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  1. you have no proof of losing focus ever. he is a mediocre talent. mediocre talents play mediocre sometimes.. its wild. any whats being immature? having fun and talking shit after wins is immature? fucking joke
  2. one of the silliest things i have ever heard. and in this place that says something. there is nothing he does that is even remotely associated with his play in any way. he is pretty good. again, same page you and i. lol,
  3. well after cinci he went on to make $40 million coaching the vikings for 8 years turned out the current generation of players doesnt take too kindly to the grumpy screamy old coaches. his rage about being even around cousins makes me so happy... cause fuck cousins. and its a good fit for college players to have someone who can bark at them, especially in a revamping system.
  4. his performance is the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of consistent. dont make excuses for liking his antics be pretending he played well. we all know what eli apple is. and always has been... he is an average corner who is hilarious and frustrating. smokeythebengal is dumb as fuck and doesnt know the meaning of words.
  5. yea the examples seem to go back 15-20 years, the more i think about it callahan might be one of the better options now or in the near future, with zac being a part of the offense he gets to see the team management, player management, etc, of the HC a bit more than a normal OC, but i could be overthinking it. and of course the biggest issue is teams never give a HC a chance to rework the team to their style of play and give it a try, shoutout to the bengals for giving zac time to build, time to shed the old shadow players and withered legends on the roster, took balls to ditch dunlap and atkins and so on.. coaches never get that time to do that and build their team. mcdaniels is a great example, fuckboi wonder, props to hm it took like 8-9 weeks for a team to figure out that the office consisted of nothing but timed spot throws for tua and long "wr go get it" balls he was always short on. defenses started dropping th eLB on pass down, fucking up his zones and timing, they crumbled. will be interesting to see how they rebound. seems their offense requires a huge pile of insanely expensive and talented guys to succeed at all.
  6. he played 6 snaps. fuck weddle. welcome, you been lurking a while or just found the site?, if so where did you hear about it? just curious gotta agree to this, ive been in a strange spot mentally for a while, and these past two seasons spending time with my son, traveling, and enjoying football more than ever have been a life saver (literally). this is why i get so crabby about people bitching about little nit picky things and glossing over clear evidence of situations and saying everyone sucks. but it is what it is. similar was predicted last year, and we had to shed layers, saw a high of 19 for sunday. then 21, now its 25.. saturday is supposed to be in the 40's so hoping some of that trickles over to sunday. night game doesnt help. be dark around kickoff or right after lol, dude really? nothing wrong with what eli is doing. absolutely nothing. who cares, anyone offended buy what he was doing should get fucked, fucking victim mentality, just watched dudes try to murder eachother for 3 hours but some slappy hands got people in their feelings? fuck them. hoe ass people in this country. he has never given bulliten board material, he talks shit when the job is done. he mocks you when he beats you.. what are you talking about? i agree with the guy who didnt know who ASIASI was while hes been playing for like 15 weeks, fuck. im with you, i dont mind palying each team on paper, but the hype around a 49ers bengals superbowl from bengals fans and friends is getting annoying, they are unrelated, now if joe montana was thier OC or HC or something id be in.. ha fucking 10 ply in here. watch out everyone, fucking cool ass guy talking shit about a guy in his 8th year int he NFL, yea HE should pipe down, not the assclown pipping up from his couch. HE should be qiet, after all what has he accomplished? not like he has been in the NFL for 8 years, double the career average or anything. he has made 23 million dollars palying a sport at the highest level of 8 years. trying to put him down? give me a fucking break. what a fucking joke... are you serious? jesus christ absolute joke of a fanbase the bengals have. right here shows some of the reasons why. thank you! let them talk about eli's twitter all they want.
  7. seems odd how much the media and podcosts surrounding the bengals are pounding the point to death. dont get me wrong, loud is a tremendously incredibly smart coach. but his talent seems pretty specific. preparing for teams like no one as far as defensive schemes go. and making the best out of 2nd tier talent at most positions on defense. how dos that translate to HC? you literally lose the skill he is best at he sure isnt gonna be doing defensive gameplans. all teams are dying for the next offensive guru, bright young mind, to bring a QB along and score points. and with many of the recent defensive head coaches failing(not all) and getting fired recently, it seems risky to bring on a never HC, DC into run your team. it doesnt seem like thats where the league is right now. I can see why lou would be down, $$$$$$$$, man Callahan makes like 650k, got the colts interview, last colts HC was making 9mil a year. id go get fired in 1-2 years for 9-18 mil in my pocket. lots of OC based HC call plays and are big into the offense. same cant be said for DC to HC guys. am i thinking about this from an odd angle? league just seems so offense based.
  8. no idea why mcdermott is on here, peterson is my thought for the winner.
