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  1. Oh IDK about that, I think there's going to be more of this sort of drama before anything changes.. asuming it does.
  2. Dude's a dirtbag but blaming him for guys retiring seems like a stretch. I assume the argument referenced between Glenn and a coach was probably Turner, but assuming it and writing an editorial based on that assumption are two different things.
  3. TBH I think it's inevitable the team gets sold and moved somewhere more profitable, it's just a question of when.
  4. Does this mean he doesn't get paid? Otherwise What a total shitshow. It's the classic "you can't fire me! I quit!" but in reverse. This is the end result of years of hapless flailing by the Bengals FO. It's entertaining even though I doubt they'll learn anything from it. At worst Glenn is merely the agent parting the fool from his money.
  5. His team is valued around $2 billion, he could sell it and keep right on doing whatever he wants but that would deprive him of a soapbox.
  6. No one is trading us anything of value for this guy. Most teams want players that play, they're not trying to Redeem people for Good Boy Points.
  7. This organization.. Yeesh. Do the assistant coaches also have to make the sandwiches for away games?
  8. The football team is just something he has to do to keep the Brown Family Trust operating. It's at best a sideline hobby and at worst an annoying distraction. His body language in that Ravens game says it all.
  9. Meh. Nothing has fundamentally changed here. He's not playing football the same as last week. It's just a bunch more drama that hopefully forces the team to move on and invest in someone that can play. Like I said, maybe this is their sign to stop putzing around with injury-prone discounts. Or they just draft a new QB and ride that wave instead.
  10. Washington could get Williams on the field first thing tomorrow by threatening to trade him here
  11. "I thought he did a great job," Turner said. "I thought he was phenomenal. I know he gave up some sacks and pressures and all this other business, but if you really watch him play, he played with passion and I thought he played well. I just like what he brought to the table as far as energy is concerned. I think he's an athlete and I think he's a good player, a good, solid player." "All this other business"
  12. I assumed they just got scared off by the lingering foot injury, definitely not what you want in an LT. Well, unless your goal is Redeeming them,
  13. That's a good point, they might have told him to stay home.
  14. I bet they could, too. Everyone will assume the team is at fault regardless of what happened. Kind of like the last big trade they made...
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