  15. Congrats, you've successfully tokenized them. I could probably find a Jewish person somewhere on Twitter that thinks the Reich was a great idea. That doesn't make it true, or even relevant. To answer your original question, various American Indian groups have been asking for this for literal decades, which you could easily have found out for yourself if you bothered to look into it instead of doing this whole performative outrage "PC culture is out of control!" routine. You are not a victim here. The name change doesn't affect you in any way. For a whole lot of other people, it was insulting, so the team (reluctantly, eventually) changed it to something non-offensive. This is a good thing, but at worst you can just shrug your shoulders and move on. Humbly suggest you find a better hill to make your stand on because this one is pretty uninspiring.
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