  9. i think josh allen just fudged his "one too many" offseasons to hold much water in these talks going forward
  10. man i came in here like, we stomped those dudes there wont be much wild dumb shit said in this thread. i was so wrong. yall are always wild in here. a few comments from my old dumb ass... 1. jonah isnt going anywhere, he is still a starting caliber tackle(there are only like 14 in the whole league that are great, and 64 start on sundays, theres a lot of guys worse than jonah, the previous two seasons he was 44th and 32nd in pass blocking OT's, and i would think it would be obvious watching the last two seasons, having as many capable lineman on the roster is a really good idea... they tend to get hurt. and his money is locked in since its the 5th year option a 12 mil loss if cut. he isnt going anywhere. and he had a mediocre on his best day rookie starting next to him needing help and incapable of helping. hints the "everyone crash left and collins make sure to cover the inside gap" line scheme we switched too. jonah is average, average is pretty good at tackle. 2. "get perine some reps" - stfu already 3. how is it everyone who has 1-2 hiccups here or there sucks all the sudden? especially at games, but fans bitch about fucking everything. crisman sucks cause he had a single bad punt? was ther a scharping sucks cause he missed an assignment i think i saw? bitching about how many plays it takes to score from the 1... jesus... is everyone just in the habit of bitching endlessly from the last 10 years? that game was borderline flawless. 4. carman has a good game, but he was always a good run blocker, always, snow helped slow everying down but the scheme was to get and give help with volson it seemed, ill run a breakdown of their plays later this week if i have time. such a fun game i keep getting distracted, and my brain is cheesed at this point. how in the hell did tibor not know where sample went and who asiasi was?!?!?!?!?! i tried to make a case for carman, yall shit on me over and over. somehow proud some trash small school guy was starting over him. jackson just turned 23 during the bills game, he turned 21, able to drink 3 months before he was drafted. then he was thrown into the mix with a covid offseason, he was immature and came in out of shape, tossed to various sides of the ball at new positions, and a constant revolving door of young palyers around him. he had no real camp to learn, was thrown to the wolves. then came in, got hurt, got covid, and lost his job during that time this offseason.. let the kid get on his feet for like a week jesus. he JUST turned 23... lineman take some time to work in, especially if its at a new spot, give the KID a break. and maybe dont crown his ass just yet.. there will be turbulence ahead. let the kid grow. and lastly... you cant just find linemen in the draft. as i also stated many times, in the last 6 years, 32% of OL picks at any spot, in the first 2 rounds, made it to the end of their 5th year. so either cut, traded, injured and out, given up on... waived.. 2/3 of them didnt cut it... there is no "just find one in the draft" if so there would be 64 good tackles in the nfl. volson has been man handled excessively all year.. i dunno how one gets stronger and faster but he will have the offseason to do that. OH and lastly.. are there SLOW EDGE rushers somewhere in the NFL? yall keep talking about speed rushers, its not 1999, justin smith isnt in the nfl, power edge rushers are call DT's now. every edge can fucking book it.
  11. the number of people that think the bengals are going to release Mixon next season, take a 5.5 mil cap hit, magically find a BETTER player for less than 4 million(as with that theyd be spending the exact same on the cap as just keeping him) is so insanely high in here i cant fucking see straight. wtf are yall even talking about? the cap hit is nearly 3 million the following year as well. but it would be just as easy to redo his deal for a few more years at that point and lower the cap hit. obviously taking a under 3 mil hit to save 9 is plausible, but mixon is a top tier back. even if the cool kids around here think somewhere there is a back getting solid yards with no holes to run through.
  12. Mira no surprise this fan base can’t comprehend the purpose of the oline scheme change. I mean an entire video broke it down. Phase by phase. still. Absolutely clueless. and yet find themselves so sure of it they they constantly repeat it. 1. oline schemes vary to send help where the defense shows pressure or a blitz or a mismatch. 2. the bengals oline had a few weaknesses. Volson sucks. Jonah is on island next to suck volson and gets beat by superior talent 1on1(which is logical) and then collins coming off back surgery and limited offseason work seemed a bit stiff. 3. so they design a scheme to automatically crack all help to the left and giving collins the big gap on the right. So if they were going to have a weakness they could choose for it to be on the right. And with the gap collins had the leverage to crack inside and stop the gap and the extra step outside so if he was going to get beat it forced it to be on the outside and where burrow could see it coming. and this crowd just mashing keyboards with their tongue slobbering in the keys “aPaRreNtlTy cOlLiNs so bAD hEfAiLs blah blah blah” ffs. completely ignoring the reality of the entire scheme and taking one couch sentence out of context and just fucking running with it. Jesus Christ. no one cares about actual football anymore. Everyone just wants to bitch and pint fingers and have no clue. the football forum is just the political forum with stripes in it. insufferable.
