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  1. Definitely because of very good reasons tho and not an excuse to sell more merch
  2. Watching the bootlicker "Blue Lives" meltdown on social media rn is pretty crazy. If the theory is that police brutality is "a few bad apples" here's a rare conviction, so they should be happy right? Get rid of that bad apple? Not even close.
  3. Good of him to think Elizabeth Blackburn's grandchildren's inheritance is worth the price
  4. I do like the solids over the contrasting sleeves, much cleaner
  5. Gonna be honest, if they had trotted them out on the low without all this hype it probably would've taken me 2-3 games to notice.
  6. It was trading down in the first that Tobin seemed to reject out of hand for whatever reason. Maybe he has dinner plans and can't stick around for a later pick.
  7. Since you asked? I'd guess only after a few more seasons of losing & JB getting Bungalized combined with the younger Blackburns seeing the wall coming with the stadium deal. I think the NFL would slowly start pressuring them to sell or restructure if they had to move due to declining local support. We know the other owners are well sick of carrying some sanctimonious old fart that talks down to them. IOW I think they need to end the playoff win drought before the stadium deal becomes an issue. Blow it with JB and this "New Dey" campaign and they have very little leverage to
  8. But not in the first round, where they could get more premium picks and still take a top prospect. Also those 2nd round trades have been for players they could've waited to take in the 3rd, haven't they? My guess is they trust a consensus top 5 pick more than their ability to find a great player in the 10-15 range. No doubt there are some, but can Duke Tobin and his potted plant identify them?
  9. I'm kinda waiting for a real head coach tbh, I think ZT is full of shit. Unfortunately his main skills seem to be saying the right things and avoiding blame so he could be here for a very long time.
  10. When the stadium deal expires in 5 years there's no telling what happens, it's entirely possible the team relocates to a city more willing to further subsidize the NFL even for a doormat team.
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