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  1. Anyone clip coupons? www.grocerygame.com This site pairs manufacturer and store coupons and tells you when the best time is to use it to get the best deals. I save 50-60% all the time at Kroger and Meijer on my whole bill. It's a bit tedious organizing the coupons but it is well worth it you save tons and tons of money. They have a free trial just to check it out. It cost's 10 bucks to subscribe to a store's list every 3 months and an additional 5 for each store. Well worth the money though. www.cincysavers.com Kind of like grocerygame where they tell you when and where to use your coupons but it is free. Not as complete of lists but they sometimes catch things that the grocery game doesn't. They also sell gift certificates to restaurants and other businesses. They usually sell $50 certificates for $25 but on Tuesdays they discount select certificates. I got four 25$ gift certificates to Ryan's Tavern in Hamilton for $30. Recently went to Mr Sushi and got $50 worth of food for $25. www.restaurant.com They sell discounted gift certificates to restaurants everywhere. They do promos all the time where you can get 70 to 90% off of their certificates. They work differently. It's more like a coupon. For example, the certificate will be worth 25 off if you spend 35. But these coupon/certificates can be bought for about 2 bucks with the promos.
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