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  1. rough strenth of 3 games before the break, everyone was gassed, some guys sat. what to look for in the final 27 games for me: Christian Braun - looking for him to reign in the role back to dunk and defense mentality, cause havoc and be a pest, dunk on people to hurt their feelings. MPJ - he played the most games of any Nugget, which is incredible, but it hurt his shooting and he was super gassed, looking for hom to fine tune his skills and calm down and make it to the post season healthy. KCP - just get healthy, the nagging hamstring is a concern Jamal Murray - get in shape, stop being a fucking cunt to the media everyday, and get in fucking shape, for fucks sake. Jokic - stay healthy, get rest. Gordon - health, rest and Defense and dunks. Everyone - make free throws second worst in the league. would also like to see more Julian Strawther - not that he is healthy he needs to get that shot back.. he can win is regular season games and get starters rest if he can score off the bench. Jokic has had a triple double against all but 2 teams, the Wizrds and the Nuggets, so since he will hopefully never play against the nuggets, the last team he needs is washington, who we play thursday at home, time to check that box. also its 2/22 triple double, triple 2's.. its destiny. ill be in attendence, feels like i havent been to the arena in a month. they raised season ticket prices for next year 31% - FUCKING BRUTAL. just under $11,000 for 2024-2025 season. playoff invoice if they went 7 games in all rounds and won again is also $10k. finals tickets went up 50% wtf
  2. tanking is such a rare occurrence, even though we did it for burrow, we did it without harming anyone we were keeping, the team needed to flip a ton of guys. so it made sense to just toss in young guys. but this team isnt that, tanking for a few draft spots, a 6-11 record, almost forces you to fire coaches for fan perspective, players who got benched are hurt with incentives and free agency, and as others said less people want to go to a team that was shit. truly tanking is for the worst 4-5 teams in the league desperate for a crumb of hope to save the franchise, regardless of who catches the downfall.
  3. man the OL is a tough evaluation with the QB change, i felt Jake held the ball due to inexperience and had some sacks due to youth/experience problems. each joe and jake were sacked 24 times. they each kind of played half a season. but jake took 6 against the chiefs. i felt like they confused him in coverages and he ate it a bunch of times. QB SACKS per game: 2020 - 3.2/3.3 depends if you wanna devide it by the half he missed also, would be technically 3.3/game 2021 - 3.3 2022 - 2.6 2023 - 2.4 which is joe's stats and thats with his limited mobility, etc. so they are down nearly a sack a game. QB knockdowns is about 50/year over the last few, so thats 3-ish a game. with an ever changing and injured oline (and a fucking terrible LG) i dont know how to really evaluate. we are getting punked at LG, and the safety net of mixon who couldnt block the sun in a windowless basement, is my biggest concern.
  4. we live in a maden hellworld where realities arent a factor i guess. 1. there arent very many good linemen in the NFL, college game has ruined them, someone here even posted an article about it here last year. 2. Drafting them is a crap shoot, roughly a 30% success rate. 3. the ones who are proven good are very expensive. like top WR expensive. 4. An Oline is only as good as its weakest link. wherever they line(as a team) must "help" the weak spot it opens vulnerabilities for those aroun the weakest link.(and by weakest link obviously its Volson, who fucking sucks.) Evidence for the above: 1. There are 32 OT's rated a 70 or above, there are 64 starting tackles in the NFL(50%). There are 16 guards rated a 70 or above, there are 64 starting guars (25%). 13 Centers rated 70 or above, 32 starters(40%). That lands you a 5% chance of having 5 starters on averages alone, above a rating of even 70.0 but please tell me more about how we need to go get 5 good starters and have some goo OL depth as well. 2. as stated many times, in first and second round drafted OL, 30% either earn a return contract for a 5th year OR are a starter elsewhere at that point. so less than 1 in 3 will still either be on the team(starting or not) or starting elsewhere. those are the numbers, it took over 4 hours to track down all of them and check their career status. 3. i mean you can just look that up, i guess but here are few: Ravens offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley: $19.8 million. Saints offensive lineman Ryan Ramczyk: $19.2 million. Vikings offensive lineman Brian O'Neill: $18.5 million. Falcons offensive lineman Jake Matthews: $18.5 million. 4. Also pretty common knowledge, not sure how to convince someone who doesnt think its true so is what it is.
  5. you know what i can blame on volson? volson FUCKING SUCKS he is one of the worst linemen in the entire league. year after year now, one of the absolute worst.
