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  1. But they've already won 3 and appeared in 8...
  2. Yeh I'll take a $5 Skyline Gift Card I mean wtf.. The Bengals have had 50 years to win a championship but the owner is more concerned with "redeeming" or whatever. It's lunchtime, 'bout to redeem some cheese coneys. Maybe next year!
  3. I don't think it's piety that makes me prefer the face of the team not be an angry drunk best known for spitting on people. Like, I get your point & all, and in fact a similar argument made me rethink my attitude about drafting Mixon, but do you really want to make your stand with this particular guy?
  4. Doesn't say much for the locker room, point being. Maybe it was meant as a gesture of support & solidarity after the WC game bs? Otherwise IDK.
  5. Didn't the players vote for him as team captain?
  6. Yeah I'm not having this pointless argument again but LOL at your little tantrum followed by Who do you think you're kidding with this passive-aggressive "fuck you, but now watch me take the high road" chicanery
  7. You: "Well do you have any evidence?" Me: *well-documented & highly public case* You: "Well that evidence doesn't prove anything anyway, something-something illogical."
  8. The Ray Rice fiasco wasn't enough for you? How would you explain the way that was handled? It would be nice to see you admit to resorting to ad hominem arguments when your statements are questioned.
  9. Punishment being doled out based on revenue and PR does not demonstrate the "strong moral principles" that define integrity.
  10. The fact that he could just as easily be suspended indefinitely as not at all speaks to the integrity of the NFL conduct policy.
  11. Like I said elsewhere, the Trumpkins don't really care if Troll President sells the country out to some cut-throat foreign despot.
  12. He's been on double-secret probation for years, they could just kick him out. I don't think they will, not over this - but they could.
  13. Bengals Fan: "The team sucks! They'll never win under Mike Brown! Muh mediocrities! Bitch-moan-bitch" *10-year Bengals vet and former team captain suggests Bengals set their sights too low vs. new team with winning culture* Bengals Fan: "Fuck him, he sucks! He's always sucked, PFF says so! It's his fault we lost all those playoff games!" *But I thought you said it was "Bad An- Bengals Fan: "WARGLBARGL! REEEEEEEEEE!"
  14. That proof would have to be shocking enough to turn into immediate criminal charges and/or resignation. Otherwise we're still stuck with Congressional investigations & they aren't going to do anything but prevaricate. Normally there'd be another option, the possibility of offending the Bible Belt &tc with something foul & shocking enough to bring out the torches & pitchforks.. but Trump won while being cartoon-villain sleazy and proud of it. People admire him for being a loudmouthed jackass so who knows? Do we even care if he sells us out to a Russian dictator? It doesn't much seem like we do, overall. Point being all this crap will have to get much worse for it to matter before next year's midterms, and that's to expect a solution from the same system that created our Troll President.