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Thanks to everyone that helped me find those deals for the [url="http://www.onecall.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=83354"]Nikon D40 [/url](not the D40x which is more expensive). Special thanks to Notorious...I wound up using shop.com to purchase at Onecall.com. Make sure that is the configuration if you order through shop.com.

Onecall had it listed at 524.99 + 16.99 for three day fedex. shop.com's rebate brings it down to 488 (that's including shipping). I'm not sure I like shop.com, but onecall is awesome and has great customer service. FYI the rebate will show up on my CC in 4-8 weeks (if I remember correctly) and is through shop.com.

The pics below aren't the most exciting...but here are a couple.

Just a close up shot...I'm not used to camera's letting me take pics this close.


I did post a bunch [url="http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i266/rstorment/NewCamera/"]here[/url].

A few things:
1. I don't like the setting to copy the pic to BW, I'd probably edit this on my machine...it came out looking more blue to me.
2. 2gb SD card with high quality .jpg and 3.1 megapixel setting allows something like 900+ pics (we took almost 200). The camera will actually take up to 6.1 (I think) megapixels, but for what we are doing it really isnt' necessary.
3. Battery life is amazing.

Most pics that we took were just on automatic settings (mainly because we didn't take time to explore all the features). Regardless most of the pictures look good...they'd probably look better if I knew what other things I should be doing. I'm [b]very happy[/b] with this camera and have been watching it for awhile. I stumbled on [url="http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/2007-05-what-camera.htm"]Ken Rockwell's[/url] site and he talks this camera up a bunch.

Thanks again everyone! We are going to try fireworks this evening and the water falls this weekend. I'll post if they turn out.

[size=4]On a side note: Congrats Go on the new kid![/size]
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Guest mongoloido

Shooting pictures in RAW is your best friend (provided you have a photoshop-espque program on your computer)... Congrats. :)

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[quote name='NASTYNATI' post='507700' date='Jul 5 2007, 09:08 AM']the D40 is the biggest seller at my job, congrats you got a great camera at an even better price.[/quote]

Thanks, Yeah I really feel like I got a great deal and it seems like a kick ass camera. Not sure if I'll get 900+ pics on my card, but I know I'm getting a shitload.

Here are a few from last night...I was playing around with the settings quite a bit and had moderate sucess. Not that anybody really wants to see fireworks today...but I feel like posting them.



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