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  1. T-Dub

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    I feel confident in saying our OL will be better. Maybe not immediately & IDK how much better, but compared to last season the bar couldn't be set much lower.
  2. T-Dub

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    I thought it was telling that their lawyers fought really hard for their right to wear masks. Total fucking cowards.
  3. I would hope all our DE's look impressive when no one is allowed to block them
  4. 9th overall pick, 3 years later he's struggling to hold down the role of "situational slot WR". Anyone still care to argue how Ross is not a bust?
  5. T-Dub

    Abortion Information wanted...

    Whenever those issues let creepy bitter old men control young women's bodies with the support of their religious fanatic base?
  6. A more accurate headline even if it's not up to USA Today's lofty S&P.
  7. If the Bengals LB's truly "go as Vigil goes" they'll probably be joining him in the shitter. Sounds like classic Hob-spin coming from the team "this guy is sorely lacking in talent & ability, or production, but boy is he a wily veteran!" I hope he really did have some kind of miraculous turnaround but this Nick Vigil, Defensive Team Captain stuff does not inspire confidence.
  8. I question his ability to make any kind of contested catch or finish a route in traffic.
  9. T-Dub

    The Official 2019 Season Thread!

    Yeah I really don't understand what their strategy is for the next few years, like what was the point of renting Puig for one season? I can't imagine extending him.
  10. T-Dub

    Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)

    Yeah he'd rather stab her in the gut than say no to her, that was some spineless shit. Detective Drogon being able to deduce that her ambition for the throne was her undoing like damn maybe the dragon should be king with that kind of insight? Or maybe they're just like a big housecat and destroyed it because FUCK YOUR POINTY CHAIR BITCH now feed me Not even joking about the spin-offs, heard they were already filming one and had options for at least 2 more. My titles were, um, speculative. HBO holler at your boy, let's bleed this thing dry while anyone still cares. I could see an entire mini-series of just Sam walking around tunelessly whistling to himself. Maybe he buys some chips from a street vendor & then, like, Jennifer Aniston? Anyway that Chernobyl series has been really good so far, soundtrack is incredible but I listen to some weird music sometimes. Fits well with the show though.
  11. T-Dub

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    "bidding war" AKA paying market value
  12. Baltimore seems to be almost as overlooked as we are at the moment
  13. T-Dub

    Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)

    Spin-offs Are Coming prequel Baratheon/Ned/Mad King war Dorya the Explorer Bron's Brothels, Beerhalls & Backstabs Drogon & Friends
  14. T-Dub

    Abortion Information wanted...

    Yeah accountability is part of being able to claim we're the Good Guys. Without it they're just a really, really good death squad.
  15. T-Dub

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    I'd expect something like rats fleeing the sinking ship.

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