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  1. and Hue was still refusing to name him the starter next week because it wasn't his idea to play him last night. It's incredible how a coach with his record can be so far up his own ass. Think we dodged a bullet there.
  2. Dude I don't know you but betting on Cleveland has to be exhibit 1A in "Do you have a gambling problem?"
  3. T-Dub

    Mayweather vs McGreggor

    I just watched part of the Khabib/Mcgregor press conference and let me tell you.. OK, first of all, not really a UFC fan, I think it's gutter & the fanbase seem like the worst sort of Billy Badass pick-a-fight-for-bumping-elbows type of douchenozzles. It's basically a street fight, which I get is the appeal, but watching dudes trade shin-kicks until one falls down and catches an elbow seems pretty god damn random to me. But hey if that's your thing, ok, moving on. This drunken ass though, holy shit, calling out Jameson whiskey like the 200 year old ghost of Jameson himself (a Scot btw) is too big a pussy to rise from his grave and enter TeH OcTaGoN!!11 JFC this guy is an insufferable twat, like I would almost tune in just to see him get clobbered only I am certain that is the entire marketing strategy for this motherfucker. Do they drug test these guys? Because if he wasn't on cocaine it was an Oscar-worthy impersonation. My god, what an sack full of tiny, tiny dicks. Generally not a fan of Russian fighters as they tend to have the personality of cold oatmeal and rooting for one feels like rooting for Frankenstein's monster but in this case I hope Ivan beats the potatoes out of this guy.
  4. T-Dub

    Bengals vs Panthers analysis

    I mean sure, but we've done without it enough. They do have a bad run D so far though now that I check so if we can't get that going it's probably part of a bigger problem (our OL is still p bad)
  5. T-Dub

    Bengals vs Panthers analysis

    I don't think it'll matter that much so long as AD stays clean. This OL is still highly suspect.
  6. I never knew how much I needed a Carson Palmer/Raccoons shirt. Maybe I can find a jersey at a Goodwill & get the name restitched.
  7. I remember back in '03 when winning a game, any game, was amazing.
  8. I'm sure she'd pass the eyeball test but if that photo were any more retouched there'd be a North Korean moon landing in the background
  9. Through the magic of TNF the Browns have won a game. I give them 1/2 credit.
  10. ? The thing I read said Trump made the introduction so. he was actually rejected by a porn hooker that had just fucked Donald Trump's wrinkly cheeto ass for $$$, gotta say that's worse
  11. That was all an open secret at best around the Miami campus (which is saying something, as the frats & bar scene in Oxford are notoriously already) & like I said, people who went to his HS or nearby schools knew he had a bad reputation. The accusations in 2010 were no surprise to many, many people & I have a hard time believing they came as a shock to his team or the NFL either. They both do pretty thorough background checks on these guys so there's no way they didn't at least hear some rumors. They just routinely ignore all that stuff until it becomes a story.
  12. Normally I wouldn't care but considering how far the NFL has gone to prop up his degenerate ass & the fact dude had a rep stretching back to his HS days.. Kinda funny to see him get exposed.
  13. T-Dub

    Injury updates

    Yet we kept both of them as backups, and only made it to Week 3 before possibly starting one of them.
  14. T-Dub

    Broadcast map

    Some of y'all are clearly missing the boat on this one. A good lesbian friend is the best wingman you could ever ask for, you'd be amazed.

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