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  1. Oh, preaching to the choir in my case. I was speaking to Redeemer's risk-averse view of things.
  2. Because "the rest of the swamp" at their worst are still orders of magnitude more competent than the POTUS and his cabinet. Thankfully they are not all alike in his case. Some of them, I assume, are good people. It's like the house is on fire and you want talk about who forgot to take out the recycling.
  3. Guns in America

    If you read downthread from there we talked about it a bit, but tl;dr it's almost entirely the ammo as far as damage or lethality. Your typical bolt-action rifle fires a heavier, more powerful round than the 5.56mm of an AR-15. What makes an AR/AK & so on deadlier is the sustainable high rate of fire. I feel like I should again point out that Aurora, Columbine, V Tech, Navy Yard.. None of these were committed with rifles. The day-to-day gun violence that kills so many more each year than all the mass shootings combined rarely involves a rifle. It's not the type of weapon. There's far too much focus on brand names and not enough on how they're being purchased.
  4. We impeached Clinton! Still waiting on this hateful, both morally & financially bankrupted Putin-fluffing garbage. FFS give it a rest with this "buttery males!" stuff. Herr Trump is by far the worst President in my lifetime. Even without being compromised by a hostile superpower he'd still be a vile, cancerous, grifter turd. Every day he's in office is an afront to the very concept of our republic. He's a tragic embarrassment to this country & we will spend years trying to overcome the damage. Sure the Clintons are foul but "corrupt politician" doesn't begin to cover it here.
  5. 5 sacks last year & missed 2 games with a broken arm. Would not mind him or Reggie coming back to town. Give Bodine's money to any of these 3, or the local Red Cross for that matter. Anyone not named Russell.
  6. I hope any Stooler fan reading this understands we're laughing at him because he's spent his entire NFL career headhunting.
  7. I thought I read somewhere that concession profits at PBS go into the stadium fund? Merch money goes to the NFL & some portion of that is divided between the teams (after Goodell, Reebok, and the Indonesian kid sewing it get paid) so it doesn't benefit them directly one way or the other. Whether ol' Musty understands that other businesses often give away stuff like that just for the brand recognition value alone is another question. There are more Budweiser fans than Bengals fans & they're still launching swag into the crowd at your local tractor pull. Marketing (and winning games) is how you increase your market (!) but we haven't been doing much of either lately.
  8. IDK much about this dude but his stat line says run defense. 120+ combined tackles/year & that's about it. Works for me, though.
  9. I suspect this uncharacteristic flurry of activity bears Marvin's fingerprints
  10. I think the TV money and matching funds are set. With no blackout rule there's even less incentive to spend. What's the difference in income between an 8-8 team and 10-6? A few hundred extra season ticket holders might cover one guy's salary, and that's if they win and if people buy more tickets. $10-20 million in cap space is a certain figure, it's money they did not spend. Why risk it?
  11. If you say so.. but I don't see Burfict talking about them all offseason every year.
  12. And yet they can't stop talking about him. Keep defending the Stealers though if that's your thing.
  13. I think it's great; they're completely obsessed with him. The bully got punched in the mouth and they haven't stopped crying about it since.
  14. The only thing Eifert has blocked recently is the view of anyone sitting behind him.
  15. We are still lacking a clear starting NT aren't we?

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