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  1. T-Dub

    Hue is Back

    I might feel differently if he didn't strut around like they were 36-3.
  2. "2 more hours and I get to go home & play Fortnite"
  3. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    Block, hell. Can he play 2 games in a row without getting injured?
  4. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    I thought the cut off for IR/return was Week 6 or so?
  5. T-Dub

    My New Favorite Show

    Many years ago my friend was hanging out after a P-Funk All Stars (iirc) gig & ended up talking to George Clinton. Turns out George needed a lift so friend drives him to his hotel and got to hang out for a few. I know this because I ran into him afterwards and he showed me the little chunk of rock George gave him. No, my friend didn't smoke crack but in the moment he was just like "it's not crack, it's George Clinton's crack!", so he simply said thanks and took it. He ended up flushing it a day or two later but he wanted someone else to see it first.
  6. T-Dub

    2015 and beyond - TV Talk

    2nd season of Patriot is on Amazon Prime. Think I mentioned it before (not checking ) but it's sort of along the lines of Burn After Reading (espionage/dark comedy) only not mediocre (imo). It's worth watching for Kurtwood Smith alone.
  7. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    Yeah Dehner's reporting he's full-go in practice. Now let's see if they feed him in the game
  8. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    I feel like it's either that or they roll over, one or the other. Down this many starters though?
  9. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    Meh, I am also supposed to be the best coverage LB in my draft class. Context matters.
  10. Ooh look; the rare thoughtful, judicious clap. "Not sure if I should clap, but on further consideration I believe I will tentatively clap." He's given the team much to think about here.
  11. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    Yeah, not much to like about that. Sure seems like minor injuries end up dragging out for weeks far more often than we see a player coming back ahead of schedule.
  12. Yeah we only have those during TC for some reason
  13. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    Still wondering how a team comes out of their bye week in worse shape than before it
  14. T-Dub

    Hue is Back

    100% It'd be like his run in Cleveland only without the threat of being fired
  15. The defense was ranked solidly average last season, I don't think the "talent drain" of Pacman & Iloka can account for going from there to historically bad.

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