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  1. Arroyo has a 6.75 ERA but if I'm reading this correctly, has also pitched the most innings. Despite that they're only 2 games back and 1 under .500
  2. I think we're invested heavily in the DL if I'm not mistaken? Totally agree about the OL seeming like an afterthought, but I'm not sure if it's that or the influence of Assistant HC Paul Alexander. Probably a bit of both. As far as having one more FA to get over the postseason hump: Sure, but every roster is going to have holes somewhere, particularly that late in the season. The one consistent theme in the losses IMO has been the lack of focus. Dropped balls, brain-fart penalties, random-ass play calls, poor decisions with the football & just a general absence of poise or leadership or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately that's not something you can easily hire or fire your way out of with any sort of reliability. Much as I'd like to see a coaching change, I am skeptical of anyone's ability to correct that on their own. More to the point, I'm not sure the new coach or coaches would be given the freedom to make the necessary changes. I know I keep bringing up the Chris Henry thing with Marvin vs MB, but in hindsight I think that set a tone that Marvin couldn't be expected to work around or overcome.
  3. Yeah they sound kinda good but I think they'd get too smoky for a side dish
  4. You doing drip beans? Great color
  5. Not only that, but what's stopping a defense from dropping everyone into coverage? Our nonexistent run game? Mixon? Gio is (or at least was) an incredibly elusive RB but he still needs at least a crease, if not a proper running lane. I expect the offense to put up good numbers at times against the weaker schedule but continue struggling vs any above-average D.
  7. Two men killed in Portland after trying to stop an anti-Muslim rant http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-muslims-portland-idUSKBN18N080 #MAGA
  8. I thought this one spoke volumes.. He looks like a 5 year old caught playing with a squirt gun at his grandmother's funeral. Everyone else is like "Well what can you do his mama was drinking heavily during the pregnancy you know?" Meanwhile little Donny is happily shitting his pants.
  9. This must be that "personal responsibility" the Reich wing is always going on about. Good thing the journalist was a librul cuck so I don't have to concern myself with a Congressman assaulting a member of the press. Oh and for extra lulz dude is a creationist and just generally kind of batshit Pretty sure the concept of representative democracy isn't biblical either, so y'know...
  10. Ever tried using the pecan hulls?
  11. Great, that gives me plenty of time to stop for beer on my way over! What type of wood?
  12. If history teaches us anything, it's that the wealthy elite have nothing to fear from a desperate, disenfranchised proletariat. I say cut the food stamp program & all that other welfare bullshit. Tell those losers to get a job! My tax dollars should be going to $100MM fighter jets & arming the next group of hut-dwelling foreign insurgents so we can bomb said huts with said $100MM fighter jets.. What could go wrong? #MAGA
  13. I have to think anyone firing up a smoker at this hour knows what's what
  14. To be fair, it's not Marvin's call whether Pac stays or goes. He publicly stated he didn't want to bring Chris Henry back and you saw how that turned out. The Redeemer gonna redeem.
  15. Oh FFS.. You have no idea, that guy could've helped sequence the Human Genome or be the SEAL that shot Bin Laden for all you know. They might be a pediatric neurosurgeon or a retired Detroit cop. You have no clue. And what has Marvin Lewis done? Coached a professional sports franchise, one known for a comic series of playoff meltdowns? I mean I like the guy well enough but on the list of NFL coaches he probably wouldn't even crack the top 50. Even if he was Belicheat, what has that dude really contributed to mankind? Super Bowl trophies? Get a grip on the hero worship.