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    good to hear, never should ahve left these guys...
  2. sorry for the short notice, gonna get moved to the new server today, im having the host do it so it should be semi-smooth. once i get moved ill be updating to the latest version as well, which means a likely small update to the skin also. the server is faster, the host is better, their support is great, its the one we had forever previously, new forum version is a bight lighter and faster, and it forces us to use more modern versions of php and some other things, so all in all this should be a big shove into more modern technology and make everything a LOT better. will post updates in the close forum message when its time, i head to work shortly and will begin then, so about 90 minutes to 2 hrs from now. Will update on the facebook page as well.
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    seem better and faster or about the same?
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    hopefully moving back to a better host will make things a little snappier and less issues.
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    yea whois lookup confirms new dns, so all good.
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    lol, yea they were lazy and got a "yea just use this tool, let us know if you need help" type response, lmao. so i did it myself...... like 2 days late. its done now it appears.
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    whenever they get my account going on the new server, order placed this AM, ill move all other sites but this one and another sports team site i do last.. honestly either tonight late or tomorrow seems most likely
  8. Ebound hosting has kinda been a headache since the get go, so im moving back to JaguarPC where everything was pretty smooth and support was absolutely killer, im sure some of the issues with ebound are my fault, but jaguar overcame my stupidity for me, haha. so will be some very short downtime, ill turn board off so posts arent missed, its a simple cpanel account move and im having them professionals do it, so i wont break it. appreciate the patients.
  9. oh nope, its 6 zones, so 9 speakers will fill 9/12 outputs there... i didnt look closely.. makes sense.. so is pretty much exactly what i need. thanks all who suggested. im sure ill be back, opening two more stores in the next 3 months.
  10. so as part of my job, i am in charge of new store build outs, i just opened a new retail store for us, and working on a 3rd 4th and 5th upcoming. so i installed a 7.2 surround sound speaker system in walls at the store... they are for playing music, or audio to sports or ufc fights or whatever.. ive used two different home theater receivers, both were kind of a pain in the ass and overly advanced for what we need. which is good bluetooth streaming and good audio coming from all speakers. it seems the modern receivers all ahve 20 modes, none of which are "just fucking play music on everything" i get the home theater receivers ARE geared towards a surround sound experience, but to have just the front surround speakers playing certain parts of music is odd in a retail store. so im thinking the whole 7.1 or 7.2 surround experience is the wrong path entirely. i just need an amp to push out the music. so if a normal home receiver isnt what i need, wtf do i need? most stores will ahve at least 6 speakers, some 8, some 12, depends on size... what am i missing? thanks for any advice.
  11. ok so with each zone having a separate input, i dont need to put an input there, i can just use the bus input on the left and change each cahannel to that bus with its switch it looks like? with each channel having a left and right, with a 7.2 setup it seems i would only need a 5 channel, front pair channel 1, middle pair channel 2, rear pair channel 3, center speaker channel 4, and subs on channel 5? i saw these type items and the price being higher than a seeming far more complex home system made me feel it wasnt for me. but this does make logical sense looking closely at it.
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    Performance issues with the site

    its something in the code, s it did it on the old server someimes too, so im guessing a trashed plugin somewhere... happens to me too, not exactly sure how to troubleshoot it
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    Who's the next HC?