  13. Makes sense. Thanks. Made its way around the stadium quick. For sure. I missed that. There we go. Man it’s wild people make up shit then it runs wild through the media and social and it’s shit that never even happened. “The coaches said fuck you nfl and left the field”. As fucking if. Heard this too. Didn’t see it though. Was chatting with my son a lot. Not watching the field.
  14. Came from somewhere in the stadium. Everyone around is said it. Seems many heard on tv maybe? It was a thing somehow.
  15. I hate to be a drag. Most fans were great. But man. Never fails. And I’m sure many stadiums would have some sort of assholes. but there were many fights. Most seems to have started with bengals fans being assholes about the stoppage and other fans putting them in check. a drunk twat near us called the bills player a pussy for needing a stretcher and ambulance. he almost got his ass locked twice. Minimum. In case anyone knows his hat jersey jeans boots combo by heart can’t tell much but the dudes in white backwards hat and white jersey. He’s the one. He is worthless.
  16. yea this seems to be getting blown out of proportion. They didn’t show any brass balls or anything but normal compassion. The officials did what the book says. If there is a long stoppage you get a warm up period. The nfl made every decision along the way from everything I can tell. Seems the coaches were like fuck this warming up shit let’s hit the locker rooms regroup and wait for the nfl. reds just following the rules. They can’t call a game. And the nfl sure as fuck didn’t call in and say five minutes and it’s go time. Just the rules after a stoppage. good honest Dr. His videos are great. Absolute bullshit. what the hell are you even on about? Tens of thousands of people mentioned the vaccine online in many posts and even in here. Get a fucking grip. Ding. Ding. Get a grip on yourself. What fucking angle even is this? What is it your mad about that he said? Seriously. Two posts about a real doctor who makes videos describing and sharing info about health and injuries. What’s the problem here? Explain yourself.
  17. after the fact you can see then without a Facebook account if you want to. They’re all public.
  18. https://m.facebook.com/?paipv=0&eav=AfbJp7VrBSsgSxzokxgSdTsOIvqLZZhn2pQy3qJVqg7fd4dsWLijyjGL_uYUs_3LPGQ&_rdr&tbua=1#!/groups/17298109261?group_view_referrer=search that’s link to the Facebook group. kid and I have sideline passes for the game tonight vs bills. we get down to the field about 7:10 I think. I’ll go live on that group page with random videos of guys warming up. nothing too exciting but it’s something to watch 🤷🏻‍♂️ just follow the page and you’ll get alerts when it goes live. I will also record some videos and post after the fact as well.
  19. lol. not having him backup a spot he has never been a part of the depth chart means they think he sucks? what the fuck are you even talking about.. "yea lets have the backup LG active to backup RT, otherwise he sucks" - what in the living fuck are you talking about. the only reason its mentioned as they had him play some extra linemen in practice as the eligible receiver extra lineman. what on earth.
  20. calm your tits. i was speaking generally, just look at the revolving doors around the league, hell just look at denver, hire a defensive coach, builds top defensive team, fired, hire offensive coach, give him washed up shit players, fire him in less than a season, and then there IS every coach who has ever been here i suppose. and lets not pretend firing taylor hasnt come up here like 25 times. and absolutely none of us have any idea how much call playing ability joe has, it doesnt appear to be much at all what so ever aside from normal audibles, so what are you even talking about? when did he get the keys? when his helmet went out ? ....jesus...indeed.
  21. yea... thats what the scheme change was about. failing to the best case scenario, giving the most time and the same type of fail if failing. not a backhanded compliment, literally by design. there are only so many all pro level game changing pass rushers, and collins and jonah face them 6 times or more. the staff was smart enough to know the "youre not gonna beat me" mindset was a bit foolish considering some of the talent headed our way on the edge all season.. so the "if you beat me its gonna be like this" scheme was put into place. and joe is good when he knows whats happening, as we all know
  22. lol yea all those OC's with bad players just killing it out there in the league. of course good players are required to be successful as an OC or playcaller. of course. so yea, if we had bad players we wouldnt be too happy with his results. gruden took dungys team, won. SB and immediately destroyed everything. because gruden is a fucking idiot clown, ZT made many tough calls, releasing or trading houshold names in the bengals org that wouldnt buy in, he trusted his rebuild and building the locker room. and he did a fantastic job, he didnt jump at talent with bad attitudes, he didnt keep guys because it would be unpopular to cut them, he rebuild a team from table scraps to a SB team. how many HC's and teams would ahve taken sewell over chase? 70%? drafting all the team captains and leaders over a slightly better player to ensure leadership in the lockerroom. cmon now. for the love of god at least one other human gets it. fans want to run people out of town for the smallest shit, as if there is some perfect coach out there making no mistakes and perfect decisions endlessly.
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