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  1. 100%. Really the problem is that everyone knows that shit on some level but they want to ignore it so instead it's fun to attack me on a personal level in order to deny it. There have been people on this board for years that did nothing at all but troll and they don't have to endure this kind of abuse. At this point the owner of the place is making it personal though so I no longer feel welcome. There are people who I've never even heard of on here suddenly talking at me like they know me. For those of you I've had good interactions with, cya round, The rest of y'all can eat a fat dick, enjoy your little circlejerk and one less regular on your site to argue with.
  2. Gosh are you ok? Do you need to talk to someone? Boy you must really be a miserably depressed person to not like this Bengals draft pick. I hope things get better for you soon.
  3. Jesus Christ ,man, you talked more shit about this team than anyone. Literal YEARS of ragging on Dalton nonstop that everyone else had to endure. At the end of the day it's just football. I never thought to myself "Wow I better put on some patented Bob Bratkowski bifocals and psychoanalyze this guy over the bridge of a well-worn copy of Atlas Shrugged." I just figured you really hated Dalton for whatever reason right out of the gate, kinda weird I guess but nothing that I felt the need to try and project into some bullshit character failing or life lesson on your part. I argued with you about Dalton and left it at that. Climb down from the fuckin' soapbox & go condescend to someone you actually know and genuinely give a shit about. because this concern troll stuff is weaksauce. I promise some internet football shitposting is not that serious to me and you needn't pretend to worry yourself about it beyond that.
  4. Please tell me more about what I think I thought this guy sounded good until more details started to come out. Recovering from back surgery + Paul Alexander still having his stubby little fingers in the pie made me reconsider. Is that really so hard to understand?
  5. I mean.. is he healthy now? Maybe I misunderstood but it sounded like he's recovering from back surgery. If this were a 4th or 5th round pick I wouldn't mind so much but considering the high pick & all the other players they passed on to take him.. Plus they're already carrying a LT that can't seem to stay on the field, a center also coming back from IR, and of course the OL being awful even apart from the injuries.. Then SI runs this article interviewing Ketchup Whisperer about the guy with the actual OL coach only chiming in at the end and it feels like they're trolling. They've got to be trolling... right? I'm really trying not to be so down on the team and the upcoming season but fuckin A man, throw me a bone here...
  6. Ketchup Whisperer talked to Ol' Musty about it and they agreed that tapioca is the best pudding flavor and also draft this kid LOL why not Not joking, see the SI article in the Carman thread. TW: nausea.
  7. I couldn't even finish the article Quick, someone tell me I'm an awful person for feeling sick after the first 2 paragraphs. What in the actual fuck did I just read? Did someone forget to take away Ketchup Whisperer's keys? Thanks a lot SI, I'm at work and it's a little early to be hitting the sauce but..
  8. Which really begs the question as to "why?" Willie Anderson? Because he grew up a fan of the team? Redeeming? I'm ready for him to come in here and never miss a game in his career but for a team that has been crippled by bad OL picks and injury-prone players it's hard to get my head around. Why not draft a healthy player instead? Maybe I'm way off base but when you talk about the Bengals culture what I see all too often is someone trying to run a billion-dollar business in a grimy, cut-throat pro sports league like it's a local nonprofit charity. There's this disconnect where they don't want to acknowledge that in the end they are selling a product and that product hasn't been very good. Or maybe that's just me being negative or w/e?
  9. For a top 2nd round pick that definitely bugs the shit out of me. I really dont understand their fascination with spending millions of dollars to play at Florence Nightingale. It's the NFL, there are no Good Boy Points to be earned here.
  10. OK, I give it a C+. Seems we whiffed on Price unless Pollack can save him, but we got Bates in the 2nd and I'm not even sure that guy has hit his ceiling yet despite turning into a damned good safety already. I think Hubbard is legit & would probably go higher in a re-draft. The rest of the class are about as expected for later draft picks, some contributors and some not. Overall not a bad draft but taking a center at #21 overall only to see him clinging to a back up spot by his fingernails 3 years later hurts an otherwise decent haul.
  11. No disrespect intended to Willie but in the absence of an actual scouting department the recommendation of someone who is basically a client is the kind of endorsement we are left to rely on instead.
  12. Yeah that certainly didn't help. Can add offense ToP to that list as well. Lots of 3 & outs.
  13. I'm just glad whatever LB they coveted in the 2nd got swooped up and "forced" them to take OL. I may feel differently when our current LB are getting blocked into pretzels and trucked by 180lb H-backs but if JB survives 16 games it'll be worth it.
  14. I guess they got good value at the picks, based on a bunch of mock drafts, for whatever that's worth. Beyond that, yeah. Who knows which of these guys can actually play at this level? Ask again in December, & even then some of these guys are pretty raw. Not sure why it took 2 years for the FO to embrace the kind of long term rebuilding strategy that implies, but here we are.. better late than never, I suppose.
  15. You're actually one of two that it's recently gotten personal with. Quit acting like you speak for "absolutely everybody" when; nobody died and left you in charge, I don't think I missed an election, and you're full of shit anyway. I don't think anyone here needs you to speak for them. Just put me on ignore if it's such a big problem that you can't leave it alone? FFS dude everyone's already moved on but you.
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