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  1. What's better for the team: playing a rookie, or playing a guy that's only there because he doesn't really have a choice?
  2. Sucks that it took losing a SB to make them get serious about the OL but better late than never.
  3. Dallas and underperforming are like PB & J. They've had no heart since the 90's.
  4. Anyone else miss Ample Randall turning every PAT into a nail-biter? Yeah, me neither.
  5. I'd have to look at stats again to be certain but I think Higgins had some pretty bad drops during the postseason run. Still amazed JB didn't blow out his back carrying the whole damn city out to LA.
  6. One would think, but from listening to national sports radio in the car not so much..
  7. I will be shocked if Higgins stays, they'd have to match a big WR1 contract somewhere else that will surely be coming his way. As others have said, that's probably not a good idea budget-wise.
  8. Ukrainians are mostly white Europeans though so it's totally cool and strangely enough, suddenly everyone has plenty of room for refugees.
  9. Instead we have another proxy war with Russia.
  10. Yeah it's kind of funny for someone from the so-called party of "personal responsibility." I don't think a Mexican drug cartel forced them to start crushing up and snorting prescription pills at gunpoint but it's a hell of a lot easier to sell them as the villain instead of the pharmaceutical companies that are probably donating to his campaign.
  11. War between who exactly? IF so I have to wonder if the banks buying up every available house will be the tipping point. Home ownership is something most people have come to expect at some point in their lives.
  12. This is true. Crazy how that happens when we give a tax break to the wealthiest people and let corporations not pay them at all. However this idea that someone is "taking their jobs" is a nonstarter. It's a flimsy excuse for their inherent racism.
  13. OK but the unemployment rate in Ohio is back to a pre-Covid low & if it continues falling 2/10ths of a percent will tie a low from 2001. IOW we're close to having less jobless people than any time in the last 20 years. Therefore I think maybe he's appealing to a bunch of racist shitheels and the "economy" stuff is just a way of justifying being a racist shitheel. If it wasn't jobs it'd be drugs or something else. The end result being somehow it's the Mexicans fault that Cletus never got his GED. Well, did Cletus study for his GED? Did Cletus show up to the GED test still drunk from the night before? How were "Mexicans" involved? "What are you, some kind of LIBRUL?!"
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