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  1. https://www.nflshop.com/cincinnati-bengals/mens-cincinnati-bengals-joe-burrow-nike-white-2nd-alternate-vapor-limited-jersey/t-69151348+p-258724930343+z-8-1463428817 BURROW COLOR RUSH LIMITED.. well so ir black and orange limited... the first non silk screened crap jersey is up! $150 "This is a special event item. Orders containing this product will be shipped separately. This item will be shipped no later than Tuesday, November 17th."
  2. so i just noticed..... on the game burrow jerseys..... "This is a pre-order item. This item will ship no later than Friday, September 25." on nflshop.com. what. in. the. fuck. we all know china makes these jerseys for nike/nfl. i order all the time from china for work. i can have a sketched item on a napkin of a product turned into CAD drawings, samples cut, sent samples to me, make adjustments to cad, redo samples, send to me, approve design, and manufactur 500,000 units, and have them in hand by the end of june with no rush fees at all... what in the fucking hell would have to be happening for the NFL not to be able to have jerseys for 5 months?
  3. thats a pretty downer prediction, even vegas has us at 5.5 wins and heavily getting action on the over.
  4. unrelated really... jerseys take nothing away from the games either.
  5. fair enough. i recall Zac taylor interview he was asked if there was a jersey update coming and he said he wasnt really focused on that maybe some small details here or there and moved on from it.. so i wasnt sure what to expect.
  6. sadly something could be learned from the steelres drafts... 9/11 picks are defense and hella linebackers..
  7. i agree its less than stellar.. pats not exactly killing it either.. tho they tend to not have one sometimes..
  8. that definetly makes sense... makes more sense since they are NEW jerseys. it just seems odd that they wouldnt have like 500 of every size blank bengals jerseys sitting around from the last 8 years... but maybe they arent that wasteful and a 2 month supply shutdown hurt both new and old style jerseys..
  9. that article is from 2012, when nike took over.. if there is no change, then the supply chain shouldnt be dry in the first place i wouldnt think? Agree with that as well, last change came the year palmer became the starter. aside from the nike changeover.. which was subtle. and 8 years ago.
  10. has anything been reported on this? in trying to hunt down a Limited or Elite jersey for burrow for my kid, ALL custom bengals limited and elite are out of stock, and the only ones in stock are dalton and green, both of which are on sale. Now the teams who HAVE got new jerseys already, 6 teams, i looked up the Tampa Bay ones, and they have the new ones in Game, Limited and Elite jerseys. If the bengals jerseys werent changing at all, then theyd still be in stock, right? how could they be out? just randomly stopped making them? Is there anything new about the "game" burrow and higgins jerseys at all? i assumed not.. but that begs the question, why release those if something is gonna change? am i just oblivious and this is 100% not happening or 100% happening later in the offseason? #jerseygate2020
  11. good riddence... id say thats easily one of the worst first round picks in the last 20 years but. this list has some duds on it...
  12. so because he was a nice guy, we should have been elated to have a QB who couldnt get the job done for roughly a decade? Fans want to see their team succeed. i do not care what he did in the city, his life, his time, his money, if he helped people, awesome, has nothing to do with me. Whats most infuriating about dalton, is he actually has a big of an ego, and he really thinks he is a top QB. in his mic'd up playoff games, in his press conferences. you see real leader QB's in a press conference, like brady, rodgers, luck, even palmer did it, they could throw 4-5 TD,s lose 40-42, and come out and say "i need to play better, i need to make more plays" and andy would come out after throwing 1-2 picks and no scores in a playoff game and say "we need to play better" like dude the defense scored a TD, the defense held the texans to 19 total points. after the game he is told JJ watt called him the red rider bb gun, and in about as embarrassing of a comment as you can possibly make he said "thats uncalled for, there are kids watching" he is a walking talking butt fumble. that comment about jj watts comment, the multiple backfield screen pass interceptions, including breaking his own thumb making a tackle after one of them, the diving untouched fumble in the playoffs. there is nothing to have pride in with andy dalton. why would anyone want 9 years of average QB play? after repeated proof that he cannot win anything that matters? id like to think i am a pretty big bengals fan, i had season tickets for 13 years, several of which i as across the country, i had this place going for like 16 years now.. and andy drove me to not even watch FOOTBALL anymore. there was no reason to watch, there was no chance of winning a playoff game, and fans got tired of being in QB purgatory. good enough to not get cut, bad enough to never win. thats where us... "haters" are coming from. andy dalton made football not fun to even watch, and he thought he was king shit. he bitched publicl about being benched, as if if he was a top prospect someone wouldnt have worked out a deal for him in 1 day? if aaron rodgers got benched and the team gave him permission to seek a trade at 4pm with a 5pm deadline, the packers would be fielding 8 deals and one would have gone through. he is dlusional. he AGAIN blamed the bengals for his "late release" for not finding a team to start... his agent and his family needs to stop lyig to him, he is a starter on a terrible team, he is a backup at best otherwise.... 32 nfl teams agreed he isnt better than their current starter.. that list includes: GARDNER MINSHEW!!, 40 yr old phillip rivers, ryan tannehill, derek carr, tyrod tailer, trubisky, cousins, and so on... the OC who picked him in the draft who has gardner minshew, didnt offer him a deal...in favor fo gardner minshew.. and he is out there blaming the bengals... andy dalton can kiss my ass.... the bengals game him a job, paid him 83 million to be mediocre, gave him a ton of weapons, and got NOTHING in return... IMO...
