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  1. there are many ways these events CAN happen. This one is a private meet and greet. It was $5,000. That $5000 gets you the meet and greet, pro photos, photos with your phone, and 4 items signed. Before the event you get a questionnaire about the items and inscription requests, etc. You are given the time and location of the event (Westin Hotel in Cincy). Show up, they have you put your items in a room on a table, for this day of this event (there were two days it was offered) there were 6-7 pairs of people, you could do up to 2 people. so then they put joe in the room and bring each pair in solo so its just you and joe (and a photographer and the coordinator and the handler for Joe.) Its a pretty funny thing to watch from the outside i assume, a bunch of fans chatting about football, given an order theyll go in, everytime the door opens everyone looks over like an expecting father wondering if their newborn is next, and they get nodded in and prance over like school kids and go in. lol Joe also had an entire Ballroom full of merchandise to sign, so we saw him there way before the event in the room signing away. PILES of merchandise. and this was day two of it all, so id guess he has signed 2500 items this week for Fanantics/SportsMemorabilia(same company). He is a Fanatics exclusive athlete, so id guess he is paid 3-5million a year, and has to give up X amount of gameballs, cleats, jerseys, and sign X amount of events, including probably 1-2 of these per year. I know for a fact this is at least his second signing for them this year. so i assume 4x a year he has to sign piles of shit. if someone wants to have joe come sign, i found that price is $100k. to fanatics. and they limit how many autographs can be sold for the event. This was a fanatics event. I was called by my fanatics rep, who i buy many of the game used jerseys from, about it. Originally they sold it with game used footballs and it was $15k, $20k, or $25k with game used football included. I passed. I bought a game used rookie year football for $7000 last year, so I had one. So we have about 5 minutes with him. walked in, shoot hands, as he always does he said "hi, im joe" which has to be amusing for him at this point, like yea man, i paid $5,000 to be here i know who you are. asked where we were from, small talk, we talked about traveling to games last year and how it was fun for my son and I, etc.. then one of the handlers, moves the attention to the items he has to sign, and walks through each one proper pen, placement, inscription, etc. then the other handlers moves you to pics, "oohh lets get some photos guys" lol, they are all very good at what they do there. so the pics i posted are from my phone, a real photographer was there, so we will get printed 8x10 of a few pics and all of the digital originals he took as well. this event is way way overpriced, but joe is at his peak popularity. I was offered a slightly cooler event for tom brady in march, it was $25,000, got you meet him, catch a pass from him on the field, THROW a pass to Gronk, get pics from both, each would sign the ball you caught and then the one you threw, have pics of catching it/throwing it. and then an after party with huge sponsor who gave you gifts. I declined. but that would be cool. other types of events are: Private signing: ship in items, pay a fee, theyll have it signed as requested, and shit it back with authentication and sometimes a photo of him signing it. this is most common for someone as big as Burrow. Public signing, essentially what i mentioned above, someone pays the fee, sells autograph tickets hoping to make a profit or break even and get hella shit signed. Fanatics would send a person to autograph count, to ensure the player isnt "overworked". This event i did wanst made public, it was just offered to the clients on the game used/spends money/bengals fan list from fanatics. I dont know how many people did it day 1. so it was the same crowd size, they got 16 people to pay $5,000, it could have been way bigger, but id guess theyd cap it at 25 pairs a day, or something similar. Joe aint trying to shake hands like the president all day. I thought about going or not, but living in colorado my odds of meeting joe, shaking his hand, and having this type of moment was unlikely, so i figured fuck it, my kid and I will remember this forever. Burrow is a real life superhero, he commands a room just walking through it, he walked across the hall before the event, every conversation stopped, 16 heads turned and stared, that has to be strange for him. He is the most athletic dude i have ever seen. thanks! my friend said "you cant tell how tall Joe is because everyone in this pic is so tall" im 6'2", my kid is 5'11" joe is 6'4". thanks! it turned out awesome, cant wait to open it up and check it out, i ddnt much see it after he signed it, i boxed it back up and took it straight to shipping store after. I fly back home today, eager to get everything framed. graded, protected, etc.
