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  1. It wasn't frequent at all but yeah, he seems to be on rails most of the time. He's going to run where the play says regardless. Swear he used to show better vision.
  2. I was just reading about how all they're really doing is a web search for relevant imagery and then plagiarize that shit into something like a collage. There are now filters you can apply to your artwork that subtly change a few pixels here & there without it being noticeable to the eye, but it completely scrambles the AI logic. Pretty cool.
  3. He will run to first contact Somewhat exaggerating but there were several times I saw a wide open running lane and he was either too slow to take advantage or didn't see it and opted to run into the backs of the OL for a minimal gain. Mixon is adequate & played a solid game but give me someone with some burst that might actually outrun a defender please. I'd like to have a RB on the field thats still a TD threat outside of 1st & goal situations. Chase Brown had 9 carries for 61 yards.
  4. Undoubtedly. That's just the modern NFL. This idea of "bulletin board material" is pretty outdated tbh. It's nonstop shit-talking from Instagram & TikTok to the field and back these days. This strikes me as no different than griping about Brandon Phillips' shoulder lean on a walk-off homer.
  5. Flacco is the QB for the Browns? Joe "Elite-ish" Flacco? Somehow I missed that. That's funny. Cover the RB out of the backfield and we should be OK against Cap'n Checkdown. Browns have had our # tho for some bizarre reason
  6. Im going with the mostly baseless theory that Mikey likes trick plays because his Ivy League education got him thinking it's a chess match when it's really a headbutting contest. It would explain Bratfailski and the Ketchup Whisperer at least.
  7. Ossai, Hendrickson, Hubbard all had sacks. The refs let OL's hold a lot these days. For a while they were tipping a lot of passes instead but that hasn't been the case much this year. There were also a few potential turnovers that didn't bounce their way.
  8. The talent is there but the communication, gang tackling etc isn't. The young safeties have to be part of that, they're still learning to play their own positions, not QBing the defense. The team effort is lacking overall sometimes, though.
  9. This team keeps ending those skidmark streaks.. Gotta credit ZT for that, there's no clappy bullshit when they're down either. He's always hollering at somebody or running around doing something when he's not calling the play. About halfway through the 4th, 3rd & 3 from the 10 and Chase drops the ball. They go right back to him on 4th & 3, 6 yard gain & then Browning sneaks it in for the TD. That's ballsy. Yeah the tricksy hobbit plays gotta go but they did score 31 with a backup QB & only punted once. Credit Mixon too, I think Brown looks capable of pushing him at least, was 6/60 at one point.
  10. ESPN also showed a list of all the injured QBs with some highlighted in yellow as "out for season". Discount Double-check wasn't one of those... Didn't he rupture an achilles? At 40? For the now 4-8 Jets? Even with it being a preseason injury and the possible recovery time... Why?
  11. Probably won't matter to us without a deep playoff run. If the Bengals aren't in it I don't much care aside from FTS & I hope KC's season ends with getting shamelessly robbed by the refs. Can't quite muster the same hate for Balmer, feel like they already have enough problems.
  12. Please. Maybe the OL would even get better at it if it were part of the game plan every week.
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