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Got my Canon 70-300MM IS USM Lens yesterday

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Best buy had it for $699, so i checked cirxcuit city the past few weeks, it was $649.99 so i found a 10% off coupon and started saving my gift cards from work and holidays, and visa gift cards...

fri and sat they did a 2 days unadvertised special on it, made it $571.99 so i decided to go into the store, figuring knowing retail it would be slammed and they would be so busy they wouldnt give a fuck about the complicting online special and coupon i had that both stated they cant be used together, and i was right, the manager was fixing a register someone fucked up and told the rep "10%, fine i dont care," and keyed the discount. so i got 10% off the $571, so it was $514, i had $475 in CC gift cards and a pair of visa gift debit cards totalling $64, so after taxes and everything i spent $9.25 of my own money from checking on it.

$700+tax lens for $9.25


im probably taking it to the game today to give it a test run..
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