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  1. How does a pizza restaurant end up owing the Teamsters a million bucks? "Bada-bing, bada-boom, fuggedaboutit?" That's... Interesting.
  2. He didn't have enough time to go over the notes from all our 2 scouts.
  3. I would take Hue as OC next year & be thankful. He ran some goofy shit under pressure as is tradition but had a productive offense otherwise. It would be a step backwards in some ways but at least it's a step.
  4. Dolphins RB Mark Walton arrested It is funny how many players & coaches we've swapped with them over the past few years in order to create the two shittiest teams around. Maybe we should combine the franchises & see if we can fool anyone that way.
  5. IDK about that, all our starting corners are hurt & WJ3 is the only one that sometimes looks above-average. Trading down but staying in top 10 would be my choice anyway so using the pick on an exceptional DB prospect sounds ok.. You're right though, it sucks that we need filler more than a game-changer. Trading down a few spots lets us come away with both. I'll admit staying put at 1 & trading away some of the bitter vets for filler picks is also a worthy option. I've heard plenty about the QB's & Young, but what positions look deep for this draft?
  6. Again I ask... What system? Otherwise agree, he's definitely poisoned that well. I can only hope it's a ploy to force them to blow up the roster? Could Taylor be that crafty?
  7. I am naturally skeptical of anyone coming from An Ohio State University around here but I've been impressed with Hubbard. And then there's Price, who I'm not sure even belongs in the NFL at this point.. but he looked better last year, and was since benched by OL Coach Restraining Order (or whoever makes decisions about the OL, apparently some of you think position coaches have no say in this) so yeh.. who the fuck knows.. Once again I wonder how anyone can evaluate talent in this mess. It's like a cupboard full of soup with no labels. Maybe it's chicken & dumplings, maybe its botulism & lead poisoning.
  8. Stools try to headhunt our guys every game, that's just how they're coached. We used to have this one LB they were scared of but they got him run out of the division & effectively the entire league. Now we don't even have LB's that can tackle, let alone give them second thoughts about playing dirty. Doormat punching bag status returns.
  9. We've done shit like this with every OC since, though, even with OK offensive lines. This team has been allergic to running the ball since Rudi left & I still think he would've won us the '05 WC game if Brat wasn't trying to fool Pittsburgh with his Kitna Gambit. We're constantly bringing a chessboard to a boxing match. Mike Brown went to an Ivy League college, haven't you heard? No, not that one. Not that one either. No, the other one.
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