    hahahahahahaha this is good, especially since i havent really posted about football much here in like 5-6 years....literal years... aside from cincinnati not being an attractive destination for free agents and many coaches. which is true, as you can see we are hiring a QB coach straight to HC, while i dont hate the hire, its not terribly common, its a reach, one that may pay off greatly, or not. and considering these are real things i have read here: 1. that the offense is scoring too fast, the defense doesnt have time to rest! when the bengals lost like 42-40 to the chargers and we had the higher time of possession. 2. that Bratkowski was responsible for choosing to go for it on 4th downs, not marvin. 3. that If tony pike and brian kelly came to the bengals theyde have a better chance to win. 4. That X OC or DC needs to go because the OL or DL were missing assignments (as if they dont have specific position coaches who are responsible for their responsibilities on plays, wtf do you think position coaches are for? 5. that Carson just cant get it done anymore with JP FOschi, daniel coates playing FB, Laverneous coles, andre caldwell, as starters on offense. but also that andy needs more weapons (pick any year ever for him). 6. that carson palmer lost the game for us when we lost to the browns 51-45 in cleveland cause the game ended on a pick. and was not the defenses fault for giving up 51 points. this could go on forever... but i think it alone gives me probably cause to accuse people of not know how football teams work or being to racist or bias to have a reasonable opinion. but you know... you do you... and be extra bitter for like 6+ years for some reason. PS: was also cool when literally everyone laughed at me when i said palmer would win a playoff game before andy would.
  14. So if it IS taylor, these are the three that picked. Amish is out to to not picking correct chargers winner, score was 23-17 SOX was a total of 9 points off the correct score, KOCHMAN was a total of 13 points off the correct score. So if/when Taylor is the HC, we can let you pick either gift card or some bengals autographed thing. TAYLOR: KOCHMAN: Chargers 30-23 SOX: Chargers 26-23 AMISH: Ravens 16-15
  15. Ok, figured try to make this potential nightmare fun. Lets predict who the next HC is going to be. so respond with: 1. HC PREDICTION 2. Tie breaker, pick the winner of the ravens chargers playoff game 3. double tie breaker. predict the final score of that game. whoever is fewest total point off of both teams points wins. Winner gets either a nflshop gift card or an autographed item i can send them from the collection...
  17. there you go bengals fans..... about to get darren fucking simmons as an nfl head coach...
  18. i can assure you they heard about it when it happened, the lawsuit was kept pretty quiet tho. he was a backup player, whats ironic about your statement is someone in NJ told me about it before i saw it break living in cincinnati at the time.
  19. im going to assume, just guessing, you arent a millionaire athlete/coach who can live the most luxurious type of life in or around miami? which is what we are talking about..... i would never want to be anywhere near green bay... but id damn sure take that job over the bengals job.
  20. you keep bringing up shit that isnt relevant. we are talking about the perception of nfl players and coaches in picking teams. we arent talking about general public police brutality, lets be honest few players give a fuck if OTHER people are treated poorly, but i cant think of another city with more fans attacking PLAYERS or police attacking PLAYERS news in the last 15 years than cincinnati. and i live 1200 miles away.... what just happened: me: the police tased and arrested a player over a parking ticket, he had to sue them and won tens of millions you: but the black on black crime in chicago!!!1111 its this delusion from the fanbase that kills me.
  21. being from cincinnati, going to university of cincinnati and miami, and a lifelong diehard bengals fan.... if i had my pick of coaching jobs cincinnati wouldnt even be in my top 3.
  22. which is CLEARLY why i said millionaires with a choice. marvin was an up and coming coordinator that worked out (as far as percentages go). we are talking about coaches with a history of success who will be offered several jobs, barely known coordinators getting a first chance.. which for fucks sake was the whole point, which is disturbing that you didnt even catch... i thought it was clear, whats being said is.. NO PROVEN SUCCESSFUL GREAT PLAYERS and proven successful great coaches are coming here for those reasons. SOOO.. . coaches arent going to want to come because its a bunk job with bad ownership, in a shit city with shit weather, playersa rent going to want to come for the same reasons, plus the nightlife, the lack of endorsements, etc. cincinnati is in no way a destination city for professional athletes. sure there are exceptions at every level. but speaking in generalities..... which is why we has seen countless free agents come here and go elsewhere for same or less money. so in closing. denver has a better chance of getting a good coach, miami has a better chance of getting a good coach, new york has a better chance of getting a good coach, arizona has a better chance of getting a good coach, cleveland with a shit city, has a better chance with at least a promising young QB and talented roster has a better chance of getting a good coach, jacksonville may or may not... probably equal, jacksonville sucks. GREEN BAY needs a coach..... this was a terrible year to need a coach....
  23. mathias askew was tased for parking partially on a curb, won lawsuit for what 25-50 mill from CPD? chris henry was brought in by police because some kids claimed he and another played beat them up on the side of the road... pacman was assaulted by a woman at a reds game, if it hadnt been caught on camera he was being accused of assaulting her pacman was assaulted at the airport and airport employee shoved his wife pacman was arrested trying to find his hotel room, one of the cops told him he did nothing wrong(on camera), the other forced the issue and made him be arrested. i can probably find more if you need me to, this is just what i could remember. not to mention the regular national publicity for white cops shooting black people in cincinnati, oh and getting away with it.

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