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  1. Unless you want to get shitfaced & sock the wife around a bit. All due respect but this image of our service members as iron-willed pillars of discipline and rational thinking is pure fantasy. There is a no-joke mental health epidemic with America's war vets and it's sure as shit not because a few of the fellas wish they had lady parts. If this is really a psych issue, evaluate them on an individual basis like we would anyone else. If it's really about a Holy Book then fuck the fuck off with the jingoism.
  2. All those "Right to Work" laws have had a few years to fuck people over. Trump fucked himself by aligning with all the "White Par" inbreds. He's isolated now & losing what little political capital he had. When you try to pass yourself off as the authority figure and can't get shit done you just look like a blow-hard, & that's him exactly. Who still respects this guy, even among his supporters? Labor, community, civil rights groups etc are all exploding. Moderate Republicans are a thing again! The fight is by no means over but at least it looks as if there's going to be one.
  3. Cut/waived/signed

    He definitely played both, think I may have even seen him at end once or twice. I was more interested in him at NT because I think he looked more like one & it's easier to find 3's. Not of Geno's level of course, but it seemed like Peko rarely came off the field outside of some long-yardage situations because they didn't trust anyone else there. I haven't noticed Billings in what little I've seen of the preseason, but I haven't seen anyone complaining about him either FWIW. Who else have they been playing at NT?
  4. If they don't, it's because LaFell is still better than the rooks, just like he is now. What teams like Cackalacky did with him means bupkis to me, he replaced ol' what's-his-name everyone was freaking out about losing & didn't miss a beat. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2016/9/30/13117840/brandon-lafell-2016-production-quite-similar-to-marvin-jones-in-2015-with-bengals I wish he was more like Housh with that mean streak, but I could say that about Jones too, who I liked, & all our pass catchers.. most of the roster... Some of the coaches... The owner, who just paid him 9+ with incentives to stick around. That's an awful lot for a placeholder. There's a reason he's a #2 & we drafted another WR in the first round, other than that watch the OL or something. The rest of the offense is fine for now.
  5. Cut/waived/signed

    I thought BT would at least get into a rotation with Peko @ NT but never saw much from him. There & now safety are the only spots on defense I have any questions about.
  6. Charlottesville

    Amateur https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forrest_School_(Chapel_Hill,_Tennessee)
  7. The FG's and the cheerleaders, if you're into that. We've added some depth there for sure, game ball to them. A couple of OK runs. Chris Smith outclassing the other guy's seconds & thirds again.
  8. It's almost enough to make a fella long for the days of "80-something rated QB's" in a baseball thread or the bizarre threat of a civil rights lawsuit. Who can teach Geno Atkins their patented Flailing Carp Kung-Fu Fist technique? Almost.
  9. Cut/waived/signed

    (Seems the best pic Hobs could find was of him standing around scratching his ass. I offer this impressive flop instead, thanks Rob Carr.) http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Bengals-thin-D-tackle-derby-with-Thompson-cut/e9598c43-26f3-4230-ae99-71381ba00316
  10. They've said that, but AFAIK we still generally have a rangier guy that tends to line up deep & a slightly bigger dude prowling closer to the LOS who spends more time blitzing & playing the run. Just like, AFAIK, every other NFL team. We've all seen how hard it is to find a physical safety than can cover a TE, so a little help there might be nice even if Williams is due back sooner rather than later.
  11. You may be right. He's looked serviceable running a limited offense with a top-tier group of WR/TE's. If you'll excuse a bit of armchair sports psychology, he gets flustered when things aren't going well. I think he'd throw a lot of INTs as a starter from trying to force things or underestimating the DB's ability to close. TBF that INT last night was low-effort from the WR, though. IDK who that was offhand but he looked lost out there. Point being I suspect his ceiling is lower than what I had hoped. AJ "Way Better Than Dalton" McCarron? Yeah, you wish homie. He's better than a #2 QB but only just.
  12. They're either Pro Bowl superstar HoF candidates or they're garbage, for a lot of people. I guess there are a few better WR2's out there, but only a few.
  13. And why would he? For Cody Core? We gonna suit up John Ross's potential? C'mon now..
  14. I didn't see the play but did his whole arm come off or what? We're still 3 weeks out from playing one that counts. If he's only going to miss 1-2 games we don't need to do anything drastic.
  15. Has the tackling been this bad the whole game? Yeesh.

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