  6. putting his recent obvious big win aside, he is like 86-25 at michigan which as far as contenders go, isnt very good. ryan day for example, is 56-8, which is what like double the winning percentage or double the wins per loss or whatever? and is on the hot seat to get fired semi regularly. hell he didnt even make the college playoffs for 6 years. he is likely a good coach and he has always had some good success, the 49ers did in fact fire him, he seems like the guy who can come in and ramp up a squad once but doesnt maybe have what it takes to sustain it long term. Many coaches are like that, id put Vrabel in that category, he lifted the titans but couldnt get them over the hump. it would be interesting to know what that is in those type of coaches. is it that new players or first year or two buy in but once they hear the same old routine year after year they buy in a lot less? a personality that gets old? coaching is a wild business.
  7. teams who watch brock purdy play football, and are like, hmmm can i pay jake browning $50 million over 6 years and pay star players around him, an give him easy safe targets but know he has the arm to make some big throws as needed. A jared Goff, Purdy, Mayfield without the picks, etc.
  8. this is the worst thread in sports history.
  9. the thought crossed my mind today that i wanted the ravens to win it so all their decent players that are free agents get fat paydays from other teams and they lose a bunch of key players. cowboys would be horrible.
  10. williams is a dumbfuck, that aside, "fixing" the OL i think is a bit exagerated at this moment, Volson is a human trashcan of a talent, aside from that we have a very solid group, Nice guy and all, Volson is always the first one to help up the player the guy he was supposed to block tackled. but if we can upgrade there im fine with who we have, Jonah being the wild card, i know he wants to leave, i have a feeling his offers may possibly lead him back here. coming off a few poorly graded seasons with the reputation our OL room has, will not net him huge paydays i dont think. but volson fucking is terrible. The defense was behind the 8 ball this year, lost a ton of veteran leadership and the new veterans we brought in were so bad they got benched (Scott) so striclty just having te young guys having the experience and an offseason to grow theyll be better as a squad, we need to replace cheeto as the starting CB, he can be a extra guy coming on, but he got torched off and on all season. i think first round has got to be CB unless some free agent falls in our lap. well we were palying fuckboi ball early with Joes calf issue, then we were just losing all the time o running got ignored. i have minimal concerns about that. we DID fail at it, so you are technically correct, but i think the list of reasons behind it are probably acceptable.
  11. a first round TE would be the dumbest fucking pick in the history of football. these next few months are going to be a shit show of slowpokes shaving any TE there is in our draft spots. OUR TE group produced: 84 Receptions, 668 yards, and 4 TD's, on a team that needed them to stay in and block most of the year when burrow as calf injured, ran through injuries to the TEs and finished off with a QB who had never really played before. there is no more wasted pick on this roster aside from QB, K, and MAYBE Safety, than a TE. pick value vs potential reward is dogshit. there was 1(one) 1,000 yard receiving TE this season. and only one had more than 6 TD's. With how shitty volson is, with us not likely able to keep all these WR's, with the CB room needing some big help, with likely needing to replace Reader, the mere thought of a TE in even the first three rounds seems batshit insane to me. Gimme: 1. CB/WR 2. WR/CB (whichever we didnt get in 1) 3. OL 4. DT 5. OL if there is a game changer Safety somehow id be open to that as well to put next to Dax, but im also fine watching Battle grow into his role.
  12. Braun has been so up and down this year, they seem to be having him looking to expand his game during the regular season, its making fans frustrated but when its playoff time he is back to a Dunk & Defend role id imagine. Strawther now injured gonna miss some time. Watson is having a good time. Fun to watch him grow as a player this year, finally. he is crazy young still. Road/Home back to back game, back to back games are the worst sports product in any league. Teams are something like 35% win percentage on back to backs. and even worse on back to backs with travel. Game ends at 11pm local tim in golden state, land home at 4AM, get to homes at 5AM. 14 hrs before another game starts.. basically go to sleep wake and play again. its absolutely horrible. Nuggets have played more back to backs than anyone in the NBA. also no one on the nba has still palyed more games than them, some still as many as 5 fewer games played. absolute crime of a schedule. Beat the brakes off the pistons tonight, Cunningham was ruled out in the second qtr even ... now 2 days off.
  13. sloppy defense, got the last second L. smacked around the Mavs like they were nothing. that was fun to watch. then beat the Raptors last night. sweet ass NBA scheduling with a Road home back to back with a 18 hr gap for travel even on xmas day, @ Hornets sunday then at home against warrios monday at 12:30 mountain time. Nets tomorrow night in brooklyn
  14. playing fucking terrible defenses has been quite the bonus as well.
