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  1. lol i do not. i DID just score mixons playoff jersey... i just made pals with the bengals game used jersey guy... this is going to be an expensive relationship
  2. today i grabbed davis gaither game used jersey from the 10/24 ravens game, he had a pass deflected and forced fumble.
  3. price are dropping, down about 20% for some tickets... the titans put a "no ticket trasnfers until 24 hrs before the game" rule in place. hilarious...
  4. I’ll be looking for a good steakhouse, maybe some waygu. And I’ll be sleeping and watching football. That’s about it. Haven’t been there is 15+ years.
  5. All of them. At some point stuff ages out and gets put in storage bins, water proof, and store away. I have photos on walls that get rotated out. Etc.
  6. ok i bought a Uzomah from chargers game (black jersey). so ill ahve that in a week or two.
  7. or like.... you could just drive to the game, sit and watch it, and drive the fuck home....
  8. got the last one in that ive ordered. hopefully more to come... but thats all ive bought
  9. yea aside from the pennies they make in postseason its odd, and larry going on IR makes the room ofr new guyid imagine. wonder if he started being an asshole or something while on IR
  10. or was at best equal to a younger cheaper player or something, saves some cash next year i guess (3mil)
  11. surprisingly good ticket deals on ebay for anyone still looking.
  12. i dont think there was any planned/designed stunt there, the inside guy just got pushed outside and crosby was like well shit ima go this way...
  13. it would also give us extra time if we are in that spot, its not just for bengals opposition, lol i am torn on that one, i think in the nfl if youre beat anytime over 15 yards guys are smart enough to just mug the WR and save themselves 30 yards of gain, might get ugly. cowboys fans are stupid, dak sucks, they should worry about that. thats why i was thinking just the last 2 minutes either of each half or the game. My position of favor is that the game is relying on a 60 yr old dude not in great shape running with pro athletes and spotting a ball, if he falls down the team is fucked over? that shits wild.
  14. I hate the cowboys and am glad they lost, but i do think the college system of stopping the clock on first down to restart the clock after the ball is spotted makes a lot of sense. atleast under 2 minutes in each half? if there is any team getting "screwed" with enough pull to change a rule its dallas. thoughts? i dig the NCAA rule, just not for the entire game.
  15. 1. yea so the CORNER called the timeout, it was a dead ass tie to the ball being snapped, the problem i have, the official nearest him, the only offiical who could see him calling it, DIDNT SEE IT and even threw a flag for 12 men on the field. so that play should have stood. #2 as others mentioned, yes thats what happened, the communication of that sucked.
  16. eli apples mom sure agrees. https://twitter.com/SurvivinAmerica/status/1482886304497029120?s=20
  17. man the browns, those dudes cant get out of their own way, i think the biggest mistake they made over and over was trashing coaches so often. when your team is that bad, give guys 3-4 years of drafts and rebuilding, if burrow was your average good rookie qb, this team is a losing team this year too. i guess their QB vetting process is probably the worst thing, but still point stands, they suck at making important decisions. i felt they had 2-3 good coaches come through and get run out.
  18. i wonder if he thought someone was about to come open then they didnt and he had no where to go. like you said, hard to say without being in his head.
  19. but also had prince engaged crosby instead of push back, like lock him up like he would normally, he cant bounce around the guard.. its tough for sure.
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