  13. He couldn’t even get a starting job. 32 nfl teams Agree they don’t want dalton as a starter. Literally all of them. It took a team with a holdout starter to even bring him on as a backup
  14. I updated the theme, some small changes, the biggest being that the scrolling performance isnt terrible. The old theme is still available if you liked it better at the bottom of the page. let me know of any issues with the new one, i will be tweaking as i stumble across anything "off" with it.
  15. just curious, and i dont even disagree, but last year bengals were 9th most sacks, and barely made the top 20 in QB hits. i attribute a few sacks to panic andy, hits is pretty glaring usually, even if getting the ball out quick, if the line is shit youre still getting hit. now i dont have a rushing grade of any sort, just those two isolated stats, but id guess jus on those we would be like a 18-20th ranked o-line. so as mentioned here Jonah and growth would have is in the 16-18th ranked worst case? maybe im having very wishful thinking, but i sort of expect a middle of the pack o-line. With Adeniji, he is clearly a guard, but he played LT/RT and a guess a little guard in college, i wonder how easy of a plug in at RG he would be, i assume any shortening or oddity in the offseason workouts ther are may hamper this. but if we can add two guys (jonah and Adeniji) and have two guys healthy or improved with age, thats 4/5 guys taking a step in the right direction. i dont know what to think really overall.. i would have liked a solid RT pick in the draft, but i cant pick anyone id have rather not drafted to get one. insane value at LB and the fact that next years draft is supposed to be OL heaven. they likely made the right move. i agree a FA RT rental for 1-2 years would be ideal.. i think post-andy the top 51 cap has us with 25 mil availble. if we extend mixon and green, that changes of course. i know nothing about johnson. but love what i see on Adeniji, and i LOVE moving tackle to guard ever since we did that with whitworth long ago.
  16. fuck him. wasted a decade of my life, wasted a top 10 defense, wasted the prime of AJs career. he got paid $83,000,000 to drop the ball.... i mean literally and figuratively... good fucking riddance. worst 10 years of my sports life. what could possibly be worse than know you had no chance to win it all? after two playoff games, you knew he couldnt do it.. the dfense outscored him in one of them. and to sit there for 7 more season with that nightmare looming, knowing the defense and weapons would drag him into the playoffs 3 more time... (one he didnt play, and unironically thats the one we technically won if the refs didnt fuck us 3 times. no more backfield screen pass interceptions..... no more throwing a pick and hurting yourslf making a tackle. no more fumbling with no one around you in the playoffs. no more squeeky girly voice in pre game hype talks or playoffs after throwing a pick. its. finally. fucking. over.
  17. offtopic, so with all the signings we wont get shit next year either?
  18. that 100% was the case, on top of a new QB/team, my oldest is a fan and is 14, so its great to travel together, etc..... I read Daltons scouting report and was disheartened, man was that thing spot on. "likely backup at next lever" "panics in pocket under pressure" "accuracy problems down field" "doesnt have arm to make all throws at next level" "great at pre snaps reads, problems adjusting after the snap" i mean spot on aside from the fact he got handed a starting gig with a pile of talent around him. Hobson said it best in a preview article about the colts game: "Andy is a guy who needs a lot of weapons, Andrew luck is the weapon". I am excited to have a weapon under center again! id pay $600 to not be in texas. thats not too bad these days.
  19. my dad, potentially, being the afro sporting, bell bottom wearing, hippie in the background between the left two guys. this is how i remember the players looking, but i thought my dad had his hands up running across the field, my memory isnt what it used to be..
  20. neither of those ones, unfortunately, thank you for looking though! i THINK this might be it..
  21. thats like 11 new starters counting jonah and AJ being back... half the entire team is going to be upgraded... incredible
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