  15. i was on team lose a bunch of game, i just wanted to miss the playoffs, HOWEVER. with Jake being a potential hot commodity and us haveing is ERFA right, he in a trade could make up the difference in draft pick range for us no problem. so now im just thinking, win as much as you can, young guys get the work, anything but the first place schedule is fine, we are better than most first place teams, so even the second place schedule is an improvement
  16. yea they had so far this season: The most back to back games in the league the most games played in the league the most road games in the league the most road back to backs in the league the most travel overnight back to backs in the league. and the toughest opponents in the league going forward now, they ahve the fewest back to backs, fewest road games, and easiest schedule. last nights win vs the Nets put them in second place in the west. They are behind the timberwolves. wolves had the opposite schedule issues of the nuggets, in every category i listed that are the other end of it. so NOW they get the tough road and shit travel games. nuggets should be in first palce by XMAS and be unlikely to lose it. none of that counting murray has played 9-10 total games,. KCP been out, AG been out, jokic tossed twice (the ejection the other night made national headlines for its stupidity vs the bulls) when bulls fans are booing the refs about ejecting a nugget you know you fucked up. sun are a terribly built roster. kings are good, bummer of a loss. rockets are playing out of their minds early, especially on defense, they were the best defense ranking in the league for a while. the rockets will fall off and may even miss the playoffs though. onto OKC tomorrow.
  17. one of the softer ejections i have seen, jokic was pissed though, he may have asked to be tossed. malone also got tossed earlier. nuggets were getting fucked. Magic are a sneaky good young team, the Wagner brothers are interesting, one is very very good. can never remember which. not sure how there is even a list. Jokic has 7 triple doubles this year.. the other 29 teams combined have 8. AG played really well aside from his shot not dropping, passed well, defended well, rebounded solid effort wise. not his night, looks like he has the flu or something similar, been out of the lineup since. clippers got smoked, clippers been the nuggets bitch since the bubble 3-1 comeback playoff series. i swear PG airballs or hits the side of the backboard every game, in this one, he did both. fun game, first game we went to in almost two weeks. Jeff greens return was supposed to get his Ring, postponed it till next friday when houston returns. Green wore some chrome Jordan 11s in the first half. they were amazing. I like jeff green a lot, but his on court performance was easy to replace. he and Deandre jordan are best friends, so they were fun to see on and off the court. NBA fucks the nuggets AGAIN for i think the 5th back to back this weekend @ suns and @ kings.
  18. yea aside from Jamals solo scoring ability, his 2 man game with Jokic is unmatched, no one can quite do it the same, or even close. the bench is so damn young its sloppy and trial and error. luckily some trash teams coming up. but you never know in the nba. the nuggets have issues with the speedy athletic young teams that have no specific star or offense to defend. like the pelicans, and houston. but teams like the warriors, clippers, mavs, are easier for them to tend with. Will be a close call if Jokic can catch magic in triple doubles this season or not. The Nuggets are similar to the bengals in that they have a bunch of young awesome human beings on hte team who seems to want to stick around, and not go chasing money or fame somewhere. nice thing with the nba, also, is that contracts are the same when youre a certain level star, max, super max, etc, and current holding team can do extra years or have perks but the money is the same for the most part. Murray injury has a silver lining, he wont be eligible to make an All star or all NBA missing so many games, so he cannot get a super max, just the max, which saves 10+mil helping them pay others and not going even deeper into luxury tax.
  19. im not sure id draft any of those positions in the first 2 rounds honestly. id go DB and WR boyd and higgins deals are up, boyd should be cheap he got a #2 WR deal, he may be cheaper to keep than he currently costs, but Tee i cant imagine we keep. Cheeto's deal is up and he will be 29, so maybe a 1-2 year deal, hilton has one year left, and its at 7+ mil. Turner can likely replace hilton, i guess. is Battle the future at Safety? Hill is great, do we need another. It would be hard to pass up McKinstry, Nabars, Wiggins, etc. Im not against an OL, but some weapon replacement may be needed drastically, and some upgrades in the secondary is also probably not a bad idea. Id be down for DJ Reader to come back if he wishes at a reasonable price.
  20. how has it been like 4 years talking about drafting OL as if its some magical fix. what world are yall living in? do you think nfl teamsa re just slaying in the draft? how many teams do you think have 5 good linemen? here is some sweet draft data for you. this is even harsher data than i used when i did my OL data for first two round picks. of which 30% made it to a second contract at all. but go off i guess... def spend both first two round picks on linemen, with the ENTIRE NFL LEAGUE AVERAGE FOR SUCCESS, we will have a 30% chance of landing a starter worth keeping when the rookie deal ends. i mean there are several articles about this and several more about why this is with Linemen. how do so many people just keep pretending none of that is true and available data.
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