  2. My son and I flew in for the meet and greet today, it was at the Westin downtown. Had him sign a painting, superbowl ticket stub, rookie card, and an orange limited nike jersey. I ll post pics of the items tomorrow or in a few days, i shipped the painting back to my house today already. Here are some pics from the event.
  3. being arrested means nothing for any of these cases, as you mentioned, after for some reason mentioning some being arrested. we are all well aware some owners have done some sketchy shit, but jones paying off cheerleaders settlements as the owner he had some liability being their employer, but the person involved was forced to resign as well, so he is gone. and if we are punishing for illigitmate children what do you think those numbers look like for players? lmao. none of the owners have anything near 2+ DOZEN sexual assault claims. none, anywhere, in fact, all of those things combined dont equal half of these claims.
  4. yea im confused why anyone keeps bringing up the owners, you cant suspend the owners from gameplay, you cant take owners game checks, and also had all charges dropped and no civil case to lean on, there is nothing to compare anything to.
  5. i think this is something i overlook. and it comes from lack of deeper knowledge, did these guys all come from different blocking schemes that fit their skillset? it would be really odd for the bengals to overlook something so important, so i guess i just assume the current front office isnt that dense to just pick guys to bring in. and taylor and pollack seem very detail oriented, so seems like close to 0% chance. so i guess its kinda like they stated it but the question really ONLY can be "was there something in their old team or system that allowed them to succeed that is NOT available on the current team/system? seems unlikely. cant wait to find out.
  6. cant speak for the locker room, but we had a locker room full of pussies and bitches back then and maybe they needed or FELT they needed some mean streak or swagger or whatever you want to call it. Marv came from that murderer coke dealer locker room in baltimore and seemed he MAYBE felt that was part of a tough team? who knows. super glad none of that is anything we need to be concerned about anymore. and cant wait until Henry jr commits somewhere, im thinking it has to be OSU or WV, but just about ever major school will be tossing him an offer i assume, he has about 25 already and is a freshman, unreal.
  7. finally got around to watching this. fantastic watch. agree with everything above. the behind the scenes details are fun to hear about.
  8. close, they were tossing cash at the strip club, the strippers started fighting over the cash, a brawl broke out, and dudes grabbed the excess cash, once it all cleared he wanted his stolen money back, and a member of his group shot at the club as they drove off. horrible choice of friends? certainly. i know there is a certain......type.......of person here, who could never envision anything but what the tmz style media spits out at them, (which is ironic considering how much they call the media fake and bias)... pacman and his wife are super humble and kind, my oldest son and i have met then a dozen times or so, a buddy and me were sitting with his wife and daughter and nanny in tampa when he got injured on a punt return, and since then whenever we cross paths we chat, he chats with my son, asks him about his sports, tossing some motivational confidence building words of wisdom sports wise, my son is now taller than pacman. i convinced a good friend to have his son train with him at his facility in the eastgate/beechmont area. i bought and got several other shops to carry his CBD/delta 8 products. this guy has such a passion for his circle of family and friends, and the guidance he has been able to give the Henry kids is changing their lives for the better. they go to my friends kids school, day one they had a mob of kids around them following them around. if everyone on heres worst day of decision making ever was plastered all over th news and media constantly for years i dont think people would think too highly of us all either.
  9. aside from all of the absolute cringe this would cause, logistically, my hair gorilla chest would be nearly impossible to sign. lol these balls turn the sharpie signatures purple and fade and bleed into the plastic after a few years. actually not a horrible idea here. also not. bad idea, all of the limited bobbles FOCO did are still on the way, a few chase ones came, but no Burrow yet. probably not obtainable in 5 days, also a cool idea. lol this would either be super funny or super creepy, not sure how that would fall.
