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  1. Seems they won't be happy until he's IR. Then they can use him being on IR as an excuse, while also saying things will be different next year because he was on IR. I thought it was just gross negligence, but now I'm wondering if it wasn't in fact the plan.
  2. I mean an upgrade over whoever they have filling the spot now. If we're rebuilding, why not take a chance on some street UDFA? And if we're not rebuilding, WTF are we doing? ZT's Super Secret 3-year System Culture Plan to Go 8-8 continues to fail to impress.
  3. We let the guy walk for a reason. Probably not a good sign that we now see him as an upgrade.
  4. Said it before but they should've blown it up right then. This fence-sitting stuff has killed the team. Now we're looking at year 3 under ZT as a rebuild? WTF have we been doing the past 2 then? Shit or get off the pot.
  5. That is an assumption I'm not willing to give them. I think any objective & fair grade would put Williams solidly around average. 97.2 is less than 3 points away from perfect. Jonah Williams is not 3 pts shy of perfect. PFF's advanced stats grading system explained:
  6. 97.2 pass blocking efficiency? Where does the .2 come from? Who scored higher than him? PFF at it again with the nonsense numbers
  7. Normally this would be a concern, but with the way he's getting hit every week? He's going to get injured, it doesn't really matter if it's against Pittsburgh or the Washington Football Team. The total negligence they've demonstrated by running Joe out there behind this OL is just more evidence that the Browns are grifters suckling from the NFL teat & couldn't give a shit less about their team. They will continue to do the bare minimum to avoid total fan mutiny and not a bit more.
  8. This just in: Players who want to be here next season have nothing but good things to say about their bosses!
  9. Hey that's something, anything beyond "Golly Dad! This Ross guy runs, like, HELLA fast!"
  10. Last I checked there were officially 2 talent scouts plus Duke Tobin and his Dad. I'm guessing that's closer to 1/16th the size of most pro scouting departments at best.
  11. I think once Ol' Musty is no longer able or willing to run things KatieTroy will hire a GM or the functional equivalent of one so they can spend more time yachting or whatever. The team has more or less been the same most of her adult life, I think she's perfectly comfortable with the status quo.
  12. PLANNING on an overhaul? 3 years in? That's their plan/system/culture?
  13. On that note, Marvin took over a 2-14 team and went 8-8 in his first season.
  14. Zach.. IDK how he feels but he's treading water at best right now. His record is terrible but that has a lot to do with the lack of talent. Which brings us to Katy.. I don't think she much cares so long as those fat NFL checks keep coming.
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