  10. long story short i have a meet n greet with my kid and burrow next week in cincinnati. we can each have him sign 2 items. I am having a voelker painting done so thats 1 item. the items theyll have on hand are mediocre: white limited nike jersey black limited nike jersey orange limited nike jersey nfl football superbowl football lsu helmet bengals helmet things i already have signed by burrow: game issued white jersey limited white nike jersey super bowl football nfl football a few photos game used football a couple photos things im considering: super bowl ticket stub ( makes sense to me, not super exciting item but real SB ticket stub, we were there, etc) the orange limited nike jersey they offer from above list ( but not totally sold on it) rookie cards (probably the best investment, but not like im dying to sell stuff) LSu helmet from above list - but with the stripe on top and logo decal on side, signing area is small/awkward, bengals helmet is out of the question, the stripe decals make it impossible to get signed well) i like to have more unique stuff, the paintings are my go to but he could only get 1 in on the short notice (lucky to get that one). theyll be doing pro photo and mailing 8x10 print after the fact, otherwise thatd be cool to have signed on the spot. any creative ideas or thoughts, let me know! ryan
  11. i had remembered it with the WR they had, i didnt remember burrow being involved. its really funny thats a 2 years ban, ncaa is wild with their fake rules. ah this is the corner endzone we were sitting in, right above the tunnel, so much fun at that point. anyone who wants to give me like 20-30 million dollars ill gladly tat up for them. offer stands forever.
  12. i watched part of a game today or yesterday, and it seemed like USFL is full of guys juuuuust not smart enough to not commit a bunch of personal fouls. just dudes late hit, hitting punter, shoving guys.
  13. Liscow equally as good at podcasting as he is bringing up best mid field photo for distance gauging.
  14. he was 3rd in yards and 4th in TD's... and sat out the last game on reg season..... gonna toss him above average.
  15. the left seemed solid because the right was so damn bad they just attacked the right and left the left alone.
  16. make it a year per, why does he get to be a quarter billionaire while sexually assaulting women across the country.
  17. they dont really know eachother much, in the mic'd up superbowl thing someone asks joe if he knows OBJ and he says something like "a little he came to LSU games, but thats about it"
  18. agree with all but mixon, mixon is off the books before anyone huge hits, and his cost isnt much, there is dead money in his last year, i think they rathe pay him 10mil to play than pay 2.5 for him to not be here (cap wise). his total hit is 13mil that year... thats nothing, after that i assume they hope evans is good to go or new drafted guy is good to go and move on unless performance changes. performance wise, wasnt mixon tops in the AFC for RB? saying thats easily replaceable is a bit much, IMO. but ill agree RB in general isnt tough to find solid ones. agreed here.
  19. not that i care if he gets paid, but its a level of judgment on my end if he is just a guy willing to volunteer or if his opinion is worth someone paying him for, lol it can be hard to tell these days.
  20. im going to assume thats not a paid position judging by everything i see here. yes please, can backup multiple spots, good atittude, calls opponents out on T-Boyd instagram videos post game. checking all my boxes here. how dramatic. its "wild" that backups arent locked in starters? that mediocre backups lost jobs to draft picks and free agents? RR was a known short term plug in, his removal was both planned and expected, and Carmen is likely 90% the starter currently. back to his natural side, in shape in camp and rolling fine. he played like shit last year, but he came in fat, got moved to entire new side of the ball let alone the new position, and was injured halfway through the season as well. only two guys on that list were ever expected to be 2022 starters and 2 very very likely will be. its crazy that so many dudes got injured, and we started the season basically with backups in spots. sua'filo injury was so early, and dominos fell everywhere from there.
  21. i was probably in this boat, i was hoping to move on, i guess it goes to show that if you have bad players it doesnt matter who the OC/DC is.
  22. crazy how big that hill is to climb, in 3 years we cant even crack into the top half if we keep going to the superbowl. they should just trade his bitch ass. but ill gladly watch them keep him, not afford any weapons, and hope the defense can win games for them at the end of the season. oh yea they are looking at this, NFLPA is all on it, snitches in every locker room, especially shitty locker rooms. on a bum team, tired of that shit? coach has contact when shouldnt be? snitch. if thats the story now, wait till 6 more accusers hit, would love to see this be an 18 game suspension. theyd pass out just trying to think back that far. some fan responses to this on social media are hilarious, calling the game soft and players soft due to all these rules. man "back in the day" camp was used to drag everyone into shape, we all watched a few bengals linemen do NOTHING but jog and drag a big weight around the field like a fucking mule for 2 weeks in kentucky heat in july. now players are working year round, in shape year round, joe is going on vacation for a week and taking his trainer with him, its a whole new world.
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